Chapter 49: Turn of Events

    Book 7 Chapter 49 Turn of Events

    On the first floor of the Rising Sun Restaurant...

    "Restaurant Owner! Restaurant Owner!" With a worried expression, a waitress of the restaurant ran over to the owner promptly, shouting, "Something bad has happened! Something bad has happened upstairs! The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan got into a fight with a customer dining at the another table-"

    Before the waitress managed to finish her words, the fat restaurant owner interrupted with a smile, "We won't get involved with the business of the Third Young Master of the Wang Clan." In Nanshan City, there was no one who didn't know the Third Young Master of Wang Clan was the most useless one amidst the younger generation of the three great clans. However, regardless of this, he was still the Third Young Master of the Wang Clan.

    However, for the sake of their own reputation, the Wang Clan would not let their young master suffer.

    Therefore, the staff of the Rising Sun Restaurant would still turn a blind eye if Third Young Master of the Wang Clan was bullying someone in their restaurant.

    "No." The restaurant waitress shook her head hastily and said, "This time, it's not that the Third Young Master is bullying someone. His man got injured, so the situation is very bad right now!"


    The restaurant owner was astonished. Dropping everything else, he began to run. Though he had a fat physique, he still ran at lightning speed, darting rapidly up the staircase. As a series of hasty footsteps were heard, the restaurant owner arrived at the second floor of the restaurant. The moment he reached the second floor, the restaurant owner gasped for a breath of cold air.

    The ferocious and beastly teenager named Teng Shou was seen with a pair of eyes emitting a faint red color. Holding a bloody chunk of flesh in his left hand, Teng Shou stood there like a ferocious beast which devoured humans.


    Frightened by Teng Shou, the restaurant owner felt his heart skip a beat. He looked to the side hastily and saw Hu Er, the Wang Clan's Third Master's personal attendant, curling up on the ground like a dead dog. His body was covered with bloodstains, and there was a big pool of blood on the floor. "Now, this has escalated into something major. It's troublesome now!" The restaurant owner felt pained.

    "Third Young Master!" The restaurant owner shouted hastily.

    The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan was used to acting domineeringly, so at this moment, his face was flushed red. He was so angry that his hands trembled slightly! The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan was looked down upon by his father. Therefore, he cared even more about his reputation when he was outside! As the Third Young Master of the Wang Clan, a direct descendant of Wang Clan, who would have the audacity to disrespect him?

    Yet the table of people before his eyes had truly enraged him today!

    However, he sensed the terrifying power the other party possessed. Whether it was the beast-like teenager with the bloody chunk of flesh in hand or the seated, cold and detached man, who seemed like an iceberg, both were not people to be trifled with.

    "F*ck off!" He could still hear the angry roar resonating in his ears.

    The Third Young Master had the urge to release his anger!

    Yet he had no audacity! He was worried the other party would really kill him.

    "Third Young Master!" The restaurant owner shouted again.

    "Restaurant owner!" The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan immediately glared at the restaurant owner with anger. In order to vent his anger, he berated the restaurant owner, "What happened? Ah! My men came to your restaurant to eat and drink, but now, my man has been beaten to the point that he spat out blood. He is now heavily injured. How does your Rising Sun Restaurant run things?!"

    The Third Young Master was full of rage, but he didn't dare to release the anger toward the savage Teng Qingshan and Teng Shou. Therefore, he released the anger toward the pitiful restaurant owner!

    "Third Young Master!" In order to get to such a position, the restaurant owner had been humiliated numerous times. Thus, he didn't mind the Third Young Master's berating and replied with a friendly smile, "Third Young Master, please don't get angry. No matter what, the most important thing to do now is to save the injured person. Someone! Quick carry the wounded person to the nearby medicine store!"

    The medicine store sold medicine, but there were also doctors overseeing the store.

    "Of course." Two men from the restaurant came upstairs and immediately carried the injured Hu Er away.

    "How do you plan to resolve this? Their man wounded my man. Is the Rising Sun Trading Company not going to give me an explanation?" The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan said coldly. Simultaneously, he cast a glance at Teng Qingshan and Teng Shou. Teng Shou was still glaring at him with the chunk of flesh in hand, causing the Third Young Master of the Wang Clan to feel terrified.

