Chapter 0329 – Ning Cheng Auctions Things

    Chapter 0329: Ning Cheng Auctions Things

    If even after this shout there was still no one coming out, then Ning Cheng had already decided to change to a more normal trading house. Although the resulting auction would be on a smaller scale and it would also result in an increased risk along with a higher possibility of his plan's failure, but he still would have to do it.

    "What's the matter?" A slightly hoarse voice arrived.

    Ning Cheng immediately realized that this voice definitely belonged to an expert of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce; however, he was not able to make out where the speaker was. As long as someone responded to his provocation, that would be a good thing for him.

    Regardless of where the speaker was situated, Ning Cheng still raised his cupped fists where he stood and spoke, "I have two very precious things, and wanted to talk to the treasurer directly regarding it. However, your people just refused my request, thinking that I was going to bring out some ordinary items to the auction."

    "Oh, does this mean that you have a lot of faith in your things?" At this moment, there was a glimmer of interest in the horse voice.

    Ning Cheng spoke out loudly, "Of course, if I had no confidence, then why would I even dare to come here only to reveal my shortcomings."

    "Since you are so confident, then come and meet me. I am the treasurer of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce." This time the voice became much clearer, allowing Ning Cheng to guess from which room it was coming from.

    Ning Cheng then looked back and saw the person he was previously dealing with coming towards him in a very respectful manner, then giving him a deep bow from his waist, he led him to a room on the inside, allowing him to realize that the speaker should not have lied to him.

    Ning Cheng soon saw the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce's treasurer; he had the appearance of a forty year old man, while he wore a goat like beard hanging from the two corners of his mouth giving him a harmless appearance. However, Ning Cheng instantly was able to realize that it was all an illusion. Even if he was not able to perceive this person's cultivation, from this treasurer's imposing aura, Ning Cheng could guess that this person at least had the cultivation in the Sea Opening Realm.

    In this room, in addition to this treasurer, there was another old man. This old man looked at Ning Cheng with great interest, before he suddenly spoke up, "You just now spoke that if the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce were not willing to accept your things, you would then come to my Silver Links Chamber of Commerce and that we would really be interested in your stuff."

    Ning Cheng was a bit startled at this; he did not think that there would be people from the Silver Links Chamber of Commerce sitting here. However, for Ning Cheng, it would be more advantageous for him to have people from the Silver Links Chamber of Commerce in this place.

    "I want to auction only two things, especially since I only obtained them recently, but I'm hoping that I would be able to get a high price ........"

    Ning Cheng's words were immediately interrupted by the person with goat like beard, "If my Profound Light Chamber of Commerce wants to auction something, then the things cannot be cheap at all. Just state what your things are. I hope that your things can truly match the words that you just spoke a few moments ago."

    His tone at this time was somewhat icy, meaning once he realized that Ning Cheng was only grandstanding them then he could not blame them for not being kind.

    However, Ning Cheng leisurely replied, "The first thing that I'd like to auction is three drops of Geocentric 9 Yin Essence....."

    "WHAT!" The goat bearded person along with the old man from the Silver Links Auction House immediately shot up and started at Ning Cheng with blazing hot looks.

    That was because Ning Cheng's words were simply too astonishing, how could something like the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence be this readily available? Even if they looked at the entire history of their own auctions, they had never auctioned anything of the same magnitude as this. If they took out this kind of stuff, it would definitely stir up the entire Tian Continent. Ning Cheng had spoken that the Chambers of Commerce would be willing to take things a step further in the face of his things. This was simply a modest understatement among all other humble statements.

    If the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce were to come up with the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence for auction, would they even hesitate to take more than a step further? Even if it was the Wind and Cloud Pavilion, they have also never auctioned the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence.

    "Do you truly have the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence?" The goat bearded person spoke with an unconcealable tremor in his voice.

    Ning Cheng also showed a kind of prideful look in his eyes as he spoke, "Of course, but unfortunately I only have three drops of it, as long as we can happily cooperate, I'll even introduce my Dao Companion..... Uh, anyways maybe we can send the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence to the next auction. Of course, if the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce truly does not want to work with me, then so be it."

