11 Who are my enemies?


    I have truly found the person I consider a "murderer".

    I mean after all she pushed Caitlyn to the brink of committing suicide. For all things there must be a reason so what was the motive?

    I couldn't prematurely pressure this "Isabel" but rather gather information.

    Information is key in this scenario and I need to know who else is in cahoots I need to lay down the clues on he clues to find out.

    Today I need to list down the perpetrators who have affected either mine or Caitlyn's life. Before giving them a miserable ending I need to take advantage of them

    The thought made me grin but light headed at the same. An abrupt pressure out of know where stacked upon me as I was so close to the purpose of my life.

    The motivation that lead me to do things that any morally civilized person wouldn't have done. The chance that has lead me astray yet not a criminal.

    I managed to comprise a list of either pawns or enemies:

    - Alex

    - Person who tripped me

    - Mysterious stares

    - The ringleader/delinquent

    - 4 Grunts/delinquent

    - 3 Stooges/delinquent

    - Charlotte/The Honor Student

    - Mr. Harold/The Couple

    - Jessica/The Couple

    - Person who pushed Caitlyn

    - Possibly Charlotte's friend

    It's about time I start crossing out the useful and the useless.

    If Santa can watch kids and judge them for their actions that are either nice or naughty then why can't I put forth my judgement.

    The biggest difference between us is that at least I won't stoop so low to break into houses.

    Alex I have set into plan if I know what this "Isabel" is like. From the actions she has taken she could potentially be considered...eccentric.

    An unknown motive that was willing to allow her to harm two people.

    I may want to harm Alex in every possible way I can imagine due to his manipulative behavior that has caused people to become bankrupt because of his plans.

    And if you didn't agree with his ideals he would use force to make sure you were still a customer. The true meaning of an absolute scum.

    For the plan that I have install it shouldn't be too different compared to hell.

    Now the person who tripped me...

    Currently this person is still unknown. No one has volunteered themselves to suggest they were the person to trip me up at the beginning of school.

    Could it really have been just an unlucky coincidence. If so then why would this "Isabel" try to harm me?

    I can only guess that this was on purpose, for what reason? I don't know.

    I would be a fool to believe that it wasn't on purpose but it still wounds back to the question who did it.

    A past acquaintance who has a grudge against me? Very unlikely, I made sure to separate from those people.

    The list could go on with multiple people who have the ability to have done this but i'm more inclined to just wait and ask "Isabel". With the usual methods she has done she seems quite willing to spend money to get what she wants.

    An example would be her paying the delinquents to harm me.

    The Mysterious Stares.

    If I had to guess they were nothing more than people who were once again paid to watch me, possible subordinates/friends that work with "Isabel" or maybe Isabel herself.

    The ringleader... I have plans for him this month.

    To hide information that could have made me suffer... I need to return the favor.

    The 4 grunts don;t have the guts to mess with me with The ringleader being an exception only due to his ego.

    If it weren't for that how easy life could have been.

    The 3 stooges was just like Alex... I have a plan in-store for them.

    Once the climax has been reach only then will these picture frames be useful.

    Charlotte is currently considered to be Caitlyn's friend so by doing something to her I will basically be stabbing myself in the back. And Jessica has no use for my current situation.

    However... I'll need her in November

    Mr. Harold. I may have to apologize for breaking the conditions you set with me but isn't for the greater good? You helped me gather documents of multiple students that were bullied and the bullies.

    If you knew the bullies were tormenting people why didn't you do anything? Why did you encourage me to start doing something or stop the bullying?

    I just did what you wanted. Justice.

    However this self-righteous stupidity is too... restraining.

    Your double standards or your pure kindness is probably what lead you to your downfall.  That's why i'm different

    now then, the person who pushed Caitlyn.

    Once again this could be someone who was payed to push Caitlyn into the water. If it was on the accident they would've tried to help her or at least apologize.

    I couldn't see anyone near the pool at the time because I was too distracted so I can't feel reassured.

    If Caitlyn fell into the pool by herself then I must be overthinking everything. That is plausible since everything that could have the chance of being set up I always pinned it onto a suspect.

    Possibly Charlotte's friend.

    I'm not really sure what to say.

    If my guesses from before were right then Charlotte would know what this "Isabel" looks like. Her friend gave me a familiar sense of glare which was the reason I felt... uncomfortable.

    There are too many factors so I can't say too much.

    Now I think it's about time I start thinking about my revenge against The ringleader.


    I could recount the scene that was just too hysterical for me to not just widen my mouth into a broad smile.

    The ringleader one day stormed into my classroom and punched me.

    It was unfortunate for him that it didn't exactly land on my face but was rather restrained by my palm.

    He roared in front of my face that I broke my promise. I couldn't care less. the promise we made was brought upon "trust", yet you broke it first.

    In a fair game of chess... I need to remove the word "fair".

    It was as simple as that. The comparison that was necessary to bridge our difference was really simple.

    He cried his heart out to say that I should delete the video.

    I did. Right in front of his eyes.

    But the thing is there's a good saying that would be helpful for him.

    "Once on the internet always on the internet"

    He was later arrested on the fact that he has harmed many people and the school decided to expel him.

    His little sister was later adopted by a different family and the ringleader would never have the chance to meet her again.

    This was the so called "justice". A man who has scarred many people will just stay in a home with free food and water. Shelter that will protect him and free time that no one has.

    I may have separated an innocent child, so what?

    Isn't it for this "greater good".

    At the very least she hasn't gone homeless and died.

    By sending the video I caught of us fighting to many victims of bullying they suddenly gathered their courage.

    I became the start of a change of their lives. I cracked them out of their shell for the purpose of them reporting on The ringleader for countless acts of bullying.

    It was very interesting how swayed they were.

    It was no wonder why they were bullied. I really do look down upon myself thinking that I used to be something like that.

    But this was the trigger I needed.

    For I received a hand-written letter.

    "Meet me at the rooftop of the school
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