Chapter 40: Boss, Let me do it!

    Book 7 Chapter 40 Boss, Let me do it!

    The leader of the bandits, Sun Yang, was especially unlucky today. He unexpectedly tried to rob a super powerful expert, causing his gang to suffer heavy casualties.

    However, this was not the only matter.

    Unexpectedly, after rushing to Danyang City and inviting a doctor, as well as buying a large amount of medicinal herbs, he abruptly came across the same super expert who he attempted to rob before. After answering the expert's question in fear, who would have thought that he would be caught once again by the people of Fang Clan. The Fang Clan were the local despot of the surrounding hundred Li of Danyang City.

    Within a spacious and empty courtyard within the Fang Residence.

    "Sun Yang greets young master." Sun Yang promptly knelt down.

    "Young master, after the person surnamed Teng left the slave market, he came across this little brat, they even exchanged a few sentences. This brat definitely knows that person surnamed Teng." A man with triangular shaped eyes quickly said.

    "Oh, do you know that man with the surname Teng?" asked Young Master Li in a dull tone as he sat in his chair.

    Sun Yang shuddered slightly as terror filled his heart.

    "Little one knows him." Sun Yang immediately nodded, "A while ago, I led a few brothers to go plundering, and we happened to encounter this expert."

    "Plundering?" The corners of Young Master Li's mouth curved into a cold smile. "He didn't kill all of you."

    "He didn't." Sun Yang said, "When that expert encountered our plunderous gang, he directly smashed the body of a Hunchbacked Beast with a palm, sending it smashing into our gang as it bursted open. The explosion of bone fragments killed many of our brothers as though it were concealed weapons. We became frightened and immediately escaped; he didn't pursue us."

    Young Master Li's eyebrows creased.

    Fang Hong and the skinny man named 'Chang' standing behind Young Master Li also furrowed their brows.

    "What else do you know?" asked Young Master Li.

    "This little one doesn't know anything else." Sun Yang hastily shook his head.

    "Alright, f*ck off then." Young Master Li impatiently commanded.

    "Yes, yes." Sun Yang hastily left in alarm.

    Soon enough, only Young Master Li and his subordinates remained in the courtyard.

    "Young Master." The skinny man named 'Chang' said, "A single palm was able to send a Hunchbacked Beast flying, and cause it to burst open. The explosion of bone fragments were like hidden weapons, this person is indeed strong! It's very possible that he is a Martial Saint!"

    Young Master Li glanced at the tall middle aged man named 'Fang Hong' beside him, Fang Hong wrinkled his eyebrows without speaking


    "Whether he is a Martial Saint or not, we will know soon enough!" Young Master Li stood up and directly left the courtyard while the other people hastily followed.

    The Fang Residence, within the training field specially used by the Young Master.

    A four wheeled carriage forged from black metal lay on the side of the training field. On the carriage was a huge iron cage made by welding together iron rods which was as thick as an adult's arm. The large iron cage was welded onto the carriage, thus, the two were integrated into one.


    Within the iron cage was a half-naked wild man with messy hair grown to the waist. He only wore an animal skin waistband.

    The weather was incredibly cold, yet he was still naked.

    His lean and heroic body seemed as if it were forged by steel, his pair of slightly red pupils were like that of a vicious beast. He growled and roared towards Young Master Li and his subordinates as they walked into the training field.

    "Yeah, Xiong Shou must be hungry; let them prepare the Xiong Shou's dinner," instructed Young Master Li.


    Young Master Li walked towards the front of the iron cage and carefully observed the savage youth. His eyes beamed as he clicked his tongue and exclaimed in admiration, "Look, what a sturdy body. The slave nicknamed Xiong Shou only seemed to be around fifteen-to sixteen-years-old... yet, he possessed an inconceivable strength." While inside the iron cage, the youth called a "Xiong Shou" was glared at the people outside like a tiger watching his prey.

    The hands of the teenager nicknamed Xiong Shou were cuffed with an iron chain whilst his feet were bound by a thick and huge iron chain.

