Chapter 48: Compelling Concupiscence

    Book 7 Chapter 48 Compelling Concupiscence

    Watching his father's distancing back, shadows fell over the young master's face.

    "Let's go, Hu Er!"

    Wearing a sullen expression, the young master collected his four servants and left the Wang Residence.. The young servant with sunken eye sockets spoke in a low voice, "Young Master, the Patriarch doesn't treat you fairly at all! He gave Eldest and Second Young Master control over all the family businesses. Yet, for some reason, he is very strict toward you, Third Young Master. Just a few days ago, he was incensed just because he found out you were messing around with a woman. And yet he didn't say even one word that time Second Young Master executed all five of his personal servant girls."

    "Hmph. In my father's eyes, I'm no more than a worthless coxcomb!" The young master gnawed his teeth in rage.

    The Wang Clan!

    They ruled over the Black Dragon City, one of the nine major cities of the Nanshan Region, as well as hundreds of square Li and the lives of nearly ten million inhabitants. The Wang Clan had power which rivalled that of a small kingdom! For the prince of a small kingdom, owning a woman was but a trivial matter. His eldest brother was commander of the army, and his second brother managed the internal affairs of the clan. Both of them dictated countless lives.

    However, Wang Hong wasn't in charge of anything!

    In the eyes of others, he was just a good-for-nothing young man from a powerful family. How could he, Wang Hong, be satisfied with such a situation?

    "Hmph. Since he thinks I'm a coxcomb, then I'll be a coxcomb!" Wang Hong stroked his jaw, his eyes flickered with a cold light. "If my older brothers really want to be in charge of the family-fine! They can vie with each other for more power. I'm just going to live happily and enjoy my life! Speaking of which, Hu Er, do you have anything nice for me today?"

    Hu Er shook his head. "Young Master, most of those desireable girls have powerful backgrounds. They are not that easy to deal with."

    "Useless!" Wang Hong cursed him reproachfully.

    On the second floor of the Rising Sun Restaurant in Nanshan City-

    Teng Qingshan and his companions sat by a window. Even the ferocious and beastly teenager, Teng Shou was well-behaved as he sat there, decently dressed. Although Teng Qingshan's carriage was extremely valuable, he was not worried about it...... The Rising Sun Restaurant always took good care of their guests' belongings. Besides, there was a Demonic Beast resting inside the carriage-Blue Luan.

    If anyone tried to break into the carriage to steal things, there would be only one result for them-

    They would be killed by Blue Luan!

    "Last time, we planned to dine on the third floor but failed to do so. Today, we didn't make it either." Li Jun looked up at the stairs to the third floor with resignation. "Some Wang Clan has booked the third floor."

    Old Wang responded in a lowered voice, "Lady Li, that Wang Clan you just mentioned is a huge clan, one of the strongest in the entire Duanmu Continent. When I was still wandering around trying to make a living, I heard that...... recently, there are three or four clans who have ambitions to take over Nanshan City. However, it is not that easy to take over Nanshan City. Now, these clans are fighting for control of the city, and one of them is the Wang Clan!"

    "Nobody cares who they are." Teng Qingshan said with a smile. "Eat well. After this meal, we'll go to the Godly Axe Mountain."

    What bullsh*t clans?

    Teng Qingshan didn't give a sh*t about any of them.

    "Tap! Tap! Tap!"

    Footsteps rang out from the stairs.

    "Third Young Master, there are still two tables available upstairs." A waitress spoke to him respectfully. "Which would Third Young Master like to choose?"

    Teng Qingshan saw out of the corner of his eye that there was a young man dressed like a noble, holding the small hand of a young waitress and smiling playfully. "I'm taking both of them. You and I can share a table, and my men will take the other." The waitress' entire face flushed red, but she dared not struggle against him, for she knew all too well who this noble young master was!

    He was Wang Hong, the Third Young Master of the Wang Clan-a horrible figure who could make the face of every teenage girls turn ghastly pale.

    He had ruined countless women. She might survive if she behaved submissively, but if she were ever to resist him...... the consequences would be terrifying!

    "Yes, Third Young Master." The waitress dared not reject him.

    "You needn't accompany me today." The Third Young Master groped her chest and then spoke with a smile, "As for lunch, the same as always."

    A blush appeared on the waitress' face, Then she hurried downstairs, feeling relieved. However, at the same time, a question arose in her mind, "Why is Third Young Master so easy to deal with today?"

    The Third Young Master glimpsed at Teng Qingshan's table. His eyes swept across Li Jun's face as a red light glistened dimly within them. It was as though he was a hungry wolf who had suddenly found an attractive, fat, white sheep before him.

    "This teenage girl, tsk, tsk...... This face and temperament!" The Third Young Master quickly became a little bit excited. "She was quite similar to that female Martial Saint. Even her temperament is very similar! Tsk, tsk...... This must be a gift from the heavens." Treated as a coxcomb, maybe the Third Young Master had made up his mind to be a coxcomb for the rest of his life.

    He had taken countless women.

    However, he had gotten sick of ordinary women. The problem was that high quality women were hard to get!

    Especially female Martial Saints!

    They were both beautiful and powerful at the same time. For some powerful figures, beautiful women could no longer satisfy them. What they desired the most was control over powerful and beautiful women! For example, in the previous world where Teng Qingshan had once lived, some beautiful actresses who were idolised might not be as pretty as some other women who were unknown.

    However, it was the fame made them desirable!

    In Duanmu Continent, the female Martial Saints were desired by many men as they were both beautiful and peerlessly powerful! Spending a night with one would give a man a great reputation. Just the thought of being together with a female Martial Saint would make one excited.

