5 A Fools Feeling


    I have yet to confront The Couple about the blackmail but I may do it sometime this month. My training has been constant and my grades are stagnant for the reason that the time of this month was fairly busy.

    Events coming up and to not arouse suspicion from others. The bullies have not done anything to me for a while but it may have to do with the teachers helping me for my high grades. I believe that the delinquents are probably waiting for a higher pay before making a move on me.

    In the meantime I have setup most of my plans on the external phase but I have yet to find out the internal information that could make or break my hypothesizes which all originate with one person


    Right now we are considered friends and compared to my last life I didn't want to watch the hand that stopped dominoes disappear so I stayed quiet. The result was the hand permanently gone, rotting and dead.

    I can use this as an excuse but I should know myself what I love.

    On a separate piece of paper I wrote a letter. Indeed old fashioned but it was far too familiar.

    I wrote one in my other life. I wrote it just in case I would use it. I wrote it so that one day I would be able to fix my problems and finally give it to Caitlyn but unfortunately it never came to fruition.

    I remember it so vividly. Getting the advice from someone who would later receive it was probably the best advice I could get. I remember the questions she asked me

    "Who's it for?"

    "Shouldn't you draw some pictures to make it cuter?"

    "Make sure it is readable"

    "Why do you act so old fashioned?"

    "When will you give it to the lucky lass?"

    These were my favorites. The last one seemed like she was teasing me and I couldn't help but just  scream that it was supposed to be for her but I couldn't.

    I was afraid. The rejection that would follow. The fear that could sever our ties. Hiding it in the corner of my head I expected that one day she would find out.

    I couldn't piece it together to tell her and thought that she could figure it out by herself but I didn't think that she would be gone so fast.

    Do you know how hard it was to build up the courage to even try and write a mail like that again?

    It felt agonizing but avoided making the paper soggy with tears.

    I eventually gave the letter to her. I expressed my feelings and told her about why.

    At first she thought she was joking as she responded

    "April Fools was a few days ago"

    This felt like the water rinsing out the blood on my wrist but aimed at my heart. Why did it hurt much more?

    The feelings that was determined to be similar to a joke felt painful but I stood my ground. I assured it wasn't a joke and continued to explain to her.

    Finally it was the moment of truth where I explained everything, I showed my hand and discarded a poker face. Currently it was inconvenient to talk the tricks up my sleeves about my past life but I'll tell her later.

    It was a very simple yes.

    The thought of rejections and denial instantly disappeared with this revelation but I tried to not seem too ecstatic.

    And that was how I just started a relationship.

    It seemed too surreal for it to actually be real but she just said it. To say I wasn't in joy or happy then that would have to be a lie.

    Before I can consider diving deep into the relationship it wouldn't mean anything if she were to disappear like my past life. I need to find out why or even who gave her the motivation to commit suicide.

    From the stand point from me as a friend she never showed anything that suggested suicidal thought. If I want to make sure this relationship lasts long I need to find this out and constantly reassure her.

    Now it was time to get back to business

    The Couple renowned for having a relationship comprising of - Mr. Harold & Jessica.

    These two has a relationship of dating each other with Jessica originally planning to marry Mr. Harold and adopt his last name.

    Unfortunate for them someone found out and spread the news to everyone. The school was in the headlines for a while. The misfortune lied on Mr. Harold.

    Suffering in his high school he was arrested for theft. It was fairly light but his career had to endure it and with enough dedication he eventually landed a job as a teacher.

    The relationship was mutual and because Jessica was of legal age and considered an adult the court could not land charges calling Jessica a "victim" despite her consent.

    In the end the school fired Mr. Harold in order to avoid the torrent of angry parents and hide from headlines of multiple news channels.

    The struggles for Mr. Harold to land a normal job was already tough but this one incident ruined him. In the end with the difficulties he faced he began to let go of everything.

    Jessica was also affected as some universities denied her access to their schools and many students discriminating her by calling her certain slurs used to destroy her reputation.

    In the end both drowned.

    I can respect them for their decisions but if I have to discard my respect for them to save Caitlyn then i'll do it in less than a blink of an eye.

    They usually meet up after-school on Thursdays to "tutor" Jessica who is falling behind on her grades.

    Just as the school was closing up I handed them two photos. They weren't too inappropriate but it was just a very intimate state that the photo captured.

    Both were very weak willed and were on the verge of crying. If this was the reason my plans failed due to the commotion they were making I would have definitely sent this to newspaper companies if they endangered Caitlyn.

    I assured them that they didn't need to worry too much. I mainly asked for the support of Mr. Harold. I told him it was nothing too much.

    I just needed access to every students profiles.

    Mr. Harold was instantly struck with courage as he grabbed my collar however I loosened his grip. As a teacher he did have morals but just a few didn't align with society's norm. He most likely worried about the consequences and the pranks I may do to the profiles.

    I once more assured him that I wouldn't do anything illegal.

    With a bit more pushing and pulling between the tug of war about our justifications he eventually gave up and I make sure to promise

    "I won't spread the evidence as long our deal stands"

    The deal

    - Cain shall not spread photos and video recordings consisting of Mr. Harold & Jessica

    - Mr. Harold shall grant Cain access to his password and username that grants permission for him to use the school's database of student profiles.

    - Once Cain has got his uses he will erase the photos and videos, swearing to not say on thing

    - Cain will not do anything to the student profiles

    - Cain may not give/sell information of students to other people

    These were the main points and despite the majority of it restricting me it was fine since they don;t interfere with my goal.

    If my plan moves as expected then it'll be fine

    Now what about the bullies?
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