    Ning Cheng seemed to have let the cat out of the bag, before he hastily reeled in his words. He only spoke about three drops of Geocentric 9 Yin Essence. He was aware that even if these three drops of Geocentric 9 Yin Essence were all bought by Xu Anzhen, it would only be equivalent of a few chicken ribs for her; it simply would not be enough for her recovery.

    The old man from the Silver Links Chamber of Commerce shot a fiery look at Ning Cheng, at this moment he truly hated the fact that Ning Cheng had not come first to his Silver Links Chamber of Commerce. However, this place was the territory of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce, even if his heart longed for it even more, he had no way to interfere in this matter.

    "Can you please let me have a look at it first?" The goat bearded man was incomparably excited.

    Ning Cheng also did not hesitate as he took out an exquisite jade bottle before setting it down carefully on the table. Once he brought out the bottle, a dark yet chilling aura immediately started dissipating outwards. The goat bearded man grabbed the jade bottle with trembling hands, while he opened the bottle only a sliver. In just a moment, he immediately closed it, this was definitely the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, he was confident that he had not seen it wrong.

    "It really is the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence......" Even the old man from the Silver Links Chamber of Commerce blurted out in shock, although Ning Cheng's cultivation was very vague in his eyes, but it was definitely not very high in his opinion. He was obviously a young man, yet he was able to come up with such a precious item.

    "We will definitely auction this stuff, what do you want in return?" The goat bearded man reluctantly put down the jade bottle before he spoke up.

    Ning Cheng also spoke out in a leisure manner, "As I said it before, I just want to sell my stuff at a high price, so you need to prepare a separate auction for my two items. Not only do you have to prepare for it, but it also must be done at the largest possible scale, meaning all the major academies are to be invited over, so that it can all be sold for a high price."

    "It's no problem at all, what is the other item?" The goat bearded man hurriedly asked.

    Ning Cheng took out a two inch long section of a branch and spoke, "This is it."

    A kind of faint and fuzzy aura was spilling out from this piece of branch, it was as if it was giving birth to an unreal and illusionary realm, even the goat bearded man and the old man from the Silver Links Chamber of Commerce were a little confused on seeing it.

    "This is a branch from a Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree......" However, it looks like the old man from the Silver Links Chamber of Commerce was well informed about the worldly items, as was demonstrated by how quickly he was able to identify the item that Ning Cheng brought out, however his tone betrayed the immense waves of shock that he was undergoing.

    This time Ning Cheng spoke with an increased pride in his voice, "That's right; this is what my Dao Companion gave me... Um, this is a treasure that I accidentally was able to obtain, a two inch long piece of branch from the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree."

    The goat bearded man quickly took out a jade box, and as if it was the most precious and the most delicate treasure in the entire world, he carefully picked up the piece of branch from the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree and placed it inside the box with extreme care. At this time, the words 'scorching' could not be used to describe the look in his eyes; rather it can only be described as a crazed frenzy.

    "This the most honourable jade card for our auction, and from now on you are our Profound Light Auction's most distinguished of guests. With these two things, we can definitely conduct the auction in accordance to your requests. If you have any other requirements, then please tell it to me directly, I will certainly do everything in my power to help you." From his words, it could be seen that the goat bearded man was now treating Ning Cheng as his own ancestor. However, in his eyes Ning Cheng was still quite young and impulsive. From their talks, he ended up accidentally divulging the information that he had received these things from his Dao Companion.

    "Good, I was not wrong in coming here. I only have one other request. Whether it is the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence or the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree Branch, you have to reveal them at the same time, the more publicity that you can garner towards those two items, the better it would be, but the auction has to be held a month from now. Since by that time everyone would come to know about it, allowing me to get a high price for my things." Ning Cheng spoke in a high spirited voice.

    The goat bearded man thumped his chest and spoke, "I, Song Yi, assure you that my Profound Light Chamber of Commerce can definitely pull this off."

    Not to say that these two things were brought to auction at the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce, even if there was no auction at all, and they simply had to host an auction for just these two items, it would still allow the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce to reach new heights.

    "Are you Ning Cheng?" The old man from the Silver Links Chamber of Commerce stared at Ning Cheng and suddenly spoke up.

    Ning Cheng just gave a slight smile and spoke, "Ning Cheng? Bah, that kid ain't got no luck with me; he was just a Profound Core ant. However, I can tell you this one secret, which is relating to the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree's branch, it definitely came from Ning Cheng's body. But as to how it came into my possession, I'm sorry; I will not say anything about it. I believe that the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce would not pressure me about where I obtained it, would you?"

