Chapter 18: Twenty Years Old

    Book 8 Chapter 18 Twenty Years Old

    The feather-like snow fluttered down between the heavens and the earth, and a deep layer of snow accumulated on the Crescent Moon Lake near the Godly Axe Mountain.

    During this moment, it was already afternoon. In the forest ahead, Teng Shou was practicing his fist art continuously, while Coachman Old Wang was practicing his sword art nearby. Yet Teng Qingshan, who was usually the one that worked the hardest, was now standing silently below the roof, staring at the endless and great snowfall amidst the vast heavens and the earth.

    "In the blink of an eye, a year has passed."

    Ever since Teng Qingshan captured Dong Zhezi and obtained the piece of stone inscription, Teng Qingshan had cultivated with all his heart. After his Supreme Force reached the end phase, his internal and external body had reached completion, and after he subdued the Six Legged Bladelike Chi, Teng Qingshan had cultivated with an even greater craze. Whenever he comprehended something, he would find the Six Legged Bladelike Chi and spar with it.

    Many trees with a history of over thousands or hundreds of years in the entire Godly Axe Mountain had suffered because of that.

    One could say that today was the only day Teng Qingshan had rested since he had obtained the stone inscription.

    "Emperor Yu's 《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms》 first started with the Earth Elemental Dao and gradually blended with the Gold Elemental Dao! I obtained the ninth stone inscription from the Hall of Assassins. The Gold Elemental Dao was a major part of the ninth technique, while the Earth Elemental Dao complemented it! I have cultivated for several months and have completely comprehended it. Unfortunately, I only have one stone inscription!" Teng Qingshan said to himself, feeling slightly bitter.

    The stone inscription could indeed cause Teng Qingshan to improve at a much more rapid speed.

    Within a short period of several months, Teng Qingshan had created the first, second, and third moves of the 《Gold Element Fist》! However, Teng Qingshan had already made great achievements in the cultivation of the 《Earth Element Fist》. His 《Earth Element Fist》 had already reached realm of the seventh move. The ninth stone inscription of the 《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms》 did not contain the extremely profound Earth Elemental Dao, and therefore, it only allowed Teng Qingshan to improve slightly in his cultivation of the 《Earth Element Fist》.

    "It's unfortunate that I only have one. If I have all thirty-six stone inscriptions, it will definitely be possible to reach the Emptiness Realm within one to two years!" Teng Qingshan said, inwardly resentful.

    "Twenty! I am already 20 years old."

    When Teng Qingshan was 19 years old, he had spent his days in front of the Celestial Jade Annulus on the Bright Moon Island.

    Then when he turned 20 years old, he had spent his days in front of the stone inscriptions of the Godly Axe Mountain.

    TLN: The Godly Axe Mountain here refers to the sect.

    Teng QIngshan had never relaxed.

    "Father, Mother, I, your child, have left you both for more than two years..." The thing that worried Teng Qingshan the most were his kind parents. His father Teng Yongfan had been taken captive by the people of Qing Hu Island in the past. His father had survived, but his legs had been broken. "I wonder how Father has been doing during these past two years or so!"

    20 years old!

    "How are my parents in the faraway distance?"

    Duanmu Continent and the Land of the Nine Prefectures were too far away from each other. The two continents were a distance of several ten thousand Li apart, and it was difficult for even an innate expert to cross the body of sea which separated the two continent. One could be trapped easily in some dangerous zones in a region of the sea.

    "Although back in the day, I declared that I had betrayed and left the Gui Yuan Sect... Would the Qing Hu Island, who suffered greatly, be willing to just let it pass?

    "I have left the Land of the Nine Prefectures for over a year. I wonder how my teacher's sect is doing.

    "Furthermore, because of the very ambitious God of Heaven Palace, a storm may be surging in the Land of the Nine Prefectures now." Teng Qingshan was very worried. In the past, he had seen the Divine Eagle attack the Xiao Yao Palace with thunderbolts. The Xiao Yao Palace was one of the eight Supreme Sects, yet it had been attacked by an Emptiness Realm Divine Beast!

    This already suggested that dark forces surged within the Land of the Nine Prefectures.

    "Once the dark forces burst out, the Land of the Nine Prefectures will be in chaos. Can the Gui Yuan Sect endure and support itself?" Teng Qingshan felt so worried that he could feel a burning in his heart. Just from some movements he had seen in the Land of the Nine Prefectures, Teng Qingshan could deduce many dangerous indications!

