Chapter 0275 – Greedy Nature

    Chapter 0275: Greedy Nature

    Ning Cheng followed the source of the weak yet bright light into a new huge hall, although this huge hall was not brightly lit, but at least it was much better than the similarly huge dark hall from before.

    Not only that, this huge hall was also decorated in a very luxurious manner, Ning Cheng was simply not even able to recognize all the precious materials used in just the upholstery. Moreover, the hall was also filled with an incomparably rich spiritual qi, allowing Ning Cheng to guess that this huge hall was the place that everyone was looking for inside the immortal cave.

    However, it was simply too easily found out by him, making Ning Cheng unable to believe as to what was happening.

    As Ning Cheng's gaze swept out, he couldn't help but think about the ancient immortal cave, especially as to why there were not a lot of treasures here? He had only thought of this, when a best quality flight type spiritual artefact appeared in his vision.

    Best quality flight type spiritual artefact, it would be highly attractive even for a cultivator in the Soul Sculpting Realm. Ning Cheng took a few steps forward and arrived next to this best quality flight type magical weapon, which was an incomparably exquisite looking Wind Chariot type of a magical weapon. It could be said that there would simply be no low levelled cultivator who would be able to hold himself or herself back in the face of such a tempting flight type magical weapon.

    Moreover Ning Cheng also found that there was absolutely no kind of restriction placed on this best quality flight type magical weapon, meaning he could simply grab it and easily make it his own.

    Liang Kexin, who was still encased in the icicle, on seeing Ning Cheng rush towards the flight type magical weapon, couldn't help but give out a sigh. It could be said that she knew Ning Cheng's character; as such, she was absolutely sure that he would reach out to grab it. Once he did that, he would immediately be entombed in the ice house together with them.

    Almost all the people trapped inside the ice house thought that Ning Cheng would definitely reach out to grab it; however, Ning Cheng did not immediately move to grab this flight type magical weapon.

    Although this best quality flight type spiritual artefact was something extremely precious for all the lower levelled cultivators, but Ning Cheng could be said to be an exception. Ning Cheng already possessed the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud, and had also recently obtained a brand new pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers. Coupled with his True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel, which was powered by the Power of Hope, he would be able to travel much faster than the best quality flight type spiritual artefact in front of him.

    Because Ning Cheng was in possession of many good things, as such he did not immediately move to grab at it the first time.

    But this did not mean that Ning Cheng did not like the best quality spiritual artefact, the fact was that this best quality spiritual artefact did indeed create a few ripples in his heart. Although it was not much useful for him, but that did not mean it would also be useless to others. Didn't he also have Ji Luofei to think of?

    Moreover, because Ning Cheng did not immediately move to grab this flight type magical weapon in front of him, he was starting to become aware that there was something wrong with it. Although it was just a best quality spiritual artefact, but from this flight type magical weapon he could feel a hint of a different kind of spiritual qi.

    That's right it was definitely different. This spiritually enhanced qi was fundamentally different from the spiritual qi that he usually absorbed. Not only were they not the same, but it was also several grades higher in quality. Although this spiritual qi was a few grades higher in quality, it still gave him a sort of familiar yet unfamiliar feeling.

    But because Ning Cheng had an extremely powerful memory, after a short moment of pondering, he was able to remember where he had encountered this kind of spiritually enhanced qi before. It was in the bottom of the Forbidden Cold River. That cold river was originally called as the Thunder Fall Scorching River, but because an immortal mansion had fell into the river, it turned into an ice cold river. Ning Cheng was also aware that the main reason for the Thunder Fall Scorching River to turn into an ice cold river was the Star River Fire Spark in his Zifu.

    Initially he had followed the white haired old woman into the bottom of the cold river. The white haired old woman entered the immortal mansion, while he who was still outside the mansion ended up being acknowledged by the Star River and absorbed the spiritual qi that was spilled out in order to cultivate outside the immortal mansion. That spiritually enhanced qi was exactly the same as the one from now, and was extremely beneficial for cultivation practice.

    Could this place be an Immortal Mansion? Was it the same as that Scorching Immortal Mansion?

    As he thought of this, Ning Cheng couldn't help but think of the white haired old woman who was thrown out of the immortal mansion at that time; moreover, it even looked as if she was seriously injured in the process. His cultivation when compared to the cultivation of the white haired old woman was as huge as 108,000 miles if not more, and yet she was still thrown out as if she was just garbage in general.

