Chapter 108 Swimsuit Feast

    The legendary girl's locker room?

    Liu Yi's brain started to conjure up images.....

    M The girls began to change their clothes and so on....

    Liu Yi felt that his nose started to get warm.

    No, it was the urge to nosebleed.

    Liu Yi Oh Liu Yi, you're too disappointing....

    If you're going to get aroused just for imagining this, how could you still have a promising future!

    "Come on....Boss, a great adventure is waiting for us!"

    "No....we're going to get killed if we're discovered!"

    Liu Yi viciously glared at Chen Cai, the fellow who always did whatever ideas that came up on his mind.

    They can't just casually visit the girl's locker room, moreover, it's highly possible that there would be a teacher who's responsible for watching that place.

    Going there for an adventure....it's more likely they're going to court death over there....

    "I'll just see them in their swimsuit."

    Liu Yi said.

    "Alas, such a great opportunity...."

    Chen Cai said, "They change their clothes on the sixth floor. I thought that with Boss' ability, perhaps we'd be able to peep on them."

    "Sh*t, I'm not Spider-Man!"

    "Alas, what a shame."

    "Shame your sister!"

    Toward this friend of him, Liu Yi was quite helpless.

    Chen Cai was really a clown.

    "Then let's go, boss. We also need to change our clothes. Alas, the boy's locker room, there's nothing there...."

    Chen Cai walked while lamenting, "Unfortunately, Murong Die and Wang Lele did not come today....Oh, especially Wang Lele that big breasted girl....truly worthy to look at....Do you think that these girls deliberately avoided the swimming class?....However, Wang Yuzheng is also one of such beautiful scenery...."

    After hearing Chen Cai's words, Liu Yi can't help but whisper in his heart.

    'Are Murong Die and Wang Lele going to keep skipping school in the future?'

    'She shouldn't be....that narrow-minded is she?'

    'But Murong Hong is such a heavy handed guy. Perhaps he did something.'

    Liu Yi followed Chen Cai to the boy's locker room on the six floor. The girl's locker room was next door.

    Regarding the next door, there're no boys that weren't curious about it.

    When they came inside, Liu Yi saw several boys plastering themselves on the wall, seemingly trying to listen to the movement in the next room.

    'Crap, too wretched!' Liu Yi cursed in his heart.

    'What men capable of such a thing!'

    'This will make them directly go to hell!'

    When Liu Yi was thinking, the boys on the wall suddenly shouted in low voices.

    "Quickly come, they're talking about some girls' bodies....f*ck, so hot..."

    Liu Yi and Chen Cai went over there without hesitation and put their ears on the wall.

    'If I'm not going to hell, who's going to hell then!' Liu Yi reasoned.

    Suddenly, the voice on the other side of the wall floated into Liu Yi's ear.

    But the voice is tiny and weak, and no one knew from whom it came from.

    "Wow! Your chest is so big! This swimsuit almost can't cover you!"

    "Huh, then what should I do? I don't want to go to the swimming class wearing this....It will only profit the boys...."

    "Oh, it's nothing! Nothing's really exposed here! This purple swimsuit suit you just right. Your chest, even the dead envy them! We want to have this look. Unfortunately, we're unable to!"

    "Really....then I'll wear it...."

    "Come on, we'll go to class together, stop dilly-dallying!"

    Hearing that the girl with the almost bursting chest will soon come out of the locker room, the boys in their locker room immediately caused a stir.

    The boys rushed themselves out of the room.

    Liu Yi was, naturally, among them. Relying on his now strong body, he grabbed the best location, looking at the slowly opened door of the girl's locker room.

    Soon, a tall in stature, purple swimsuit wearing girl came out. All the boys breathed out cold air.

    Holy sh*t....A fat girl!

    True, covered by that swimsuit, the girl's body looked like it was going to burst out....

    Especially her two breasts....it was hard to determine if they were her breasts or her fat....

    My Gosh....

    All the boys felt that their eyes were about to go blind.

    "Oh....this is really drawing people's attention. I'm too shy....Is there anyone want to teach me how to swim...."

    The girl covered her face.

    A group of boys were suddenly in disarray and fled to the locker room.

    Liu Yi sat on a chair in the dressing room, and he kept patting his chest.

    "Terrifying...truly terrifying...."

    Chen Cai was also scared, and said while gasping for breath, "I won't trust the voice on the other side of the wall anymore....his mother, it's too d*mn dangerous."

    "My grandpa said, you're wrong in judging a person by their appearance!"

    Liu Yi quickly scolded Chen Cai.

    "Oh? Then boss, why don't you teach her how to swim?"

    "My grandpa has passed away...."

    Liu Yi hurriedly added a sentence.

    "Sh*t....Boss, you're too sly!"

    Liu Yi hesitated, thinking, 'I really am changing.'

    'My belly has become increasingly black....and also becoming more evil....' (Black Belly: two faced)

    'If this change continue, am I still going to be me....'

    Liu Yi was increasingly upset. Fortunately, he directly flung this matter out of his mind and stopped thinking about it.

    No matter what he would turn into, it's fine as long as his heart is still upright.

    "Boss, let's suit up, we still need to attend the class!"

    Chen Cai looked at the time and quickly decided that they were soon going to be late. Plus he can't wait to see the grand feast of girls in swimsuits. Therefore, he quickly began to change clothes.

