Chapter 42: How can we stop him?

    Book 7 Chapter 42 How can we stop him?

    "He cannot be spared!"

    The sound of Li Jun's angry reprimand echoed over the plains. Mounting the Trampling Cloud Gold Hou, Fang Li was alarmed and bewildered. "How is this possible? Why does that woman know how to speak the language of beasts? Only the members of the North Icy Region's Tianfeng Clan knows how to speak the language of beasts. There are millions and millions of people in this world. How could it be that a person who understands the language of beasts just so happens to be here!"

    Lightning seemed to flash in Teng Qingshan's eyes, which revealed a killing intent. "As expected, this Fang Li is very fierce. He actually commanded Xiong Shou to kill the ones dressed in white. No wonder! He was wearing a white cloak yesterday, but changed into a gold-colored war robe today. He wants to kill me and Li Jun! Someone like this... should die!" Teng Qingshan had no mercy for such people.

    "Fang Li, you are the one courting death!!!"

    Like the rumble of thunder, the furious roar transmitted in all directions.

    The furious roar frightened Fang Li, causing his heart to skip a beat. His face turned pale and he hastily shouted, "This person wants to kill me! Stop him! Quick, stop him!!!" Fang Li screamed with all his might until his voice became hoarse. The five hundred cavalrymen heard him clearly. Because soldiers must obey orders, all the cavalrymen immediately went to protect Fang Li.

    "Young Master!"

    "What happened?"

    Only a few of the five hundred cavalrymen heard Li Jun's words. As most people hadn't heard it, many were puzzled.

    "Fang Li, did you think you could escape!"

    Like the angry roar of the God of War, Teng Qingshan's voice resonated between the heavens and earth.

    Teng Qingshan grabbed the chain that linked the teenager Xiong Shou to the carriage. As he exerted force, a "chi" noise sounded and the chain broke like bean curd. Teng Qingshan grabbed the chain and shook it forcefully. Even after breaking one part of the chains that tied the teenager Xiong Shou, the chain still had a length of about thirteen Zhang.

    Rumble~~ The vibrating force of the chain transmitted to the carriage, making the carriage sway.

    "Shield wall!" The leader of the cavalrymen shouted and the five hundred cavalrymen immediately formed themselves up; the frontmost row of lances thick as the trees in the forest. The cavalrymen waited in silence.


    It was as if Teng Qingshan was the God of War from ancient times. Every step of his quaked the earth. He only moved two steps forward; the third step was a flying kick to the black metallic carriage which weighed sixty thousand Jin. A streak of earth yellow electric light flashed on top of Teng Qingshan's feet and was then unleashed onto the entire carriage.

    "Boom!" The entire carriage exploded and broke off with the chain.

    Holding the thirteen Zhang long chain, Teng Qingshan went two steps forward at lightning speed while the fierce and violent Internal Supreme Force impacted the fragments of the carriage.


    Sh-yoo! Sh-yoo! Sh-yoo!

    Like shooting stars, the million metallic fragments of the carriage violently shot towards the cavalrymen who had arrayed themselves in rows as they prepared to defend.


    "Quickly run!!!"

    The cavalrymen, especially those in the frontmost row, instantly blanched from terror. Every one of them screamed in fright. None of them cared about the formation.

    Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

    Some metallic fragments shot into the chests and abdomen, while some directly pierced through the head! Some cavalrymen, especially the ones in the first row, were shot so many times they looked like mesh! "Roar~~Roar~~" Due to the great amount of fragments flying, the Hunchbacked Beasts that were originally very obedient also howled and ran away.

    This was just the first wave. Although only a few dozen people died, the number of wounded was very great. Most importantly-the Hunchbacked Beasts that fled in fright completely disrupted the formation of the cavalrymen.

    "Haha~~" Teng Qingshan guffawed, each of his strides five or six Zhang. Every step of his caused the earth to tremble and crack. He was like the God of Earth. Simultaneously, he was swinging a black chain with the length of thirteen Zhang.

    Whoosh~~ whoosh~~

    The chain transformed into a wind turbine.

    Once the thirteen Zhang-long iron chain began revolving, it would spin with Teng Qingshan as the center. The area of thirteen Zhang (32.5 meters) around Teng Qingshan became a death zone! With a death zone this big, many cavalrymen shouted in terror as they fled crazily, striving to escape from this death zone.

    When some cavalrymen saw that it was impossible to dodge, they hastily jumped off the Hunchbacked Beasts and laid prostrate on the ground.


    The wind turbine made from the iron chain swept past. The people who didn't have time to escape or had slow reactions were ground by the wind turbine made from the iron chain into mincemeat. In the twinkling of an eye, Teng Qingshan dashed past the cavalrymen's defensive formation with the wind turbine made from the iron chain.

    "So terrifying!"

    "Is... is he a human?"

    The cavalrymen who survived stared at Teng Qingshan, who was chasing after Young Master Fang Li; their legs still felt weak and their hearts were palpitating! The terrifying figure that was swinging the wind turbine made from the iron chain was just like the God of Death! Fighting against him was the same as throwing away their own life!


    Little Ping and the coachman Old Wang stared at this scene in shock.

    "Boss, he is too..." Old Wang knew that Teng Qingshan was powerful, but he still shuddered in terror when he saw the scene before his eyes.

    "Uncle is too powerful!" Little Ping clenched her fists as she exclaimed. She then looked down at the teenager Xiong Shou, who was tied by the iron chain, and said, "You... actually wanted to kill Uncle and us? Now, you are stunned, aren't you? If Uncle wants to kill you, it is as easy as killing a fish!" Little Ping was obviously proud because of Teng Qingshan.

