Chapter 0440 – Kill Them

    Chapter 0440: Kill Them

    Meng Yujing stared blankly at the spot where Kang Cheng had turned into a blood mist. She could not react for a long time. She knew that Kang Cheng was himself a cultivator at the early stages of the Sea Opening Realm; as such, even a Crucible Transformation Cultivator would need to spend a little effort to kill him.

    "From now on, we each go our own way." Ning Cheng had continuously been thinking about the leather scroll in Kang Cheng's possession for many years. Now that he not only succeeded in obtaining his revenge, he also finally got the leather scroll, causing Ning Cheng's mood also turned quite good. After speaking a few words to Meng Yujing, he brought out his flight-type Magical Weapon to leave this place.

    "Is Sect Master Ning returning to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect?" Meng Yujing on seeing Ning Cheng taking away Kang Cheng's things, and wishing to leave this early, quickly asked a question.

    Ning Cheng felt quite happy with the haul and casually spoke up, "Yes, I haven't gone back to the sect for a long time. Because of a chance encounter with you, which led to the discovery of Kang Cheng's Spiritual Consciousness Restriction on your body, I decided to wait a while before returning."

    If not for Kang Cheng's Restriction on Meng Yujing's body, even if Ning Cheng encountered Meng Yujing on the way back, he would not have necessarily come to find her.

    Knowing the whereabouts of Kang Cheng, he definitely would not let it go. Not to mention that Kong Pengpeng might have also encountered harm under Kang Cheng, Ning Cheng himself was also looking for Kang Cheng. Now that he found his trail, how could Ning Cheng willingly let it go?

    "Sect Master Ning; if that is the case, then most likely you might not be aware of what happened to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect....."

    Ning Cheng immediately interrupted Meng Yujing's words, "What happened to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect?"

    Meng Yujing quickly spoke up, "After Sect Master Ning went missing; someone spread the rumour that Sect Master Ning plotted against Dao Master Mu Ziming and Dao Master Xiao Bisheng. Subsequently, the Heavenly Dao Academy, the Red Star Sword Faction, and the Yin Yang Dao Sect along with many smaller factions besieged the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect....."

    "For someone like Xiao Bisheng, to unexpectedly have such trash and garbage as followers and disciples." Ning Cheng cursed out angrily, "What is the current situation of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect?"

    "The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect ended up giving their most precious object, the sect's Perception Pagoda, to the Yin Yang Dao Sect. Somebody then persuaded the Heavenly Dao Academy to leave. Finally, ending up with an open battle with the Red Star Sword Faction. With the battle reaching gigantic proportions. Rainbow Fall Sword Sect suffered from the deaths of two of their Crucible Transformation Cultivators, along with many cultivators at the Sea Opening Realm and below. As for the cultivators of the Red Star Sword Faction that headed towards the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, the sect completely obliterated all of them. After that battle, the Red Star Sword Faction chose to keep a low profile on the outside."

    "The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect also became low-key and did not continue to find trouble with the Red Star Sword Faction for revenge. Then thirty Crucible Transformation Cultivators from the Yi Xing Mainland chose to enter Heaven's Way. Out of which, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect actually sent 10 people at once...." Meng Yujing on seeing Ning Cheng's ugly face subconsciously stopped.

    "Red Star Sword Faction, good, trying to bully my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect time and time again....." Ning Cheng did not continue to question Meng Yujing. He even put away the airship-type True Artefact. Stimulating the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, his figure instantly disappeared from the spot without leaving even a trace behind.

    Whether it was the Perception Pagoda, or how the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect gained so many Crucible Transformation Cultivators, Ning Cheng did not even bother to ask about them. He desperately wanted to head back and see his little sister Ruolan and Luofei.


    "This is a part of my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's area. I will have to ask the several friends here to vacate it." A cultivator, at the Intermediate Stages of the Profound Core Realm, immediately stopped three cultivators who similarly possessed Profound Core Cultivations.

