12 The Truth

    The chilly breeze swept my hair as the stars and moon acted as companions to watch the fun. The darkness loomed above us as the moon refused to shine anymore light while a sly smirk flashed across from me.

    She leaned against the railing while provoking Cain by using her hand to signal him to come forward. Cain silently watched from afar with an apathetic sense that slowly turned into aggression.

    "Isabel!" Cain with grit teeth murmured her name as he restrained himself from getting closer to her, afraid of instantly knocking her out.

    Isabel chuckled with disdain as she looked over the show that was right across from her. To her an ant that was attempting to get closer only to be burned with a magnifying glass.

    "I've been waiting."

    She announces her state with an aloof sense while looking away form Cain with subtle disgust gleaming from her eyes. Isabel then looked back to Cain who only stared at her. No more words. No more aggression.

    It was just an empty glare directed at her.

    "Did you know there are many desires humans have, but the most common are love, money & success. You've already attained your "Love" your skills at analyzing the stock market has made you absolutely successful without any losses and rich." The tone of Isabel's voice was similar to an adult slowly teaching a child and as she said the word "love" she made sure to use two fingers as quotation marks.

    The mocking sarcasm resounded across the top of the school but Cain has yet to counteract her words.

    "This was my purpose. I needed you to feel the never-ending pressure of life so that you could reach your state of success. That was me. Can't I get a little bit of a thank you." Cain understood that at this point Isabel had a limited sense of vocabulary that only had a sarcastic effect.

    Cain finally began his retort as he asked "Why? Why did I need to feel this 'pressure'. What was this 'pressure' I had to face?" Cain couldn't help but cough out the word 'pressure', scoffing at the ridiculous notion.

    Isabel answering Cain with a slight tone of contempt willingly replied "Your brother... an absolute prodigy. Starting a revolutionary within an industry and with the demand for more he locked himself up. Nobody knows where he is or what he is doing."

    "Your parents looked down upon you for your lack of similarity to your brother. An average person that could not replicate his feats. Overshadowed by his brother he was on the brink of being disowned yet he made his own move to get out of that hell."

    "The only reason I heard this was because your parents work for me. I'm still waiting for my thanks. I'm your savior. I was the one who brought out your potential. I was the one who can now allow you to prove yourself to your family. I am that person." Isabel was on the verge of screaming her lungs out however remained her calm at the end of her elaborate speech

    Cain had yet to show any emotional distraught on his face but how he spoke said otherwise "That... W-what would happen if nothing happened"

    Isabel flashed another grin but with delight as she answered in a mysterious tone

    "I would have to keep pushing you to your limit"

    Isabel began to give another rant while Cain stood there with a blank face

    "This is the world you live in. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. We are no saints yet we give chance to those who are poor. We are just offering another chance to you."

    "There is no such thing as a bridge between the two. The gap will increase further and further. False myths. False legends. False stories that spread these lies are all they are. Lies."

    "We are different. There won't be another French revolution. Because we can learn from other's mistakes that we know people like you will never get the chance to betray us. So join us."

    Isabel smirked with a sincere gleam that reflected off her eyes. She solemnly whipped her hand forward to suggest that she beckons and offer this chance.

    This was her motive.



    I honestly couldn't hold my laughter. At the time I just really couldn't help but let out a low chuckle. You think she noticed me smiling?

    She sounded so sincere but the contents of what she was saying... does she have a superiority complex?

    She goes on and on about another "chance" but to me it was nonsense. If this was truly another chance then give me another life or let me go back to the past.

    But... this left me disgruntled.

    Was this the only reason. The only reason that Caitlyn died.

    I continued to ask more questions. Like fish and bait it was hook, line and sinker. She answered all of my questions exploding with pride.

    The questions were asking whether she was the reason for any unknown or uncertain points in my life. She answered and took full pride in them similar to a trophy.

    I thought I was just very paranoid but to think they were spot on.


    She was tortured and eventually killed herself because of this. A delusional female who thinks she is part of the higher class that allowed her to manipulate a human to play to her accordingly.

    She probably didn't care that I died because I was nothing more than a pawn.

    At these thoughts I just.


    couldn't help but flash a smile towards Isabel

    I strode forward by only a single step, but I quickly disappointed her as I slowly announced the plan that I had been contemplating for weeks.

    The plan that had more than 24 possibilities with my first thought that she wouldn't be that simple minded.

    Yet unexpectedly she was very simple minded. Exposing all her deeds to me. She probably didn't think this through.

    Her only solutions for all her problems were to pay for someone else to do them or just use money to solve it.

    The 3 stooges and Alex came from the shadows close to the exit of the door

    I gave a simple command "get her"

    Isabel was about to move, in search for someway to escape but instead Alex caught her.

    Restrained she stood before the 3 stooges.

    She whimpered something about pay and more money but yadda, yadda they were nothing more than excuses.

    I made sure that I would enjoy the torture that was about to happen so I made sure that Alex and the 3 stooges could only slap her.

    No weapons were used and no punches were thrown.

    The constant ringing of slapping echoed above the school.

    It was unfortunate that the only audience was me but that was about it.

    I should've bought some popcorn to make the show seem more enjoyable. Alex and the 3 stooges seemed tired as they took a break.

    I commanded them once more to give Isabel one last scare.

    They decided to bring her to the brink of the railing. Death's scythe was looming closer to her if I just gave a little push.

    This reminds me of Dante's hell. Rather than a blazing hell whatever wrongs you have committed you will have to feel the consequences of your sins.

    False prophets will have their heads twisted 180 degrees because they mislead people.

    Isabel played with people's lives by pushing them to the edge and this time I could push her off the edge instead.

    Karma is such a beautiful way to phrase it however I can't do anything yet.

    I tell Alex and the 3 stooges to leave and so it was just me and Isabel.

    She wasn't restrained but felt numb due to the constant pain and swelling from all the slaps.

    I wish to finally end all this nonsense once and for all.

    As I was about to speak my words to her I had a revelation.

    Why should I believe in a few pieces of dominoes.

    For some the world is their stage with nowhere for the audience to sit.

    "For me the world is a chessboard. I am only learning the moves I can make on this board and I am only getting better at playing this game."

    With those words I lift her up and threw her.


    These shenanigans that troubled me for the whole year that has once permanently ruined two people's lives has now reverted to 1.

    People like to focus on the picture but for some they'll notice the picture frame.

    With my picture frames, I like to make sure their framed properly.
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