Chapter 0416 – Acting Sect Master

    Chapter 0416: Acting Sect Master

    Ning Cheng had killed the two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators in almost an instant, causing the rest of the cultivators hidden nearby to feel an incomparable shock. For a time, no one dared to come up.

    Letting Ning Ruolan and the others come out from the Miniature World and enter the Battle Disc. He only gave a brief explanation of the situation to them before Ning Cheng instructed the Battle Disc to stop the bombardment from its Spirit Stone Cannon.

    Ning Cheng led the others along with himself as they descended towards the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone before coming out of the Battle Disc. The disciples on the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, one by one quieted down before the area turned silent. All of them were waiting for Ning Cheng to speak.

    "From now on, all the cultivators that do not belong to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect should immediately leave the range of my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Otherwise, I will be treating you all as the archenemy of my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and start killing without amnesty. All the disciples belonging to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, no matter where you are right now should immediately return and gather at the Sword Stone of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; otherwise, you will be expelled from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect."

    Ning Cheng announced those words in a clear and resonant voice while standing on the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone. Enhanced with this powerful Spiritual Consciousness and True Essence, everyone within the range of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect heard his words clearly.

    Some of the rogue cultivators hiding in the shadows, who still wanted to fish in troubled waters, on hearing those words felt as if they listened to the words of a celestial. They immediately started rushing out, going all out to speed out of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's range. Previously, the Battle Disc Sifting Orchid slaughtered everyone in its scope; if it chose to fire its Spirit Stone Cannons once again, then these rogue cultivators might not be able to save their pitiful lives.

    At the same time, some of the disciples from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect hiding in the corners of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect also started to rush out from their hiding spots before they all gathered on the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone. As for Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's disciples with the cultivation of Soul Sculpting Realm or above, most of them had already died, while some of those who did not die had chosen to run away a long time back. The remaining cultivator numbers were not even a tenth of what it was initially. Apart from the cultivators who ran away, only a few cultivators, unwilling to leave the sect, stayed back.

    Previously, no one among them could come out and take the position of a leader to lead them. Now that Ning Cheng stood out, they immediately gathered together with Ning Cheng as their rallying point.

    Seeing that Ning Cheng had easily exterminated the experts and chased away the rogue cultivators, those experts from other factions hiding outside also started having thoughts of departure. Even if they wanted to extinguish the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, they would at least need the help of Crucible Transformation Cultivators. They are just cultivators possessing the strength of Sea Opening Realm and Soul Sculpting Realm; as such, they did not have the required power to take that person on by themselves. They were also aware that this person had only killed the two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators as a warning to them.

    With the first Sea Opening Realm Cultivator among them choosing to leave, the other cultivators also started to disappear one after another. In the absence of sufficient external support, the remaining experts were not willing to entangle with the kind of expert like Ning Cheng, at least not for now.

    Ning Cheng knew in his heart that this was merely a short respite before the storm. Mainly because those people were not cultivators in the Crucible Transformation Realm. It was not that Crucible Transformation Cultivators were not willing to come settle the matter of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, but because they feared the tongues of the people. Now that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was trying to stand up on shaky grounds there definitely would be some people who would not feel willing enough to let off the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

    Moreover, any Crucible Transformation Cultivator was a well-known existence, if any of the Crucible Transformation Cultivator came, then it would mean that they represented their respective factions. However, if an ordinary Sea Opening Realm Cultivator came here, who knows whom they served? Even if they found which camp they belonged to, others could just say that they were acting on their own accord.

    Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had so many rogue cultivators battling it out inside, but why was there no cultivator above the Soul Sculpting Realm? Were the morals of a cultivator above Soul Sculpting Realm so high? Undoubtedly not, there was only one reason, that is, all the cultivators above the Soul Sculpting Realm had already joined hands in secret to leaving the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect alone for the time being. However, when Ning Cheng arrived here, it ended up creating a peculiar circumstance; in other words, he broke the balance, something that the onlookers who were preparing to act like fishermen had never thought about.

    Since he broke the balance, it definitely would cause even stronger experts to come and seek him out, continuing with the dark atmosphere over the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Ning Cheng came up with these conjectures by himself. He had been mingling around in the True Cultivator Community for a long time; as such, he had already gained insights into many matters.

