Chapter 2: Old Wangs Request

    Book 8 Chapter 2 Old Wang's Request

    The sun hung high up the sky, emitting a radiance that made one's body feel warm.

    However, it was already the end of September. The temperature had dropped, and there had been a few cases of heavy snow, causing it to accumulate on the Godly Axe Mountain and the surrounding mountain range. The snow accumulated on the Crescent Moon Lake had been trampled repeatedly, becoming solid, hard, and firm. A tall white-cloaked figure with a silver-colored long spear in his handwas practicing spear arts by the lake.


    The spear shadows left many afterimages as they formed a hemisphere of light that completely enveloped Teng Qingshan.

    The semi-sphere of light glowed with a faint earthen yellow.

    Looking at this earthy yellow hemisphere formed by the spear shadows, one might feel that this hemisphere shaped light was one with the great earth, immovable and unshakable. The surrounding heavens and earth seemed to be contorted. If one looked at the trees around the hemisphere of light, they would agree that the images of these trees seemed to have been contorted.

    "Rumble~~" The semi-sphere crumbled and dissipated. At the same time, a deep-sounding voice resonated. It sounded like the melody of the great earth.

    Teng Qingshan appeared within the dissipating hemisphere.

    "Haha, as expected, the realm of the seventh move is different!" Excitement glowed within Teng Qingshan's eyes as he said, "I managed to cultivate the 《Earth Element Fist》from the first move to the seventh move. I combined the Dao of Earth Element that I have comprehended with the 'Transmutation Unity Qi' spear art, and the power of my 'Transmutation Unity Qi' spear art actually increased so much!"

    "If I encountered the Six Legged Bladelike Chi again...."

    Over a month had passed since Teng Qingshan fought with the Six Legged Bladelike Chi.

    During this time of over a month, Teng Qingshan studied the《Thirty-six Splitting Sky Forms》engraved on the set of Blunt Vanadium Stone Tablets and finally created the seventh move of the 《Earth Element Fist》! If the first three moves were the foundation, then the fourth to sixth moves allowed Teng Qingshan's spear art to be on par with the Rising Sun Swordmaster's sword art!

    As for the seventh move....

    The seventh move had helped Teng Qingshan to progress yet another level higher.

    "Last time, I was unable to defend against the six bladelike legs of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi. Now...by relying on the Swimming Pisces Body Art and this defensive spear art, I will be able to escape unscathed!" Teng Qingshan continued to ponder. "There are probably three moves in each phase of the 《Earth Element Fist》. The first three moves should be the first phase; the fourth to sixth moves should be the second phase, and the seventh move should be part of the third phase! Of course, if I guessed correctly, there should be an eighth and a ninth move in the third phase!"

    "Unfortunately, my physical strength is weaker than that of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi." Teng Qingshan sighed inwardly.

    "Otherwise, with my spear arts, why would I fear the Six Legged Bladelike Chi?"

    The strength of an Golden Dan Innate demonic beast was stronger than that of a Golden Dan Innate Expert!

    It was just like the Red Eyed Snow Lion, which had possessed physical strength on par with Teng Qingshan in the past!

    As for the Six Legged Bladelike Chi, its strength was even more astonishing.

    In terms of the profundity of sword and blade arts, demonic beasts were not as good as humans. However, the physical strength of demonic beasts was far superior to that of humans.

    "Just wait until my Internal Supreme Force reaches the later stage! I will be able to burst out with one million and six hundred thousand jin of strength! By then, I will be able to easily suppress the Six Legged Bladelike Chi with my strength." Whenever Teng Qingshan thought about the Internal Supreme Force, he felt slightly helpless. The Internal Supreme Force was the result of the transmutation of the inner strength and 'Spirit' in the body.

    The Supreme Force, True Origin, and the Origin of Buddha needed different proportions of 'Spirit.'

    The Origin of Buddha demanded the greatest amount of Spirit, the True Origin demanded average amount of Spirit, while the Supreme Force demanded the least.

    However, no matter how small the proportion of Spirit was, at the later stage of the Supreme Force, a great deal of 'Spirit' was still needed!

    Teng Qingshan was still too young!

    "I practiced the 《Earth Element Fist》and《Water Element Fist》, and I am in accordance with Dao. My 'Spirit' increases everyday, and the speed of the increase of 'Spirit' is already considered astonishingly fast. However, I still need a little bit more." Teng Qingshan could feel that he was only one step away from his goal, but this last step was not that easily taken.

