Chapter 50: The Shocking News

    Book 7 Chapter 50 The Shocking News

    However, as the Patriarch of the Wang Clan was a grand and heroic man, of course, he wouldn't lose his cool.

    "Brother Fu, you asked me what happened, but I don't even know the whole story." The Patriarch of the Wang Clan shook his head and walked downstairs with a smile. "The restaurant owner just said that Mister Teng and his cohorts fought with that unfilial son of mine, and my unfilial son's servant was almost beaten to death."

    The Patriarch of the Wang Clan stared at Teng Qingshan and said, "However, since this Mister Teng is a friend of Mister Fu, he definitely isn't someone who would mess with someone of the younger generation. My filial son must be one who acted unduly."

    "Unfilial son!" The Patriarch of the Wang Clan turned to look at his son with a dark expression.

    "Father." The Third Young Master of Wang Clan shuddered.

    Yet he was cursing inwardly on how unlucky he was that he had actually provoked a figure who was addressed as "Mister Teng" by the Thunderblade Martial Saint, Fu Dao.

    "You unfilial son, you caused trouble last time! And this time too! You're always worrying me," The Patriarch of Wang Clan scolded. "Mister Teng is your senior. Unfilial son, you must be the one at fault again this time. I won't talk about this now. I will deal with you when I get home. You three, take the Third Young Master back."After the Patriarch was done with his scolding, the three attendants immediately guarded the Third Young Master as they left the restaurant in embarrassment.

    The Third Young Master didn't even dare to look at Teng Qingshan and his cohorts.

    The desire and lust he had earlier was completely gone due to the fear he now felt.


    "Mister Teng, that unfilial son always disobey me, and he often causes trouble. If you stay in Nanshan City long enough, you will! I hope Mister won't mind." The Patriarch of the Wang Clan said as he walked to Fu Dao's side. Fu Dao also smiled pleasantly and said, "Mister Teng, just get Brother Wang to punish that youngster later. Getting mad because of this youngster is not worth it!"

    What kind of status did Teng Qingshan have in Fu Dao's eyes?

    As for the Third Young Master of Wang Clan, he was just a hedonistic son of an influential and wealthy clan. Turning this matter with the Third Young Master into something major would just be an act that lowered one's status!

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun stared at each other and smiled.

    Of course, Teng Qingshan didn't give a f*ck about that Third Young Master of the Wang Clan.

    As for the Patriarch of the Wang Clan, since he had already yielded, there was no need to pursue him relentlessly! Since this Wang Clan was also a local despot of the region-if a fight truly broke out, Teng Qingshan would not be afraid, but it would be very troublesome.

    "Let's forget about this incident then." Teng Qingshan held the wine cup and took a sip. He smiled and said, "You two continue doing whatever you two were doing. I won't accompany you two."

    "Mister Teng!"

    The Patriarch of the Wang Clan said hastily, "My unfilial son was in the wrong. I've prepared some liquor upstairs. Consider it as an apology. Mister, you have to give me some face." In Duanmu Continent, the great clans contended for hegemony and strived to take over the world. In order to achieve this, what was the most important thing? Talented people! The Martial Saint Experts were the most important talented people!

    A Martial Saint was as important as an army!

    How could the Patriarch of the Wang Clan give up this chance of befriending Teng Qingshan?

    "Brother Teng, if you don't have anything important to do, just join us for a drink," Fu Dao said with a smile.

    Hearing this, Teng Qingshan was struck by a thought. "I don't have anything important to do? I do have something to do. We have to go to the Godly Axe Mountain later!"


    "Since the inscriptions of the 《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms》on the Godly Axe Mountain were left by Emperor Yu, they are definitely not open up for ordinary people to view," Teng Qingshan pondered. "With Fu Dao's and the Patriarch's status, they should definitely know details about the situation on the Godly Axe mountain and the inscriptions of the 《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms》. Why don't I ask them?"

    If he went to the Godly Axe Mountain later without anyone's aid, he would just be confused and puzzled.

    "Alright then," Teng Qingshan said, smiling.

    Feeling a great sense of joy, the Patriarch of the Wang Clan laughed, "Haha! Mister Teng, please do!"