    These chains were specially made; even with the strength that the Xiong Shou possessed, he still would not be able to break it.

    "Young Master." The people attending the savage youth rushed over and immediately saluted.

    "Hm." Young Master Li walked over and grabbed some of the animals they had brought along. He lifted a living hare and threw it into the cage through the space between the bars.

    "Hei~" The teenager Xiong Shou grabbed the wild hare and directly tore it apart. As the hare's blood spurted out violently, he lowered his head and bit off a big lump of meat and chewed it before swallowing it.

    As Young Master Li witnessed this scene, his face revealed a smile.

    "Hu Hai!" Young Master Li said.

    Immediately, a short man with numerous scars on his face approached and bowed, "Young Master."

    "I'm taking Xiong Shou hunting tomorrow morning." Young Master Li said.

    "Hunt?" The short man stared blankly.

    "Think of a way to teach Xiong Shou; let him know that he should attack people dressed in white attire." Young Master Li said indifferently, "This isn't a problem is it?"

    "White attire?" The short man pondered for a bit before nodding.

    Although he also did not understand the language of beasts....sometimes, when he was taming the beast and just wanted the wild beast to do some simple things, understanding of the language of beasts wasn't necessary. He just needed to think of a way to let the wild beast understand his demands. A bit more complex demand would be impossible to convey, however, simple requests were still possible.

    "Young Master..." Fang Hong said with great alarm.

    Young Master Li laughed, "Fang Hong, that person with the surname Teng is currently staying in a tavern right?"

    "Yes, Young master." Fang Hong was slightly worried as he replied, "However..."

    "Don't worry," Young Master Li lightly laughed, "Right now, it's already evening, they have already checked in. Tomorrow morning, after they leave the city.... We will act as if we coincidentally came across them! When that moment comes, we'll 'accidentally' let Xiong Shou escape. With the Xiong Shou's strength....unless he is a Martial Saint, he would definitely not be able to obstruct it!"

    "If he doesn't die tomorrow, then I, Fang Li, will of course sincerely invite him once more!"

    "If he gets killed by Xiong Shou, Hmph!"

    Fang Li complexion turned gloomy, "Then he can only blame himself for acting so arrogant when he did not possess the strength. He deserved to die. I will also take his woman."

    "Young Master," Fang Hong hastily said, "That person might take his anger out..."

    "Take his anger out on what? We haven't actually done anything, it's only Xiong Shou taking action. By that time, we might even pretend to help him obstruct it." Fang Hong faintly smiled, "By then... If we're able to do everything correctly, then the person with the surname Teng would definitely not doubt us. Besides, by that time, we will also bring with us a troop of soldiers just in case!"


    On the third floor of a tavern in Danyang City, Teng Qingshan stood in front of the back window in the room.

    "During the era of Emperor Yu, Duanmu Continent only had a few millions in population. Now, there's unexpectedly two to three hundred million in population." Teng Qingshan's face revealed a trace of a smile, "The degree that this place is flourishing is not much different from the Nine Prefectures Continent."

    Through the back window, Teng Qingshan's gaze fell on the extravagant carriage in the backyard.

    A crippled man sat on the carriage with a pipe in his mouth.

    Crippled Old Wang, Teng Qingshan had once let him stay in the tavern, however, Old Wang refused to stay, he even said that the carriage made by Cloudy Mountain Wood, and the Scarlet Wind War Hous were both very precious. Therefore, he insisted on sleeping inside the carriage.

    The smoke spiraled.

    Old Wang held the pipe in his mouth, his gaze was blurry, one was not able to tell what his thoughts were.

    "This Old Wang is an inner strength expert, yet, he is willing to receive thirty silver taels per months to work as a groom." Teng Qingshan glanced at Old Wang below with a puzzled expression. With Teng Qingshan's strength, when he first saw Old Wang, he was able to determine that Old Wang was an expert through his expression and every little detail of his entire body!

    One was able to determine the strength of a person's spirit through the eyes.

