4 Marching to victory


    My grades have once again increased by a fair margin that wouldn't be seen as too startling. I also started picking up boxing with my body beginning to tone itself to endure the blows.

    The reason for the excessive growth may have been due to the delinquents but I may make a move in September if I have enough information.

    Whenever I try to read my results there is still a glare. The condescending glare was still there and yet I can't find anyone.

    I was far too naive back then. I was never able to the teacher's indifference to the struggles and that people only see benefits.

    The ignorance in the end harmed Caitlyn and ultimately caused me to end my life in grief. My desire to find the truth was once more confirmed but it was useless if done alone.

    Making Caitlyn involved into this may speed up her choice of committing suicide making it unrealistic for her to be active in my side project.

    I was not the only special snowflake in my school to have rumors spread across the school. It just seemed that I had too many enemies with the same goal.

    These rumors were not without a source and had at least a small part of truth. 90% of the time it was the truth with a few parts twisted.

    It was just far too good of an offer if I didn't put them into action. From what I have heard in the past I've eliminated the most useless ones or ones that didn't quite align with my uses or goal.

    There were two main special cases, the soldiers and key figures that will help me:

    The honor student - Charlotte

    The couple - Mr. Harold & Jessica.

    The others that I couldn't use was for one more reason.

    They were rebellious!

    One story explained the hidden relationship between two students with explicit pictures that suggested the rumor. One student once got hands of some photos and attempted to black mail the two students.

    In return he was arrested with one of the students recording the aggressive blackmailing process. He was prosecuted and became infamous in the school, shunned by everyone including students.

    The two students then shrugged off the commotion and admitting their relationship they later had an engagement agreed by both parties.

    Happy and joyful story aside they could've placed me on a pedestal and destroy my plan.

    Eventually only The Couple & The Honor Student were left with the most resourceful outcome.

    I first needed to take the steps slowly and stalked them. Indeed it was borderline criminal activity however I have done nothing wrong or taken it too far that would cause me to be arrested.

    I was able to create a plan by watching certain patterns The Honor Student would do. Monday was drinking. Wednesday was smoking. But my favorite was Friday in which she did both.

    Inherently there is nothing wrong with drinking and smoking besides the fact it may be slowly killing her but that her image will be ruined. Coming from a rather famous company she had to face the pressures and goals given by her family.

    Having to consistently prove herself she had to have someway to output her stress and in this case it was drinking and smoking. In school she would be the ideal for most people to befriend or have a relationship with.

    This was because of her intelligence necessary to prove herself to her family. She participated in multiple sports club in order to gather merits, attaining more fame for herself and her family name.

    With more pressure of the public's expectation, I wonder what would happen if this news were to be shared?

    Taking a few pictures, videos and voice recordings I eventually gave a few of these to Charlotte. Initially there was some subtle threats that were implied however later she couldn't help but curse and threaten me.

    I didn't mind it as it was more evidence for me to use. Once Charlotte calmed herself I began to get to my conditions.

    They were very simple:

    - Hangout with Caitlyn

    - Tutor Caitlyn

    That was it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Indeed I could have extorted her and receive money to increase in Wealth. There were too many flaws in the Wealth plan making me discard that idea.

    Once there was a certain amount of money borrowed Charlotte may rebel. Exposing my plan and potentially I could get arrested. If this happened this may accelerate the suicide of Caitlyn due to the lack of emotional support and I wasn't ready to commit a crime that can be traced.

    If that were to happen what makes the difference between the people/reason that made Caitlyn commit suicide and me.

    By adding another pillar for her to rely on I also receive a pillar I can trust.

    Not to mention that the last person who tried to blackmail Charlotte who extorted more than a 4 digit number over the course of a month got arrested due to Charlotte telling her parents.

    With enough twisting of evidence the student was eventually tried for life in prison. This was another reminder not to push my luck and be aware of anything that may happen.

    Charlotte was surprised but having the lack of position in this situation she didn't question nor say anything. I gave her a picture of Caitlyn and her classroom.  I wished her luck on her befriending skill.

    Mumbling I heard her curse my name under her breath and utter her desire for her revenge. There was nothing wrong with it as I can relate to the despair of inferiority and succumbing to it but the main part was how she phrased it.

    It was nothing like a predicting smirk that knew my despise but the random rambling of hatred. It was only march so Charlotte shouldn't have established a network of connections.

    I could have waited at a much later date to get more benefits but back to the rebellion she may back stab me. I would rather have a friend that hates me but eventually succumbs to another friend's kindness than one with inflated arrogance from superiority of connections.

    The emotional support from another friend should stimulate Caitlyn into telling any underhanded struggles she may be experiencing. Meaning that there were too many positive outweighs the negative.

    Sometimes I do think to myself...

    How could I be so Naive?
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