Chapter 56: The Assembly of the Grand Clans

    Book 7 Chapter 56 The Assembly of the Grand Clans

    It was the 16th of August, and it was snowing heavily.

    Duanmu Continent's temperatures were evidently significantly colder than the Land of the Nine Prefectures. In the Land of the Nine Prefectures, the highest temperatures were naturally during summer, between the months of May and June. However, on Duanmu Continent, even during those months, ordinary humans had to don thick gowns. It was August at the moment, and it was the norm for water to be freezing up and for there to be snowstorms.

    This was why Duanmu Continent's building structures consisted of either domes or conical shapes.

    If they had built flat-roofed structures, the roofs might collapse under the weight of the accumulated perennial snow, causing a disaster!


    The surroundings of the entire Godly Axe Mountain appeared as though they had been draped with a white muslin. Even the thick layer of ice on the Crescent Moon Lake was coated in snow.

    Teng Qingshan stood before the house. Donned in a white fur coat, he seemed like a handsome youth who belonged to a prominent family. Beside him, was a similarly dressed Li Jun.

    "When I was at Yangzhou, the chances of encountering such a large snowfall was extremely rare!" Teng Qingshan gazed up at the voluminous and flowing, gracefully descending snow, which seemed like goose feathers, and lamented, "Only during winter on the frigid glasslands, which were akin to a cold world, would one be able to witness occasional snowfall like this!"

    "Big Brother Teng, we're merely in the southern parts of Duanmu Continent." Li Jun smiled widely. "And it's not even winter yet! The North Frosty Region of Duanmu Continent would be much colder."

    The Tianfeng Canyon is one of the three great treacherous zones. Even an expert which had reached the peak of the Postliminary Realm experts would freeze to death from a mere breeze! Through this example, one could see just how cold it was.

    "Yes, they have arrived!"

    Teng Qingshan flicked his gaze toward the mountain forest and noticed the chubby Second Elder of the Rising Sun Trading Company, who sported a coat made of fox fur. He was accompanied by more than ten heavily-armored and armed experts. Upon reaching, the experts dispersed and guarded the Second Elder. It only took one glance to know they were highly trained.

    "Little Jun, go inform Blue Luan," Teng Qingshan said.

    Li Jun turned around and let out several soft cries toward the Blue Luan which sat lazily on the quilt. The Blue Luan then replied with its cries.

    "Old Wang, I'll leave this place to you," Teng Qingshan instructed.

    "Boss, rest assured." Old Wang, who wore a thick cotton-padded jacket, complied whilst standing by the door.

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun were the only ones who were going on this trip to Nanshan City.

    As for Old Wang, Little Ping, Teng Shou, and the two demonic beasts, Whole Gale Eagle and Blue Luan, would be staying by the Crescent Moon Lake. With the Blue Luan around, Teng Qingshan had no worries that any problem might occur.

    "Mister Teng!" The Second Elder exclaimed with a smile when he was still a distance away.

    "Second Elder!"

    Teng Qingshan smiled and returned the greeting as he strode along with Li Jun, shoulder to shoulder, across the snow. The snow which had accumulated on the ground was really thick. So much so that their feet were submerged to their ankles every time they took a step forward. Teng Qingshan lugged along a spear case; the Reincarnation Spear had long since been dismantled into two and stored within it. Meanwhile, Li Jun had a long whip trapped to her waist.

    "Mister Teng, the carriage is outside the woods, waiting on the official road." The Second Elder chuckled.

    "I will be troubling Second Elder." Teng Qingshan smiled.

    Under the protection of the solemn-faced warriors, Teng Qingshan, Li Jun, and the Second Elder walked out of the woods.

    At Nanshan City, the Drifting Cloud Mansion:

    The Drifting Cloud Mansion was one of the important footholds of the Situ Trading Company within Nanshan City. Today, the exterior of the Drifting Cloud Mansion was guarded by a large number of elite soldiers. Each and every one of these soldiers were clad in armor, helmets and war boots. They stood orderly along the walls of the Drifting Cloud Mansion! In a glance, they appeared grandiose, similar to a torrential flood of black steel.

