Chapter 118 Imperial Nightclub

    "You, go to hell...."

    Wang Yuzheng's tender face immediately flushed.

    'How could his mouth is so bad now....'

    'Thoroughly, completely bastard.'

    "Liu Yi, we have arrived at your house."

    The police officer in the front suddenly said.

    "Oh, ok, thank you for sending me home tonight, you've work hard."

    Seeing they have arrived at his home apartment building, Liu Yi quickly nodded.

    "Wang Yuzheng, when you get home, remember to give me a call ok!"

    When Liu Yi got out of the car, he didn't forget to left her this sentence.

    "Who is going to call you...."

    Wang Yuzheng turned away, but her heart was actually nervous.

    Although her mouth said she want to distance herself from Liu Yi, the more she looked at Liu Yi, the more she thought that he was pleasing to the eye.


    Liu Yi smiled, turned around and walked toward his house.

    "Ready to settle your matter with Lan He?"

    At this time, the little Fox who lie on his shoulder finally asked.

    "Kill him?"

    "I don't want to kill people casually...."

    Thinking about his other personality, who awoke and burned Ma Wei's inside, Liu Yi's heart shivered a bit.

    "Even if I don't want to kill him, he must be punished."

    Liu Yi went upstairs, opened the door and replied.

    "Then what do you want to do?"

    "First, I need to find him...."

    Liu Yi said, the clothing on his body instantly turned into a black suit.

    He did not intend to let Lan He off so easily and wanted to give him some punishment.

    If the law can't punish him, no matter, he will punish him himself.

    After Liu Yi had changed his clothes, he looked downstairs and found the police car has already far away.

    He suddenly jumped, leaped out of the window.

    At this time, Lan He has taken Lin Huayang for a drink in a private room in the Northern Dragon City biggest entertainment area.

    Although Lan He's family controlled the best entertainment area in the Northern Dragon City, the girls in the Imperial Nightclub have been tasted by Lan He repeatedly.

    A few days ago he had eaten a part-time college student, afterward that college girl can't do anything but to directly plunged into the entertainment industry to work as a hostess.

    "Young master Lin, relax, your one hundred thousand will not be in vain."

    Lan He was drinking, sitting opposite of Lin Huayang and said, "The thorn in your side will be eliminated tonight, come, come, drink, we'll find some beautiful woman and be happy."

    "Can....it really succeed this time?"

    Lin Huayang held the wine glass, but his heart was still a bit disturbed.

    "Haha, look at you, coward."

    Lan He couldn't help but laugh, "I have personally seen Master Lin's Kung Fu. He is a master, genuine Master martial art. He alone is more than enough to deal with Liu Yi. Moreover, Ma Wei from the Black Dragon Gang will personally assume the command over there, do you still think there will be a problem?"

    "I hope everything will be as planned...."

    Lin Huayang was somewhat uneasy.

    He didn't know where this uneasiness came from, but it was there.

    "Young master Lan, why didn't you call some beautiful woman here?"

    Lin Huayang changed the topic.

    "I am tired of them. They are all boring."

    "Why don't we call Ma Yixuan to spend some time with us."

    Lin Huayang suggested.

    "She's just a pretty school girl with no style. There's nothing fun in it."

    Lan He waved his hand, "Why young master Lin's vision is so low?"

    "Ma Yixuan is not that bad....but the truth is, my favorite is Wang Yuzheng....unfortunately....ai....it's a long story."

    "Hehe, without Liu Yi, would it not be easy for young master Lin to get that girl?"

    Lan He said with a smiled, "How could that Wang Yuzheng, who has no background, escape from young master Lin's palm?"

    "Young master Lan, you don't know this, although it looks like that Wang Yuzheng can easily be squeezed by anyone, she is actually very stubborn! It would not be easy for anyone to get her. Otherwise, with my position in the school, I would have got her by now."

    Lin Huayang was depressed.

    "Since young master Lin wants to obtain Wang Yuzheng, you might as well try this thing."

    Lan He said, and suddenly pulled out a bottle of spray from his bosom.

    "Oh? What is this?"

    There were a bunch of English words on the bottle, which Lin Huayang simply did not understand.

    "This is a good stuff....I got it with great difficulty."

    Lan He smiled evilly, "This is a newly developed spray by a famous pharmaceutical company in the US. With just one spray, the other person will be confused and immediately in heat, and will fall into your mercy."

    "Sh*t, is this for real?"

    Lin Huayang's heart was moved.

    "Of course....This stuff has not been in circulation yet, and I spent a great deal to get it. For such a bottle, since I saw young master Lin really need it, I can lend you one. Don't spray too much; one is enough."

    "Great, thank you young master Lan, you truly are a good friend!"

    Lin Huayang was ecstatic to have this thing. With this stuff, it would be so easy to capture Wang Yuzheng!

    Just when the two people were talking evil, Lan He's phone suddenly rang.

    It was from an unknown number. Lan He frowned but still picked up the phone.

    "Who is this?"

    "Young master Lan, it's me, Ma Wei."

    A familiar voice came from the other side.

    "Oh, brother Ma, what happens, is it done?"

    "With me Ma Wei went into action myself, how could it not succeed? It is over. Young master Lan, where are you, we will drink the celebration wine."

    "I am on the third floor of Imperial nightclub, VIP room. Come brother Ma, we'll have a good drink together, haha!"

