Chapter 37: Selection

    Book 7 Chapter 37 Selection

    When Teng Qingshan saw the young man hanging his head dispiritedly, he said, "After we hire the coachman, we still need some top-notch Hunchbacked Beast. You will definitely get your share of benefits."

    "Alrighty!" The young man exclaimed as he became enthusiastic again.

    Li Jun cast a glance at Teng Qingshan and giggled, "Big Brother Teng, this person just wants you to buy some slaves! I think it would be good if Big Brother Teng bought some. With some pretty girls by your side, serving you, wouldn't your life be as happy as an immortal's?"

    The young man at the side said hastily, "This lady is right!"

    "You! Shut up." Teng Qingshan scolded.

    The young man who was leading the way smirked and didn't dare to speak anymore.

    "Little Jun, how can you make fun of me too?" Teng Qingshan glanced at Li Jun with a helpless expression. Hearing this, Li Jun couldn't restrain her laughter as her face was full of smiles, while Little Ping, who was at the side, was also snickering.


    Teng Qingshan remarked and sighed.

    "We have arrived," The young guide opened his mouth and said. "The big and noisy crowd in front are all waiting to be hired. They are not slaves!"

    Teng Qingshan cast a glance into the distance.

    A spacious area up ahead was filled with people. With just a glance, there seemed to be over a thousand people. At this moment, a chubby old man came forward and said with a pleasant smile, "I am the second manager here. What kind of people would you three like to hire? What requirements do you have in regards to appearance, stature, or even ability? Please tell me."

    It was indeed hard to search for a certain person in the midst of over a thousand people.

    Teng Qingshan nodded and said, "I want to hire a coachman! I have no requirements in regards to their appearance or stature."

    "Coachman?" The chubby old man frowned and seemed to be slightly disappointed.

    The price of the coachman was not high, since many people were able to work in this industry. As the price was low, the market would naturally get less benefits.

    "Alright. Let me instruct the others," The chubby old man said. "Please wait for a while."

    With this, the chubby old man ran into the midst of the big crowd and instructed a few of his subordinates. The few subordinates then ran in the crowd and began calling for people from all around the place. A few people stood up from their original locations, and after awhile, twenty to thirty people gathered around the chubby old man.

    Fifteen minutes later, the twenty to thirty people came to Teng Qingshan's side.

    "My three customers, these twenty-six people can all drive a horse-drawn carriage," The chubby old man said with a smile. "How many do you need? Please choose as you please."

    Teng Qingshan scanned the group of people.

    Among the group of people, there were actually five women, but these women all had an ordinary appearance. As for the guys, there were some handsome ones.

    "I just need one coachman!" Teng Qingshan said as he stared at the crowd. "Additionally...... this coachman has to travel around the world with me. It would be best if this coachman has some inner strength, so they can have the ability to protect themselves." As soon as Teng Qingshan said these worlds, there was an uproar amidst the group of people who wanted to be hired as a coachman.

    "Travel the world? Isn't that looking for death?"

    "No matter how much money you pay, I won't do it."

    "I still need to feed my wife and kids. How can I travel around the world."

    Immediately, over ten people turned and left. There were only nine remaining who stood before Teng Qingshan.

    "How many times do we return to Danyang City in one year?" Someone among the nine people asked.

    "Not even once." Teng Qingshan smiled.

    Four of the nine people walked away, and there were only five left. These five people were all men. They were either skinny as a monkey or very muscular. There was even a disabled one. The disabled middle-aged man had unkempt hair that was as messy as rice straw and carried a machete on his back. His right foot was crippled and one of his eyes was blind.

    "You then," Teng Qingshan said as he pointed at the crippled man.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, my boss." The crippled man was slightly surprised, but he still bowed as he limped.

    When the other four saw this, they became slightly dissatisfied.

    "Alright, alright. Scatter away." The chubby old man said as he waved his hands immediately.