    At this moment, the Third Young Master of the Wang Clan only had a few subordinates with him, thus, he didn't dare to fight Teng Qingshan directly. He only dared to make the Rising Sun Trading Company step in and take up the matter!

    The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan knew clearly that-

    Although the Rising Sun Trading Company didn't contend for hegemony, the overt and covert forces it possessed were extremely great.

    "Third Young Master." The restaurant owner felt slightly angry, but he still had a face full of smiles as he said, "Please take a seat there."

    "I am not in a hurry. I will just stand at the side. I want to know how you guys are going to resolve this." The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan stood by the side and glanced at Teng Qingshan and his cohorts.

    The Wang Clan and the Rising Sun Trading Company!

    These two represented two terrifying forces. Even a Golden Dan Innate Expert would consider the situation carefully before going against these two forces. The Third Young Master believed that...... this table of people, whom he loathed, wouldn't be able to resist against these two forces. Of course, the beautiful young girl was excluded from the group of people he loathed.

    Teng Qingshan's face darkened.

    Li Jun, who was at the side, also chided coldly, "Third Young Master of the Wang Clan, we are just dining here. What does it have to do with you? You're now jumping up and down like a monkey, and it's truly disgusting." In the Great Plains of the God of Heaven Mountain, Li Jun was also a person with high status. So, the Third Young Master's actions had enraged her as well.

    "You......" The Third Young Master's expression changed drastically.

    "This is agonizing!" The restaurant owner's heart just felt pained.

    "What's happening downstairs?! Why is it so noisy?!" A loud complaint rang out, and three tall men were seen walking down from upstairs. Each one of them had sharp and fierce eyes filled with killing intent. They were definitely power experts who cultivated in situations of life or death.

    "Third Young Master!"

    Suddenly, the three were shocked.

    The soundproofing effect of the private rooms upstairs was good. They had merely sensed it was too noisy downstairs. None of them had known the Third Young Master had arrived.

    "Lord, it's Third Young Master!" Immediately, one of the three headed upstairs to report.

    "Oh?" An indifferent but dignified voice rang out.

    On the second floor, the Third Young Master's facial expression changed slightly. He looked up and saw a person walking down from the staircase to the third floor. It was a fair-skinned, beardless middle-aged man dressed in luxurious black fur coat. With eyes as cold as knives, the middle-aged man's eyes swept past the second floor and, ultimately, fell on the restaurant owner.

    "Restaurant owner, what has happened here?" The Wang Clan's patriarch asked in a tone of superiority.

    The restaurant owner bowed immediately.

    The Wang Clan's patriarch was like the emperor of a small kingdom! He was not someone who could be compared with the good-for-nothing Third Young Master.

    "It was like this... the Third Young Master was dining in our restaurant with his servants, but he had a conflict with the customers dining at that table. Therefore, they fought." The restaurant owner explained concisely as he pointed at Teng Qingshan's table.

    At this moment, the second floor of the restaurant was in complete silence.

    The other customers dining there didn't even dare to breathe loudly or talk! This was because the person standing on the staircase was the Patriarch of Wang Clan-someone whose one word could kill you!

    "Father, Hu Er was almost beaten to death by them. He was sent to the medicine store just now." The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan complained hastily, "Father, I really didn't cause any trouble this time. I only invited them to drink some liquor. I just wanted to befriend them, yet who would have thought they would be that vicious! They even said they will kill me."

    "Stand by the side," The Patriarch of Wang Clan said in colorless tone.

    "Yes." The Third Young Master of Wang Clan said nothing further. However, he was confident that...... he truly hadn't done anything undue this time. The only thing that was wrong was that Hu Er had attacked stealthily with a venomous snake first! However, Hu Er had acted on his own accord. Thus, he, the Third Young Master of the Wang Clan, had done nothing wrong.

    This was all in public!

    What kind of status did the Wang Clan possess? No matter what, the Patriarch of the Wang Clan would protect the reputation of the Wang Clan!

