3 Expectations turn to Reality


    I have finally put my plan into action.

    I have removed any snacks that may affect my health and planned for a diet in order to place my body at the fittest.

    Using the wide range of information on the internet I was able to create a training regiment. Analyzing what conditions my body can handle before tweaking the regimen to fit my needs this would be much better compared to spending money on a trainer.

    If my parents found out...

    There may be some butterfly effects that I wouldn't be able to expect or be in control of. For the first week it was agonizing having to constantly wake up to a stinging body and forcing myself to wake up from a deep sleep.

    But with enough time I was able to adapt to the situation. My body has some noticeable changes such as the toning of muscles and my durability to tolerate the exercise made me have to constantly change the training regimen. My body was growing out of a weakly pale body with my skinny arms starting to gain durability.

    In the Strength department as long as I am able to endure and constantly pursue to challenge myself I should be able to make use of this.

    Recently there was a test to measure what was needed to be taught. It was far too familiar with many of the questions being too easy. Just to be careful I tried to purposely make mistakes with wrong  calculations, grammar or spelling.

    I apparently made the right call.

    This was because looking at the scoreboard posted on the hallway I roughly estimated myself to be part of the top 20%. It was not too noticeable compared to the top 10% so that was the best part.

    Supposedly this was supposed to support the idea of rivalry and competitiveness brought out by our genes. To me this was nothing more than a lie as there were teachers in the back snickering at the sorrows of some of the students.

    I wasn't sure if there wasn't insult directed to me but I felt a sense of contempt from someone but I wasn't able to locate it. It felt veyr similar to the stare from the beginning of school.

    From my test scores I should slowly improve by maybe a 1% or 2% increase. But for top 20% this was already good enough. My classmates shouldn't make too much of a big deal from this so I was safe for a short amount of time.

    The constant interaction of speech with Caitlyn was very helpful. With the pillar to once again help me this helped with my stutters and stammers.

    The teachers would still ignore me but that was probably because my score was fairly okay. It didn't seem like they would be easily irritated by me so this Intelligence plan was working very well. I should be able to insert a plan around August.

    Finally they were here.

    I've been waiting for these ugly faces to appear.

    These people before me were the so called delinquents. A gang comprised of 8 people. There are too many reasons of why they would be targeting me would have to lie on the primary  one: The Rumors.

    I was basically called a weak and timid man who would easily cave to pressure making them believe they could bully me. How could I have been so blind to this in the past?

    They started talking trash but it was mainly to intimidate me. It didn't work too well as I held my ground. Eventually they started to get physical and they had no fear of the outcome since the teachers were probably scared.

    Four of the eight people started to rush towards me and restrain me. I was a little bit hopeful that since I have trained I would be able to contend to at least one of them but unfortunately I could barely do anything.

    My body was indeed considered fit however to my misfortune I couldn't use it. A fist to their stomach is far too weak. This was another subject I need to add to my list. Strength was originally supposed to be an appeal to others but now I have a reason to take it further.

    My struggles were fruitless as the four men grabbed my limbs, restraining me from escaping. A fifth member arrogantly walked forward punching my stomach. The other three were his stooges complimenting every success he has managed to accomplish.

    They made sure to avoid heavily injuring me with no internal bleeding and avoided my face.

    This happened a few weeks in a row and I was finally able to find the information I needed.

    The egotistical, cocky delinquent gave off the most crucial information. In one of his "target practice" he insulted, provoked and taunted me but the main point was that he issued this

    "I should be able to save up. Truly a lucky break. This kid is like a goldmine with his popularity."

    From his constant arrogance he should be saving for something expensive but at best it would more taunting and provoking. The main point was that at the end he called me in translation "a popular target".

    This seems more troublesome. This could mean that there are multiple people who wish to harm me or Caitlyn. At least I was able to get more clues.

    This was only the second month but I am currently making large success. If I had to guess then I may have only gotten 20% of external info. I don't have any information on Caitlyn but she still has her honest and cheerful personality.

    February's clues:

    - 8 gang members

    - Weird Glare

    - Unguarded teachers

    - Multiple targets

    To do:

    Learn techniques to fully use body - baseball bat - knife - boxing

    Use money carefully

    Increase grades

    This information is not enough but I can make several hypothesizes about who the multiple targets are. They should have some money if they are paying the bullies. It would be unlikely that they would beat me up for free.

    Another guess is that they passed me off as a rich kid making the bullies motivated to use me.

    Too bad for them I save my money.
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