    That wasn't all!

    Any streets within an area of one hundred Zhang around the Drifting Cloud Mansion had all been sealed off!

    The bystanders on the street were all bewildered by the situation.

    "Did something major occur today? The streets in the surroundings have all been blockaded."

    "Who knows! Look, every single one of those soldiers are heavily armed. Who knows how they managed to gather these soldiers within one night."

    Many of these civilians muttered under the breaths as they stared at this dense mass of black-armored soldiers from a distance.

    "What is going on? Why are you people obstructing the path?!"

    Two juveniles mounted on a One-Horned War Hou emerged, and one of them, who appeared poised, yelled loudly. The group of soldiers then cooly cast a glance toward the teenager. Amongst the soldiers, an elderly donned in a golden-yellow gown exclaimed coldly, "Little brats, hurry up and get lost! Today, this isn't a place for you to misbehave atrociously!"

    As his voice echoed-

    "Make way!"

    "Make way!"

    Another yell resounded. After which, two luxurious carriages arrived in tandem. These carriages were heavily guarded by hundreds of elite soldiers clad in dark-red heavy armor. Atop these carriages, there were proudly erected banners inscribed with the word, 'Murong'.

    "It's the Murong Clan!"

    "It's the Murong Clan's elite soldiers, the Dark Blood Sentinel. With hundreds of Dark Blood Sentinel escorts-is that the Patriarch of the Murong Clan?"

    The previously indignant youths moved hastily to the roadside in fright. The Murong Clan was amongst the top three supreme clans of Nanshan City and possessed the qualifications to get a share of Nanshan City. This kind of super powerful clan was ranked highly even in the whole world. Would these two youths dare provoke such a superpower?

    The gold cloaked elder, who was responsible for welcoming the guest, waved his hands immediately.

    "Pa! Pa! Pa!"

    The black-armored soldiers, who had obstructed the streets, immediately moved out of the way to create a path. The large group from the Murong Clan, strode through the path grandiosely. Afterward, the streets were once again sealed off by the black-armored soldiers, preventing any outsiders from entering.

    After a short moment-

    Another luxurious group arrived. There was a word on the flag, 'Shangguan'.

    "Shangguan? Perhaps it's the Shangguan Clan of the West Tang Region?"

    Some of the people with insight could distinguish easily from the word on the flag that this was the Shangguan Clan, the dominator of the West Tang Region!


    Influential clans turned up one after another. Away on the streets, the civilians, who were obstructed outside, were riled up as they overheard the discussions from the knowledgeable men about the Fang Clan of East Flower Region, the Shangguan Clan of West Tang Region and the Wang Clan of Nanshan Region and the like. Each of these clans had many stories.

    The people gasped in admiration-

    Anyone who was able to attend these sorts of events were those who truly belonged to the upper echelons of Duanmu Continent! The younger generations of the families of generals and wealthy families were nothing before these clans!

    "Make way!"

    "Make way!"

    Yet another luxurious group had arrived, accompanied by heavy-armored soldiers mounted on War Hous! If the elite soldiers under these major forces rode Hunchbacked Beasts, that would be too embarrassing. Every single War Hou had their horn raised proudly, and in this frigid weather, white smoke was exhaled from their nostrils. Reverberating sounds were left behind on the streets with every step of their robust limbs.

    On the flag, which fluttered proud and tall, there were two words inscribed, 'Rising Sun'.

    "It's the Rising Sun Trading Company!"

    Cries of surprise were heard. Although the Rising Sun Trading Company did not contend for hegemony, their forces were significantly stronger than that of major clans like the Wang and Shangguan clans. After all, the Rising Sun Trading Company was a trading company which had existed for several thousand years; they were a force whose men could be found throughout the continent.

    Once more, the soldiers on the street made a path.

    In the carriage:

    Teng Qingshan, Li Jun and the Second Elder were in the carriage. This carriage was more than a Zhang wide and near three Zhang in length. Such an extravagant carriage could fit ten passengers easily.

    "We're about to reach the Drifting Cloud Mansion," The Second Elder said as he took a glimpse of the outside through the window.

