Chapter 41 All Parties Stirring

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    Book 8 Chapter 41 - All Parties Stirring

    The Martial Saintess, Jiang Yan, and the Thunder Blade Martial Saint, Fu Dao, were amidst the spectators on either sides of the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon. Everyone held their breath as they watched.

    "Pssst~~" The Steel Sword Martial Saint, who was donned in a full body frosty armor, stomped the ground. It caused an innumerable amount of gritty stones to fly in the air, concealing his attack toward Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan's vision became obscured by the countless debris, So there was no way for him to notice the Steel Sword Martial Saint.

    The Steel Sword Martial Saint stomped forcefully onto the ground.


    The earth cracked with a loud rumble. The Steel Sword Martial Saint then turned into a stream of light and launching himself through the smoke toward Teng Qingshan. The hands which held onto the gigantic iron sword emitted a torrent of frigid air.

    "Crack~~", the flowing creek then froze over, extending outward in all directions.

    The force contained within his sword was so powerful that even if there was a small hill before the Steel Sword Martial Saint, he would still be able to cleave it into two clean halves.

    "The Steel Sword Martial Saint is so powerful!" Many of the spectators were thrilled.

    "Helian Haoyan has gotten stronger." Inwardly, the Martial Saintess had gotten a fright.

    "Interesting." Teng Qingshan grinned and also took a step forward.


    Upon Teng Qingshan's movement, the massive Steel Sword struck out, cleaving through the flying sandy rocks and slashing toward Teng Qingshan before he could get close! This move was almost completely silent and had not caused a single vibration in the air. However, the trenchant tip of the sword had already arrived before Teng Qingshan and was about to split him into two!

    Teng Qingshan stared with his eyes wide open. He paced forward and simultaneously began performing the Transmutation Unity Qi! His left hand grasped the spear while the other shook it. As the spear shaft was swayed, it was as if the gods were shaking up the entire world. In an instant, the Reincarnation Spear, which was enveloped by an aquatic blue Supreme Force, seemed to have transformed into a rummaging blue dragon!


    Everyone who witnessed this scene seemed to hear the bellow of the enormous dragon.

    Simultaneously, Teng Qingshan shouted, "Let go!"

    The shout caused a mocking gaze to flit past the Steel Sword Martial Saint's eyes.

    However, the instant Teng Qingshan's swirling Reincarnation Spear came into contact with the enormous steel sword, the Steel Sword Martial Saint's countenance changed greatly. He thought to himself, "T-This- how did this..." The Steel Sword Martial Saint felt as though his enormous steel sword had gotten caught up in a dreadful whirlpool. He desperately wished to hold onto the steel sword, but the spiralling force was so strong that he could not resist!

    "Oh, no." Pain ran through the Steel Sword Martial Saint's hands, and the huge steel sword was swept out from his grasp and into the air.

    After being sent flying helplessly into the air, the steel sword flipped in the air.

    As there were mountain walls on both sides of the canyon and both experts were having swift exchanges, Teng Qingshan's shout reverberated continuously in the canyon when the steel sword was thrown into the air.

    "Let go!"

    "Let go!"

    "Let go!" ......

    The shout reverberated time and time again, so much so that the weaker experts could not help but cover their ears.

    "Impossible." The Steel Sword Martial Saint was still trapped in a state of fright and anger.


    The revolving spear rebounded at the moment it collided with the enormous steel sword. The force of the collision was so strong that the spear bent into an arc. Then it rebounded ferociously, lashing out ruthlessly onto the Steel Sword Martial Saint's body. A bang resounded, and the Steel Sword Martial Saint, who was donned in a full-body ice armor, turned into a meteor and flew outwards.

    The Steel Sword Martial Saint smashed heavily into the wall of the canyon, creating a large hole.

    Then there was silence!

    Silence loomed over the entire Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon. None of the bystanders at the scene opened their mouths. It was to the extent that no one even dared to breathe loudly. Every single one of them looked sluggishly at the gaping hole in the wall of the mountain.

    "Rustle, rustle~~"

    Gravel tumbled out from the hole, which had formed after the Steel Sword Martial Saint crashed into it, and rang with clarity.

    "Clank!" The Steel Sword finally landed on the ground. The sound of the collision echoed throughout the canyon, rousing the spectators from their daze.

    "He lost?"

    "Just like that?"

