Chapter 19 Dreamy Cloud Ancient City

    Book 8 Chapter 19 Dreamy Cloud Ancient City


    Teng Qingshan's heart fluttered. This was totally like sending charcoal in snowy weather. Teng Qingshan was anxious to get more stone inscriptions, and the moment he turned around, the Great Elder of Rising Sun Trading Company told him that they had six stone inscriptions! Teng Qingshan knew clearly that Emperor Yu had made the stone inscriptions personally, and each stone inscription was extremely precious. So, the Rising Sun Trading Company would never lend it to others so easily.

    Otherwise, why was it that during this half a year, the Rising Sun Trading Company hadn't mentioned anything about the fact that the Trading Company itself possessed the stone inscriptions?

    "Why? Brother Teng, you don't believe me?" The Great Elder asked in surprise when he saw there was no response from Teng Qingshan.

    "Believe... Of course, I believe you." Teng Qingshan smiled and said, "The Rising Sun Trading Company has a history of over three thousand years, and its forces cover the entire continent. It is the most powerful trading company in the continent. There are thirty-six stone inscriptions in this continent. If the Jiang Clan could possess a piece of the stone inscription, it would be weird if the Trading Company didn't own any. So, it is not strange for the Rising Sun Trading Company to possess six stone inscriptions."

    The Great Elder laughed.

    "However, I am just thinking..." Teng Qingshan looked at the Great Elder with a smile. "The six stone inscriptions are incredibly precious. Old Brother Mu, since you mentioned the six stone inscriptions, I guess you need me to do something tough."

    "It is something with a slight difficulty." The Great Elder nodded in response.

    "Tell me, what do I have to do for you to lend me the six stone inscriptions?" Teng Qingshan asked.

    Teng Qingshan had left the Land of the Nine Prefectures for too long. He was always worried about his faraway homeland. Now that Teng Qingshan knew the Rising Sun Trading Company possessed six stone inscriptions, he was willing to obtain the six stone inscriptions at all cost.

    "Good. Very straightforward." The Great Elder grinned and said, "My instructor has a request for you."

    "Instructor... the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal?"

    Teng Qingshan was greatly astonished. His brows drew together as he asked, "Old Brother Mu, your instructor is a Martial Immortal. What is it that he can't do and has to ask me to do it?" Previously, Teng Qingshan had been slightly confident, but he now felt slightly nervous. A Martial Immortal was an Emptiness Realm Expert! An Emptiness Realm Expert was asking him to do things?

    "Don't worry." The Great Elder smiled and answered promptly, "Although my instructor is a Martial Immortal, he can't fly! When I sparred with you last time, I went back and told him about your bird-type demonic beast. This time, my instructor needs some help with a particular matter. He ordered me to ask you to meet him with that bird-type demonic beast."

    "Bird-type demonic beast?" Teng Qingshan was surprised. "The Rising Sun Trading Company doesn't have a demonic beast that can fly?"

    "In this continent, only the Tian Feng Clan understands the languages of beasts," The Great Elder shook his head as he explained. "Moreover, the bird-type demonic beasts are extremely few in number So, don't even mention taming one."

    "The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal asked me to meet him with the bird-type demonic beast... Are there any requirements in regards to the ability of the bird-type demonic beast?" Teng Qingshan asked.

    "No requirements." The Great Elder chuckled and said, "My instructor just cares about the bird-type demonic beast's ability to fly! As for the ability? A Golden Dan Innate Demonic Beast is useless to my instructor."

    Teng Qingshan nodded.

    Teng Qingshan was already planning to bring the Whole Gale Eagle. As for the Blue Luan...... It would be staying here!

    "I still don't get why the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal wants me to go." Teng Qingshan asked.

    "I am not sure either," The Great Elder answered, shaking his head. "I only know that it's to find something in the Dreamy Cloud Swampland."

    "Dreamy Cloud Swampland?" A thought struck Teng Qingshan.

    The three most dangerous zones in Duanmu Continent were the Dreamy Cloud Swampland in the Western Tang Region, the Blazing Flame Territory in the Eastern Flower Region, and the Tianfeng Canyon in the Northern Frosty Region! Out of the three, the Dreamy Cloud Swampland was the most dangerous zone.

    "Right. The Dreamy Cloud Swampland has an area of three thousand Li. It is extremely vast, and it is extremely difficult for even an Emptiness Realm Expert to find any precious item there. However, if it were a bird-type demonic beast searching from high altitudes, finding the item would be a lot easier." Teng Qingshan now understood why the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal had asked for him.

