Chapter 0118 – The Terrifying Ning Xiao Cheng

    Chapter 0118 - The Terrifying Ning Xiao Cheng

    At this moment, in the 3rd Round of the Tournament, on the huge Projection Array Formation Screen, there were only 7 people left. The first was still Situ Yu with 60 points, the second was Fang Xin with 50 points, the third was Lian Hao with 40 points, fourth was Chi Zi Wen and Ning Xiao Cheng with 30 points, and the fifth was Ling Naixin and Meng Yu Jing with 20 points who have yet to step onto the stage.

    Lian Hao looked at Ning Cheng, as the corners of his mouth turned up in a grin, he wanted to kill all the disciples of the God Wind Academy one by one. That Meng Jing Xiu who lost to Fang Xin a moment ago, really had good luck on her side, if Meng Jing Xiu had not lost then, then she would have definitely suffered death against him.

    At that time Lian Hao wanted to challenge Ning Cheng, but Meng Yu Jing was the first to jump on to the platform, beating him to the punch.

    Meng Yu Jing's stunning looks immediately attracted the attention of the audience, as till this point apart from Meng Jing Xiu, there have been no other female cultivators who stepped onto the platform in the third round. Before Meng Jing Xiu from the God Wind Academy also looked good, but in comparison to Meng Yu Jing, Meng Jing Xiu was still worlds apart.

    This kind of woman like Meng Yu Jing, looked extremely stimulating to the eyes. So when she came on to the platform, she immediately attracted a massive applause from the audience.

    There was a smile on Meng Yu Jing's face, making her look even more devastatingly beautiful. She cupped her fists in front of her towards the audience, and spoke with a clear and crisp voice, "Meng Yu Jing from Falling Star Academy with 20 points, challenges God Wind Academy's Ning Xiao Cheng."

    Ning Cheng gave a sneer, although he did not know why this woman called Meng Yu Jing was challenging him, but he was absolutely not afraid of her at all. Just as Meng Yu Jing finished her declaration, Ning Cheng jumped up from the place he was standing and immediately landed in front of her on the platform.

    "Although this Yu Jing took the liberty to challenge, but I also ask Brother Ning to show mercy." Meng Yu Jing really had a good self-control, and was speaking in a soft and gentle voice, making anyone who heard her voice to feel a bit of pity towards her, and would never bear to use a heavy hand against her.

    But Ning Cheng did not even have half a shred of favourable impression towards Meng Yu Jing, when he heard Meng Yu Jing's words he immediately said with a sneer, "Since you are afraid, why don't you stay at home like an obedient child, why come here to pick a fight?"

    Meng Yu Jing's face immediately turned red, she did not think that Ning Cheng would be this ungraceful, she even thought that Ning Cheng was speaking like this deliberately. She was now sure that it was really Ning Xiao Cheng who had followed her the last time. And as a result, seen the two people, she and Qu Ping, together the last time.

    Meng Yu Jing did not speak anymore nonsense, she immediately raised her hands, as a cyan coloured Flying Sword's handle appeared in her hands, at the same time that the Flying Sword appeared in her hands, a blue coloured round mirror also appeared behind her back suspended in mid-air.

    Ning Cheng had not yet acted. But when his Spiritual Sense fell on Meng Yu Jing's blue mirror, he could feel that this blue mirror was somewhat strange.

    As Meng Yu Jing resorted to the cyan coloured Flying Sword in her hands, a cyan coloured sword wave emerged from it giving out a 'whisper' like sound, and in just a twinkling of an eye curled around Ning Cheng.

    Ji Luo Fei who was watching the fight from a distant place, when she saw Ning Cheng, under the influence of the cyan coloured sword from Meng Yu Jing, had disappeared. She suddenly looked nervous as she immediately took a few steps forward. After Meng Jing Xiu lost, her mood was at an all-time low. Although she was unhappy with Ning Cheng, but when she saw Ji Luo Fei trying to go up, she quickly pulled Ji Luo Fei back and said, "Do you not want to live, as long as you crossed that yellow line, that old man will immediately start, did you not see what he had done to that Essence Building Elder from the Shui Clan?"

    Ji Luo Fei immediately woke up. And hurriedly withdrew a few steps back.

    At this point of time, the Spear on Ning Cheng's back had already fallen into his hands, the cloth in which the Spear was wrapped up immediately burst apart, at the same time, the Spear in his hands immediately shot out a few ice cold Spear Lights.

