6 May I take out the Trash?


    As expected the teachers started losing their motivation. The initial part of my stagnation didn't seem too bad but seeing how it has remained in a constant state without loss or increase they still decided to abandon me.

    It's quite fine now that I have Mr. Harold not to mention they were disposable pawns. I just needed them to support me for March and April so I guess this is the perfect timing for me.

    The delinquents have finally been unleashed and ready to pick a fight with me. Before they even have the idea of picking on me I needed to make a backup plan.

    I made sure to bring a water bottle filled to the brim with water and a taser. In this life I won't use it for myself but rather to defend myself. If what I worry come true then this should be useful but I shouldn't use it in any normal time.

    My parents shouldn't worry and probably shrug it off and believe that I bought it for self defense. They would be on point if they came to that conclusion but they would probably attribute it to me being weak.

    My original plan was to rely on them to get to college and eventually get a job. I would pay off anything I owe to my parents and run away from them. I would never have to see them for years and I might even adopt Caitlyn's last name.

    But with my past life I have already made a considerable sum of profit so why should I rely on them anymore?

    When arriving to school I strolled towards the place the delinquents usually hung out which was where they would commonly bully me. A shed was where they would commonly smoke and hang out. The shed was empty with only a few cigars and bottles collectively hidden in boxes.

    There were no cameras and when going to the outskirts it was very unlikely for someone to take a video. The surroundings were covered with very thick bushes and trees that covered this area.

    The gardener probably avoided this out of fear due to the delinquents or possibly paid by them to give the bushes fertilizer, enabling for a better place to bully the weak.

    I prayed that my greatest trauma wasn't here so this was good news for me. I made sure to mark out certain spots and placed my phone and camera in a discrete location.

    Finally the time has come:

    The bullies have now arrived.

    Using their very familiar tactics they made sure to intimidate everyone by filling up the space in the hallway and look for their prey that may be in low populated area.

    I'm surprised how they were easily baited and couldn't help but smile at this moment... I could finally eliminate on of my problems.

    Just as usual they would try to strike fear in me by cursing directly towards me but it still had no effect. Once again they take it as an act of provocation and the four grunts charged towards me.

    I slowly back away to kite them away from the other four members. The four delinquents that watched chuckled in my plight to separate them and took it as a resignation to my fear of them.

    The three stooges complimented the leader of the group, helping to boost his ego.

    What they forgot to notice was the fact that when I was kiting I was leaning slightly towards the left. This cause the mob of four people to nearly become a neat straight line making them less threatening compared to four people jumping me at the same time.

    Eventually the kiting led to a spot that made sure to mark. The aforementioned mark made me pause in my kiting and forced me to make my stand.  The three stooges in the back laughed hysterically and the ring leader was grinning with joy.

    I spent months working on this and if it actually fails then I can only resort to my last plan. I first tried to knock out the first man by using their momentum against them as I kicked him in the crotch. The momentum from his run directly approached my leg making it more painful.

    The man couldn't help but whimper in pain before before holding his crotch and kneel before me. During the motion that his knees were about to hit the floor I pushed him into the next guy. 1 down, 1 troubled and 2 left.

    The two delinquents were enraged by my act of rebellion and decided to charge at me much faster. The two bodies on the ground blocked their direct path to get me so they went around the body.

    One delinquent who was behind another struggled to pick a path and deciding to get me restrained he went the other way after he stopped following the other delinquent.

    The delinquent that rushed to me blindly pulled back his arm and tried to make it accumulate momentum and was aiming for my face from the positioning. This delinquent was probably really close to the two on the floor from how furious he seemed.

    Drawing his fist forward I move to the side and tried to kick his legs. With most of his force in his fist his body had a shift of his center of gravity considering his torso also moved along with the punch.

    My kick swept him up causing him to fall to the side. But due to the force in his arm his body lunged forward as well. I wasn't willing to have a body on top of me so I punched his stomach to be reassured of a useless man.

    Using my other arm I tried to push the body away after my punch and the body could finally fall to the side in peace. The delinquent on the ground who was covered by the delinquent holding his crotch finally recovered and next to the hesitating delinquent.

    Receiving the confidence that with two people ganging up on him at the same time they rushed me. Instead of going around they decided to jump over the two delinquents instead.

    This was not exactly what I expected but it wasn't out of hand. When I noticed they were in the air I decided this was the time to strike. Instead of them charging at me I thought it was about time to charge at them

    I managed to tackle a delinquent on the left however the other one to the right grabbed my jacket forcing me to only push the delinquent on the left, restraining my follow up. The delinquent on the right pulled my jacket back to him probably to wind up his punch.

    Before that I used the momentum of him moving me back to punch in the face. It was not centered well causing me to primarily hit his right eye and cheek. With the amount of force used it should put him down.

    The delinquent that was about to get up was crushed by my foot. I made sure to step on his stomach before quickly kicking his sides to make sure something would bruise at least.

    The three stooges in the back were frightened and ran away. The leader cursed at their cowardice and ran to his shed despite scoffing at their shameless act.

    I didn't want to move too far away from the mark otherwise I might lose some important evidence. Using the well known phrase was meant for intimidation

    "You can hide but you can't run"

    Shockingly it worked but not as expected. The ringleader indeed came out of the shed but he now had something in his hand.

    A cane

    The item that terrorized my childhood was here appeared once more. It didn't make sense. The ringleader only used it around November and I just checked it this morning.


    Who placed it there?

    I'm glad I brought my backup though. Just like his grunts the ringleader followed suit by charging at me and waving the cane as if it was a sword.

    Opening my water bottle I sprayed him with it, temporarily blinding him and then used my taser. The voltage was set to high and unfortunately he was thoroughly knocked out.

    I didn't want to leave any evidence for a bystander to capture so I hid the bodies all in the shed until they eventually wake up by themselves. The three stooges didn't seem like they would come back anytime so this was the perfect time.

    I made sure to check my phone and cameras. Honestly the audio wasn't too bad. With this much evidence The ringleader probably wouldn't make too much of a deal.

    The ringleader eventually woke up. I may be skipping a class but this was worth it. I made sure to blackmail him. I showed him the video I took but there was an even better part.

    I gave him a few documents that were spread across the floor. Profile pictures and names were listed. I don't need the other teachers since I can use Mr. Harold. He even felt thankful for watching over the bullied victims.

    Foolish thoughts. If it can't save an innocent soul from killing herself what use are they. I told the ringleader that I would spread this video all across the school and world but just like his stooges he was a coward.

    I needed to know who was targeting me and Caitlyn.


    He gave me the perfect answer

    "One of them is Alex. The other... I swear I don't know them... they were wearing multiple layers of black clothes and weren't willing to use email. He was the one who even encouraged me to cripple you using the cane"

    I made sure to shock him a few more times on a lower voltage and he didn't seem to be lying.

    This idiot!

    I was finally going to live a peaceful life but this man couldn't even know who he was dealing with.


    This could place me in the spotlight and the reason for this is because of him. I do feel thankful for not crippling me in the past life and still hesitant now but...

    My anger was slowly rising but taking a deep breath I made sure to tell him this.

    "Everytime they give a commission to harm me. You can do what you always do but if you lay your hands on me.... There will be blood"

    My revenge was so close. But this man...

    One day...

    I wish that was a joke... it may happen one day
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