    At this time, at a far away telephone booth, Liu Yi hung up the phone and rubbed the little Fox's head with his fingers.

    "Go away, this big miss' head is not for you to touch!"

    Lin Tong opened her mouth and bit Liu Yi's finger.

    Liu Yi suffered the pain, but he was secretly delighted.

    Not because he was a masochist, but because he had his Fox sister, who was able to change voice at will.

    Calling Lan He was not difficult. As a classmate, it was easy to look for his number.

    Liu Yi hung up the phone, turned around, and leaped into the night sky toward the Imperial Nightclub.

    'This Lan He pays for other people to do his dirty deed, but he is actually enjoying himself in the nightclub.'

    'This scum....'

    'Death is not enough for him.'

    Liu Yi flashed through the night. But the Autumn night of the Northern Dragon City seemed to understand Liu Yi's mood and began to rain.

    Cold rain dropped on Liu Yi's body. Even with his immortal energy, he still felt the chill.

    In the middle of the dark sky, a faint thunderclap could be heard from afar.

    "Autumn's thunder.....perhaps, someone is Passing the Calamity."

    Hearing this thunder, Lin Tong admiringly said.

    "Oh? Passing the Calamity?"

    Hearing this term, Liu Yi could not help but curious, "What is Passing the Calamity?"

    "This big miss has told you, immortal cultivation is divided into Mortal Realm, Earthly Realm, and Heavenly Realm, three big stages, right?"

    "Yes, I remember, I am currently two star jade, a lower Mortal Realm stage."

    "That's right, you can still be considered as a novice. But, your third star jade will soon be broken. When you opened your third star jade, you can make a great stride forward toward the middle Mortal Realm."

    Lin Tong was even more envious, "Later on, when you have the opportunity to enter the Earthly Realm, and reached the upper Earthly Realm (18 star jade), you are essentially the powerhouse that could sweep the world. That Li Biyue (The girl from the Hunter Organization), who seems so powerful, belongs to the Earthly Realm, but she appears to only reach the lower Earthly Realm (around 10-12 star jade)."

    "Are these have any relation with Passing the Calamity?"

    "Of course, there are!"

    Lin Tong emphasized, "Although Earthly Realm cultivator is powerful, in the end, they are still in the 'Human' category. If they want to enter the Heavenly Realm, they must Pass through the Calamity! Only after they succeed in Passing the Calamity, can they become the true 'Immortal'! You look at that immortal fairy Guyu, although she claims to be immortal, she's nothing more than an immortal cultivator. There is a big gap between her and the true immortal!"

    "Wow....I also want to Pass the Calamity...."

    Liu Yi yearningly said.

    Becoming free and unrestrained like an immortal, who doesn't want that....

    "Stop dreaming!"

    Lin Tong curled her mouth and said, "Passing the Calamity is not an easy matter! Even if you reach the upper Earthly Realm, you still need some artifact to protect your body, and some luck! From the ten thousand people who try to Pass the Calamity, only one person can succeed, and that's because of luck!"

    "For f*ck's sake....one out of ten thousand....this odd, is too cruel!"

    "Do you think it would be easy? Passing the Calamity is very dangerous, but many people still want to try it. Because after Passing the Calamity, they can enter the Heavenly Realm and will be able to genuinely pursue the Immortality. Moreover, after becoming Immortal, they will have the ability to move the mountain and shift the ocean! There is more, if they continue to practice until they reach 28 star jade, then....they will become a true God....However, since ancient times, I never heard anybody who was able to cultivate until 28 star jade....But there should be. Perhaps my knowledge is not enough, after all, this big miss barely enters the world of immortal cultivation...."

    While Lin Tong was still talking, Liu Yi secretly thought.

    'Although the odd is low, I still want to Pass the Calamity.'


    'A mortal can do immortal cultivation to go against the heaven.'

    'I must succeed.'


    A big thunder blasted through the air, cutting the night sky in two.

    Liu Yi finally landed in front of the Imperial Nightclub.

    Initially, Liu Yi wanted to directly enter fair and square.

    But to his surprise, Imperial Nightclub was closed for the night!

    Several bouncers stood in front of the entrance and blocked the guests who wanted to enter and said.

    "Sorry, tonight the Imperial Nightclub has been privately reserved, we are temporarily close. Please come back tomorrow."

    Liu Yi crouched on the roof of the nearby building, slightly frowning.

    'Privately used?'

    'Who is this big spender who reserves all of the Imperial Nightclub for himself?'

    'Is it because Lan He wants to give Ma Wei such an ostentatious treat?'

    'It shouldn't be, although Lan He is the young master of the Lan Family, he can't possibly arrange this nightclub for private use, only his father can.'

    'But no matter what, I still need to go in.'

    Liu Yi thought for a while, jumped and landed on the ground. Then, taking advantage of the night rain, he walked toward the entrance of the Imperial Nightclub.


    Seeing a man in a black suit with a strange mask walked toward them, the bouncer quickly shouted.

    "Who are you!"

    "I am from the Black Dragon Gang, looking for young master Lan."

    Liu Yi pretended to say.

    "Black Dragon Gang? Take off your mask then. I want to know who you are!"

    The bouncer looked at Liu Yi suspiciously.

    "You do not want to know."

    Liu Yi thought, 'looks like my half-baked plan has failed. Oh well, the hard way it is.'
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