    All the Spear Lights immediately formed into a Spear Network, out of the 36 Ice Spear Lights, he could bring out, at present, 24 Spear Lights to form a Spear Net. However, Ning Cheng did not utilise his Spear fully, and only brought out 8 Spear Lights.

    An incomparable freezing cold was being emitted by that Ice Spear Network as it rushed towards Meng Yu Jing, as the ice cold Spear Network moved towards Meng Yu Jing, it immediately collided with those cyan coloured sword waves around him. Sounds of True Essence continuously exploding emerged.

    Although Ning Cheng was at True Condensation 3rd Level, but his True Essence was much more profound and deep, in fact the quality of Meng Yu Jing's True Essence could not even be compared to his, moreover since his Meridians had also expanded, the True Essence that he could use vastly surpassed that of what Meng Yu Jing could use, both in quality and quantity.

    Meng Yu Jing had never thought that Ning Cheng would end up with an upper hand in the fight with just a single strike against her sword, when Ning Cheng's Spear Net and the first wave of her Sword Light exploded after colliding with each other, an intense cold swept over her, even her sword wave was on the verge of dissipating as the surrounding wind was agitated into a storm, seeing that she immediately casted out numerous more new sword waves again.

    Although these new sword waves were once again defeated and dispersed, but their momentum was almost double than before.

    "I see that you still have something up your sleeve......" After Meng Yu Jing stirred up the second sword wave, she did not stop there, that blue mirror that was originally suspended in air behind her, instantaneously expanded in the sky above the two people covering both of them. Simultaneously the round blue mirror also projected out several blue rays, when these rays fell onto the Ice Spear Lights of Ning Cheng, the Spear Lights were instantly defeated and almost dispersed.

    Ning Cheng once again brought out another eight Spear Lights, and superimposed them on the previous Spear Lights. However, Ning Cheng immediately became a bit sluggish and delayed a bit, because he unexpectedly saw Tian Mu Wan in the blue mirror. When he saw Tian Mu Wan in there, bursts of heartache hit him....

    What's this? He even has a lover......

    The blue mirror was Meng Yu Jing's Magic Weapon, so she could also see the scenes that Ning Cheng was seeing in the blue magic mirror. But these scenes in it were very strange, she had never seen anything like that.

    But whatever that youth Ning Cheng was seeing inside her magic mirror, she was not much concerned about it and wanted to take him down immediately.

    The Mysterious Yellow Bead residing in his Zifu once again released the Mysterious Yellow Qi from the Mysterious Yellow Origin, this Qi because he had not yet fully formed his Sea of Consciousness, immediately disappeared in the Meridians of the Ning Cheng's body.

    It immediately jolted Ning Cheng awake, when he recovered, he actually discovered that the cyan sword waves of Meng Yu Jing had almost arrived in front of him. If this sword wave landed on his body, if he didn't die, then he would at least end up severely wounded.

    At this moment, Ning Cheng immediately mobilised the entire True Essence in his body, as he immediately casted out eight Spear Lights, but these eight Spear Lights were not the same Ice Spear Lights from before nor were they emitting the intense chill from before, but rather they were pure golden Spear Lights.

    Although these eight Spear Lights were not the Ice Spear Lights, but they still, almost at the same time, immediately formed into a Spear Network.

    This Spear Network and Meng Yu Jing's sword wave struck each other for the second time, and Ka Ka like sounds continuously rang out. Ning Cheng did not continue to supplement that Spear Network, he believed that even if he did not cast out those 8 Spear Lights once again, Meng Yu Jing would definitely lose without a doubt.

    But in this battle, Ning Cheng felt that his 36 Ice Spear Technique was a bit in a disadvantageous spot, moreover he also did not have an Ice Spiritual Root as his Main Spiritual Root, moreover even his reserves of True Essence were also relatively limited. Since these Ice Spears power were not very high, so he might as well remove the ice element completely.

    Simultaneously Ning Cheng also come up with another conclusion, that this Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Technique was not suitable for him to completely understand the Spear Intent.

    Ning Cheng once again took back his broken Spear. He closed his eyes once again, as he once more shot out his broken Spear towards the centre of the cyan sword wave.

    The Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Technique was a group kill Spear Technique, it was not suitable for one on one combat, it was also similarly not suitable to display the real Spear Intent. When Ning Cheng saw the former Ge Ye's technique and also Meng Yu Jing's sword technique, he immediately was able to gain an insight into a whole new Spear Technique. He affirmed that this new Spear Technique can definitely maximise and display the complete Spear Intent.

