7 She can swim...just not breathe


    The ringleader may have destroyed my plans but that doesn't matter.

    So far he has done as he was asked. He would bring me away to the location however give me a table and chair to relax.

    Caitlyn has barely noticed so I feel even better. The best part is that the pawn, Charlotte has done what has been asked.

    No one notices the oddity of me being dragged away or payed attention to Caitlyn's and Charlotte's interactions. It was very common to see the both of them eating lunch and chatting.

    At first I would normally frown at the fact that Charlotte's smile and greeting was forced and that her acting was not up to par however now that it was June she has obviously changed.

    Caitlyn would like to brag to me that she has Charlotte to tutor her and if necessary I can join however I would rather spend my time a little bit differently.

    I was researching a little and I noticed a few... oddities?

    The three stooges may seem like scoundrels however their attendance rate was actually very high and their grades were pretty consistent. They haven't showed up with the ringleader but seem to spend a lot of their time in the library.

    The ringleader is apparently the eldest in his family. Both parents are noted to be deceased while having a younger brother and sister.

    This was probably another excuse for why the teachers wouldn't care about the bullying and illegal activities they did.

    It still irritated me that he didn't know the perpetrator! One day i'll find out who's the mastermind, I still have time.

    Caitlyn still has yet to have any abnormal changes and Charlotte has yet to told me any disturbances Caitlyn has faced. It seems the mastermind must be extremely patient or is planning for something intricate.

    There was still that cane that I couldn't get my head out of. In the morning they didn't place it in the shed. I absolutely made sure to check every inch of the shed and there didn't seem to be any hidden contraptions.

    Even if there was The ringleader would have spilled that information.

    This leaves me the answer that it was somewhere between the time of morning and the time The ringleader confronted me.

    Who has the free time?

    Either the third party is someone similar to the delinquents in which they skip school to do other activities or someone with immense power.

    It may be power as in strength, blackmail info or social connection.

    For my next move I need to at least search for students that have a low attendance rate. I may be able to search for a possible perpetrator.

    Even if the person is not the perpetrator they may give a lead.

    Since I still have the 6 months I mustn't forget my  main priority:


    I've already confirmed and strengthened our relationship together so why shouldn't I respect it? I've spent too much time looking for trouble and ignored Caitlyn to the most.

    I've already suppressed the delinquents and resolved most of my trouble. The teachers have noticeably changed their attitude but may have to do with my grades being in the top 10% of the school with Charlotte being in the top 10.

    The one thing that ticked me off today that temporarily displeased me would lie on today.

    Charlotte asked Caitlyn whether she was excited for today's Physical Education which was swimming. Inherently there was nothing wrong with that question but it acted like a prelude for trouble. Just like my previous life Caitlyn can't swim.

    The coach didn't force Caitlyn to swim since she didn't have a swimsuit to use and accepted the fact that she couldn't swim. I silently nodded my head in the back, feeling gratitude for the coach's kindness but that was it.

    Just like other teachers in the school the coach originally got into teaching us hydrodynamics of swimming and how beneficial it was but the class persistently ignored it.

    Eventually the coach learnt that very fast as she eventually suggested the class to just play games for the rest of the period. I'm not criticizing her teacher skills but what happened after it was the troubling part.

    The coach asked a few of my classmates to help up with the mess my class created and I also had to help. I had no say to refuse but I still did my part.

    A scream echoed from across the pool and I saw Caitlyn flailing about in the pool. While everyone was turning their head to look for the source of the sound and about to react I was already next to Caitlyn.

    The difficulties was the fact that in a state of panic she kept pushing me down to try and breathe air. I tried to make her fall into a starfish shape so that she could try and float.

    In this process I tried to calm her down by encouraging her to take deep breathes and not flail. While this was done there were multiple questions going through my head.

    Was she pushed? Did she fall in?

    The coach wasn't even here and walked off accepting the fact that our class is ill-mannered. Probably if she was here she wouldn't even help.

    I maneuvered Caitlyn towards the ladder of the pool so that she could exit the body of water. As soon as she felt comfortable I wanted to confirm my suspicions.

    I asked her what happened but it seemed that she was still shook. She didn't answer my question in the best state but rashly replied

    "I don't know"

    I don't think Caitlyn would be so careless to have fallen into the pool and if she accidentally slipped then how? The water was unlikely to spill out of the pool unless my class was extremely rough with it. I make sure to look  around the boundaries of the pool but there was no slippery parts.

    The only chance is that Caitlyn for some reason walked on the wet surface left by the classmates that left and then walked to the other side of the pool then slipped.

    This is already a stretch for me.

    I believe that someone pushed her.

    But who?

    The delinquents wouldn't dare and they aren't even in my class. I haven't notified Alex or anyone who would mess with me?


    I felt a sense of foreboding. The only people I've affected are the two pawns and the delinquents.

    It couldn't be...

    The main source of my problems relied on these three factors.

    I made sure to absolutely threaten Charlotte but she once again showed no evidence that suggested betrayal and The Couple seemed to have not notice anything odd.

    The delinquents?

    They were still extremely timid and docile because of me so it couldn't be them...

    I felt a strange pain so I made sure to check at night.

    The school is truly an oddball as it still hasn't shut down with it's careless staff and I don't think a careless staff would do that.

    The reason I mention a third party is because I found something strange. Near the shed where I placed my cameras to record blackmail material/evidence. There was a cane and a camera.

    The camera wasn't mine...

    The cane was the same cane that was meant to harm me in this life.

    I'm being watched.

    I'm being threatened.

    To get another chance yet immediately shut down with this...


    The third party that patiently watched like a spectator is practically telling me to stay my hand

    Were they the ones?
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