Chapter 0445 – Extinguishing The Red Star Ancestor

    Chapter 0445: Extinguishing the Red Star Ancestor

    The red-haired man looked at the emptiness in front of him due to the Red Star Blood Sacrifice, before he took a deep breath and spoke, "This person truly was terrifying. If he had advanced to the Crucible Transformation Realm before coming to us, it would have been our Red Star Sword Faction that faced a complete annihilation."

    At this moment, he and the other three were completely pale with churning True Essence. They all felt that the Red Star Sword Faction's Red Star Blood Sacrifice was worth the price; this price precisely was their True Essence and Essence Blood.

    "It's a pity though. I heard that Ning Cheng not only possessed the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence but also the 9-Colored Mirage Tree....." A Crucible Transformation Cultivator standing to the left of the red-haired man spoke up with a sigh. These two things, if they really did come out, then it would cause the entire Yi Xing Mainland to descend into a mad scramble for it.

    "Huh, something's not right; there is a yellow bead in the middle....." After the rift gradually disappeared, the Crucible Transformation Cultivator on the right saw the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

    "Origin Aura....." The red-haired man's complexion immediately changed. Not waiting for him to finish his words, he and the other three around him immediately felt the area around them collapse.

    Ning Cheng's shadow suddenly appeared before him.

    "Not good." The red-haired cultivator shouted, grasping a talisman that would help him escape. He had lost too much in this exchange; now that Ning Cheng attacked them at full force, he had no choice but to evade. His heart currently bled with curses, under the Red Star Blood Sacrifice, everything should have turned to ashes, why didn't this bead turn into ash? Just what was that bead?

    As for that Origin Aura, if he could obtain its source, wouldn't his cultivation soar rapidly? He did not dare to continue to ponder over this thought. He currently felt himself to be in a hazardous situation; moreover, his strength had also dropped drastically. In the face of this kind of danger, he even felt a sense of powerlessness. What kind of Magical Skill was this?

    The red-haired man knew that the situation had turned for the worse, and the remaining three Crucible Transformation Cultivators knew that it did not bode well for them. However, Ning Cheng had already deployed his Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, the illusion of the seemingly endless Spacial Collapse, just an instant later, transformed into a massive ball of terrifying flames.

    This flame was not something that came out from the red-haired man's Flame Beacon Diagram. It was a result of Ning Cheng's Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique.

    The red-haired man's Red Star Blood Sacrifice had taken almost complete control of the world within its range. However, this time, Ning Cheng's Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique had taken full control over this part of the world.

    Fate had turned the tables on them. Thirty years of the river flowing east, thirty years of the river flowing west.

    [TL Note: The English equivalent of the phrase "Thirty years of the river flowing east, thirty years of the river flowing west" would be "Prosperity and decline never last/Life has its own up's and down's".]

    Ning Cheng could escape into the Mysterious Yellow Bead; however, the red-haired man had no means to survive such a sudden reversal.

    The just-calmed charred area, once again erupted in a violent explosion, immediately swallowing the three Crucible Transformation Cultivators and a being above Crucible Transformation Realm.

    Ning Cheng did not know that the four people including the red-haired man were already a spent-force after activating the Red Star Blood Sacrifice. He honestly felt afraid that if he came out and had to face that terrifying Spiritual Technique once again, he might genuinely end up dead at that time.

    Moreover, he also found that the Miniature World had turned extremely unstable within the Mysterious Yellow Bead. There was even a possibility of its destruction at any time. In conjunction with what Cang Wei said, Ning Cheng guessed that it might have some relations to Luofei inside the Miniature World. The Mysterious Yellow Bead's Origin still was not uniform; as such, he did not dare to continue staying inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

    Therefore, as soon as he came out, he immediately displayed the Maximal Spiritual Technique. This time, after fully unleashing the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, he did not even bother to protect the other party's rings.

    If it weren't for the Mysterious Yellow Bead, then Ji Luofei would have already died. As such, he wasn't willing to take even half a chance.

    "Boom....." An extremely violent explosion sounded out following the undulating red waves. Two different Spiritual Techniques reared their heads in this battle against the Red Star Sword Faction. As such, even those who were far away from the Red Star Sword Faction were able to hear those two explosions clearly, one after the other.