    The other four people knew the rules, but they still mumbled, "He chose a crippled man with one blind eye. There's something wrong with this person's head." They muttered quietly and returned back into the crowd.

    "How much silver?" Teng Qingshan stared at the chubby old man.

    "It's a monthly payment." The chubby old man smiled as he said.

    "How much monthly fee do you want?" Teng Qingshan stared at the crippled man as he asked. The crippled man rolled his lone eye and replied, "Thirty silver taels!" As soon as he said this, the chubby old man immediately glared at him. It was not expensive to hire a coachman to travel the world with you, but...... if it was to hire a crippled man, then the price would be too high.

    Teng Qingshan nodded and took out some crushed silver from his bosom. "Yes, there were a few dozen taels of silver here." Teng Qingshan handed the money.

    The chubby old man took it hastily with a smile and said, "Let's make a contract later. Both parties and I, the middle man, will sign it with the fingerprints, and when that is done, the deal is considered a success."

    After signing the employment contract and after the fingerprints were pressed, Teng Qingshan went on his way to buy the top-notch Hunchbacked Beast. Since he needed some creature that could pull a ten thousand jin freight wagon, he naturally couldn't buy an ordinary Hunchbacked Beast. The young man led the way with excitement...... A Hunchbacked Beast was extremely pricey. Thus, the commission would naturally be much higher.

    On the way there...

    Teng Qingshan, Li Jun, and Little Ping walked side by side, while the crippled man, who was hired as the coachman followed behind.

    "Big Brother Teng, why did you choose him?" Li Jun asked with a confused expression. Although Teng Qingshan's choice confused her, she did not disagree with his actions.

    "It's because he has good ability." Teng Qingshan said with a smile.

    "Good?" Li Jun was slightly shocked. How powerful was Teng Qingshan? The "good" that he said was definitely, at the minimum, the peak of the Postliminary Realm.

    A pipe hung on the crippled man's waist. He wore a worn out cotton coat, and his hair was very messy. At this moment, he looked up at Teng Qingshan, and a hint of astonishment could be seen in his eye. However, his eye instantly appeared calm again. This crippled man was just like an ordinary guy.

    "Did I speak wrongly?" Teng Qingshan looked at the crippled man.

    Under Teng Qingshan's stare, the cripple felt a shiver at the bottom of his heart, secretly startled by the strength of the other person involved. The crippled man squeezed out a smile anyway and cupped his hands together submissively. "Master, you have great eyesight (ability to make discerning judgements)."

    "Hiring an inner strength expert would probably cost me over a thousand taels of silver per month. Yet by spending just thirty taels of silver, I have gained a lot more." Teng Qingshan smiled.

    "An inner strength expert?"

    When the young guide at the front heard this, he was shocked at first and then proceeded to laugh. "You said that this cripple is an expert? Haha, how is that possible? How is it possible for an expert to fall into such a state that he would allow someone to hire him with only thirty taels of silver?"

    "Just lead the way. Don't say any nonsense." Li Jun scolded.

    "Yes, yes." The young man said, snickering as he led the way.

    Yet Teng Qingshan was chatting with this crippled person, "What is your name?"

    "Boss, my name is Wang Yang. Boss, you can just call me Old Wang." The crippled Old Wang cupped his hands together and said, "I also know a few fighting moves, but when I was a soldier, I was crippled by someone. That is why...... I am just a coachman now. It's just to earn a living."

    "Yes, I see. My surname is Teng. I am Teng Qingshan." After Teng Qingshan finished saying these words, he stopped speaking.

    The crippled Old Wang scrutinized this young man, who had figured out his ability through just a single glance. One had to know that...... one's inner strength is within the human body, and if one did not use their inner strength, other people would not be able to determine his or her ability. However, why was this mysterious young man able to tell that Old Wang was an inner strength expert?

    This caused Old Wang to feel very confused

    "Teng Qingshan..." Old Wang thought to himself.


    On the upper floor of a dome pavilion located at the Slave Market, Young Master Li, dressed in a white fur coat, stood before a window as he watched three figures walk in the market.