    Teng Qingshan's physical strength was already more than eight hundred thousand jin. No matter how Teng Qingshan cultivated, his physical strength would only increase by a tiny bit.

    There was a limit to how much the human body could improve!

    It was impossible to limitlessly breakthrough forever. It was just like how being born, growing old, getting sick, and dying was a law of the heavens and earth. Teng Qingshan's physical strength had already reached that limit. His physical condition had met the requirement to reach the later stage of the Supreme Force, and all that remained was the requirement of the 'Spirit.' When his Spirit met the requirement, Teng Qingshan's Supreme Force would easily attain the later stage naturally, just like how a canal is formed where water flows.

    TLN: When water flows, canal forms = when conditions are ripe, success will come.

    Standing inside the house, Coachman Old Wang was looking out the window, watching Teng Qingshan practicing spear arts from afar. Coachman Old Wang let out a long sigh and sat back down on the chair as he smoked his pipe.

    "Puff, puff...."

    As smoke permeated the room, Old Wang's eye dimmed. He seemed to be thinking about something that happened in the past.

    "Should I spend my whole life escaping...."

    "Instead of living like this, isn't it better to fight? So what if I die?"

    "The heavens have already helped me by allowing Boss to appear before me. Boss is a powerful expert....."

    "Although the chances are very small, if Boss could teach me....."

    As Old Wang inhaled through the pipe, his expression gradually became resolute.

    Old Wang suddenly stood up and took a deep breath. He walked out of the room and headed towards Teng Qingshan.


    Long spear in hand, Teng Qingshan moved in a marvellous display of footwork. "The Dao of Earth Element uses the power of earth! When the Great Elder of the Rising Sun Trading Company fled for his life, his body transformed into a flash of lightning and he moved at an extremely rapid speed. I think I can create an art of Qing Gong based on the 《Dao of Earth Element》." Teng Qingshan thought to himself.

    Swimming Pisces Body Art only allowed one to dodge and weave within a certain space! Instead of escaping in a straight line.

    "Eh? Old Wang?" Teng Qingshan stopped.

    "Boss." Old Wang said respectfully

    Teng Qingshan was slightly surprised. Old Wang had been very honest and well-behaved ever since he had been following Teng Qingshan. Old Wang had never interrupted when Teng Qingshan was practicing martial arts by himself. If it was nothing important.....Old Wang wouldn't stop him from practicing. Teng Qingshan couldn't help asking, "Old Wang, what's the matter?"


    Old Wang lifted his head and looked at Teng Qingshan. His lone eye burned brightly as he said, "I hope Boss can teach me sword arts."

    "I can teach you, but why sword art?" Teng Qingshan cast a glance at Old Wang with a frown, "Old Wang, If I remember, don't you use a blade?" Coachman Old Wang had always carried a machete when they were traveling. However, since they began living by the Crescent Moon Lake, Old Wang had placed the machete inside the house.

    Old Wang shook his head as he responded. "I don't use the blade. The blade I carry is just a facade. In reality, I wield the sword."

    "If you use a sword, how do you normally practice sword arts?" Teng Qingshan was slightly surprised.

    "I usually practice sword arts with this pipe." Old Wang did not hide anything.

    Teng Qingshan scrutinized Old Wang....The pipe was just a pipe. It could be used to practice sword arts, but could not kill rapidly like a sword. "Old Wang normally carries a blade, yet that was just a facade. He dare not even carry a sword.... He is an expert that has reached the peak of the Postliminary Realm, yet is willing to be a coachman. Old Wang must have some secrets," Thought Teng Qingshan.

    It was just like how Teng Qingshan disguised himself as a merchant when he was in the Land of the Nine Prefectures.

    This Old Wang was also wearing a disguise.

    "Since he doesn't want to tell me his secrets, I will not force him." Teng Qingshan's look even caused Old Wang's breathing to become unstable.

    It was obvious that Old Wang was very nervous. He was worried that Teng Qingshan might reject him.

    "Alright. From today onwards, you shall learn sword arts from me." Teng Qingshan said calmly, "The sword art I will teach you is the sword art of a powerful senior. Although I only have a little knowledge of it....this little knowledge is enough to occupy Golden Dan Innate Experts for their whole lives.

    When Old Wang heard this, he was filled with joy.

    Even the Golden Dan Innate Expert would spend their whole lives studying it. What kind of sword art was that?

