Chapter 0414 – Can’t Come To An Agreement Let’s Fight!

    Chapter 0414: Can't come to an agreement let's fight!

    As Song Yi spoke, three Taoist shadows suddenly materialised in the room, surrounding Ning Cheng on all sides. They had not yet begun fighting, but the surrounding space immediately erupted with intermittent explosions of killing intent. In addition to Song Yi, there were four more Sea Opening Realm Cultivators from the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce, with the highest cultivation among them at the 6th Level of Sea Opening Realm.

    "Wait...." An unexpected voice sounded out, immediately followed by a woman with an above average stature walking in. Her footsteps were light and graceful, with a touch of aloof and remote manner.

    "Little Miss....." Song Yi and the others were just about to begin, but when they saw the woman walking in, all of them immediately called out a greeting one after another.

    Ning Cheng was also looking at this woman with the above average stature. Although Ning Cheng did not intentionally glance at her oval face, Ning Cheng also couldn't deny that she was a gorgeous woman. A pair of firm looking legs wrapped in bands of clothes actually served to bring out the sex appeal of this woman.

    As Ning Cheng's gaze fell onto that pair of slender legs, the scene of Shi Qionghua's legs gripping onto his waist appeared in his mind. Immediately, Ning Cheng felt surprised in his heart. The matter between him and Shi Qionghua was an intimate secret between them, how could he think of it at this time?

    The next moment, Ning Cheng immediately sobered up. He stared at this woman with a mocking and disdain-filled expression as he realised that this woman wanted to play with his mind. This woman, addressed as Little Miss, had the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 1st Level, but Ning Cheng still did not feel much concerned about it. What he had not thought was that this woman would unexpectedly use such a top-notch Charm Technique the very moment they met; moreover, put it on full display in front of him. Invisible and without any trace, it acted through the opponent's consciousness. If used in combat, as long as their opponent was a tiny bit distracted, then their life would not be in their hands.

    Seeing that Ning Cheng sobered up this quickly, this woman actually felt a bit surprised. Although she received such mockery, she still spoke out softly, "You should be the one surnamed Keng. If I did not guess it wrong, then your real name should be Ning Cheng. Quite the courageous little guy you are."

    Ning Cheng gave a sneer and chose not to pay any attention to this woman. In any event, he already decided to recover his Spirit Stones today. So what if she was a Crucible Transformation Cultivator? It's not as if he had never killed Crucible Transformation Cultivators before.

    Seeing Ning Cheng not speaking, this woman also did not care about it and still spoke in that same soft voice, "After you recorded those things that year, you disappeared. When Storekeeper Song said that you caused a partial loss to my Profound Light Chamber of Commerce's business, it was not nonsense. Since you are here today, so be it. Just hand over the two crystal balls, and we will pay you a percentage of the Spirit Stones."

    "Oh, I don't know how much percentage of Spirit Stones are you talking about?" Ning Cheng asked calmly.

    "I am the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce's Yuan Qin, and also the host of today's matter. That year, your Geocentric 9 Yin Essence fetched us 900 Million Spirit Stones in the auction. We are willing to give you 200 Million. We can even consider this matter as dropped. Brother Ning, what do you think?" The woman spoke out lightly.

    "Not at all." Ning Cheng spoke out without even the slightest change of his expression. He raised his hand, causing a long spear to appear in his hand, ready to fight it out at any moment.

    "Oh, is that pole your Magical Weapon?" Yuan Qin on seeing Ning Cheng taking out the long spear asked in astonishment. As the Little Miss of a Chamber of Commerce, she had seen many Magical Weapons, yet she was not able to scry out the grade of this rod-like long spear.

    The long spear in Ning Cheng's hand did not have any name; he had always thought it merely as a piece of unrefined material. However, at this time when he heard Yuan Qin's words, Ning Cheng felt his heart move thinking that he should definitely give this spear a proper name, "Let's call this spear the Nirvana Spear from now on. The demon and devils who do not like to keep their words will all fall under my spear. Other than dying, there would be no way to achieve Nirvana rebirth."

