9 Marked for life


    It was indeed very awkward. For the first few months the attempt to interact with Caitlyn was a definite struggle.

    Trying to talk to each other was already difficult and even with the help of Charlotte I didn't manage to get as close as I expected.

    The date ending in an everlasting memory except that it wasn't a good romantic one but rather one that further the rift between us.

    I wanted to take out this anger on the delinquents. The group of useless trash were very fortunate because of my current conditions. With the odd sense that someone was watching me and aware of my every move I couldn't rashly do anything.

    What doesn't help is the attraction of benefits.

    That may have been my aim at the beginning of the year but I am disappointed. There are indeed people approaching me for my change in physique, look and mentality however they look for me only for benefits.

    I can accept that fact yet they have nothing to benefit me.

    I have realized that after using Charlotte and The Couple. These average people just want to use me but they can't give anything in trade. That was the major disappointment I felt.

    I finally felt that it was necessary to find out more information from Charlotte. From what she has said the group of girls were indeed people who only sought for Charlotte's identity as a scion. She didn't necessarily know all of them but the only reason she met them was because they were important to her family.

    This further confirmed my assumptions but when I asked whether she knew the names of the girls she replied no.

    It was not that she was now rebelling against me but the girls would be careful around names. They would have the tendency to use vague words or pronouns and sometimes nicknames. Instead of just saying a name they would use something like "hey".

    If we were to believe they simply forgot a person's name then they would be criticized by their family until they could finally adapt and increase their memorizing skill. This was very unlikely as in the first place their family wouldn't let them out.

    If the group were already friends then they must be very protective. It may be that it was a rule within their group to be cautious of strangers but it doesn't change the fact that they didn't say their real names at all.

    With no actual lead I needed to first check the school's database. I need to take a shot in the dark and start from somewhere so why not start with the school.

    I should be able to use Mr. Harold's authority to begin making my move but there are too many clues to suddenly add another a path. I first need to finish and explore what clues I have already found before proceeding to others.

    I need to start hurrying for this plan to work.

    Charlotte has begun warming Caitlyn up. Truly a useful pawn to set me up once again so I better take this chance and carefully use it.

    Caitlyn has begun to act much more intimately with me compared to the first few days of the month.

    I needed to use my time carefully. I had to gamble on this month. Either I mess up and find out what she's hiding too early in which I will have to wait for a long time to ask her again or wait too long and waste too much time.

    Time wont allow me to experiment and have multiple trials revolving around this task so I have to choose carefully.

    This was a gamble in which I had to invest all my chips in and can't cautiously play.

    And so I risked it.

    Surprisingly she said yes. It seemed time manage to slowly heal the subtle shyness she had so that I can finally find out why she feels uncomfortable with her torso.

    We set aside a time on Saturday so that Caitlyn would come to my house. True to her words Caitlyn appeared at the doorsteps of my house.

    Clearly she felt uncomfortable as she fidgeted and was very timid while tending to shy away from continuing a conversation.

    I shrugged it off and tried to make her more comfortable by transitioning her to other topics such as studying. She was very keen on that subject which made me reminiscence my past life's Caitlyn.

    They were now two separate entities.

    One gave up and isn't alive while the one before is willing to confront her fears by being with me.

    I consider this to be brave. Something she wouldn't have done before. Whether that's good or bad I'm about to find out.

    The thrilling actions that I did in the Ferris Wheel is now appearing here making her seem a little frantic.

    I tried to use the hormones and ecstasy she is currently feeling to continue my actions. Compared to last time she was less against me.

    This was the moment that would reveal more answers. The answers that may explain why Caitlyn once chose suicide. The answer that could explain why she decided not to talk to anyone and became a human swing.

    This was it.

    I didn't know what I was expecting but obviously what was in front of me caused not disappointment but pure rage.

    I could point out that maybe Caitlyn isn't well endowed as many other females but the boiling point for me were the scars cloaking all over her skin.

    Some looked like they were there for years while others looked as if they were only a few weeks ago. With London eyes & an Aberdeen heart Caitlyn stared at me.

    The tears dropped one by one. I could make the choice to immediately leave to find the answer in pure rage but to keep a calm mind is a must.

    Cain what other point is there in another chance if you don't see your options.

    I instead continued with the act and held her within my arms before continuing in more 'adult acts'. At first Caitlyn seemed to struggle and on the verge of crying another waterfall but by taking it slow we were able to finish the act soon.


    In a tired state I managed to ask Caitlyn who was also worn out the questions I needed.

    I asked her where she got the scars.

    but in a spite of terror she grabbed me and pulled me closer with tears drenching my chest while murmuring

    "stop, you... shouldn't be here. she won't stop....Cain."

    The constant whimpering made it difficult but these were the main clues.

    my heart ached but now I have finally found the biggest clue.

    Caitlyn's perpetrator is a female!
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