    Before the eight Supreme Sects and the God of Heaven Palace, the Gui Yuan Sect, a sect with weak foundation, could indeed be destroyed!

    The destruction of the Gui Yuan Sect would put Teng Qingshan's parents and Teng Jia Village in great danger!

    "I hope the Land of Nine Prefectures can continue in this tranquil state...... at least until the day I return." Teng Qingshan had great desire in his heart because he was too far away from the Land of the Nine Prefectures and had received no news about it. Therefore, Teng Qingshan was very worried. For people, not knowing was the most frightening thing.

    The thing he was most afraid of was that-

    When he returned to the Land of the Nine Prefectures, he would find that the Gui Yuan Sect and Teng Jia Village had all been destroyed!

    "Time! Time!"

    Teng Qingshan knitted his brows and said to himself, "If I cultivate slowly, it will take quite a few years. I may even need ten years to reach the Emptiness Realm. This speed is already considered fast. Many experts only reach the Emptiness Realm at the age of over a hundred years old. I will reach the Emptiness Realm before the age of thirty. It is fast indeed, but it is not fast enough!"

    He didn't have time to waste! He didn't have time to squander!

    "I need to rely on the stone inscriptions! A stone inscription will help me save a lot of time." The comprehension of the heavens and the earth as well as the Dao was naturally extremely difficult. However, if Teng Qingshan could use the achievements of his seniors as reference, he could then absorb the knowledge from his seniors' achievements and combine it with his comprehension of the Dao, making it his own.

    This sort of foundation was similarly stable but was much faster!

    "Big Brother Teng?" A voice came from beside him.

    Teng Qingshan turned and saw Li Jun, who wore a white cotton coat, walking over with a smile. "Big Brother Teng, what are you thinking about?"

    "Thinking about home," Teng Qingshan replied, sighing.

    "Home?" Li Jun froze slightly.

    Seeing Li Jun's expression, Teng Qingshan immediately aroused from his thoughts. He knew that...... Li Jun had already lost her home. His reply just now must have given Li Jun a bad mood. Teng Qingshan looked outside and suddenly focused his eyes on a statue-like figure kneeling amidst the great snowfall in the distance. He changed the topic and said, "Li Jun, look! That fellow is still there!"

    "Big Brother Teng, that fellow has been kneeling for two days and two nights." Li Jun looked at the figure and asked, "Big Brother Teng, are you really not going to talk to him?"

    In the past, Teng Qingshan had charged into Dong Residence and caught Dong Zhezi!

    Many of Dong Clan's henchmen and servants had seen it with their own eyes, and the information about Teng Qingshan being the one who had captured Dong Zhezi had been leaked somehow. The news spread around, and many great clans came to the Godly Axe Mountain to rope Teng Qingshan in their clans. Therefore, Teng Qingshan became even more famous.

    Many people had not met Teng Qingshan, but they knew of Teng Qingshan's existence.

    When some well-informed experts knew that Teng Qingshan dwelled in the Godly Axe Mountain, they came to request for Teng Qingshan to be their instructor! During this continent's chaotic period, if one could be the disciple of a super powerful expert and learn their skills, it would be very easy to obtain high status and wealth in the future!

    "There are many who want to be my follower. Do I have to accept them if they kneel for a few days?" Teng Qingshan smiled. "A warrior who possesses inner strength can kneel for a few days easily."

    "Old Wang!" Teng Qingshan shouted.

    "Boss." Old Wang, who had been practicing his sword in the snow, ran over. During these past few months, Old Wang had been taught by Teng Qingshan. Additionally, Old Wang had also been sleeping in the underground cavern and made great improvements at a rapid speed.

    "Tell that fellow I will not accept a disciple. It's useless even if he kneels to the point of death," Teng Qingshan ordered.

    "Yes, Boss."

    Old Wang ran hastily over to the statue-like man, who was already covered by snow. The statue-like man raised his head and reasoned with Old Wang.

    Seeing this scene, Teng Qingshan shook his head. During the last few months, Teng Qingshan had seen too many methods. There had been some who had knelt for a long time, and others who had acted with a distinct character on purpose in order to attract Teng Qingshan, as well as those who had used their beauty. There had just been too many. Unfortunately...... nothing had changed Teng Qingshan's mind, and he hadn't accepted any disciple.

    "If I planned to live in Duanmu Continent for several years, I might accept some disciples.

