Chapter 40 Fiery Gilt Steel Valley

    Book 8 Chapter 40 Fiery Gilt Steel Valley

    At Yan Clan's military campground, in the Steel Sword Martial Saint's tent:

    The Steel Sword Martial Saint was sitting cross legged on a soft, dark red carpet.. He quietly cultivated, his eyes closed and a steel sword laid across his knees.

    "Do you think Mister Teng will accept the challenge from the Steel Sword Martial Saint?"

    "Who knows.. Mister Teng might not be as powerful as they say. It's possible that he lacks the audacity to accept the challenge. It wouldn't be weird for him to simply not appear for the duel tomorrow and make up some excuse."

    The Steel Sword Martial Saint had keen senses. He could hear the conversation clearly, though the patrolling guards were far from the tent.

    "We'll know how authentic his 'strength' is soon enough,"" the Steel Sword Martial Saint thought to himself.


    "Mister Teng ordered us to inform you that he will be present as requested for the duel with the Steel Sword Martial Saint," rumbled a voice from above the camp of the Yan Clan.. Having acquired an answer from Teng Qinghsan, Fu Dao naturally would not be upstaged. Thus, he sent an inner strength expert to shout his reply to the Yan Clan.

    Based on the clothes and adornment of the messenger, the earlier dispatch had been delivered from the Yan Clan.

    After hearing the Fu Clan's strident reply, everyone in the Yan Clan's bivouac became engaged in fervent discussion.

    "He is definitely going to show up?"The Steel Sword Saint opened his eyes where he sat meditatively cross-legged in the big tent. The corner of his mouth curved into a smile as he said to himself, "I hope you won't disappoint me, Teng Qingshan!"

    The news of the duel between the mysterious 'Most Powerful Martial Saint' Teng Qingshan and 'Number One Martial Saint of the Northern Frosty Region', the prominent Steel Sword Martial Saint, spread like wildfire. The Yan and Fu Clans' soldiers were not the only ones to know: in fact, the other clans were informed as well and were hastily making their way to the duel grounds.

    One was the future Patriarch of the Tianfeng Clan, well-known for many years-the Steel Sword Martial Saint 'Helian Haoyan'!

    The other was that extremely mysterious expert who had seemingly sprung up from nowhere, rarely displaying his strength-the one known as the Most Powerful Martial Saint, Teng Qingshan!

    Both were exceedingly powerful experts, but who was the stronger one?

    After losing to the Rising Sun Martial Saint Mu Wang, Helian Haiyan had raised the level of his cultivation through assiduous, great effort. Would he display the prime of his ability by defeating Teng Qingshan?

    Or would it be Teng QIngshan, who achieved the title of 'The Most Powerful Martial Saint' without stacking up numerous deeds, defeat Helian Haoyan tomorrow, proving to others that he deserve the title 'Most Powerful Martial Saint?

    Tomorrow morning, at the Fiery Gilt Steel Valley, everything would come to a head!

    In this Duanmu Continent, where the practice of Martial Arts was widespread, two exceptionally powerful experts were about to duel. This caused an immediate uproar among the various clans.Both powerful experts and youngsters of the clans dreaming of reaching the heights of Martial Saint showed up with the faintest hints of dawn the next morning. All of them raced headlong toward the Fiery Gilt Steel Valley. ......

    In the campground of Fu Clan, outside Teng Qingshan's pavilion:

    Li Jun stood outside the tent with Teng Qingshan's two followers, Teng Shou and Yang Dong, as well as Fu Yuping and the Thunderblade Martial Saint, Fu Dao. The first glimmer of dawn touched the sky, but our main character, Teng Qingshan, a participant in today's duel, was still in the tent.

    "Big Brother Teng," Li Jun shouted.

    "Haha...haha..." Li Jun, bewildered by a loud guffaw from the confines of the tent, showed a puzzled expression as she glanced at the people beside her.

    "Big Brother Teng," Li Jun called out again.


    The tent flap was lifted and Teng Qingshan, clad in a typical azure leather cloak, walked out with a smiling face. He glanced at Li Jun, Fu Dao, and the others and blurted out as he suddenly realized, "Right! You guys came because of the duel at that Fiery Gilt Steel Valley place, didn't you?" Apparently, Teng Qingshan had not forgotten the duel.