    The area all around blasted open. This effect was much weaker than the force created by the Red Star Blood Sacrifice. However, the remaining four people just did not have any strength to escape. Under the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, all of them thoroughly burned into nihility.

    Ning Cheng's Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique and the Red Star Blood Sacrifice had utterly eradicated everything within its range, leaving nothing behind. This caused him to finally give out a relieved sigh. After deploying the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, he realised that the opposite party of four did not have the strength to retaliate against him. However, he did not regret whatever happened today. It taught him a very harsh lesson, which was that he should never assume himself as infallible. The world had many things that he still did not understand.

    The Red Star Sword Faction was finished. After Ning Cheng killed the last of the ten Crucible Transformation Cultivators, the Red Star Sword Faction had no more cultivators. All the cultivators either ended up dead or had already escaped.

    Under the Red Star Blood Sacrifice and the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, the numerous rings strewn across the area had turned to powder; as such, Ning Cheng also did not obtain much loot.

    Ning Cheng was just thinking about calling out Ji Luofei so that the two of them could go look at the Spiritual Medicine Garden of the Red Star Sword Faction when he suddenly felt his body turning completely cold. An extremely powerful killing intent suddenly surged into his consciousness.

    At this time, the area beneath the Red Star Sword Faction started shaking. Ning Cheng immediately knew that it was not good. Quickly grabbing onto the Flaming Beacon Diagram, the only thing not destroyed, he quickly rushed out of the Red Star Sword Faction.

    "Boom-Boom-Boom....." Sounds more violent than before emerged, and Ning Cheng, who had already rushed out of the Red Star Sword Faction, looked at the Silver River under the Red Star Sword Faction in complete shock. The Silver River actually emerged from under the Red Star Sword Faction. Then transforming into a white light, it disappeared into the endless sky. Even his powerful Spiritual Consciousness could not catch up to it.

    Without the support of the Silver River, a devastating roar emerged from within the Red Star Sword Faction. A moment later, the luxurious looking Red Star Sword Faction had turned into a ruin.

    Seeing this, Ning Cheng did not feel even half a bit proud; instead, he only felt a lingering worry. Although the Red Star Sword Faction ended in his hands, that Silver River had disappeared for no reason at all. Who knows if a powerhouse took it away? There was also that killing intent that had utterly shocked him from a moment ago.

    At this moment, Ji Luofei finally came out. Greeted by the sight of ruins all around, it caused her to feel an extreme amount of shock. Inside the Miniature World, she just was not aware of what events passed by outside.

    "Luofei, let's go back. This time we are going to get married in the sect. After getting married, let's enter Heaven's Way together." Ning Cheng held Ji Luofei tightly in his embrace.

    He had initially wanted to also go to the Yin Yang Dao Sect. However, after the battle with the Red Star Sword Faction, he immediately dispelled the thought.

    He was sure that with his current cultivation, going back to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was equivalent to making a narrow escape. However, he believed that once the news spread about him destroying the Red Star Sword Faction, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would definitely give an appropriate answer on his behalf.

    Previously, he had let the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's disciple kill a few Yin Yang Dao Sect's disciple trespassing outside his sect. This should have undoubtedly angered the Yin Yang Dao Sect. Now that he destroyed the Red Star Sword Faction, then even if Yin Yang Dao Sect possessed even more courage, they would not dare to engage with them directly.

    Even if he wanted to go against the Yin Yang Dao Sect, he could not do so alone. At the very least, he should have the support of the entire sect. However, the fact was that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and the Yin Yang Dao Sect did not have much hatred between them. With the complete destruction of the Red Star Sword Faction, he had already achieved his goal of setting up the prestige.

    "Ning Cheng, did you say we are going to get married after going back?" Great joy filled Ji Luofei's entire being. She had long since wanted to marry Ning Cheng. The two of them already had a marriage contract between them. Now that the two of them had experienced so many things, she instead found herself falling behind Shi Qionghua in this regard.

    However, when it came to these things since Ning Cheng had not spoken about it, she also felt embarrassed to say it.