    Yuan Qin apparently knew that Ning Cheng's words aimed at the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce. Yet she still gave a smile and spoke, "You only possess the cultivation of 3rd Level of the Sea Opening Realm, presumably because you managed to obtain a decent opportunity to advance this quickly. However, let me remind you that we have already activated the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce's Protection Array Formation. At the same time, there are also four Sea Opening Realm Cultivators in here. Moreover, I accidentally also happen to be a Crucible Transformation Cultivator. If I want to kill you, would you even have the opportunity to leave on your own?"

    Ning Cheng stamped the ground once with the Nirvana Spear in his hands and spoke, "That year, when this Grandpa Keng only possessed a Soul Essence Cultivation, he was already able to breach the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. Is your Profound Light Chamber of Commerce's Array Formation even more powerful than the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect? Alternatively, is that the strength of your Profound Light Chamber of Commerce more formidable than the Severing Emotions Dao Sect? This Grandpa Keng can enter the Severing Emotions Dao Sect seven times out of seven, so why would I need to fear your puny Profound Light Chamber of Commerce, hehe....."

    Ning Cheng laughed aloud after finishing his words. However, only he knew that breaking into the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect seven times out of seven was nothing more a boast. If not for Shi Qionghua's help in saving him, then he would have already turned into ashes.

    Yuan Qin's complexion also changed, even the rest of the Sea Opening Realm Cultivator's appearance also changed slightly. Ning Cheng had gone ahead and admitted to his own things, but on the contrary, it caused a slight fear to well up in their hearts. Saying that their Profound Light Chamber of Commerce's Array Formation had a might comparable to the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, it was only deceiving oneself rather than others.

    They could argue that he sneak attacked the academy when the experts from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect came to the Grand Peace City for the auction. However, even fools would know that despite most of the experts from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect coming here to attend the Auction, the remaining experts left behind at the academy would be much more powerful than the five of them present in this place.

    As for whether what Ning Cheng said was true or false, they could not confirm it. However, they definitely knew that such a matter had indeed occurred in the Severing Emotions Dao Sect; moreover, after this matter happened, the Severing Emotions Dao Sect had even sealed off its mountains.

    Yuan Qin, who initially was just about to start, gave a slight frown. Ning Cheng's words were too threatening, if they really ended up fighting, there would be only two roads for the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce to tread. First was to really go all out to kill Ning Cheng, while the second was to take the road to their own death. If the Severing Emotions Dao Sect couldn't kill Ning Cheng, could the few people including her accomplish such a kill?

    "As for whether your words are true or false, I will not take it seriously. Even if it's true, it would only mean that there were no experts in the Severing Emotions Dao Sect." Yuan Qin quickly restored her original expression. Finished speaking, she looked at Ning Cheng and spoke with a slow tone, "If you really want to talk, then there is no need for talking such nonsense. Just state your requirements."

    Ning Cheng was just waiting for those words; he took out a paper contract before speaking "We are going to defer to the original contract. When it comes to the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, I just want half its price, in other words, you will have to shell out 450 Million Spirit Stones. As for the branch of from the 7-Colored Mirage Tree, we already had reached an agreement in the past, that is, it is only to be used as propaganda and not to be put for auction. As long as you give it back to me, it would all be settled."

    "Because you did not come to my Profound Light Chamber of Commerce in time, we have already sent away that branch from the 7-Colored Mirage Tree. This was entirely your responsibility. We can give you the 450 Million Spirit Stones in exchange for your relinquishment over this matter." Yuan Qin spoke in a cold tone.

    Ning Cheng gave a bright smile, "Since you have already sent it out, then let's go according to the rules of commission on this one. However, I would not follow the 50% commission like before, but rather would like to go according to the normal commission rates of the auction."

    "Then there is nothing to say......" As Yuan Qin spoke, she had already started. Not only did Yuan Qin start, but the others also began at the same time.

    Yuan Qin kept her gaze over Ning Cheng's Nirvana Spear in his hands, she was sure that this spear was not simple at all. Unfortunately, although Ning Cheng had taken out the Nirvana Spear, he had never planned to use just one spear that he brought out.