    "He's the Steel Sword Martial Saint, the number one expert of the Northern Frosty Region... H-How did he lose this quickly?"

    The many bystanders, who were watching with anticipation, felt stunned. They did not think Teng Qingshan, who was hailed as the Most Powerful Martial Saint, would lose. However, in their minds, even if the strongest Martial Saint, Teng Qingshan, emerged victorious, it would be after a fierce battle, with him barely prevailing.

    After all, when the Rising Sun Martial Saint defeated the Steel Sword Martial Saint previously, he had done so after expending a large amount of time. What about today?

    With just one move, the weapon, the Steel Sword, was sent flying.

    Then with another move, the man was sent flying!

    They were completely different levels. It was as though a Golden Dan Innate Expert was bullying a True Dan Innate Expert, and Teng Qingshan had just "bullied" the Steel Sword Martial Saint.

    "Rustle rustle~~" A figure walked out from the hole in the wall, then he leapt onto the ground. It was the solemn-faced Steel Sword Martial Saint, Helian Haoyan. At present, Helian Haoyan's face was slightly pale, and his hands trembled involuntarily as he paced toward Teng Qingshan.


    All the people in the canyon watched silently as the defeated Steel Sword Martial Saint, Helian Haoyan stepped toward Teng Qingshan. What was Helian Haoyan planning to do?

    Suddenly, the Steel Sword Martial Saint stopped and bowed, "Mister, thank you for your mercy."

    "Mister, thank you for your mercy!" These words shocked the spectators. At the same time, they felt relieved. Indeed, if Teng Qingshan could send Steel Sword Martial Saint's weapon flying with a single move, then the second move could definitely kill the Steel Sword Martial Saint. It was evident that Teng Qingshan had showed him mercy. So, it wouldn't be weird for the Steel Sword Martial Saint to address Teng Qingshan respectfully as "Mister." With such disparity in their strengths, it was only right for the Steel Sword Martial Saint to address Teng Qingshan as "Mister"!

    Under the heavens, even the Rising Sun Martial Saint, Mu Wang, did not have the qualifications for the Steel Sword Martial Saint to address him as Mister.

    However, today, the Steel Sword Martial Saint sincerely addressed Teng Qingshan as Mister! He wholly placed himself at a position lower than Teng Qingshan.

    "How impressive." Fu Dao who stood beside Li Jun, Teng Shou, and the others, revealed an expression of surprise. "It's no wonder that previously, Mister hadn't cared at all and defeated me with a single move. Now, it can also be said that he has defeated Helian Haoyan with a single move." Fu Dao totally understood why Teng Qingshan didn't care at all.


    Teng Qingshan smiled as he hoisted the Reincarnation Spear onto his back, then he turned around and left.

    "Mister," the Steel Sword Martial Saint shouted, "As I am now, how do I compare to the Rising Sun Martial Saint?"

    At this moment, he understood fully that the Hall of Assassins' title of 'Strongest Martial Saint' had not been spread falsely.

    "You? You're not worse than Mu Wang." Teng Qingshan spoke calmly as he walked, "Actually, Helian Haoyan, there is no need for you to compare yourself with others. Whether it be you, Mu Wang, or even me... What we need to do is break through the realm of Martial Saints and become a Martial Immortal. On the day we become Martial Immortals, we'll naturally be stronger than Martial Saints."

    Helian Haoyan froze briefly.

    He had always valued his opponents and desired to see who would emerge victorious. Teng Qingshan's words, however, made him understand that when one was strong, the winner would emerge without any comparisons.

    "Little Jun, Fu Dao, let's go."

    Teng Qingshan said calmly.

    "Let us go!" Fu Dao shouted, and at once, several tens of elite experts followed Teng Qingshan respectfully and proudly as they left the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon.

    Within the canyon, many experts had been completely subdued by Teng Qingshan.

    He was an authentic expert!

    Teng Qingshan was an exceptional expert. It had taken him a single move to defeat the Steel Sword Martial Saint. A second move would have taken the life of the Steel Sword Martial Saint! An existence which was stronger than the Rising Sun Martial Saint... this was the Most Powerful Martial Saint, Teng Qingshan!

    "Definitely worthy of being the Most Powerful Martial Saint!"

    "The Most Powerful Martial Saint. The Most Powerful... The two words 'Most Powerful' are indeed authentic."

    Everyone accepted it willingly.