    "Big Brother Teng, it's time to go," Li Jun said as she gave a dry laugh.

    "Haha. Mister, did you just guffaw because you are confident that you could defeat the Steel Sword Martial Saint?" Fu Dao asked with a smile. Fu Dao had fought Teng Qingshan before, but he could hardly credit that Teng Qingshan could defeat the Steel Sword Martial Saint, the Number One Martial Saint in the Northern Frosty Region, with a single blow.

    Moreover, the Steel Sword Martial Saint was the future Patriarch of the Tianfeng Clan!

    "I achieved enlightenment while analyzing the 《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms," Teng Qingshan said with a grin. "This caused an unsuppressed joy to fill my heart, and I laughed heartily."

    Hearing this, the people present were stunned.

    Even though the duel was imminent, Mister Teng was still focused on comprehending the《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms》."My current comprehension of the stone inscriptions is at a crucial point. Rationally, it would be better for me to take this time to conduct a deeper analysis, but...this Steel Sword Martial Saint is annoying." Teng Qingshan shook his head and said, "Let's go to the Fiery Gilt Steel Valley so I can defeat that Steel Sword Martial Saint as quickly as possible and get back here as fast as we can."

    Fu Dao froze briefly. He couldn't help but think that Teng Qingshan's attitude was a bit too arrogant.

    However, he was not looking from Teng Qingshan's perspective and didn't know what Teng Qingshan was thinking.

    Teng Qingshan didn't anticipate any excitement from defeating the Steel Sword Martial Saint.

    There was nothing to be done about it. When Teng Qingshan fought the Dreamy Cloud Martial Saint, he had thought Teng Qingshan to be at the Emptiness Realm! This meant that, with the unification of both his Supreme Force and physical strength, Teng Qingshan was on par with an Novice Emptiness Realm expert.

    Why would such a powerful expert feel excitement at defeating a mere Martial Saint?

    "Let's go." Teng Qingshan took out the Reincarnation Spear from his tent and smiled as he said, "Fu Dao, I don't know the location of the Fiery Gilt Steel Valley. Please ask someone to lead the way."

    "Haha, the Fu clan has already made arrangements," Fu Dao answered with a laugh.

    Teng Qingshan and the others, mounted on War Hous, immediately left the camp and sped toward the Fiery Gilt Steel Valley in the Ox Head Mountains.

    Originally a common and nameless valley, the Fiery Gilt Steel Valley had shot to fame after a teenager nicknamed 'Ah Wu' pierced its ground with a spear and discovered the first Fire Gilt Steel Ore, thus giving the valley its name and entering it into the history of the Duanmu Continent. Today's duel between the Most Powerful Martial Saint and the Steel Sword Martial Saint would make its history even more dazzling.

    Many experts had already assembled in the Fiery Gilt Steel Valley. All of the clans were represented.

    The main reason was to find out and assess the power of the two Martial Saints. The second was...for Martial Art Cultivators, the attraction of the possibility of seeing a duel between two such powerful experts was too strong to resist.


    "Second Brother, why haven't the two Martial Saints arrived?"

    "Ah Tong, be patient. The Most Powerful Martial Saint and the Steel Sword Martial Saint are both big figures. Why would they arrive so early like us?"

    The two teenagers were waiting impatiently amidst a large group of people. They had gotten little sleep last night because of the duel. They followed their clan members to the duel grounds before the slightest hint of brightness had touched the sky. They weren't alone. The Martial Cultivators of all the Clans were also waiting anxiously for the appearance of the two great Martial Saints.

    "Second Brother, look that way!" The teenager nicknamed Ah Tong pointed toward the front of the crow and shouted excitedly. "That's the Martial Saintess!"

    "Yes," his Second Brother's eyes beamed as he responded.

    Ah Tong's teenaged face reddened as he exclaimed, "The Martial Saintess is the Number One Martial Saint of the Eastern Flower Region. She is extremely powerful. If the Martial Saintess, the Steel Sword Martial Saint, and the Most Powerful Martial Saint competed with each other, who would win?"

