10 Revenge is Profitable


    Caitlyn decided to stay longer at my house so she could snooze away. It fit quite well with my plan and I had no qualms about it.

    The mess was easy to remove as it only stained my bed-sheet with the fastest method to clean it by using the washing machine.

    Caitlyn suddenly asked to keep the bed-sheet and I shrugged it off as that wouldn't give me too much trouble. I instead replaced the bed-sheet using a spare one.

    We both got closer to each other as we fell into a state of drowsiness but before going out like a light I needed to find my answers. I already know that this person is a female but what was the reason for the scars.

    Were they the reasons for her suicide?

    The constant torment she suffered had gone on for possibly years. I don't know how much she has been tortured but that doesn't mean I can't stop future scars.

    I whispered into her ear to slowly get her more comfortable and it was effective.

    In a somber tone she sobbed as she spoke

    "She told them to...."

    She could barely finish the sentence as she stammered and hesitated at multiple words.

    Whenever I was about to find out who this "she" was only then could I finally end this shenanigans at once. Unfortunately luck wasn't on my side as she couldn't even utter out her name.

    No matter what I did she couldn't even give a letter just sheer fear that gleamed from her eyes. I didn't want to make her traumatized or feel anymore uncomfortable so I need to get another source that will give me information

    This "they" should hold the information. If I can pry out this single piece of information then I just need to follow the trail and finally figure everything out.

    I know this would make her feel uncomfortable but I had to do it if I want to end all of her future sufferings.

    I found the information but....

    Have you ever heard of this quote:

    "Mercy bears richer fruit than strict justice"?

    If so then the fruit of mercy I have must be extremely rotten.

    I've been deceived.

    I, a naive brat thought that a simple grudge with a little bit of force could have solved everything but the delinquents thought otherwise.

    The main people were the overlooked 3 stooges and Alex.

    It was quite hilarious that I haven't bothered with those 4 and their ready to mess with me. I was curious of when it happened and Caitlyn only knew it started this year.

    I felt guilty at the realization that I could have stopped any of this happening if I searched Caitlyn's corpse in my other life then I may have noticed this but I'm not a lunatic to basically defile a corpse.

    I need revenge.

    I asked Mr. Harold to gather information of any mysterious things the 3 Stooges and Alex did.

    Like an obedient lackey he followed my instructions immediately. He would gather a list of people who were affected by Alex and the 3 stooges. I didn't ask for this information but his loyalty to do a little extra on my part still filled me with gratitude.

    But the main stuff were the documents written like a report with images to support the accusations.

    Mr. Harold thought that I was bringing these unruly children to justice but it was much more than this petty word "justice".

    I whispered to the 3 stooges and Alex to meet up after-school without many people noticing us. The less eyewitnesses there were, the less troubles I would have to face.

    If I tried to text them then they may try to use that as some sort of evidence if they were to bring that to court which is just the same as a written note.

    By talking to them that was my only option.

    It was so simple with the wind blowing the pile of freshly printed paper they met my gaze with a white face that exaggeratedly looked like the paper in their hand.

    The blood was clearly not circulating through their head which may be the reason why they were incredibly pale but it had to due with the fact that they were murmuring incoherently.

    It seems that The ringleader may have betrayed me as Alex was the first one to collapse followed by the 3 stooges. It seems that I may need to have a talk with The ringleader.

    They kneeled before me in fright and a grin couldn't help but appear on my face. I have pure control.

    It seemed like as if they already knew why they were here but that made me feel more hostile towards them.

    They knew the sins they have committed yet they refuse to even utter an apology or feel a sense of guilt for doing such vile actions.

    I was livid, with the will to make sure they would never have another chance to breathe, pump blood or even commit another sin I restrained myself.

    That's right.

    If I cut off my path to the funding girl. The woman who was the reason for Caitlyn's suffering. The woman who "wore multiple black clothing".

    I learnt that it wasn't actually The ringleader who controls the transactions in his group. Apparently it had to do with one of the 3 stooges. Acting like an accountant he would calculate the expenses and research for who to target.

    Honestly that disgusted me a little that he had a keen eye for weak people but I shrugged it off.

    The information I got from them was that this person was named


    That was all that was needed.

    I finally found the final puzzle piece. Now I just need to arrange it into a picture.

    I may be a kind person but for these pieces of trash.

    I gave the blackmail material to another group of people. If they had grudges then good for them but if they were random people then whatever.

    I did this because their now useless. Not that useless but not important to place a priority on...

    They were nothing more than a picture frame.
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