    "Are you really Senior Apprentice Brother Ning?" A pleasantly surprised voice arrived.

    "Oh, Zhang Qian, you did not choose to walk out of the Academy? That's right; I am the same, Ning Cheng." Ning Cheng was delighted on seeing one of his acquaintances. Zhang Qian had changed a lot from what he was in the past. Not only there was a murderous aura overflowing from him, but there was also a feeling of sharpness coming from him. Zhang Qian no longer flinched at the sight of others like before. He did not know if this change came after Zhang Qian advanced to the Soul Essence Realm or if it was because of his own influence.

    Zhang Qian clenched his fists before speaking, "Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, I heard about the things that happened here at the Heavenly Dao Public Square. I just made it back only now. These major academies are sinister and ruthless, secretly plotting against others one by one....."

    Ning Cheng nodded and spoke, "We can discuss this later."

    Then Ning Cheng started counting the remaining cultivators gathered in front of him on the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone, altogether there were about a thousand people. Initially, when he stayed in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, even the number of Inner Sect Disciples numbered in several thousand. This alone showed that the Sect's current strength was almost negligible.

    "Fellow Junior Apprentice Brother and Sisters, I am Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Ning Cheng, the same Ning Cheng who took the first spot in the past Heavenly Dao Public Square's Great Meet. Today's matter is quite urgent, long story short, Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is facing the crisis of extermination, so it would not be appropriate to speak about anything else at this moment. Therefore, I will be temporarily taking up the position of the Acting Sect Master of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, to reorganise the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect."

    "If you are not willing to stay in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, or are not satisfied with me, then please feel free to leave, I will not hold it against you. But if you wish to stay in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, then you will have to work with me to defend the sect....."

    Ning Cheng knew that he had currently no choice but to take up the position of Acting Sect Master, even if some people refused to accept it, he must do it. If no one stood out, then the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would eventually end up in a chaotic mess. After Ning Cheng spoke what he had to, he discovered that none of the disciples was willing to leave the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

    "Good, all the people here were the true disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. However, because there are still people who wish to fish in troubled waters, I estimate that a few Crucible Transformation Cultivators would be making their way here. Therefore, we will have to fix the Mountain Protecting Grand Array and then immediately seal up the area within the Grand Array. Those disciples among you who understand Array Formations come forward; you will be helping me rearrange the Mountain Protecting Grand Array."

    After Ning Cheng finished, six cultivators immediately walked forward. Ning Cheng discovered that there was actually another acquaintance of him among the disciples. The old man who guarded the entrance to the Small Spiritual Domain, possessing cultivation of Soul Essence 2nd Level.

    "Greetings Sect Master, I am a Tier 5 Array Formation Master, requesting orders from Sect Master."

    Ning Cheng was overjoyed in his heart, quickly speaking out to the rest of the cultivators, "I'm going to repair the Mountain Protecting Grand Array with them. The rest of the people will follow and unite under Junior Apprentice Brother Zhang Qian. Junior Apprentice Brother Zhang Qian, there are a few matters that you will have to do, first is to extinguish all the fires raging in the academy. Second is to protect the Method Depository Pavilion, Small Spiritual Domain, the Materials and Pills Pavilion and the other major areas. If there is anyone who is coveting the academy's property, immediately kill them....."

    Although there was some doubt about Ning Cheng's ability to repair the academy's Mountain Protecting Grand Array, when Ning Cheng came forward to take the reins, it was at least a lot better than their previous state of disunity.

    The people on hearing Ning Cheng's orders quickly dispersed under the leadership of Zhang Qian, who scattered them to the various places. The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was incomparably huge, so with the nearly thousand people dispersing through its inside, it made it very inconspicuous.

    Ning Cheng did not immediately move to repair the Mountain Protecting Grand Array. He instructed Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou to work together with Zhang Qian while making Ruolan and the others with him to follow him, before first heading towards blocking the Transmission Array to the Rainbow Fall Makeshift Market.

    After closing the Transmission Array, Ning Cheng then didn't delay anymore and immediately moved with the others towards the point at the base of the array where it was blown open.

