Chapter 72 – To Apologize

    Shadow Rogue Chapter 72: To Apologize[i]

    "Clear? Ah! You know what? You dare to reveal that lewd smile?"

    Chu Rui watching this lewd Chief with a straight face, wanting his dagger to cut the man's head off, what does he really want? Him being the Police Chief of Nyima is a huge **ing mistake.

    "That action, that gesture! Gee! That was glorious! Oh God, oh fate! Ah, it's amazing. That wonderful fall, it is genius! Good! Good!"

    Lewd Chief is stroking his chin again, with misty eyes and a lewd smile so that people understand what this fellow is thinking about is just a wild fantasy.

    "I say, you know what?"

    Chu Rui eyebrow cocked, loudly asked. Being calm when dealing with such a person as this wretched Chief truly is hard. He finally understands Guan Yihan feelings now, my heart wants to violently beat the ideas of the others about how exactly it truly played out.

    "Well, this is naturally the case, clearly." Lewd Chief said.

    Chu Rui is filled with disdain, **, this man, sex is all that seems to be on his mind. Do you need a napkin to wipe that saliva off?

    "What are you going to do?"

    Hoping to get an answer out of him, Chu Rui asks, getting directly to the point.

    "Gee, you said she's a great beauty, were you hyperventilating? But dude, you also held her and touched her. Anyway, about this, Gee..."

    Three sentences from the same wretched man. Chu's forehead is black from annoyance. This Chief can't even get to the point...

    "Hyperventilating? Her mental fortitude is just not good. As a cop she needs more practice. Also I didn't think there was anything wrong with my actions." Chu Rui lightly said, "and, as you can see, I saved her from that fall otherwise her face would have been disfigured."

    "Hey... well, you are right. However, they are girls, and have she has a high position. But I don't blame you. Dude, everyone understands that you took the trouble willingly, but this trouble happens to be a lot of trouble. From my point of view, you're in trouble and you're reluctant to talk to her, but you have to apologize. Once you do you can immediately leave. Don't waste your time here."

    Chu Rui thought for a moment and could not help but sigh. Forget it, he has to apologize. That woman, she's too high and mighty for her own good. He's also very hungry now. After ten hours of the day the update should be done, being on first makes you the King after all or so the saying goes. Playing the game is much better than being in this stuffy police office.


    "I'm sorry!"

    Chu Rui tone was gruff as he apologized to Guan Yihan.


    Hearing the gruff tone, Guan Yihan's small face is very ugly.

    Guan Yihan, although she is annoying, she still is a qualified police officer. Even if he is not too impressed by her looks, at least its more than a lower animal of the West, but being beautiful is better than being ugly, right? He has to say, having good looks is an advantage, usually that impression will be able to add quite a lot. While he had to apologize to solve the issue of her pride, Chu Rui did not want to use a nice tone. Yes, she got an apology, but what tone can you make him, a killer, use?

    "*Cough* That little man apologized, I think this is it. After all, he did save you."

    Seeing the outbreaks of possible violence, the lewd Chief hastily takes two steps, back out of the middle of the two, experiencing cold eyes of Chu Rui and Guan Yihan killing eyes, he began to sweat a cold sweat.


    Guan Yihan knew if Chu Rui was less irritating then she would have told him "thank you" after all she was saved. But now, she only had cold feelings towards him, but she still gave him a nod.

    Seeing Guan Yihan nod, means that it passed.

    Chu Rui and the lewd Chief could not help but let out a sigh. Their troubles are finally resolved.

    "Chief? If I may, I will go. I'm sure it has finally updated!"

    Chu Rui stood up from his chair, while lewd Chief asked.

    "You are playing games in the middle of the day?" Lewd Chief is surprised and cast a glance at Chu Rui.

    "I was playing Kismet no surprise, right? You, as the Chief of police, still have time to play games, right?" Chu Rui mouth twitch, suppressing a laugh.

    "Hey, well, work then rest they say. Any way I am way out of touch with the times. But I can still play a few." Lewd Chief tried to laugh, the discourse led to Chu Rui shaking his head.

    "You don't have call me Chief, my name is Wei Shuo, that has my name on it." Lewd Chief looked seriously at Chu Rui, said.

    Wei Shuo? Wretched?

    Chu Rui felt his mouth can't help but twitch slightly.

    "All right, brother Wei Shuo (wretched), there is nothing that is keeping me here now." Chu Rui waved and then left right away.

    "Hey, in Kismet I'm called ' Linen Falling ', remember add me to your friends list!"

    Wei Shuo called from behind, Chu Rui suddenly took a step with instability and almost fell. Fuck, aren't you supposed to be the Chief of police? How can you possibly be so damn wretched?

    All the people staring at him in the police station in surprise, Chu Rui quickly rushed out of the police station desperate to get out.

    He took out his phone to look at the time, turned out to be almost eleven o'clock, the interrogation took several hours.

    Night time is prime time for a lot of people.

    Ready to put the phone back in his pocket, he found an icon that had an information display.

    He opened it and was instantly speechless. Information from the bank, his account had nearly 3 million more.

    Needless to say, it must be transferred from the Ye Zifeng fellow.  Some equipment is cheap, that is one thousand pieces or ten thousand pieces of things. But silver equipment and even gold and equipment is not generally cheap. Needless to say, the gold equipped swords, shields, and staves are enough to be worth about 1 million. After transfer, shields and staffs of such equipment are valuable goods. With a large player base and equipment are in short supply. After people leave the new village some skills require specific equipment to use them. Archer, Mage, Thief of these weapons are essential to these occupations.

    As you can imagine, there will be a period of time when most people with stores will be selling White equipment for battle.

    [i] This is an MTL if you find any errors let me know!
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