    "You guys injured someone in the Wang Clan?" The Wang Clan's Patriarch said indifferently in a tone of superiority.

    Yet Teng Qingshan and his cohorts continued to eat.

    "Little Ping, come. This fish is very tasty, try it." Teng Qingshan smiled as he placed a fish in LIttle Ping's bowl.

    The expression of the Patriarch of the Wang Clan changed slightly.

    Teng Qingshan and his cohorts actually ignored him!

    Seeing this, the people on the second floor of the restaurant felt even more scared to make any sounds. Every one of them watched the situation carefully. All of them knew that...... the Patriarch of the Wang Clan must be full of anger right now. They also thought Teng Qingshan and his cohorts were really impetuous and indiscreet as they actually dared to provoke the people of the Wang Clan!

    "You people!" The Patriarch's voice suddenly became deep and resounding, ringing throughout the second floor and rumbling by the ears of the listeners like the sound of thunder.

    Many customers covered their ears hastily as their faces turned pale.

    Seeing Little Ping's face had turned pale, Teng Qingshan frowned and stared at the Patriarch, who was standing on the staircase. Teng Qingshan then spoke indifferently, "Patriarch of the Wang Clan, you can go ask the others about this matter. You can ask them who's right and who's wrong. Don't shout and make a big fuss before you ask about the right and wrong of this matter! If you want to resolve this by simply talking, I will talk to you. However, if you wish to use martial force, I can do that too!"

    Teng Qingshan spoke in a flat tone, but the powerful confidence in his words caused the Patriarch of the Wang Clan to shudder inwardly.

    "This man knows my identity...... and yet he actually still dares to act like this......"

    "Something's wrong!" The Patriarch of the Wang Clan knitted his brows as he pondered.

    "Brother Wang, what's going on?" A familiar voice came from above. A tall, muscular man wearing an azure blue leather coat and carrying a huge machete on his back walked down the stairs. With a lightning-like gaze, he scanned the second floor. When he saw Teng Qingshan and his cohorts, he was shocked.

    "Brother Fu." Patriarch of Wang Clan turned promptly.

    "Mister Teng!" The muscular man, carrying a huge blade on his back, dashed down the stairs and cupped his hands with a joyful and surprised expression. "I didn't expect to see Mister Teng after we parted yesterday! If I had known Mister was dining here, I, Fu Dao, would have come down already. Mister, please come upstairs and we can chat heartily there. What do you think?"

    In the eyes of Fu Dao, a super powerful expert who was obsessed with martial arts, Teng Qingshan, who had defeated him with one move, was absolutely a super powerful expert whose identity was hidden in this world. To be able to defeat him with one strike...... With such powerful ability-in Fu Dao's eyes, aside from the Martial Immortals, no one was on par with Teng Qingshan.

    It was to the extent that Fu Dao even believed it...!

    He believed Teng Qingshan was an Martial Immortal Expert! Since he had never seen such terrifying a Golden Dan Innate Expert. As for the Martial Immortal Experts (Emptiness Realm Experts), if they weren't controlling the power of the heavens and the earth, it was difficult to tell whether a person was a Martial Immortal Expert just from their appearance!

    Regardless of whether Teng Qingshan was someone who was invincible against experts below the level of Martial Immortals or a Martial Immortal Expert, Fu Dao decided he would still treat Teng Qingshan with veneration!

    It was extremely beneficial to receive instructions from such powerful expert.

    "Oh, it's Fu Dao." Teng Qingshan smiled and glanced at Fu Dao as he said, "What a coincidence."

    "Mister," Fu Dao said humbly. Immediately, he then turned and looked at the Patriarch of the Wang Clan with astonishment as he asked, "Brother Wang, what happened between you and Mister Teng?"

    The Patriarch of Wang Clan only felt his vision blur.

    Mister Teng?

    The famous Thunderblade Martial Saint Fu Dao had called the person 'Mister Teng' respectfully.

    "What kind of people did that unfilial son provoke?!" As the Patriarch of the Wang Clan thought this, he felt his heart palpitate several times.
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