    When Ning Cheng saw the damaged area, he immediately realised that outsiders collaborating with someone from the inside had breached the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. In other words, the array suffered attacks from inside as well as outside simultaneously. The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Mountain Protecting Array was a peak Rank 8 Array Formation, even if ordinary Crucible Transformation Cultivators attacked it from the outside with their full strength, it would still remain fine. However, if a traitor from within helped them, it would be a different thing.

    "Sect Master, this Array Formation is a Rank 8 Array Formation, with just a few of us...." A cultivator at the Profound Core 7th Level couldn't help but speak out in worry.

    "Don't worry, just follow what I say. From this point on, you and the others, after I drop down the main Array Flags, put down your own Array Flags under the appropriate locations as I point them out......" As Ning Cheng spoke, he took out a pile of Array Flags. He had already refined these beforehand.

    As a Tier 7 Grand Master in Array Formations, Ning Cheng had no way to arrange a Rank 8 Array Formation; however, when it came to repairing a broken point at the base of a Mountain Protecting Grand Array, it was something that he was definitely capable of accomplishing.

    Seeing Ning Cheng continually throw down Array Flags, which were in constant contact with the aligned Spiritual Veins of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array, while simultaneously leading the remaining people to their appropriate locations, the others finally were able to believe that Ning Cheng might honestly have the capability to repair this Mountain Protecting Grand Array. It immediately caused a feeling of awe to well up in the rest of the people towards Ning Cheng, while simultaneously spurring them to work even harder.

    Ning Cheng knew that he only had a day or two at most. It was not that the other academies would take a long time to make a move on them, but with his appearance, the other academies would definitely send over a few Crucible Transformation Cultivators in haste to 'discuss' over the proceedings. However, when combined with his closing down the Transmission Array, it would definitely take some time for them to arrive here.

    Half a day later, when the light of the next day just emerged, a thunderous roaring sound immediately resounded throughout the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Even the remaining disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, who were busy with their tasks, couldn't help but look outside the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect in shock.

    This thunderous roaring sound was definitely the indication of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array closing up; moreover, all of them could feel the mountains closing up. They had not expected that Ning Cheng indeed possessed the ability to repair the Mountain Protecting Grand Array. Not only did he fix it, he even managed to activate the Mountain Protecting Grand Array to initiate the sealing of the mountains.

    With the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect sealed off, even if there was a bitter hatred between the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and the others, they could only wait for the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Mountain Protecting Array to open up once again before doing anything. If they forcibly tried to break the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Mountain Protecting Grand Array, even then it would end up in an indefinable situation. Moreover, under normal circumstances, no one would try to forcibly break open someone else's Mountain Protecting Grand Array. For accomplishing this kind of thing, they just would not be able to find any allies. Who can be sure that their academy might or might not end up facing a situation of sealing their mountains?

    The people helping even broke out in joyous tears. They had never thought that as small disciples, there would be one day where they could participate in repairing the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Mountain Protecting Grand Array. It was equivalent to earning the honour of the highest privilege, something worthy of words in the annals of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's history.

    "Kong Xin and Wei Yong, the two of you will be defending the entrance of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array. Anyone who comes here, regardless of whatever the situation is, immediately report to me. The rest of the people will be coming with me to the Main Hall on the Main Peak to tell me what the hell is going on." After Ning Cheng finally activated the Mountain Protecting Grand Array, he finally breathed out a sigh of relief.

    "Yes, Sect Master." Since they personally saw Ning Cheng repairing the Mountain Protecting Grand Array, there was no need to say anything needless anymore. Ning Cheng's prestige in their hearts had already risen to an indescribably high level.

    This massive Mountain Protecting Array Formation, Ning Cheng had managed to repair it with the help of several lower levelled disciples, taking only a day and a half to fix it, causing him to feel very satisfied with himself.


    "What happened? Wasn't the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Mountain Protecting Grand Array shattered? How could it seal off their mountains?" A meteor-like airship stopped outside the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Mountain Protecting Grand Array; at the same time, the razed grounds of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had wholly disappeared. In its place, there was only a vast grey expanse, which apparently was the seal of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array.
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