    "Little Jun, head upstairs with me." Teng Qingshan looked at Li Jun. At this moment, Li Jun was shocked to why Teng Qingshan agreed. However, as there were many people in the surroundings, she didn't ask. She responded with a smile and walked to the third floor with Teng Qingshan.

    "Old Wang, you guys stay here first. I will come down later," Teng Qingshan instructed as he went upstairs.

    "Yes, Boss!" Old Wang answered promptly.

    As for Teng Shou, he sat obediently by the table. After becoming Teng Qingshan's follower, Teng Shou had become very obedient.

    After the Patriarch of the Wang Clan, Teng Qingshan, and Fu Dao headed upstairs, the customers on the second floor clamored. Each and everyone of them discussed excitedly:

    "Fu Dao... that Fu Dao, is he the legendary Thunderblade Saint, Fu Dao?"

    "The one he called Mister... Who is that Mister Teng?"

    Everyone of them was excited.

    As for the restaurant owner of the Rising Sun Restaurant, he exclaimed in shock and looked up the staircase to the third floor as he pondered, "Fu Dao is the Golden Dan Innate Expert and an old friend of the Rising Sun Trading Company. Who is this Mister Teng?" At this moment, the restaurant owner immediately realized the importance of this matter.

    "I must report this to the Elder!" The Restaurant Owner didn't dare to stay and headed downstairs promptly.

    The private room on the third floor of the Rising Sun Restaurant had a width of five to six Zhang and a round black stone table of almost one Zhang was placed in the center of the private room. The surface of the stone table was extremely smooth, and delicious dishes of food were placed on it.

    "Take all these away. Give us another tableful of food," The Patriarch of the Wang Clan ordered hastily.

    "Yes, sir." The two restaurant waitresses took the dishes away rapidly.

    "Mister Teng and this lady, please be seated," The Patriarch of the Wang Clan said with a smile. Immediately, Teng Qingshan, Li Jun, Fu Dao, and the Patriarch of the Wang Clan sat around this big, round table.

    The wine cups, wine jugs, and the like were all replaced with new ones.

    There were also maids who came around specially to pour wine.

    "Mister Teng, this time, it was my unfilial son who offended you. Consider this cup of wine as an apology." The Patriarch of the Wang Clan stood up and said with a smile. Yet Teng Qingshan grinned and said, "Patriarch, sit down. Let's just chat. There's no need to propose a toast to each other. Such formalities are things I dislike the most!"

    The Patriarch of Wang Clan was stunned.

    "Haha, how straightforward!" The Patriarch of the Wang Clan placed his wine cup down.

    "Teng Qingshan is not a person of formalities," Fu Dao smiled and remarked. He suddenly realized something and said hastily, "Haha, I still haven't introduce you two to each other."

    "Brother Wang," Fu Dao said as he stood up, "This Mister Teng is named Teng Qingshan. I met him by chance when I came to Nanshan City. It is Fu Dao's luck to be able to meet Brother Teng."

    "Luck?" The Patriarch of the Wang Clan thought, then he asked with a grin, "According Brother Fu's character, Brother Fu Dao must have fought with Mister Teng."

    Fu Dao shook his head and smiled, "I did challenge Mister Teng, but...."

    "By a fluke, I won by one move," Teng QIngshan interrupted.

    Fu Dao was stunned. He glanced at Teng Qingshan and immediately understood as he thought, "No wonder this Mister Teng's name isn't known in the world. Looks like he doesn't like fame. He won me with just one move... If this spreads out...... it's probably against his desires!" Fu Dao totally understood what Teng Qingshan was thinking.

    "By a fluke, he won by one move?" The Patriarch of the Wang Clan mumbled inwardly. "Fu Dao called this guy Mister, and this Teng Qingshan is very strong, even stronger than Fu Dao."

    "Mister Teng, this is the Patriarch of the Wang Clan, Wang Meng. In Nanshan City...... the influential forces are Wang Clan, the other two clans, and the Rising Sun Trading Company. However, Brother Wang is not just the Patriarch of the Wang Clan. He is also a Martial Saint, an innate expert," Fu Dao said with a smile.