    "However, I will eventually return to the Land of the Nine Prefectures!

    "In Duanmu Continent, I am just a passerby." Teng Qingshan turned and entered the house.

    Old Wang couldn't persuade the statue-like man. So, he could only shake his head and leave.

    When evening came, the warrior, who knelt until his whole body became icy cold, could no longer endure it. With difficulty, he managed to stand up. The warrior flicked a glance at the three glowing stone houses and said to himself, "The rumor about this Silver Spear Martial Saint, Teng Qingshan is true. Becoming his disciple is indeed extremely hard.

    "There are three requirements in order to be accepted as his disciple? The first requirement is to reach the innate realm? Hmph. All Innate Martial Saints have a sense of superiority. None of them would be willing to become a disciple.

    "I think if this is how you accept disciples, your branch of martial arts will end!"

    Harboring resentment in his heart, the warrior turned and left.

    At this moment, a young man, who was dressed a black leather coat and carried a huge war blade on his back, walked over.

    "Brother, are you here to ask to be his disciple?" The warrior flicked a glance at the young man and said, "I urge you to just give up. The Silver Spear Martial Saint, Teng Qingshan, doesn't accept anyone. There is no way. He is too stubborn."


    The young man flicked a glance at the warrior and smiled before he proceeded to walk toward Teng Qingshan's residence.

    "Hmph. It's fine if you don't believe me. You will know it to be true after you go through the suffering." The warrior sneered and watched the young man walk to Teng Qingshan's residence. The warrior was waiting to see a good show.

    As expected-

    Teng Qingshan came out from the house.

    "I guess he will be scolded." The warrior watched on, then suddenly, his expression froze.

    Teng Qingshan actually invited the young man, with a huge war blade on his back, into the house with enthusiasm.

    "What?" The warrior's eyes widened


    In the house:

    "Old Brother Mu, please sit." Teng Qingshan sat down with a smile. Simultaneously, he poured some tea for the visitor.

    The visitor was the Great Elder of the Rising Sun Trading Company, Mu Wang!

    The Great Elder sat down with a smile and said, "Brother Teng, it looks like many people want to be your disciple."

    "Sigh. I really regret now. If I'd known I would be plagued be so many troubles, I wouldn't have simply charged in when I went to capture Dong Zhezi that day." With a helpless expression, Teng Qingshan shook his head.

    The Great Elder laughed and said, "Who can you blame? You barged in openly and even caused such big waves of activity. Once news about this spreads around the world, people will definitely ask who the mysterious expert is."

    "There aren't many Martial Saints in this world, and all of them are famous." The Great Elder smiled and said, "Many clans knew about you. So, naturally, the identity of the mysterious expert couldn't be kept a secret."

    Teng Qingshan shook his head with a helpless expression.

    "Many people try all sorts of things for the very purpose of becoming famous in this world. As for you, I only knew about you after you reached the peak of the Golden Dan Innate Realm." The Great Elder sighed with regret, "You really hid yourself well."

    Teng Qingshan laughed inwardly.


    His own name was very famous in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. He hadn't hidden himself. It was simply just because he had only arrived in Duanmu Continent recently.

    "Haha." Teng Qingshan took a sip of the hot tea and asked curiously, "Old Brother Mu, according to my knowledge, you have already returned to West Tang Region. This time, you've come here because you happened to be passing by... or have you really come with a matter to discuss?"

    "I really do have something important to discuss," The Great Elder said with a smile.

    "Oh?" Teng Qingshan's eyes lit up as he replied, "Tell me about it."

    The Great Elder chuckled and said, "Weren't you trying to obtain the stone inscriptions of the 《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms》? And you even went to capture Dong Zhezi for one."

    Teng Qingshan's eyes brightened. Of course, he desired the stone inscriptions greatly. He asked hastily, "Why? Does the Hall of Assassins have a mission for me again?"

    "No." The Great Elder shook his head with a smile. "There is only a limited number of stone inscriptions in this continent. Everyone has hidden them well, afraid that the outsiders would find out. It is very rare for people to use it to issue a mission! So, it's already considerably good to be able to accept one mission within a year."

    "Then you came because...?" Teng Qingshan was confused.

    The Great Elder grinned and said, "I won't hide it from you. The forces of the Rising Sun Trading Company cover the entire continent. Regarding the stone inscriptions...... Actually, the headquarters of the Rising Sun Trading Company have collected a total of six of them!"
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