    Saying that, Ning Cheng immediately powered up his imposing aura, proving that it was comparable to that of a Soul Sculpting Cultivator.

    Song Yi hurriedly spoke up, "Of course, I can definitely vouch for the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce's brand. How could we even ask for such a thing? Even the guest history and information is something that we keep strictly confidential."

    Ning Cheng nodded and spoke, "Well, that's good then."

    Seeing Ning Cheng's majestic imposing aura, the old man from the Silver Links Chamber of Commerce realized that this man definitely was not Ning Cheng. During that time at the Heavenly Dao Public Square, Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Profound Core 8th Level, even if he was a supreme genius of a cultivator, he would not be able to cultivate all the way to the Soul Sculpting Realm this quickly. What's more, it was also not an ordinary Soul Sculpting Cultivation, otherwise how could such thing be hidden in front of his cultivation?

    "The next time I come here, I would like to sell a longer piece of branch from a Seven-Coloured Mirage Tree. It has already been promised to me, so I will absolutely bring it here. So this time, although I am using the two inch long Mirage Tree branch, however I hope that it would not be truly put up for the auction, please just wait till I get back with a longer piece of branch from a Seven-Coloured Mirage Tree, then you can auction the two together. In order to express my gratitude towards the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce, from the auction of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, I would only take a fifty percent cut..." Ning Cheng put forward a proposal.

    Not to mention that this proposal for the auction would only bring enormous benefits and no harm, even if it did cause some amount of trouble, it would still be impossible for Song Yi to disagree with Ning Cheng's words.

    "Thank you my friend, however I do not know as to how to address you?" Song Yi simply spoke out, since Ning Cheng was willing to only take half the cut, then it was obvious that he was a forthright person. What's more, the people behind him even had many of such precious things, so how could he not cultivate such a behaviour?

    Ning Cheng gave a smile and spoke "My family name is Keng"

    "Good, then Elder Brother Keng, should we sign a contract now?" Song Yi also did not know to which Keng family this Ning Cheng belonged.

    The old man's eyes, from the Silver Links Chamber of Commerce, flashed as he intently looked at the talks of Ning Cheng and Song Yi signing an auction contract. While he sneered in his heart, this Profound Light Auction was something that was definitely going to be huge; if he were not here by himself today then it would be truly strange if this person surnamed Keng could truly auction off his stuff unscathed. In the world of cultivation, it would truly be a dead end act to take out such a thing for auction. A paper contract would not even be worth a fart in this situation.

    As Ning Cheng received the contract, he suddenly gave a sigh and spoke, "Actually, I do believe in the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce, so whether I sign the contract or not, it does not matter at all."

    "How can that be? The contract is something that has to be signed, my Profound Light Chamber of Commerce will always hold onto credibility first." Song Yi spoke, as his eyes narrowed to the size of slits.

    Ning Cheng then suddenly took out a crystal ball and said, "We have already talked about the processes of the contract, and I have also used the crystal ball to record it, so the fact is, whether I do sign the contract or not, it really would not matter."

    Song Yi and the old man from the Silver Links Chamber of Commerce only then discovered that they had truly underestimated Ning Cheng. If the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce were to break the contract, then all the other party had to do was to make copies of the crystal ball and then scatter it all around, at that time the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce would truly be finished. What's more, how was it so simple to record their images onto the crystal ball without them noticing anything about it?

    "With this, I'll be taking my leave first. I will always be paying attention to the publicity situation of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce." Ning Cheng just gave a beaming smile and said a few parting words, then he quickly walked out. This was only the first step of his plan, for him to propose the auction to be held in a month's time was already stretching it to the limit for him.

    "Elder Brother Song, this Zhuang also will be bidding his farewell." The old man seeing Ning Cheng disappearing outside, also quickly left.

    Song Yi gave a sneer, then giving the excuse of wanting to find someone he also came out behind him. However, he was soon dumbfounded, within the range of his spiritual consciousness, other than person surnamed Zhuang, he not even find the shadow of Ning Cheng, how was this even possible? Moreover, as soon as he looked at the person surnamed Zhuang; both of them instantly understood that they had most likely lost the person they were after.
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