    At the same moment that the people from the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce began, 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes came out. Until Yuan Qin realised that Ning Cheng had 36 Axes, his Nirvana Spear had already approached Yuan Qin.

    Even if Yuan Qin was a Crucible Transformation 1st Level Cultivator, facing Ning Cheng's long spear, she had to put all her attention and focus on dealing with it.

    Those 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes transformed into six groups of Axe Shadows as they shot out. Four of these groups directly soared towards the four Sea Opening Realm Cultivators, while two of those groups headed towards the location of the Array Entrance of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce.

    "Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom......" As the Magical Weapons collided together, it immediately brought forth terrifying explosions of True Essence, directly turning the room into nothingness. At the same time, the Entrapment Array Formation set up by Yuan Qin also turned into nihility.

    With the Array Formation gone, the top of the Profound Light Merchant House blew up with a frightening explosion, something clearly seen by everyone on the outside. The Grand Peace City, initially quite bustling and lively, yet at this time, someone dared to battle and even blow up the top of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce, it immediately attracted the gaze of countless cultivators.

    "Bang-Bang-Bang......" Another round of explosions roared out. Although Yuan Qin had managed to block Ning Cheng's long spear, she was utterly incapable of helping the other four out, causing her to suddenly feel a great horror in her heart.

    "Puff Puff....." Two streams of blood spilt onto the ground, along with an arm from Song Yi and another cultivator at the 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm, while they shot back flying from a clash against Ning Cheng's small axes.

    "Stop...." Regardless of whether Ning Cheng could completely massacre them or not, they definitely could not continue battling currently. As such, Yuan Qin immediately called out to Ning Cheng and the others with a voice as loud as possible.

    Although the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce's four Sea Opening Realm Cultivators had promptly stopped, Ning Cheng behaved as if he was a lunatic gone crazy. The long spear in his hands once again rumbled out, manifesting a Spear Shadow that headed over to the five of them at once.

    "Boom-Boom-Boom....." Terrifying blasts once again rang out. Although Yuan Qin once again blocked Ning Cheng's long spear, half of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce's Merchant House ended up entirely obliterated by Ning Cheng. Hundreds of cultivators within the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce immediately started running away as if the place was a shaken up bees nest.

    The people watching the Profound Light Merchant House from the outside were secretly startled in their hearts. Just whom did the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce offend? They unexpectedly provoked such a massive catastrophe over themselves. This person was not only ruthless but also relentless. Even under the besiegement from the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce's Crucible Transformation Cultivator Yuan Qin and four Sea Opening Realm Cultivators, he was still able to act in such a crazy manner.

    Yuan Qin's face immediately turned pale, she did not know whether it was because of anger or was it because of fear. However, when she saw that Ning Cheng had once again recalled those 36 Axes, which were giving off buzzing like sounds, she quickly spoke up, "I agree with your request."

    Ning Cheng on hearing those words did not continue to rush up and keep fighting. He was also aware that the five cultivators in front of him did not represent the full strength of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce. Unless it was the only path left, Ning Cheng also did not want to forge a death-inducing hatred with the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce. The reason he came here was to take back the Spirit Stones formerly belonging to him.

    Although Ning Cheng did not rush forward, the Nirvana Spear in his hands gave off a 'bang' sound as it heavily landed on the roof. At the same time, half of the floor turned to flying ash under that 'impact.'

    "Agree with my request? You made a mistake; my request is no longer the same from a moment ago. Because you chose to attack me, therefore you will now have to add a certain compensation." Ning Cheng spoke in a calm tone.

    Hearing Ning Cheng speaking words that are even more excessive from before, Yuan Qin's complexion turned even uglier. She was now starting to believe the words from before, that is, the talks about Ning Cheng breaking into the Severing Emotions Dao Sect might just turn out to be true. However, she really could not figure out that even though he was just a Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, how were his methods this formidable.

    "Let us go in first; you can then state your specific requirements. What do you say?" Looking at the growing crowd of cultivators outside, Yuan Qin forcibly suppressed her anger and spoke out.
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