    Being thrown out was still good, at least it was much better than dying in that kind of place.

    Whether or not this place was the same as the Scorching Immortal Mansion, Ning Cheng felt that the things in here should not be limited to just one or two magical weapons, if he could refine the entire immortal mansion, just how much would he be able to gain? Once he refined this immortal mansion, it would be equivalent to owning everything inside this immortal mansion, all for his own use.

    He had the Everlasting Blue Thunder City in his Zifu. As such, who can be sure if he could or could not refine the immortal mansion?

    "Just a trivial best quality spiritual artefact, nothing to speak of." Ning Cheng muttered to himself, unexpectedly bypassing this flight type magical weapon as he continued to walk forward.

    What he actually was thinking was about how to find the mansion stele to refine the immortal mansion. Once he found the mansion stele, he could then refine this immortal mansion as his own. Not to mention a best quality spiritual artefact, even if it was just a single brick from inside, it would all belong to him. In the end, if he could not find the mansion stele, only then would he decide to come back and take away this best quality spiritual artefact.

    What happened? All the cultivators trapped frozen inside the icicles of the ice house stared at Ning Cheng in a puzzling manner. He was just a Profound Core 1st Level cultivator. As such, how could he have an indifferent face with a best quality flight type magical weapon readily available for him? Moreover, did he just glanced at it before moving on? This kind of disposition, wasn't it was a bit incredulous?

    Even Liang Kexin was looking at Ning Cheng in a puzzling manner, even if she was paler than before, with her hands trembling slightly, but even in that condition she did not understand why Ning Cheng did not reach out to that piece of best quality spiritual artefact. In her opinion, Ning Cheng was not a person who was willing to suffer a loss, as such how could he disregard this kind of opportunity?

    Ning Cheng had only taken a few steps forward, when he once again saw a magical weapon in front of him. Moreover, this was not a best quality spiritual artefact, but rather a low grade true artefact; moreover, it was also a flight type magical weapon.

    It was a very fine looking airship type magical weapon. Ning Cheng had seen many airship type magical weapons, but he could say with surety that he definitely did not see any airship type magical weapon that was as exquisite as the one in front of him.

    Ning Cheng subconsciously raised his hands in order to grab it, but that rich spiritual qi emanating from it immediately startled Ning Cheng awake. He instantly understood that this place might definitely turn out to be an immortal mansion, moreover he couldn't help but think that once he ended up touching this low grade true artefact, he might just end up with the same fate as that white haired old woman from back then, if not worse.

    Encountering two pieces of magical weapons one after another in front of Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng couldn't help but feel agitated in his heart, causing him to secretly make up his mind, that he must do everything in his power to find the mansion stele of this immortal mansion. He even vowed to himself that he would not rest before he found it.

    As for the reason why he was abruptly transmitted here, Ning Cheng had already completely forgotten about it. Currently there was only a single thing on his mind and that was turning the immortal mansion into his own. He wanted to completely refine the immortal mansion, and not just take one or two things from inside.

    Barely able to suppress the fire growing inside him, Ning Cheng spoke out in a casual manner, "Oh, a mere low grade true artefact for a magical weapon, such garbage can be found everywhere in my family's backyard, forget it, let's look for other things."

    After speaking those words, Ning Cheng immediately speeded up his pace as he moved forward. While in his heart, he couldn't help but think that this immortal mansion would soon turn into his own personal backyard.

    Just a mere low grade true artefact? How can a low grade true artefact be something trivial? Even if it was a Crucible Transformation Cultivator, a low grade true artefact, and that too a flight type magical weapon, it would be something extremely precious to them.

    At this time, the cultivators frozen in the ice house were speechless, and couldn't help but think as to what kind of a freak was he. Was his mind really that noble or was he truly completely different from them? If it were they, could they even be able to hold back that kind of temptation?

    Even if the Soul Essence Cultivators trapped inside the icicles were relatively relaxed, even they could not help but stare at Ning Cheng with wide eyes. They definitely had never seen such a quirky person in their life.

    As Ning Cheng looked forward to finding the mansion stele to refine this immortal mansion into his own, he also couldn't help but feel that he seemed to be always attracted by the magical weapons in this place, and that there was something very important that he seem to be unable to recall, or rather there was something that he was reluctant to even think about.