    "Tsk, tsk... If I can get this girl, dress her like a female Martial Saint and then f*ck her...... " Just by thinking about it, the Third Young Master started panting and his face flushed red. Fortunately, he was already seated and had shifted his gaze away from Li Jun.

    Otherwise, Teng Qingshan and the others would have noticed him.

    The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan sat in his chair, clenching and unclenching his fists. Whenever he glanced at Li Jun, he felt a burning desire in his heart!

    "F*ck it. Owning one woman like this is more satisfying than owning a hundred normal beauties!"

    "Whatever consequences there may be, I have to get this girl!"

    The Third Young Master had made his decision.

    "But I must be careful!" The Third Young Master glanced at Hu Er, who was beside him. Light flickered in Hu Er's eyes, and he knew exactly what the Third Young Master was thinking just by looking at his eyes. He had clearly noticed...... that the Third Young Master was enchanted by that woman. "It would be strange if he isn't tempted by this woman. To a man like Third Young Master, it would be a serious crime if he passed on getting a woman like this into his bed!"

    As the Third Young Master's valet, Hu Er knew his master like the back of his hand.

    "You can count on me." Hu Er stood up.


    Teng Qingshan was chatting happily with Li Jun. They were both thoroughly enjoying themselves and having a good time.

    "You people!" A voice interrupted them suddenly.

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun turned their heads at the same time and looked in the direction which the voice had originated from.. Teng Qingshan frowned as he scrutinized the man before him. This man's mannerisms as well as his eyes made Teng Qingshan despise him almost instantly. "Hello there. My young master would like to befriend you. I highly suggest you come have a drink with him. Of course, we will pay for your meal."

    With a big smile, Hu Er gestured toward the table where Wang Hong was seated.

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun turned to look in that direction.

    They saw Wang Hong smile as he toasted politely.

    "We have business to attend to after this meal," Li Jun said to Hu Er. "We don't have time to drink with your young master."

    "What business do you speak of? Tell me. We can help you take care of it," Hu Er replied with a smile. "My young master really likes to make friends. However, you also have to show some respect for my young master's feelings!" His speech soon attracted the attention of the other customers. Most of them understood what was going on once they saw Wang Hong--

    The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan was going to ruin people again!

    However, none of these customers dared to say anything. The Wang Clan was one of the hegemons in Nanshan City. There were only two other clans which could compare to them."

    "So? You won't......" Hu Er said in a dissatisfied manner.

    "F*ck off!" Teng Qingshan's face darkened. A cool light flashed in his eyes.

    Hu Er rolled his eyes, and he became fierce and malicious. He sneered, "I didn't know that there's still someone in Nanshan City who dares to say no to the Wang Clan! Lad, let's talk outside!" As he spoke, Hu Er stretched out his slender arm, with bulging veins, and made a clutching motion towards Teng Qingshan.


    A bolt of blue light shot out from Hu Er's sleeve, dashing toward Teng Qingshan. It was a blue snake, about a foot long and a thumb wide, with a single golden line running down its back. It was a highly poisonous snake called the Five Steps Golden Line Snake, which was famous in Duanmu Continent.

    Once bitten, the victim would die of poisoning before he could take five steps!

    Hu Er had used this snake to kill many people in the past..

    Teng Qingshan opened his mouth and shot out a breath like an arrow-


    Given Teng Qingshan's great strength, this one breath was far more powerful than any arrow fired by a regular archer. The breath swept forward like the blade of a sword, cleaving the poisonous snake in two and then penetrating deep into Hu Er's shoulder. With a crisp crack, his shoulder was badly mutilated and a small hole appeared.

    The bloody hole ran straight through the back, penetrating his shoulder cleanly!

    "Ahhh!!!" Hu Er couldn't help but let out a screech; his face turning pale.


    A sudden low roar burst out. Seeing that Hu Er dared to harm his teacher, Teng Shou, who had been sitting beside Teng Qingshan, attacked Hu Er ferociously, swinging his claws!

    "Sh*t!" Hu Er was clearly a master, but the sheer power of Teng Qingshan's breath attack had exceeded his imagination. Additionally, the two were so close that he didn't have sufficient time to react.

    However, he had the time to mount a defense against Teng Shou's claw attack.

    "Pong!" Hu Er managed to block the attack with his right arm. However, Teng Shou's attack had great power and a grabbing force behind it!


    A chunk of flesh was scooped out of his forearm as Hu Er was blown away by the punch. He finally came to a stop after hitting the wall, and blood sprayed out from his mouth.

    Watching from afar, the Third Young Master's face clouded.

    "How dare you attack people within the city!" An angry cry arose from the Third Young Master of Wang Clan as he proceeded toward them with his three servants. The Third Young Master glared at Teng Qingshan with a dirty look on his face. "I kindly offered you a drink, hoping to make friends with you. But what have you done in exchange? You have injured my valet severely!"

    One of the servants behind the Third Young Master of Wang Clan added coldly, "Fights are forbidden in the city by law. You will have to come with us!"

    Nanshan City was now, quite simply, under the control of the three clans.

    These "laws" were nothing more than rules made by these clans.

    "I don't care what bullsh*t third young master you are." Teng Qingshan remained seated with a sullen expression on his face. He threw a cold glance at the Third Young Master and said, "Don't disturb me during a meal. One more piece of crap out of your mouth and this day next year will be the mourning of your death anniversary!"

    "Now, f*ck off!" Teng Qingshan shouted coldly.
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