    "I'm sorry, Luofei. This matter ended up getting delayed until today." Ning Cheng could feel Luofei's excitement; however, he also felt a little apologetic. Previously, he had to search for his little sister. Afterwards, because of the significant changes in the sect, he could not find the time to marry Luofei.

    However, after his battle with the Red Star Sword Faction, he increasingly felt a lack in his cultivation. If this were the case within the Yi Xing Mainland, then once he left this place, it would only be a lot worse.

    Remembering what Cang Wei had spoken to him at the beginning, about continuing to wander throughout the vast universe in the future. He realised that if he did not possess the appropriate strength, then even protecting the people around him would be difficult. What else was there to talk about later? If he wanted to become more powerful, then it was necessary for him to go to the Heaven Opening Island, and enter Heaven's Way.

    Ji Luofei also heard Ning Cheng's apology. She tilted her head forward and blocked Ning Cheng's words with her lips. There were just no words to describe her embarrassed feelings about her upcoming grand marriage.


    Yin Yang Dao Sect.

    Even among the top ten factions of the Tian Continent, the Yin Yang Dao Sect remained within the top half; second to only the Thousand Buddhist Hall, the Battle Devil Hall, the Heavenly Dao Academy, and the Severing Emotions Dao Sect.

    At this time, the Yin Yang Dao Sect's Discourse Hall had several Crucible Transformation Cultivators sitting within. There was also the Sect Master Hao Anye and a Grand Elder Taoist of the Yin Yang Dao Sect present in the Discourse Hall.

    "In the past, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, to deceive my Yin Yang Dao sect, gifted the false Perception Pagoda to my Yin Yang Dao Sect. This is already enough to incite our hatred. However, this time, they even killed my Yin Yang Dao Sect's disciples. It looks like the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect likes to play with death. This time, we do not need the Red Star Sword Faction to make contact with us. My Yin Yang Dao Sect will take the initiative to visit the Red Star Sword Faction. This time, we will not rest until we completely destroy the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect." The Yin Yang Dao Sect's Sect Master Hao Anye spoke out aggressively.

    No one refused the idea about attacking the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Sending disciples to provoke the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was already something they had planned long ago. The Yin Yang Dao Sect initially had a plan that, after a while, they would take the initiative to say that two of their disciples ended up disappearing within the areas controlled by the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, thereby claiming that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect killed them.

    They did not expect that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would actually cooperate with them. They had not yet had the chance to implement the complete plan when the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect actually killed a few disciples of the Yin Yang Dao Sect.

    "I heard that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Sect Master Ning Cheng has returned. This person had always been bold with his actions, daring to invade the Severing Emotions Dao Sect with just a Soul Essence Cultivation......" A good-looking Crucible Transformation Female Cultivator spoke up with some concern in her voice.

    Ji Xiu, standing on one side, gave a smile and spoke, "Even if Ning Cheng turned out even more powerful, he is just one person. Just a slap from one of my Yi Yang Dao Sect's Crucible Transformation Cultivators each would be more than enough to kill him."

    "Because the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword is back at the sect again, my main concern is about their Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword." The female cultivator explained.

    Hao Anye nodded and spoke, "Ning Cheng has returned, while there is no news about Xiao Bisheng and Mu Ziming. I have sent people to both the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Heaven Alliance. If we can get the support of these two places, then even if the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect possessed a few more Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Swords, we would not need to fear them."

    At this moment, a cultivator at the Soul Essence Realm rushed in through the door.

    "What happened?" Hao Anye asked with a frown on his face. In general, if there were no emergency within the sect, they would never allow an ordinary cultivator to approach this area. However, this Soul Essence Cultivator was different. He was the Yin Yang Dao Sect's External Affairs Deacon. Although possessing low cultivation, his status was not small at all, as everything related to the external affairs of the sect had to go through his hand.

    "Sect Master, honourable elders, I just received this news. Ning Cheng took his fiancée Ji Luofei, broke apart the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of the Red Star Sword Faction, and even killed ten of their Crucible Transformation Elders, including the Red Star Old Ancestor of the Red Star Sword Faction. The Red Star Sword Faction has already disappeared from the Tian Continent, perishing under the hands of Ning Cheng."

    "WHAT?" After the words of this Soul Essence Cultivator came out, almost everyone in the Discourse Hall stood up in shock.
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