    "Teng Qingshan." From afar, the Martial Saintess looked in the direction Teng Qingshan had departed for, and her cold facet revealed a tinge of surprise. During these years, she had never met any male peers who were stronger than her. Being a 40 year-old Martial Saint, she was indeed very young compared to the 130 year-old Rising Sun Martial Saint.

    However, today, the Martial Saintess had met a man that she could look up to!

    After Teng Qingshan had defeated the Steel Sword Martial Saint, he returned to the Fu Clan barracks to resume his comprehension of the 11th and 12th forms of the 《36 Mountain Splitting Forms》. He felt that these two forms alone were sufficient to breakthrough the final obstruction on his journey to reaching the Emptiness Realm. So, he refused to waste any time.

    Teng Qingshan had not realized... or perhaps, he did not care about the effect of the battle in the slightest!

    So what if he could use defeat the Steel Sword Martial Saint in a single move?

    His enemy was the Emptiness Realm expert whose strength exceeded the Steel Sword Martial Saint, quite evidently having already reached the completion of the Emptiness Realm. This expert also belonged to Qing Hu Island, a clan which was more formidable than the Tianfeng Clan, one of the eight great clans of the Land of the Nine Prefectures!


    Even if Teng Qingshan did not think much of it, that did not mean the same for the large clans. In the past, many had questioned Teng Qingshan's title of the Strongest Martial Saint and believed that Teng Qingshan had not raked up enough accomplishments to prove his title. From today onward, perhaps no one would dare question it anymore.

    He had used a single move to defeat the Steel Sword Martial Saint! The Steel Sword Martial Saint was the number one expert of the Northern Frosty Region. He was the expert who possessed similar strength to that of the Rising Sun Martial Saint.

    What kind of strength did Teng Qingshan possess?

    He truly deserved the title of the Most Powerful Martial Saint!

    In the tent situated at the military campground of Yan Clan:

    "If I had known earlier, we would have invited Mister Teng no matter the cost." Yan Baishou said bitterly, "With Mister Teng, the morale of their army changed. With this strong expert, taking the heads of a million men army would be as easy as taking a candy from a child."

    "If both Martial Immortals do not interfere, the war on Ox-Head Mountain..." The Steel Sword Martial Saint said solemnly, "Mister Teng alone is comparable to a million man army."

    "There is no use for regret." At the side, the one-eyed patriarch of Xiahou Clan, Xiahou An smiled and said, "Brother Lian, Brother Helian, it is true that Mister Teng is powerful. But going against a million-men army, how many can he deal with at once? If we distance ourselves from him on purpose and do not tangle with him, we'll be able to minimize his threat to the lowest point."


    The Steel Sword Martial Saint nodded and said, "Your clans should start preparing. The large clans have already started to gather. According to my estimations, the great war will erupt during these few days."


    Three days after the battle between Teng Qingshan and the Steel Sword Martial Saint:

    At this moment, the Fu Clan troops were extremely excited, and their morale was abundant as well. With the Strongest Martial Saint overseeing things, it was only natural that they felt confident.

    Inside Teng Qingshan's tent:

    Teng Qingshan was currently wielding the Splitting Mountain Axe, meticulously comprehending the 11th and 12th stone inscriptions.

    "Mister," a voice resounded from the outside.

    "Mm?" Teng Qingshan's brows creased as he placed the Splitting Mountain Axe at the side. "Come in."

    Fu Dao walked in with an apologetic smile on his face. He could not help but stiffen as his sight landed on the Splitting Mountain Axe beside Teng Qingshan. "Mister Teng, that axe......"

    "What about it?" Teng Qingshan asked.

    "I feel that this axe is very similar to what was recorded as the axe of the Godly Axe Deity, Yu the Great." Fu Dao flashed a casual smile and continued saying, "However, as the many years passed by, there have been many who loved crafting axes that are carbon copies to the one the Godly Axe Deity used."

    The appearance of the axe, which was also a black-colored great axe, was very plain and ordinary. However, Teng Qingshan knew that his axe was the real Splitting Mountain Axe.

    "Is there a reason why you're here?" Teng Qingshan asked. If there was nothing serious, Fu Dao would never disturb Teng Qingshan.

    Fu Dao's face turned solemn. "Mister Teng, our scouts have informed us that the troops of the Tantai Clan and the Dong Clan began encroaching Ox-Head Mountain... It was time for the troops of our Fu Clan to set out. We will need to trouble Mister."
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