Chapter 39: Raging Out of Humiliation

    Book 7 Chapter 39 Raging Out of Humiliation

    "Oh? This slave called Xiong Shou doesn't have inner strength but is still this powerful?" Teng Qingshan asked with a curious expression.

    TLN: Xiong Shou (Viscious Beast) This is just a nickname given by people.

    Seeing that Teng Qingshan had finally taken the initiative to discuss this topic, Young Master Li smirked secretly.

    "Mister," Young Master Li said with a smile, "This is something you don't know about. This slave called Xiong Shou grew up amidst the beasts. He doesn't even know how to talk and can only roar like a wild animal! However, he is not like the other savage people because he possesses extraordinary strength! His strength is something that the Bluestone Clansmen are no match for!

    "Extraordinary strength?" Teng Qingshan raised his eyebrows.

    "He can lift an enormous rock weighing ten thousand Jin with one hand!" A hint of admiration could be seen in Young Master Li's eyes as he said, "He's able to tear living beasts apart, and he's as fierce as a wild beast! You have never seen how terrifying it is when he fights in a cage during gambling fight. He loves to tear his opponents apart and rip them into pieces with his teeth. He is like a fierce and cruel beast!"

    "Even in his daily life, he devours raw meat and drinks blood like a beast!" Young Master Li remarked emotionally.

    When Teng Qingshan heard this, he began to ponder, "According to what this Young Master Li said, this slave named Xiong Shou doesn't even know how to talk, and he even devours raw meat and drinks blood! He is just a savage man. Through this, I can conclude that...... he is not an Internal martial expert practitioner who had been taught systematically but a savage who hasn't been taught by humans!"

    Regarding such a savage who had grown up amidst beasts, Teng Qingshan could only sigh.

    No matter how strong he was, if he didn't know how to speak the human language, he would just end up as a toy for the human species. Xiong Shou would still be a slave.

    "However, this savage has never practiced generating his inner strength. How can he lift a huge rock that weighs over ten thousand Jin?" Confusion filled Teng Qingshan's heart as he thought about it.

    Aside from himself, Teng Qingshan had never found anyone who had pure physical strength of over ten thousand Jin.

    Li Jun, who was at the side, asked curiously, "This slave called Xiong Shou-is he in the slave market?"

    Teng Qingshan stared at Young Master Li.

    Young Master Li shook his head and said with a smile, "He is not there anymore. I will be honest with you all. The Fang Residence has already bought this slave called Xiong Shou! He is in the Fang Residence right now!

    "Oh?" Hearing this, Teng Qingshan was struck by a thought.

    "Fang Li, previously, when we were in the Rising Sun Restaurant, I heard a roar coming from your Fang Residence. Was that roar made by the slave called Xiong Shou?" Teng Qingshan asked.

    When Young Master Li heard this, he laughed and said, "Yes, that's him! This Xiong Shou doesn't understand the words of humans. When he is hungry, he can only roar. Now, during morning, noon, and evening, the roar can be heard throughout all of Danyang City. Sometimes...... this slave, Xiong Shou, will run all over Danyang City. He is extremely wild. So, sometimes, the Fang Residence can only let him do what he wants!"

    When Teng Qingshan heard this, he sighed inwardly.

    This was totally like raising a human as an animal.

    "Since this slave, Xiong Shou, can kill an expert who has reached the peak of the Postliminary Realm easily, how could the Slave market have been willing to sell such a powerful slave?" Li Jun, who was at the side, asked with a puzzled expression.

    Young Master Li grinned and said, "First of all, this slave called Xiong Shou is too powerful. If he fought in the cage during a gambling fighting, he would definitely win! Since he would definitely win, the gamblers who came to the match would all bet on this slave, Xiong Shou. Moreover, when the slave market wanted Xiong Shou to lose deliberately, Xiong Shou didn't understand So, it was impossible for him to feign anything! Therefore, as long as you made the bet that the slave, Xiong Shou, would win in a gambling fight, you would definitely win! Tell me, would the slave market still have the audacity to use the slave, Xiong Shou?"