    The two people changed into their swimsuits in a hurry. To be honest, only wearing small short to meet with other people, especially his female classmates, Liu Yi was a bit unnerved.

    "Boss, we dressed like these and going out to meet the girls, would it not be a bit embarrassing?"

    Chen Cai also has this doubt.

    "It's okay, my grandpa said, a tree without skin will die while a human without skin is unmatched by them."

    "Hey, your grandpa is dead, isn't he?"

    "He will live forever in my heart."


    All the way from the sixth floor to the first floor, the swimming pool, these two people were annoyed by the attention that they got.

    However, those gazes were full of envy. Envy that Liu Yi and Chen Cai were going to take the swimming class.

    Liu Yi was curious, thinking, 'Why don't they make the locker room next to the swimming pool? Wouldn't that be more convenient? It's better than walking the long hall enjoying thousands of people jealous stare.'

    After Liu Yi arrived at the swimming pool, he finally understood why. 'Holy sh*t, this swimming pool....is so tiny!'

    Inside the swimming pool room, the ground nearby was so few.

    The swimming pool was not as big as what Liu Yi initially thought. The deep water and the shallow water each accounted for half the pool.

    It seemed the school was quite stingy. They definitely didn't invest enough money in the construction of the swimming pool.

    Alas, the school have cheated them all.

    However, looking across at those swimsuit wearing teenage girls....This scenery definitely attracted the boy's attention.

    The swimming pool can be small, but the girls can not be too few!

    Because the swimming class has just been opened, the school didn't stipulate the swimsuit dress code yet.

    Therefore, each girl wore a different swimsuit.

    Conservative one piece suit.

    Unrestrained two pieces suit.

    Various milky-white bosom and beautiful buttocks were so vivid they made Liu Yi somewhat dazzled.

    "Heaven on Earth...."

    Chen Cai whispered in a low voice, "Even if my head is spilled, this view is worthed!"

    'Worthed....I see your thoughts need to be straightened out.' (TL: Worthed and straightened sounds the same in Chinese)

    Liu Yi looked at Chen Cai in contempt, then his eyes fell on the nearby Wang Yuzheng, which immediately made him took all his words toward Chen Cai back.

    That Wang Yuzheng was wearing a conservative one-piece swimsuit, but it can't hide her attractive figure.

    Liu Yi was impressed, Wang Yuzheng's shape was very good, especially her nicely shaped buttocks which were well positioned.

    Her buttocks reached upward to form a very attractive curve, which made people who saw have the urged to touch it....

    But Wang Yuzheng's chests were relatively small, making her upper figure seemed straight. When Liu Yi measured with his eyes, he surmised that the size is probably B.

    'Alas, if it were C, Wang Yuzheng's figure would be perfect, a true hourglass figure.' He thought.

    Looking at the fat chick next to her, her chest was like a roaring sea, ready to burst out at any moment....Liu Yi couldn't help but shed some cold sweat.

    'A hungry goddess....'


    At this time, Wang Yuzheng, all of a sudden, slightly blushed, weakly raised her hand and said to the physical education teacher.

    "Can, can I ask for a leave...."

    "Wang Yuzheng, this is our first swimming class, why do you want to leave?"

    The PE teacher was somewhat surprised.

    "My, my physique is weak....I'm somewhat uncomfortable with this...."

    Wang Yuzheng explained.

    Without knowing why, seeing this pool full of water, her heart was somewhat nervous.

    "Oh, you can just rest on the side then."

    The PE teacher thought that Wang Yuzheng was having her period. Therefore, she beckoned her hand, letting her rest nearby.

    "The rest of the students, prepare to do warm-up exercise with me."

    They need to warm up first before swimming, less they would easily get cramp inside the water.

    This was the first swimming class, the PE teacher didn't want the student to have an accident.

    "You see, that wench Wang Yuzheng pretended to be weak."

    One of the girls curled her lips and said.

    "Humph, a feigning ill beauty!"

    Another girl also humphs, and said, "Deliberately seeking favor from boys. This kind of woman is the most annoying one."

    "That's right, that's right....having caught young master Lin's attention, she still deliberately put on air!"

    "She needs a lesson, watch me...."

    That girl pretended to be doing a warm-up exercise then approached Wang Yuzheng's position. Finally, she pretended to slip and gave her a push.


    Wang Yuzheng was standing on the edge of the swimming pool, looking at the pool water in a daze. When she was pushed, her body staggered a few times and then directly fell into the water.


    A huge water splash splashed out. Wang Yuzheng fell into the water, desperately struggling.

    "Help....save me...."

    Wang Yuzheng didn't know how to swim, when she fell into the water, she lost all her balance.

    She felt that the water in this pool was like a vicious monster, slowly devouring her body.

    Seeing this scene, the girl who pushed her was scared silly, kneeling on the edge of the pool.

    "I....I didn't know she can't swim...."

    The PE teacher was also shocked. She quickly ran anxiously toward the water.

    But the pool edge was too slippery, and the teacher wasn't paying attention. Suddenly, her foot slipped, and her whole buttocks fell to the ground.

    "My foot...."

    She grimaced in pain. When she tried to stand up, she found out that she can't stand up on her right foot. Obviously, it was a sprained ankle.

    All of the students were stunned.

    Seemingly, the only one who can swim was their PE teacher....

    This was their first swimming lesson, and no one was able to swim yet....

    At this time, Liu Yi jumped, leaping into the middle of this ice-cold pool water.
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