    "Does this area really belong to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect? How can it be, isn't this place quite a distance away from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Mountain Protecting Grand Array?" A thick-lipped male cultivator spoke up.

    The expression of the Profound Core Cultivator from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect did not look good as he spoke up, "The few of you if we were the ones going back and forth around the area patrolled by the Yin Yang Dao Sect, would you have not stopped us?"

    "Would you even dare?" Another cultivator spoke up in disdain.

    "You..." The Profound Core Cultivator from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect could not even retort.

    At this time, a calm voice arrived, "Since these people dared to saunter within the range of Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Sect Patrol, then you do not need to speak rubbish, just kill them all."

    The four of them immediately turned their heads in unison, none of them knew when a young male cultivator arrived and stood this close to them without them realising it at all.

    "Sect Master....." The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Profound Core Cultivator called out in a pleasantly surprised voice. Ning Cheng, or rather Sect Master Ning, during the time he was in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect in the past, he had once seen him when he was still an Outer Sect Disciple in the Essence Building Realm. At the same time, many of them believed that Sect Master Ning had entered Heaven's Way; never did he expect that Sect Master Ning would unexpectedly return.

    Ning Cheng gave the nod, before saying a few words to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Profound Core Cultivator, "Just follow my words."

    "Yes, Sect Master." This Profound Core Cultivator clearly knew that he might not be an opponent for these three people. However, with Sect Master Ning at his back, he did not hesitate to bring out his Magical Weapon.

    The faces of the three Profound Core Cultivators from Yin Yang Dao Sect turned completely pale, devoid of blood. Hearing Ning Cheng's words, the person with the highest cultivation among the three quickly spoke up, "Sect Master Ning, we are leaving immediately. My Yin Yang Dao Sect and your noble sect have always been on friendly terms....."

    The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Profound Core Cultivator looked at Ning Cheng; if Sect Master Ning realised that the opposite party was from the Yin Yang Dao Sect, would he take back his words?

    Ning Cheng did not speak again, just shook his head. If it were he, in the face of such arrogant trio of Profound Core Cultivators, even without the words of a Sect Master, he would not hesitate to kill them all.

    The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Profound Core Cultivator instantly understood Ning Cheng's meaning. Thoroughly stimulating the Magical Weapon in his hand, he believed that even if he were not a match against the opposite party, Sect Master Ning would not sit idle on the sideline.

    However, he soon discovered that something was wrong. These three Yin Yang Dao Sect's Profound Core Disciples, behaved as if had turned completely stupid and were standing completely still. Allowing him to quickly kill the three of them.

    "Sect Master...." After the Profound Core Cultivator killed the three disciples from the Yin Yang Dao Sect, he found that Ning Cheng had long since disappeared.

    He quickly picked up the three rings and then brought out his flight-type Magical Weapon before shooting straight towards the sect. With Sect Master returning, this was the most critical matter to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.


    Rainbow Fall Sword Peak.

    Ning Cheng stood outside his own Immortal Cave with a livid face. Lian'e, Yang Honghou, Nan Yuefang, Zhuang Jingyi, and a few others were standing by his side.

    He had already heard the details of the situation at hand from the mouth of Lian'e and the others.

    In that year, when the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and the Red Star Sword Faction went to war, although they managed to wipe off all the cultivators from the Red Star Sword Faction, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect also suffered some severe damages.

    The newly promoted Crucible Transformation Cultivator, Hu Hong, perished; however, what caused Ning Cheng to feel incomparable wrath well up inside in him was when he heard Xun Hanrui was also one of fall. Xun Hanrui was one of the few good friends of Ning Cheng within the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Besides Liang Kexin, she was the only one Ning Cheng had a genuine interaction with. The Red Star Sword Faction unexpectedly besieged such a delicate and lovable girl, who had just advanced to the Crucible Transformation Realm, before killing her.

    The good news was that Meng Jingxiu managed to find the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and brought many cultivation resources along with her. Even the Perception Pagoda was something that Meng Jingxiu had brought. Ruolan and Luofei had also cultivated in the Perception Pagoda, which was the reason they could advance to the Crucible Transformation Realm.