    If a person's eyes were dull, then it meant that their Spirit was weak. The eyes of an expert usually seem restrained, peaceful and immeasurably profound. However, when an expert gets angry, his eyes could cause people to feel dazzled.

    "You--" Li Jun let out a bird-like sound from the next room.

    Hu! Hu!

    Two shadows, one in the front and one in the back, directly scuttled from the back window to the interior of Li Jun's room at lightning speed. If the two enormous demonic beasts followed by their side, it would simply seem too terrifying. Hence, the Whole Gale Eagle and Blue Luan usually soar in the high altitude in freedom. Of course, they also couldn't be too far away from Teng Qingshan and his group. They would appear whenever Li Jun summoned them.

    In the evening, they would rest together with Teng Qingshan and his companions.

    "I should also begin practicing my fist art. it has been an year since I entered the middle stage of Internal Supreme Force. I feel like I am only a little bit away from achieving the late stage." The power of Teng Qingshan's Internal Supreme Force was enormous, just the Internal Supreme Force at the middle stage was able to exert the force of almost four hundred thousand Jin, whereas, according to Teng Qingshan's speculations, the Internal Supreme Force at the later stage should reach up to the power of eight hundred thousand Jin.

    In addition to his body strength, his overall power would be extremely astonishing.

    Soon after--

    Teng Qingshan had begun cultivating his fist art inside his room.


    The morning of second day.

    Teng Qingshan carried the huge sack of chests filled with gold and ate breakfast together with Li Jun and Little Ping. Whereas Old Wang took a few buns and ate it on the carriage.

    "Alright, everyone prepare to leave." Teng Qingshan carried the sack and went to the backyard together with Li Jun.

    "Boss, I'll help put this sack in the carriage." Old Wang said with enthusiasm.

    As Li Jun and Little Ping heard Old Wang's words, their faces revealed a hint of an eccentric smile.

    "You'll help me?" Teng Qingshan also laughed as he softly put down the large sack onto the floor, "Alright, you do it." Within this sack was ten thousands of Jin worth of gold, while at same time there's also the Reincarnation Spear and Splitting Mountain Axe. A sack this big, within the hands of Teng Qingshan, would naturally seem as light as if it were a normal sack.

    Old Wang leapt down from the carriage and grabbed the sack with a smile before slightly exerting strength.

    "Hm?" Old Wang's complexion slightly changed.

    "Old Wang, it's alright if you can't move it." Li Jun smiled as she covered her mouth.

    "No problem." Old Wang just didn't want to believe this.

    Old Wang's right hand suddenly exerted force, however the entire sack only quivered a little bit, it did not budge in the slightest. This scene caused Li Jun and Little Ping to laugh.

    "Eh?" Old Wang put the pipe aside and used his both hands to grab the sack, while abruptly


    Old Wang finally lifted the huge sack, however, his complexion became bright red. He wanted to put it into the carriage and place it nicely in the corner. However, it was not an easy task for him.

    "Old Wang, it's better if I do it instead." Teng Qingshan grabbed the sack with a smile, it was as if the sack was a feather. As he strode and entered the carriage, the carriage didn't even sway. Following this, he put the large sack in the innermost part of the carriage.

    "Old Wang, what's wrong?" Li Jun and Little Ping looked at Old Wang as they giggled.

    Old Wang's face was filled with shock, he already knew that this sack was a few ten thousands of Jin! Even if an Hollow Dan Innate Expert were able to lift this sack, but... How is it possible for the expert to walk up the stairs without causing the staircase to split? How is it possible for the expert to enter the carriage easily without causing the carriage to sway?

    This was an item that weighed over ten thousand jin. How much did the carriage even weight?

    What kind of control is this?

    Old Wang finally understood...what kind of Boss he was following!

    "Li Jun and Little Ping have already entered the carriage. Old Wang, don't just stand there and do nothing, hurry up and enter the carriage, we still have to depart this city early," said Teng Qingshan with a smile as he rode another hump beast.

    "Yes, Boss!" Old Wang hastily replied in a loud manner; he quickly gave Teng Qingshan a glance, seeing him in a different light from before.
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