    However, was it just a search for some item?

    The precious item that the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal wanted was probably not ordinary.

    However, no matter what, Teng Qingshan decided to go once for the sake of the six stone inscriptions!

    "Old Brother Mu, it is already late. How's this? We can depart tomorrow morning," Teng Qingshan said.

    "Yes. Sure." Mu Wang nodded.


    During dinner time, Teng Qingshan told Li Jun that he would be going to the West Tang Region.

    Then the next morning, Li Jun and the others watched Teng Qingshan and Great Elder Mu Wang ride on the Whole Gale eagle and fly in the northwest direction.

    The radiance of the sun sprinkled over the earth in the afternoon, beaming on the endless accumulation of snow.

    The Whole Gale Eagle flapped its wings and soared. The back of the Whole Gale Eagle was wider than the back of the Blue Luan. The Whole Gale Eagle's back had enough space for Teng Qingshan and the Great Elder to sit cross-legged. However, the Blue Luan's back was only enough for one person to sit on.

    Flying rapidly, the Whole Gale Eagle pierced through the air.The houses in the villages below appeared like ants.

    "Look, that's Dreamy Cloud Ancient City up ahead." The Great Elder pointed into the distance.

    "Oh. That is the Dreamy Cloud Ancient City?" Teng Qingshan's eyes lit up as he gazed at the ancient city. The walls encircling the entire city were azure and black, and there were a significant number of guards on the city walls.

    The Dreamy Cloud Ancient City was an ancient city with a history of over three thousand years!

    Since the time of its construction, it had been the headquarters of the Rising Sun Trading Company.

    "That must be the Dreamy Cloud Swampland." Teng Qingshan looked beyond the Dreamy Cloud Ancient City and peered toward the vast and endless area west of the  Dreamy Cloud Ancient City. Under the beams of sunlight, a faint gleaming reflection of waves could be seen. That was a huge swampland-Dreamy Cloud Swampland, the most dangerous zone in Duanmu Continent!

    "Yes, that's the Three Thousand Li Dreamy Cloud Swampland." The Great Elder gazed at the Dreamy Cloud Swampland and exclaimed in admiration, "I have never seen the Dreamy Cloud Swampland from such a high altitude!"

    The Whole Gale Eagle flew at an altitude of several Zhang. Looking at the Dreamy Cloud Swampland from such high altitudes, the scenery was indeed beautiful.

    "Several years have passed by, but the Dreamy Cloud Swampland is still a world of different kinds of monsters. Every part of the  Dreamy Cloud Swampland is dangerous. The most annoying thing is...... the topography of the Dreamy Cloud Swampland changes continuously. The safe route which is found through the sacrifice of many lives is no longer be safe after one or two years." The Great Elder sighed.

    When Teng Qingshan heard this, he smiled in response.

    Compared with the Desolate Land in the Nine Prefectures, the three thousand Li Dreamy Cloud Swampland was much smaller!

    "Get the Whole Gale Eagle to descend," The Great Elder said hastily. Through Teng Qingshan's introduction, the Great Elder knew that this bird-type demonic beast was called Whole Gale Eagle.

    "Little Grey."

    Teng Qingshan patted the neck of the Whole Gale Eagle, and the Whole Gale Eagle immediately emitted a high-pitched cry and darted down.


    Outside the East Entrance of the Dreamy Cloud Ancient City:

    Teng Qingshan and Great Elder Mu Wang walked side by side as they headed toward the city gate with the Whole Gale Eagle following behind them.

    "Great Elder." A convoy awaited them at one Li away from the city entrance.

    "Brother Teng, let's get into the carriage." Mu Wang smiled and said, "Have the Whole Gale Eagle get into the carriage too. If not, the appearance of a demonic beast in the city will result in...."

    With a smile, Teng Qingshan patted the Whole Gale Eagle's body and pointed at the carriage.

    Although the Whole Gale Eagle couldn't communicate with humans, it possessed human intelligence. Thus, it could understand easily what Teng Qingshan was trying to express. The two humans and one bird-type demonic beast went into the carriage in succession.

    "Go!" The Great Elder ordered.

    The convoy then advanced toward the city entrance.

    When they arrived at the city entrance, Teng Qingshan flicked a glance out the window and noticed that all the people who entered or departed the city needed to show a special card. "Old Brother Teng, it looks like the guards of the Dreamy Cloud Swampland are extremely strict."