    As for the reason why the Yin Yang Dao Sect's disciples dared to cruise around this neighbourhood, it was all to provoke the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. As long as the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect stretched out their hands, they could then use that reason to attack them. It was all because of the Perception Pagoda 'gifted' to them by the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. The Perception Pagoda gifted by the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect simply had a negligible effect, causing the Yin Yang Dao Sect to feel as though the sect had swindled it; consequently, it became the underlying reason why they wanted to plan another attack.

    However, he returned a few years late. Five years ago, after the war between Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and the Red Star Sword Faction. Ning Ruolan, Luo Ziyan, Que Hongshui, Zhang Qian, Liang Shi, Taishu Pinghao, Xian Caixue, Liang Kexin, and Meng Jingxiu had already left for Heaven's Way. Because Rui Baishan entered Heaven's Way earlier than they did, it meant that eleven people, in the Crucible Transformation Realm, from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had chosen to enter Heaven's Way.

    The only good news, for him, was that Ji Luofei did not choose to enter Heaven's Way. After she and Ning Ruolan discussed things, they decided that one of them would go to the Heaven's Way while the other one would stay back in the Tian Continent to look for his traces. Only, Ruolan was the one to go to Heaven's Way along with the other Crucible Transformation Cultivators, which made Ning Cheng feel some relief. It's just that Ji Luofei had gone out to look for him two years ago and had yet to return to the sect.

    Several glittering lights descended onto the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak. Ning Cheng had already recognised them as the Tantai Fei and Zhong Liping duo.

    "Ning Cheng, you really came back. I knew you would come back to the sect before going to Heaven's Way." Zhong Liping spoke up in a happy voice.

    Tantai Fei was a bit more reserved compared to Zhong Liping. When he saw Ning Cheng's expression, he immediately understood that Ning Cheng felt worried about his little sister and his fiancée, so he quickly stepped forward and spoke, "Sect Master Ning, you don't have to worry. I have already sent out the message. Junior Apprentice Sister Ji would soon be returning to the sect."

    "I haven't been here for many years, for that, I would like to thank Sect Master Tantai for taking care of my Rainbow Fall Sword Peak." Ning Cheng had already heard from the mouths of other people that Tantai Fei had taken good care of his people. Therefore, he couldn't help but give Tantai Fei his heartfelt thanks.

    Tantai Fei spoke up in a bit of stern manner, "Sect Master Ning, we are all disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; this is what we are supposed to do."

    Pausing for a moment, he then continued, "Junior Apprentice Sister Ruolan entered Heaven's Way. However, you don't need to worry about her. Sect Master Rui had entered Heaven's Way early on; as such, he would surely take care of the disciples from our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect."

    Towards his little sister entering the Heaven's Way before him, if Ning Cheng did not feel worried about it, then he would not be Ning Cheng. However, on the path of cultivation, one can only rely on one's own strength. It would not be possible for him to continually be by her side. For his little sister Ruolan choosing to enter Heaven's Way by herself, it was also a one of a kind experience necessary for her.

    "I didn't expect that Sect Master Rui would enter the Heaven's Way this early." Hearing that Rui Baishan had entered Heaven's Way before the others, Ning Cheng spoke out with a sigh.

    Zhong Liping also gave out a sigh and spoke, "Baishan spent almost his entire time looking for the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword. According to Baishan's presumptions, Jia Shisan went to the Heaven's Way with the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword. This sword is the symbol of my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, a treasure that soothed the sect's flow of vital energy. This sword ended up lost in Baishan's tenure; as such, he certainly did not feel at peace. He had always wanted to bring back this sword."

    When Ning Cheng came out from the place he ended up trapped, he found himself busy with all sorts of things. It was not until now when Zhong Liping mentioned the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword that he recalled about this matter. He quickly removed a rainbow-like glowing sword from inside his ring and gave it to Zhong Liping with both hands while saying, "Elder Taoist Zhong, I have already killed Jia Shisan and also recaptured the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword......"
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