    When Li Jun heard this, she couldn't help but laugh.

    "Secondly!" Young Master Li continued saying, "As this Xiong Shou grew up gradually, he became stronger and stronger. He's too wild and can't be tamed. Additionally, because of this slave Xiong Shou, many people in the slave market were killed. Therefore, the slave market held a public sale in the end and sold Xiong Shou to the highest bidder.

    Public sale also meant an auction.

    In the land of the nine prefectures, people called a public sale a sell-off.

    "Therefore, the Fang Residence got it." Teng Qingshan grinned.

    Young Master Li replied with a helpless expression, "And what use does that have? This Xiong Shou is very dumb. It is impossible to tame him. If I were to make it fight in the battlefield, it wouldn't be able to differentiate friend from foe! He is only useful occasionally. Normally...... we just feed it. Unfortunately...... in Duanmu Continent, only the Tianfeng Clan of the North Icy Region is proficient in the language of beasts."

    Teng Qingshan glanced at Li Jun, and Li Jun winked intentionally, raising her eyebrows in pride.

    Although Li Jun understood the language of beasts......

    It was impossible for Teng Qingshan to let Li Jun serve the Fang Residence.

    "Everyone, the second match of the gambling cage fight today is a combat between men!" An excited roar sounded and cheers could be heard coming from within the entire pavilion. Everyone seemed very excited and agitated.


    The pavilion, where the gambling cage fight was located, was bustling with noise.

    As Teng Qingshan and Young Master Li drank their tea, time passed unknowingly. In the blink of an eye, two hours had passed by and evening had already arrived.

    "Tap! Tap! Tap!"

    A warrior dressed in iron armor walked up to the second floor of the pavilion. He bowed respectfully toward Young Master Li and said, "Young Master, the two Scarlet Wind War Hous and the carriage made with the cloud mountain wood have been prepared.

    "Got it." Young Master Li smiled and nodded.

    "Sir, everything is prepared," Young Master Li said with a smile.


    Teng Qingshan laughed and stood up. Li Jun stood up hastily as well. The coachman Old Wang and Little Ping, who were standing by the side, also drew close.

    "Thank you, Young Master Li, for receiving us. I will be leaving first," Teng Qingshan said with a smile.

    As Teng Qingshan said this, he carried the enormous sack and left the seats with Li Jun. Both of them then headed toward the staircase.

    "Mister, please wait!" Young Master Li shouted hastily.

    Teng Qingshan stopped and turned to look at Young Master Li.

    Young Master Li smiled and said, "Mister, you are a very powerful person. Now, the world is in chaos, and the Fang Clan is in need of talented people. Our Fang Clan really doesn't want to miss such a talented person like you. With sincerity, I, Fang Li, plead that you join our Fang Clan. Fang Clan is willing to treat you like a god! I hope mister can accept my request!"

    With this, Young Master Li cupped his hands together and did a ninety degrees bow.

    "Like a god?"

    Although there weren't many customers on the second floor, some people still looked over at them with astonishment and muttered, "Who is that person? Why is he able to make the Eldest Young Master of the Fang Residence bow and act respectfully?"

    Yet, Teng Qingshan didn't hesitate at all as he responded to Young Master Li's invitation.

    He simply waved his hand toward the back and carried the enormous sack as he headed downstairs with Li Jun. The coachman, Old Wang, and Little Ping both followed behind them.

    "Young Master...."

    The expressions of the several people behind Young Master Li did not look good. The Eldest Young Master of the Fang Residence had offered an invitation with a humble attitude, but the other party had acted extremely proud and aloof, waving his hand and leaving without even saying a word. Furthermore, it was in public! There was even a big group of people watching them from their surroundings.

    Young Master was still bowing. He didn't stand straight up, but his expression looked extremely ghastly.

    "I, Fang Li, came with a humble attitude and invited him with great sincerity just like how the books stated, but he-" Young Master Li felt that he had been humiliated.

    Young Master could also hear some voices on the second floor talking about it. As he listened to the buzzing discussions, his expression became more ghastly.