    A soft and gentle white light appeared in front of Ning Cheng, causing Ning Cheng to stupidly stare at a matchlessly beautiful awl shaped flight type magical weapon in front of him. This was definitely another flight type magical weapon, but this was actually a medium grade flight type true artefact. There were a pair of faintly visible wing on either side of this awl shaped flight type magical weapon, couple with two grooves just above the hidden wings, which was the place where one could place spirit stones for its stimulation.

    This awl shaped flight type magical weapon gave Ning Cheng the feeling that once he hopped onto it, then even a cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm might not necessarily be able to catch up to him. This thing was definitely better than his True Brahman Buddha Fire Wheel, and was exactly the stuff of his dreams. Although the speed of the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel could be a lot faster than what he is aware of, but it needed the Power of Hope to stimulate it, moreover he was also aware that he was running low on the Power of Hope.

    I have to take away this thing; Ning Cheng immediately stepped forward to grab it. But just as his hand was almost on the verge of touching it, he suddenly remembered something, when he said that a best quality flight type spiritual artefact was something trivial, he was then presented with a low grade flight type true artefact. When he said that the low grade flight type true artefact was something trivial to him, he was then presented with a medium grade awl shaped flight type true artefact.

    It seemed as if, if he were unsatisfied with something, then the grade would simply increase arbitrarily.

    In that instant, Ning Cheng immediately reacted; he immediately recalled that he was still in an immortal mansion-like place. He was still looking for the mansion stele, and was ready to refine the immortal mansion into his own, how could he forget something like that? Ning Cheng slowly took back his hand, and began concentrate on circulating his true essence.

    With his true essence circulating through his meridians, his Sea of Consciousness immediately cleared up, and his Zifu also cleared up in almost an instant. He finally recalled something that he was not able to recall before, that is, he had not come here on his own accord, but was forcibly transmitted here.

    This place was absolutely eccentric; Ning Cheng slowly spoke to himself in a baited breath. Fortunately, he had experienced many things, and had even encountered an immortal mansion before, moreover, he even had had many good things of his own, and as such, he definitely would not be attracted to something small. Moreover, his Zifu was also remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Origin, as such, it was definitely not ordinary, and was able to help him sober up quickly.

    Seeing Ning Cheng reach out to the medium grade awl shaped flight type true artefact, all the people trapped inside the ice house gave out a deep sigh. Fortunately, this person was still normal, if even the medium grade awl shaped flight type true artefact could not tempt him, then he really was too perversely abnormal.

    But then all the people couldn't help but feel stunned, as every one of them saw Ning Cheng actually turn away once again. What was happening? How can a person's will be this powerful?

    Ning Cheng in his heart couldn't help but be secretly scared, once his mind sobered up, he completely understood as to what was going on.

    Now that his mind was cleared up along with his Sea of Consciousness, it was only at this moment that he found that the inside of this place was not normal at all. Once someone was transported inside, his or her greedy nature would be amplified to an extreme level. If they could not control themselves once inside, they might not even be able to realize as to how they ended up dying.

    If the medium grade awl shaped flight type true artefact had appeared in the beginning, then maybe he might have really succumbed to it. Fortunately, the magical weapon that appeared in front of him in the beginning was just a best quality spiritual artefact, which he really did not put in his eyes.

    Knowing that there might be someone controlling these things from the shadows, Ning Cheng couldn't help but raise his guard up around his heart, as he swept out with his spiritual consciousness; however, he was not able to find even the slightest bit of strangeness around him.

    Ning Cheng suddenly took out a few pieces of high grade spirit stones from the inside of his ring and threw it at the awl shaped flight type magical weapon and said, "Doesn't this thing look like a trough used to feed chickens? Garbage, it's just rubbish. It's just an eyesore; no it's even worse than an eyesore."

    "Clang clang....." As the few spirit stones feel on top of the flying awl, Ning Cheng had already turned around and was walking away.

    Ning Cheng could not see the ice house, but the cultivators inside the ice house were all staring at Ning Cheng. How could a medium grade flight type true artefact be just a trough to feed the chickens? Just what was going on in that person's head? Also, what's with him throwing spirit stones at it?

    At this moment the huge cauldron in the ice house suddenly quivered, it was as if there was a surge of anger coming from the huge cauldron. All the cultivators frozen inside the ice house were only concerned with the antics of Ning Cheng; as such, they completely ignored the huge cauldron.
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