    Meng Yu Jing's sword wave technique was definitely an amazing sword technique. It even seemed to be on a higher level than his own Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Technique. But Meng Yu Jing was the same as him, and was unable to display the full might of the sword line waves, this let him have the room to counter attack.

    Meng Yu Jing didn't think that Ning Cheng would suddenly wake up, she wanted to stimulate the blue mirror once more, but then immediately felt that the entire platform was filled with the intense Killing Intent that was emanating from his Spear, the next moment endless Spear Shadows condensed from this Killing Intent, materialising in front of her.

    This was a really fearful and formidable Killing Intent. Not only Meng Yu Jing had no way to resist it, but she also ended up being scared out of her wits. If even one of these Spears bombed onto her body, then she could clearly guess that her entire body would not be able to resist it even for a moment before it was blasted open.

    The Spear Intent was growing more and more abundant, and also more and more heavy. Meng Yu Jing continued to retreat as her face was getting paler by each passing moment, she was desperately trying to circulate her True Essence to once again stimulate the blue magic mirror to block with it in front of her. She really did not know if her blue magic mirror could block Ning Cheng's Spear fully or not.

    "Crash" A burst of sound emerged, as Ning Cheng's Spear immediately blasted through the blue magic mirror. Leaving behind a spider web shaped crack emanating out from the centre of the blue magic mirror.

    Meng Yu Jing was also thrown back because of the fearful strength of the explosion, and just like a meteor, hit the Restriction placed on the square platform. She immediately sprayed out several mouthfuls of blood, as she fell to the ground, as she desperately tried to gasp for breath.

    Ning Cheng did not pursue Meng Yu Jing to kill her, he was still standing there with his eyes closed and did not move at all from that spot. A Spear was increasingly getting clearer in his mind, which made him go wild with joy, this was the true manifestation of the Killing Intent of a Spear, in other words 'Spear Intent'. Compared to this Spear, the Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Technique that he was using before felt incomparably weak.

    However, Ning Cheng was very clear, that now that he could completely comprehend the Spear Intent of this Spear, in addition to the several people seeing the fight from the outside, his 36 Ice Spear Technique definitely had left a lasting impression in their minds.

    "Hey, at such a young age, for him to comprehend the Spear Intent to such an extent, how could his Spiritual Root be bad?" The dignified looking man sitting on the main altar asked himself once again. This Ning Cheng in his first fight, revealed his Axe Intent. But now unexpectedly, he also brought out the Spear Intent.

    "I admit defeat...." Meng Yu Jing stood up with extreme difficulty, as she wiped the bloodstains from the corner of her mouth. The thing that she was most anxious about was the blue magic mirror which she had now immediately put into her Storage Bag. Although she did not understand the reason, but she understood that Ning Cheng had shown mercy on her, otherwise she had no doubt that she would have died in that attack.

    This magic mirror was something that she treasured the most, but unexpectedly it was broken by Ning Cheng's Spear, it was difficult for her to not feel down.

    Although Meng Yu Jing fought with Ning Cheng with everything she had. She was thoroughly defeated.

    Since they had lost two of their core disciples, the God Wind Academy which had been extremely depressed, because of Ning Cheng's victory, once again raised their hopes. Liu Xian was earnestly looking at Ning Cheng as he returned, if the God Wind Academy could obtain a good ranking, then even if they lost two of their core disciples they at least would be able to find a bit of comfort. Ning Cheng defeated Meng Yu Jing without even stopping for a moment, this let him see a new hope.

    In the plaza, many of the cultivators looked at Meng Yu Jing being defeated by Ning Cheng, they did not have an intuitive feeling, for them a dark horse was still a dark horse. But the people from the Falling Star Academy were completely shocked, Meng Yu Jing was not even half a bit worse than Chi Zi Wen from their Falling Star Academy. For them, for Ning Xiao Cheng who could easily defeat Meng Yu Jing, it could be said that even Chi Zi Wen would not be much of a match against Ning Xiao Cheng.

    Just what was the origin of this Ning Xiao Cheng? Just how could he be so terrifying?

    Ming Hao Kuo from the Clear Sky Academy was also staring at the Ning Cheng, as he thought back to the time that Ning Cheng was supposed to be a disciple of the Clear Sky Academy, but unfortunately he really was a blind man to let him go to the God Wind Academy. At this time, he was really wishing that he could once again find that Qi Gathering Cultivator who he had turned into ash, and then once again turn him into ash. He completely forgot about the fact that Ning Cheng had scored a total of 11 points in the first and second round of the tournament, at that time he had really felt fortunate, and was even ridiculing the God Wind Academy for their misfortune. But now....
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