    "All of you, shut up!"

    Young Master Li suddenly roared furiously.

    He straightened his body and scanned the people on the second floor with fierce, knife-like eyes, and the second floor became quiet instantly.

    "Everyone, get the f*ck away!!!" Young Master Li scolded loudly.

    The nobles on the second floor didn't dare say a word. Each and every one of them went down the stairs rapidly and left just as rapidly like stray dogs. Within a few seconds, the entire second floor was empty. As all the people on the second floor went downstairs, the people in the slave market knew that Young Master Li was in rage.

    They immediately drove out all of the people on the first floor.

    The entire pavilion instantly became quiet.

    With a frigid expression, Young Master Li held onto the railing and stared at the iron cage below. There were still some flesh and crushed corpses in the cage, and the smell of blood permeated the air.

    "He actually dared to ignore me!!!"

    Young Master Li's face was livid with hate and malice could be seen in his eyes.

    He was Young Master Li! The Eldest Young Master of the Fang Residence...... The future patriarch of the Fang Residence. Now, he had already begun making different kinds of decisions for the Fang Residence. Furthermore, what about Fang Residence? It was the master of the entire region of Danyang City! One could say that the Eldest Young Master of the Fang Residence was the local despot of millions of people.

    If the local despot gave an order, who would dare to disobey?

    Therefore, whether it was in the Rising Sun Restaurant or in the Slave Market, no one dared to offend Young Master Li! If he told those nobles and wealthy ones to f*ck off, no one would have the audacity to say a single word.


    Now, the big clans in Duanmu Continent were contending for hegemony, and thus, they were desperately seeking for worthy people. This was why he had come with a humble attitude to invite Teng QIngshan. If Teng Qingshan had spoken kind words and rejected him in a mild and roundabout way, this Young Master of the Fang Residence wouldn't be this mad. However, Teng Qingshan actually left arrogantly in public, ruining the reputation of the Fang Residence's Young Master.

    The emperor had bowed and invited someone, yet that someone had simply left arrogantly without even saying a word.

    How could the emperor not feel angry?

    "Young Master," At this moment, only Fang Hong dared to speak.

    "Fang Hong, don't you think this person doesn't know his place? I gave him face, but he rejected it!!!" A cold and sharp glint could be seen in the eyes of the Fang Residence's Young Master.

    Hearing this, Fang Hong sighed inwardly and thought, "Young Master has done a good job with helping the Fang Clan contend with other clans. He will probably succeed the position of the Patriarch. However, Young Master was nurtured by his clan and has always been superior. He has never tasted the life of the lower-class. He is very smart, but he values his reputation too much. He doesn't understand that...... it is sometimes necessary to endure! It is worth it to throw away one's reputation and honor for a great cause."

    The entire Duanmu Continent had a total of two to three hundred million people.

    How many Martial Saints (innate experts) were there? There were 36 major cities, and the number of Martial Saints in each city was too few.

    "There is only one Martial Saint in the Fang Residence! And that Martial saint is the Young Master's grandfather. Young Master has never been in contact with other Martial Saints. He doesn't understand...... the rules of interacting with a Martial saint," Fang Hong thought to himself. "That Shangguan You of the Shangguan Clan in the West Tang Region followed the Blood Blade Martial Saint for three years and became sworn brothers, through life and death. The Blood Blade Martial Saint only joined his Shangguan Clan after that. Inviting a Martial Saint is not that simple."

    The second floor was in complete silence.

    Fang Hong bowed and said, "Young Master, if he is truly a Martial Saint, then even if we have to act in servile manner, it is worth it if he can join our Fang Clan.

    "Hmph!" Young Master Li humphed.

    He had been raised as a noble and had always been self-centered. Even though he could put on a pretense, if he truly had to speak humbly with a lowered voice and restrained anger, could he really do it?

    "If he truly is a Martial Saint, that's fine. However, if he isn't and he still acts arrogantly toward me, I will definitely put him to death in order to vent my heart's resentment!" Young Master Li 's gaze exuded a chill.
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