    "I will teach you the first three moves of this sword art." Teng Qingshan extended his index and middle fingers, forming the sword finger. An aqua blue colored beam of light condensed around it into the shape of a trenchant sword. When Teng Qingshan was in the forbidden area of the Sword Tower on the Bright Moon Island, he comprehended the Celestial Jade Annulus and had naturally gained an understanding of sword arts. Although Teng Qingshan's sword art couldn't be compared with the sword art of the Omnipotent Expert, Poetic Sword God 'Li Taibai,' the power of his sword art was on par with the blade art of the Great Elder!

    TLN: sword finger - http://phoenixdragonkungfu.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/taijijian5.jpg

    "Look carefully." Teng Qingshan shouted.

    Old Wang immediately focused his eyes.

    Teng Qingshan smoothly performed the three moves. The three moves of the sword art were like a lotus flower blooming in water. The concepts contained within that gentle water moved the hearts and souls of men.

    "This sword art." Old Wang held his breath as he watched.

    Old Wang was a man with discerning eyes. He could tell how fine and delicate the sword art just by watching.

    "Let's learn the first move now. I want to see you practice once," Teng Qingshan instructed.

    "Yes." Old Wang obediently replied like a disciple.


    After teaching Old Wang the three moves, Teng Qingshan researched Qing Gong for a further two hours. He then began to practice the Three Postures. Teng Qingshan was like a savage giant as he practiced, for every movement of his fists caused his surroundings to tremble, and even influenced the Power of the Heavens and Earth.

    Evening soon arrived.

    "Phew!" Teng Qingshan's exhalation caused the some small trees to sway.

    Teng Qingshan's gaze fell on the vast, skyscraping mountains ahead and he thought to himself, "If that Six Legged Bladelike Chi could be my sparring partner when I practice my spear art, the effect of my training would be even better. Plus, I need some helpers when I go back to the land of the nine prefectures. This Six Legged Bladelike Chi would make a very good helper."

    "However, after the fight with me and being burned by Blue Luan's fire, the Six Legged Bladelike Chi probably drilled into the earth and fled far away.

    Teng Qingshan shook his head.

    Suddenly, Teng Qingshan's eyes brightened. He stared at the high mountains ahead and thought to himself, "The Six Legged Bladelike Chi did escape. However, powerful demonic beasts generally search for good places to live! For example, the Purple Radiant Flood Dragon dwelled at the bottom of the Frost Jade Pool. The Red Scaled Beast lived near the Black Fire Spirit Fruits, and the Steeled Arms Monkeys lived in the place where the Scarlet Fruits thrived.

    "If the Six Legged Bladelike Chi is such a powerful demonic beast and it lived in the deepest area within the heart of the mountain...."

    "Is it possible that a treasure is hidden within the deeper areas of the mountain?

    As soon Teng Qingshan had this thought, he immediately grabbed the Reincarnation Spear, which had been thrust into the nearby soil, and shouted, "LIttle Jun, I am going into the mountains. I will be back for dinner."

    "Alright Big Brother Teng. Come back soon." Li Jun was already making dinner. With an apron tied around her waist, Li Jun promptly ran to the door and replied to Teng Qingshan.

    Teng Qingshan stomped on the ground and shot into the sky like an arrow. With a step on the branch of a huge, thick, and strong tree, Teng Qingshan's figure became illusory. Afew rapid flashes were seen within the forest as Teng Qingshan darted towards the vast mountains.


    Standing in the mountain forest, Teng Qingshan gazed at the mountainside directly ahead. A terrifyingly huge hole could be seen on the mountainside.

    More than a month ago, due to rebounding force of Teng Qingshan's spear, the Great Elder had slammed onto the mountain, creating a huge hole and drawing out the demonic beast 'Six Legged Bladelike Chi'.


    Teng Qingshan hefted the Reincarnation Spear and leapt upwards about thirty zhang and descended into the huge hole on the mountainside. Standing inside the hole, Teng Qingshan looked ahead and walked forward three zhang. He arrived beside a deep and gloomy pit. With Teng Qingshan's night vision, he could tell that this gloomy pit was so deep that the bottom could not be seen.


    From within the dark and gloomy pit, the faint sound of wind could be heard. It sounded like snoring.

    "Eh? Perhaps the Six Legged Bladelike Chi didn't escape?" Teng Qingshan frowned. "That's seems rather unlikely." As the saying goes, the skilled one is naturally brave. Teng Qingshan didn't give it much thought and immediately leapt into the gloomy pit.

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