    "Young Master, I have brought the guy."

    Along with the voice, the second manager, who was the chubby old man, arrived. He bowed respectfully and said, "It is an honor for me, your servant, to meet Young Master."

    "Yeah? Why are those three people in the market? Also, where are they going now?" Young Master Li was still facing the window as he asked with an indifferent tone.

    ""Those three are in the market to hire a coachman. They also said that they are going to travel the world!" Although the chubby old man didn't know why the legendary Young Master of the Fang Residence would be interested in those three people, he didn't dare to hesitate, and he answered immediately, "I also heard them say that they are going to the place that sells Hunchbacked Beasts to buy a few top-notch Hunchbacked Beasts."

    "High-ranking Hunchbacked Beast?" Young Master Li said to himself.

    "Yes. You can leave." Young Master Li instructed.

    "Yes." The chubby man didn't even dare to wipe the cold drops of sweat on his forehead as he left hastily.

    At this moment, Teng Qingshan and the others arrived at a public square that occupied an extremely great space. There were many kinds of beasts and animals in the public square.

    "This is the place that sells Hunchbacked Beasts." The young man who was leading the way said with a smile. "Not only do they sell Hunchbacked Beasts, they sell some huge snakes, snow lions, and other fierce beasts as well. There are also raccoon dogs, snowy furry dogs, and the like which the ladies of wealthy families like the most. They have all kinds of animals."


    A black snake, as thick as an adult's thigh, hissed suddenly and smashed its wriggling body against the iron cage. The snake's scales collided with the iron cage, producing a sound of clashing metals. The snake then glared at the people outside the cage with a pair of cold, deathly cold eyes.

    "Ah!" The hiss gave Little Ping a fright, causing her to shout out loud.

    "It's alright. Don't be afraid." The young guide wasn't scared at all and continued walking with a smile on his face.

    Teng Qingshan looked around and saw many different types of peculiar beasts. If all these beasts were taken to the Earth in his previous life, most of them would be precious and rare beasts that had never been seen before. There were beasts which were ferocious and violent as well as animals which were so cute and docile. Additionally, there were other animals which could cause one to feel numb just by seeing it. The beasts and animals in the public square were just too many to count.

    "This shop specializes in selling Hunchbacked Beasts, and it is the best shop in this area." The young guide explained.

    "What Hunchbacked Beasts would you like to buy?" A plump man with small eyes said hastily with a smile.

    "Hunchbacked Beast-the top-notch Hunchbacked Beast," Teng Qingshan said with a smile. "I think it is called Hou."

    "Hou?" The plump man with small eyes immediately felt a great sense of joy as he said hastily, "Follow me." As the plump man said this, he cast a meaningful glance toward the young guide. The young guide's eyes immediately brightened with excitement. He knew clearly that...... he was be about to earn a huge sum of money.

    Walking side by side with the manger, they saw bound Hunchbacked Beasts at the side.

    "We still have two Scarlet Wind War Hou!" The plump man with small eyes said hastily. "This Scarlet Wind War Hou can travel a thousand Li in one day, and it can also carry heavy objects that weigh several thousands to ten thousand Jin. You three have come at the right time! Otherwise, these two Scarlet Wind War Hou would have already been bought by others."

    Teng Qingshan knew this clearly too.

    Although the Hunchbacked Beasts could carry items heavier than what the horses in the land of the nine prefectures could carry, the Hunchbacked Beasts had a weaker running ability.

    In the land of the nine prefectures, the Dark Veins Horse would be able to travel a thousand Li within a day, but it would be impossible for the Dark Veins Horse to carry an item that weighed ten thousand Jin.

    "Of course, the price is slightly higher. The Scarlet Wind War Hou costs three thousand taels of silver!" The plump man with small eyes said, while the young man guide was gleaming with joy.

    "Eh, Mister, you're here too?" A slightly excited voice rang out.
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