    The teenager Xiong Shou didn't understand Little Ping's words. He only stared off into the distance with shock. He had been bound by that iron chain for a long time, so he knew clearly how heavy and how strong that iron chain was! Even though he had a strength of about hundred thousand Jin, he still couldn't break that chain.

    The remarkableness of the iron chain could be imagined!

    The Fang Clan paid a great price and requested a powerful craftsman to forge this iron chain. The fifteen Zhang-long iron chain weighed about ten thousand Jin! Yet Teng Qingshan was able to swing the iron chain, which weighed about ten thousand Jin, incredibly quickly and violently. And he could actually run that fast while swinging it! It was indeed terrifying!

    The teenager Xiong Shou's simple intelligence allowed him to understand one thing-

    That human is a lot stronger than him!


    "Quick, stop him! Stop him!" Fang Li screamed as if he had gone insane.

    The Trampling Cloud Gold Hou he was mounted upon dashed madly. Unfortunately, although this Trampling Cloud Gold Hou was fast, Teng Qingshan's explosive speed was even faster than it!

    "How did this happen? How did this happen?" Fang Li shouted. He was in a state of confusion.

    Teng Qingshan was behind him. The sound of the footsteps that quaked the earth and the sound of the swinging iron chain were rapidly approaching.

    "I... I am the one who will be the Patriarch of Fang Clan in the future!"

    "I still want to lead an army and conquer each and every major city!"

    "I am the one who will unify the world and make everyone worship me as the lord! How can I die today!!!"

    Fang Li refused to believe.

    He still had a vast plan to complete!

    "How did this happen? I planned everything. Even if Xiong Shou failed, it's impossible for that person to know that it was me who arranged for this to happen. However, why did he happen to have someone who understands the language of beasts beside him? Also, why is that person so strong? There were five hundred cavalrymen. Yet the five hundred cavalrymen couldn't even stop him for fifteen minutes!"

    Fang Li just felt bitter.

    "It's the heavens sending me to my dooms!" Fang Li howled.

    "Fang Li, are you still thinking of running?" A firm and vigorous voice rang out and the revolving chains swept past Fang Li's surroundings like a terrifying, huge python. Immediately, none of the people who were protecting Fang Li dared to go against this huge python-like iron chain.

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Everyone, including Fang Li, threw themselves to the ground.

    Fang Li fell on the ground and was just about to escape when he heard the voice.

    "Fang Li!" That voice almost made Fang Li terror-stricken. As he lifted his head and looked ahead, he saw Teng Qingshan standing before him with the thick and long bloodstained chain in hand.

    "It's the end!" Fang Hong, who was nearby Fang Li, sighed to himself.

    Teng Qingshan looked down on Fang Li who had been battered out of his senses and completely lost the confidence and elegance he had previously.

    "Y-you can't kill me!" Fang Li suddenly lifted his head and shouted, "This... Doing this doesn't bring you any benefit! Fang Clan-"

    "Fang Li, I thought you were pretty smart, but you are being foolish now," Teng Qingshan said in a dull tone. He stared at Fang Li like he was looking at a dead body and continued, "I didn't want to kill, but you provoked me. As for the Fang Clan you were talking of...... Haha. In my eyes, Fang Clan is nothing!"

    With this, Teng Qingshan kicked out.


    Fang Li didn't have time to dodge. The tip of Teng Qingshan's feet struck Fang Li's throat.

    "Hee~~" Fang Li's eyes widened and blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. Before his death, numerous images appeared in his mind. He worked hard when he was young and stood out from his peers in Fang Clan. Since then, he became the favorite of the heavens. Who didn't know Young Master Li?

    He still had a vast plan to accomplish and a dream to fulfill. Unfortunately......

    Following Teng Qingshan's kick!

    Everything was in vain!

    Fang Li's eyes dimmed and his body collapsed on the ground. There were no more movements.

    "Clang!" Teng Qingshan released his grip and the iron chain fell to the ground.

    Teng Qingshan then walked back, leaving Fang Li's henchmen staring at one another.

    "Oh, by the way." Teng Qingshan turned to look at Fang Hong and said, "I have seen you a few times earlier. Your name seems to be Fang Hong. Go back and tell the patriarch of Fang Clan... if he wants to seek revenge, I don't mind! However...... it was just an enmity between me and Fang Li. If Fang Clan wishes to get involved, then it will be an enmity between me and Fang Clan."

    "Before Fang Clan seeks revenge, prepare well......"

    "Prepare for Fang Clan to be removed completely from the Duanmu Continent!"

    Teng Qingshan spoke with a dull tone, but his words made everyone in the surroundings who heard tremble in fear.

    When Teng Qingshan walked past the troop of cavalrymen, the cavalrymen immediately drew away, staying at a distance of around twenty Zhang from Teng Qingshan.

    "So scary!"

    "Captain, why is this person so powerful?"

    The cavalrymen were in a state of confusion. The captain who was asked had bloodstains on his face. He stared at Teng Qingshan's retreating figure with terror and cast a glance at the mess in the surroundings. He then muttered, "How did we provoke him? How can we stop him? That would be courting death!"

    If the cavalrymen knew of the consequences, they wouldn't dare to stop him!

    Now that they recalled the situation earlier, they were indeed courting death!

    "Big Brother Fang Hong, what should we do now?" Those people looked at Fang Li's corpse and stared at Fang Li as they asked.

    Fang Hong held Fang Li's corpse and with a solemn expression, he ordered, "Do not spread the news of the death of Young Master. Now, we shall wait for the Patriarch to decide everything!"


    "Uncle!" Little Ping cheered.

    "Boss, my horizons have been expanded."

    Teng Qingshan smiled and looked at the teenager, who was tied up into something like a rice dumpling, and said, "Little Jun, help me ask him if he's willing to acknowledge me as his teacher!"
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