    "Ah Tong, look! They are here." the Second Brother hastily pulled his brother.

    At this moment, the entire crowd erupted in an uproar. Everyone was excited! The two brothers followed the others' gazes, directing their eyes toward the valley entrance.The Steel Sword Martial Saint, dressed in a black leather coat with a massive steel sword on his back, and the Most Powerful Martial Sain 'Teng Qingshan', dressed in a dark azure leather coat and holding a long, silver spear, had appeared and advanced side by side..

    The two were followed by their own men.

    "Wow!" The teenager Ah Tong gawked at the two experts, beams of light flashing from his eyes.

    "So impressive." His Second Brother also watched excitedly.

    The two Martial Saints walked into the valley, each emanating a natural imposing aura formed through the unification of one's temperament and mentality. The hearts of ordinary men were naturally filled with fear from these auras, as if they had seen the Emperor.

    The exceptionally powerful experts had their own imposing aura.

    The teenager Ah Tong asked, "Second Brother, who do you think is more powerful?"

    "I don't know. I only know that the Most Powerful Martial Saint took Dong Zhezi captive. However, I have heard of many accomplishments by the Steel Sword Martial Saint.When the Steel Sword Martial Saint was sixteen years old, he alone seized control of the Iron Sea City. When he was twenty-three, he attained the Innate Realm. At the age of forty-eight, he fought with the Rising Sun Martial Saint. Though the fight went on for a long time, he unfortunately lost. At the age of fifty-two, he fought the Blood Axe Martial Saint to a draw...In conclusion, out of the entire continent, only the Rising Sun Martial Saint, who is known to be the greatest expert below the ranks of Martial Immortals, could defeat him. As for Teng Qingshan? He is too much of an unknown. One's true status is proven with one's ability, thus I believe the Steel Sword Martial Saint will win."

    "I think that the Most Powerful Martial Saint will win."

    "Why?" the Second Brother asked in surprise.

    "He...he..." The teenager Ah Tong pondered. Still, he could find no reason to justify his support of Teng Qingshan.

    "Stop talking. They are about to fight."


    It was in the center of the spacious valley. No one else could be seen within fifty Zhang.

    Teng Qingshan and the Steel Sword Martial Saint 'Helian Haoyan' stood opposite each other, at a distance of over a dozen Zhang.

    "Helian Haoyan," Teng Qingshan said with a smile, "You actually challenged me. Honestly, I was surprised. But, since you were the one to initiate the duel, and you are a well known figure of the Duanmu Continent,, Let's fight. Show me your best move, or you will have no second chance."

    The Steel Sword Martial Saint's indifferent looking face revealed a hint of anger.

    In his opinion, before a duel between two powerful experts, the experts should speak to each other in accordance with their status. Who would have expected that Teng Qingshan would speak so candidly and directly?

    "Teng Qingshan. Not just anyone can hold the title of the 'Most Powerful Martial Saint.'" The Steel Sword Martial Saint spoke.

    The intention expressed through these words was very clear...

    The Steel Sword Martial Saint obviously thought Teng Qingshan had acquired his title through disgraceful acts.. It was merely given by the Hall of Assassins, not a title publicly acknowledged by the people of continent through countless fights and duels, like that of the Rising Sun Martial Saint.

    "Oh, then why don't you test me out." Teng Qingshan grinned at the Steel Sword Martial Saint as he held his spear one-handed.

    The eyes of the Steel Sword Martial Saint turned freezing cold.

    "Clang!" A loud sound rang out.

    As the Steel Sword Martial Saint held out his hand and grasped the hilt of the huge steel sword, it flew out of the sheath on his back.. Gripping the hilt in both hands and staring at Teng Qingshan, he said in a deep voice, "Teng Qingshan, you are indeed arrogant. I hope your ability can match your attitude. Do not disappoint me!"

    "Sigh..." Teng Qingshan shook his head and said to himself, "In this world, there are indeed many people that see themselves as infallible."


    Suddenly, the sandy, rocky ground exploded and millions of gritty stones shot toward Teng Qingshan, enveloping him.

    The fight had begun!
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