    Past the seam of the window curtain, Teng Qingshan also saw an abundance of heavy-armored troops outside.

    "Once we've reached our destination, Mister Teng should be able to meet our Eldest Elder." The Second Elder chuckled. "You and Eldest Elder are two of the few, most powerful experts under the heavens. Were it not for the sake of meeting you... Eldest Elder might not have attended this auction!"

    "Hearing your previous statement, I really wish to meet with Eldest Elder!" Teng Qingshan said in admiration.

    On the journey here, the Second Elder had mentioned the Eldest Elder!

    The Rising Sun Trading Company's Eldest Elder was also Rising Sun Trading Company's most authoritative individual. Not only did he wield great power, he was also one of the few, most powerful experts who roamed under the heavens. He was so powerful that he was known to be unparalleled among experts ranked below Martial Immortals! He was known as the Rising Sun Martial Immortal and had already been very famous since several decades ago.

    Ten years ago, the Rising Sun Martial Saint had travelled unhindered under the heavens without anyone worthy as his adversary.

    In the recent years, this Eldest Elder, Rising Sun Martial Saint, rarely appeared in public. No one knew the level of his current strength. However, many continued to think that this Rising Sun Martial Saint was still unparalleled among experts ranked below the Martial Immortals!

    "To have the ability to wield the authority of a force like the Rising Sun Trading Company, which has been passed down for several thousand years-this Eldest Elder... My interest in him is a little piqued." Teng Qingshan thought inwardly, while his eyes flashed with a beaming light.

    "Second Elder, we've arrived at the Drifting Cloud Mansion," A deferential voice resounded from outside the carriage.

    Then the carriage stopped.

    "Let's get down." The Second Elder, Teng Qingshan, and Li Jun got off the carriage in succession.

    Teng Qingshan and crew entered the Drifting Cloud Mansion's entrance under the protection of the guards. This Drifting Cloud Mansion was made out of white walls and black tiles, and every aspect of the residence revealed the Drifting Cloud Mansion's ancient history. Along the front yard's cleanly swept stone path, they stepped upon a corridor and made several long detours.

    They soon arrived at the entrance of a garden, assembled with several hundred elite experts.

    "Rising Sun Trading Company, Second Elder has arrived!" Almost immediately, the personnel, tasked to welcome guests, called out.

    "Second Elder, the bodyguards can wait here." A middle-aged man, who was part of the personnel in charge of receiving guests, smiled. "Over twenty clans have arrived."


    The Second Elder flicked a glance at him and said, "Give me a numbered card!"

    This middle-aged man was slightly surprised as he asked, "Second Elder, the Eldest Elder of the Rising Sun Trading Company already took one. You still need another one?"

    "Why do we need to get the numbered cards?" Teng Qingshan asked the Second Elder.

    The Second Elder then explained with a smile, "This time, this set of stone tablets, which is being auctioned, is priced extremely high, so much so that the ordinary rich families can't afford it... So, the Situ Trading Company distributed cards! Only those who have received one can bid for the Blunt Vanadium Stone Tablets. Many families, who are situated far away, have dispatched men over here. So, it's impossible to bring several hundred thousands taels of gold."

    "So, the people with ability to purchase can receive a numbered card" The Second Elder said.

    "Second Elder, for the second card the Rising Sun Trading Company wants, whose name shall be written on it?" The middle-aged man took out another card.

    The Second Elder said, "Just write the word, 'Teng', on this plate. In your account book, just write this card under the Rising Sun Trading Company."

    "Alright." Upon hearing 'write this card under the Rising Sun Trading Company', the middle-aged man stopped worrying.

    In an auction, the most worrying thing was someone bidding sky-high prices and then slipping away without paying! With the Rising Sun Trading Company's guarantee, everything would definitely be smooth-sailing.

    "Second Elder, you can go in now." The middle-aged man handed over the numbered card with a smile.

    As Teng Qingshan took the numbered card, a concentrated troop came up from behind him.

    "Fang Clan of Danyang City has arrived!" The personnels from the Situ Trading Company shouted as they received the guests.
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