    "The Dreamy Cloud Ancient City is the ancient city of the Rising Sun Trading Company. Outsiders are not allowed to enter without permission," Mu Wang replied with a smile.

    "According to my knowledge, the Dreamy Cloud Ancient City is one of the thirty-six main cities. To be able to govern this main city alone and prohibit people from entering, your trading company is indeed powerful," Teng Qingshan said with astonishment.

    The Great Elder Mu Wang smiled and said, "The Rising Sun Trading Company built the Dreamy Cloud Ancient City. For over three thousand years, this city had been governed exclusively by our Trading Company."

    A trading company had governed a city exclusively for over three thousand years.

    It was indeed remarkable.

    After the convoy entered the city, they advanced rapidly along the street. They soon arrived at the entrance of a luxurious palace.

    "The Dreamy Cloud Ancient City occupies an area of several dozen Li, while the Rising Sun City was the city within the city and occupied an area of several Li," The Great Elder explained. "We have already entered the Rising Sun City. My instructor is inside.

    Teng Qingshan was secretly surprised.

    The Rising Sun Trading Company's way of doing things already showed the demeanor of the Supreme Sects in the Nine Prefectures. The Supreme Sects in the Nine Prefectures had first occupied a city and then built the city within the city.

    "Great Elder, we have arrived," A voice announced from the outside.

    "Let's get off." The Great Elder smiled and led Teng Qingshan and the Whole Gale Eagle off the carriage.

    In the Rising Sun City, pretty maids could be seen everywhere, but the troop of patrolling guards was seen only occasionally.

    "Brother Teng, do you know how many soldiers are there in the Dreamy Cloud Ancient City?" The Great Elder said with a smile.

    "One hundred thousand?" Teng Qingshan guessed.

    "Two hundred thousand!" The Great Elder smiled. It was evident that he was proud of the trading company.

    "Two hundred thousand soldiers? That's more than the number of soldiers of the ordinary clans," Teng Qingshan remarked.

    "The Dreamy Cloud Ancient City has a population of over one million. Besides the two hundred thousand soldiers, the other people...... 99% of those are the descendants of the Mu Clan," The Great Elder continued saying.

    "What? The Mu Clan?"

    Teng Qingshan froze. Almost all the people in this city were part of one clan? Was that possible?

    "The Rising Sun Trading Company..." Teng Qingshan looked toward the Great Elder in surprise and asked, "Old Brother Mu, the few people that I know in the Rising Sun Trading Company all have the surname Mu. Perhaps...?"

    "It looks like Brother Teng knows very little about the Rising Sun Trading Company. This is not a secret! In the Rising Sun Trading Company, all the supervisors are members of the Mu Clan. So, the Elders are definitely members of the Mu Clan! The Rising Sun Trading Company is the Mu Clan's Trading Company." The Great Elder smiled. "And I thought Brother Teng already knew about this."

    These wasn't a secret... All the clans knew about it.

    "Powerful," Teng Qingshan sighed in surprise.

    "Besides the soldiers, 99% of the people in the city are members of the Mu Clan?" Teng Qingshan was very astonished. His hometown, Teng Jia Village, only had a population of two thousand.

    Yet, the Mu Clan had almost eight hundred thousand members!

    If all the members in the continent were added, the Mu Clan would probably have a population of over one million people.

    "That's not weird. Over three thousand years ago, the Mu Clan was already a great clan! From generation to generation, the population increased continually! Over three thousand years have passed since then...... How great is the population now?" The Great Elder was very proud as he continued saying, "Our Mu Clan has eight major branches and 79 minor branches. Each of the Mu Clan's minor branches are also divided into many subgroups."

    When Teng Qingshan heard this, he was secretly shocked.

    "This is a highly prosperous clan," Teng Qingshan thought, "If only...... my Teng Clan could be this thriving.

    "The descendants of Yu the Great and the descendants of the Duanmu Deity only thrived for a short time. The most suitable way of developing a clan is to be like the Mu Clan." Teng Qingshan also had some ideas on how he could develop his Teng Jia Village in the future.

    The two chatted while walking.

    "Brother Teng, we're now just outside my instructor's residence. Wait here for a moment. I will go inform him." The Instructor said with a smile.

    "This is the residence of the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal?"

    Teng Qingshan felt slightly nervous as he stared at the very ordinary-looking palace.
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