    Teng Qingshan glanced at Wang Meng in shock as he thought, "This Wang Meng is an innate expert?"

    Simultaneously, Teng Qingshan nodded with a smile and greeted, "Wang Meng, the Patriarch of the Wang Clan."

    "Haha." Wang Meng smiled and replied, "It is my luck to know Mister. To be honest, I must give credit to that unfilial son of mine. If it weren't for that unfilial son of mine, I am afraid I wouldn't get the chance to know Mister Teng."

    "Haha......" When Fu Dao heard this, he laughed.

    "Big Brother Teng." Li Jun cast a glance at Teng Qingshan and whispered, "When are we leaving?"

    Hearing this, Wang Meng asked in surprise, "Mister Teng, you have errands to run later?"

    "I need to prepare for my trip to the Godly Axe Mountain," Teng Qingshan answered. Then he asked, "Wang Meng, how well do you know the Godly Axe Mountain?"

    "Somewhat," Fu Dao said in shock. "Mister, what do you want to ask?"

    "Do you know if the Godly Axe Mountain has thirty-six inscriptions?"

    Fu Dao and Wang Meng glanced at each other with surprise in their eyes.

    "Mister Teng." Fu Dao frowned and answered, "In the past, the Godly Axe Deity established the Godly Axe Mountain. However, as time passed, the Godly Axe Mountain declined and withered. The forces of the Godly Axe Mountain collapsed, and the Godly Axe Mountain was wiped out by the other forces nearby. As for the legendary thirty-six inscriptions left by the Godly Axe Deity, Yu the Great, they were taken by the forces which plundered them in the past!"

    Teng Qingshan's facial expression changed.

    Li Jun also looked at Teng Qingshan with astonishment.

    They had known nothing about the thirty-six inscriptions on the Godly Axe Mountain.

    Since they came to Duanmu Continent, the only ones they had gotten acquainted with who knew about Duanmu Continent were Little Ping and Old Wang. However, Little Ping was just a kid, so how much can she know? As for Old Wang, Teng Qingshan had never talked to him about the inscriptions of the《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms》.

    "Taken?" Teng Qingshan said as he knitted his brows.

    "They have been taken for few thousand years." Fu Dao shook his head and said, "The Godly Mountain had decayed. So, of course, the inscriptions were taken by the other forces. The thirty-six inscriptions are very precious and were hidden in a forbidden area of the Godly Axe Mountain. In the past, it was said that those forces removed half of the mountain wall and took it away forcefully."

    Teng Qingshan felt so helpless.

    He had rushed to Nanshan City.Who would have thought that it would all be in vain?

    "Fu Dao, do you know where the thirty-six inscriptions are located now?" Teng Qingshan asked.

    Fu Dao said, "It was said that each of the thirty-six inscriptions was a movement of the axe and a word, 'Dao'. The thirty-six inscriptions form the most supreme technique of the Godly Axe Mountain, 《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms》! This technique is also the source of the axe-wielding techniques in Duanmu Continent!"

    Teng Qingshan nodded to himself.

    After arriving to Duanmu Continent for several days, Teng Qingshan had also realized that...... many of the travelling experts he saw on the road used axes.

    "Many people said that the thirty-six inscriptions are extraordinary! Many clans are fighting for the inscriptions."

    Fu Dao remarked as he sighed with sorrow, "In the past, when the Thunderblade Deity, Duanmu Yu, unified the world, he had also tried to collect the thirty-six inscriptions. However, at that time, the Thunder Blade Deity had only collected over twenty inscriptions. The rest could not be found. After Duanmu Yu passed away, Duanmu Continent fell apart and became chaotic again."

    "The three thousand years after Duanmu Yu's death have been chaotic. Clans fought each other. There were clans which rose up and clans which were obliterated. As for the thirty-six inscriptions, we only hear some news about it occasionally."

    "Even if a clan obtains one of the thirty-six inscriptions, they would probably hide it somewhere."

    "So many years have passed, who knows where the thirty-six inscriptions have gone to." Fu Dao shook his head and then said with a smile, "Even the Thunder Blade Deity couldn't collect all of them three thousand years ago. To hope to find them now...... is an almost impossible thing."
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