Chapter 62 – Stealing Weapon: Kobold Chieftain Club

    Chapter 62 Stealing Weapon: Kobold Chieftain Club

    Rui moved along slowly in order to keep evading most of the kobold groups; despite that, he still had no choice and had to fight off a few groups, but they were easily and swiftly dealt with without any issues.

    Weaving his way around this shadowy, dry area for almost 30 minutes, he finally reached the central area where the Kobold Chieftain could be found.

    There was a row of a simple fence, with traces of blood specked upon it, and upon closer look, Rui realised it was mainly made out of bones. Of which, the main components were bones of wild beasts, but there were also a few human bones recognizable.

    Kobolds were wild and ferocious by nature, but they usually did not try to kill off humans easily. This was the reason why although humans hated them, but they did not go all out to exterminate them. However, there are always exceptions, as kobolds would not specially refrain from killing humans. As a unique prey of the kobolds', humans were considered the ones who clothe and feed them, but of course these kobolds would not feel any sort of gratitude. When they ambushed merchant caravans, they would still kill off some of those who resisted; or perhaps some of the adventurers who had came to their territories and were not skilled enough, had perished then.

    The kobold territory was marked out specifically on the map, and was clearly a dangerous place for most humans. For ordinary players, if they were trying to train up alone, they would likely not be able to come here. Even if they had decent stats and equipment, and were able to kill off 1-2 kobolds alone, but these kobolds usually came in groups, and it was nearly impossible to farm them alone.

    Rui stealthily hid beside the fence, keeping his head low and he observed the patrolling kobolds.

    It was after all a place where the head of a race was staying, thus the fence was rather large; from a rough estimate it was about 20 metres long, and there were about 6-7 groups of kobolds guarding the place. As for the Kobold Chieftain, there was no sign of it yet.

    As he investigated how the guards were spread out, Rui quickly discovered that the guards were spread out according to the firewood campgrounds on the floor. Each firewood stack had a distance between them of several metres, and Rui calculated that if he walked carefully and chose a right combat area, he would be able to keep out of aggro range of other groups of kobolds while fighting.

    As Rui started taking down the kobold guards, he found that perhaps it was because they were so close to the Kobold Chieftain, they were much stronger than the kobolds he had taken down outside, as if they were on steroids. As they were all within the fenced compound, Rui had to walk and fight extremely carefully and calculatedly in order to prevent himself from setting off any alarms. As such, the fight was extremely difficult. Eventually though, he managed to clear them all with some potential threats but no great difficulty. After all, his sheer strength was there, and it was hard for them to take him down.

    After spending much time to take down all the surrounding guards, Rui finally reached the center area where the Kobold Chieftain was staying.

    It was a large and wide stone berth, lined with soft dry grass and animal hide, and a huge Kobold was lying there resting. Lying beside him was a much smaller kobold, which Rui guessed was a wife or concubine of sorts. Below the stone berth, there were a few scattered elite guards, but it was clear that they weren't very alert. This was after all right in the middle of their territory, and as the kobold chieftain's personal guards, it was usually a very cushy, simple job.

    As Rui scanned the area, he did not find anything out of the ordinary, and he also spotted a large, rough looking club with wicked looking spikes jutting out lying on the ground. Immediately, he guessed that it was the Kobold Chieftain's weapon.

    Very good, target acquired!

    Rui gave a small satisfied smile, as he stealthily walked ahead. Right before he entered the aggro range of the elite guards, he activated the Stealth Skill.

    Staying hidden and stealth was really a basic skill for an assassin, and if it weren't up to smack, how could an assassin be successful, he might as well stay as a common street thug, using bricks or metal pipes to brawl.

    Although this was the first time he used the stealth skill in the game, but he was still relatively used to it.

    As his body vanished and blended into the background, Rui felt a sense of sluggishness that made him feel as if he had just started the game, as the 80% movement speed reduction kicked in.

    The level 0 stealth skill only lasted for 30 seconds, and there were quite a number of elite guards to get past, before reaching the chieftain and the weapon, and it seemed nearly impossible. In that case, he could only increase his speed, after all this quest was supposed to be done by a rogue, and not like a warrior, charging in and clearing everything with brute strength!

    "Nimble Wind!"

    At this moment, the only thing he could rely on was his trusty Nimble Wind skill. The Level x Current speed effect meant that even Nimble Wind was quite heavily nerfed by the stealth effect, but it still added more than 30 speed, which was more than sufficient for the purpose at hand.

    Moving quickly, Rui weaved like a ghostly figure around the elite guards, steadily closing in on the kobold chieftain.

    As he closed in on the sleeping chieftain, Rui gave a faint smile. If he gave it a few savage stabs now, he could likely deal heavy injuries to it. However, for the sake of the quest, for the sake of changing classes, and most importantly, the mysterious prize, he decided to put the quest first. Although the Kobold Chieftain was a BOSS, but it wasn't a particularly high level or strong one, and wasn't likely to drop anything great.

    As he stealthily picked up the wicked looking club, the system notification gave him the usual 'You have successfully gained the quest object.', and Rui quickly stuffed it into his backpack and seizing the opportunity, he turned and ran without trying to hide any further.

    If previously, a gust of wind blowing past them was not obvious, this time the gust of wind in addition to the loud footstep was such a telltale sign that if the guards did not notice something amiss, they would be truly fools indeed.

    "Wang Aooouuu..."

    As a unique alarm rang out, all the surrounding kobolds were alerted, including the Kobold Chieftain. As it looked around and saw that its weapon had disappeared, it gave out a loud roar of anger.

    Rui naturally could tell what was going on behind him, but he did not stop to look, lest he be delayed by any attacks. Being attacked was no big deal, but if it caused the quest to fail, that would be terrible.

    As he sped out of the fenced enclosure, Rui's stealth time had long since ended.

    Seeing the human figure appear suddenly, all the kobolds were stunned. Having much experience with facing humans, they naturally knew it was a rogue.

    Under the Kobold Chieftain's angry roars directing them, all the kobolds who had failed as guards quickly charged towards Rui with a strong killing intent. Alas, for Rui who had already left the encirclement, added on to the fact that the stealth skill had ended while the Nimble Wind skill was still up, his speed was just way above that of any kobolds, and he quickly made his escape.

    After running about a hundred metres and shaking off any pursuit, another system notification rang out.


    Congratulations for completing your class change quest. Please return to the rogue teacher to complete your class change, and to receive your rewards!

    The system notification set Rui's mind at ease, but he did not return to the city immediately. Instead, he turned back and returned deeper into the kobold territory. Having travelled so far into the territory, if he did not seize the chance to kill the BOSS, that would be such a waste. Even though it might not have great jobs, but it was at least still a BOSS, and would give some decent experience.
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