13 Happy ending?

    ""Merry Christmas!!!""

    Knocked out of my contemplation I see Charlotte and Caitlyn celebrating Christmas day with the common white and red robe.

    Cosplaying as  Mrs. Santa Claus their articles of clothing revolved the red and white colors that are usually associated with the costume.

    Charlotte began cutting a cake that Caitlyn brought. Caitlyn brought along some cutlery, plates while I watched the prim white cake turn into fractions.

    I've finally done it.

    I've stopped Caitlyn committing suicide and brought along a friend.

    I was given a second chance and this was the outcome.

    The result was a delusional girl who caused trouble. But it has been troubling me...

    Is the world really revolved around the top, wealthy and rich people? Her ideology that the hierarchy chain will never be broken. Those at the bottom will never move up and the paths you have are limited.

    We are not born equal with that reasoning. Isabel thought that only those who are the wealthiest are the ones who are the best representative of humanity. Everyone else are nothing more than servants to them.

    Skills, intelligence and physique are nothing more than empty words compared to the people with control.

    Is this really the world I live in?

    Individuality is only a theory and humans are just a number. Eventually we are just discardable.

    If that is so then I just won't follow that system.

    The brother that wasn't here and the apathetic parents.

    Why should I follow in their footsteps and become like them?

    Throughout the entire year I have accumulated a certain amount of wealth. Once I graduate from a University then I can finally sever all the ties I have with my family.

    What connections do I have with them?

    The only things that are probably a thin string that ties us because of our last names. That's about it.

    When I escape from their association can I finally get the help I need. Pills, therapists will finally be something to assure me. The disdain shown for those who are not as privileged as others is indeed something that is real.

    I just feel so...empty

    what do I do now?

    I have already accomplished what I wanted to do so what else? I guess I can live a mundane life. Be it living in a desolate forest. A white-collared worker. A volunteer.

    I'll do something.

    The only difficulty I face is nothing. I have sabotaged, ruled out or denied anyone to harm me. In the journey of life there'll still be people who will probably wish to disturb me but that means I just need to stand up for myself.

    The future has many opportunities for me and I need to make sure I use them well.

    I enjoyed the current festivities, laughing, joking and chatting. Happiness enveloped us like a bubble, this moment however is still a bubble. A bubble that will eventually pop.

    Caitlyn placed the cake into a container and inserted it into the fridge, hoping to save it for another time. Charlotte began washing plates while collected all the remaining forks on the table.

    The doorbell rang

    *ding dong*

    I hurriedly placed the cutlery near the sink as I strolled closer towards the front door. The door opened without a problem and no squeaks were heard.

    Before me was a man wearing a full suit of dark navy blue pants and shirt. He wore a cap with a stripe wrapping around ti once with a badge covering the front.

    To hold up his pants was a belt that had multiple pockets hanging off it that were all closed. Another badge was on top of his left chest.

    He was a police officer.

    "Is Caitlyn, Charlotte and Cain currently at this address" The policeman asked politely with no hurry.

    I answered that we were all here and in a flash he brought us into an isolated room. We took turns and all of us were separated until we finished what seemed like an interrogation.

    "Thank you for your cooperation."The police officer thanked us as he dropped us back at my house.

    Why were we there?

    With the death of Isabel the whole school got involved.

    This inevitably let loose a certain rumor that roamed the school. Multiple teachers and basically the whole school was being funded by a third party.

    And if I had to guess Isabel was involved as well.

    The dispassionate teachers who in my opinion shouldn't teach were probably still able to keep their jobs because of her. Was the world so shallow that the top was able to monopolize parts of the world in the dark?

    Besides the point I was only interrogated because of the foolish 3 stooges & Alex.

    Those despicable bastards are far too troublesome. Their fingerprints were all over the victim yet they still had the audacity to frame such an upright person.

    It was so hilarious. Most witnesses thought that they were only using my name as a scapegoat and just wanted to grab onto any excuse they could find. That is what many thought however just because of this attention I was now involved into this mess.

    It must have been incredibly disappointing for them. I was actually learning from Jessica along with Charlotte.

    It was very simple. A senior teaching their juniors, what's wrong with that?

    Caitlyn was involved as they needed to guarantee my involvement and no-one would guess that I was very "close" with Jessica.

    To sum it up picture frames are nothing more than a discardable piece of garbage that can be thrown away once they've fulfilled their uses.

    Humans are a predictable pawn that can be used.

    Miracles can happen.

    Criminals will forever lose. That is the one rule that cartoons, social media or the news show. The unjust will be revealed and punished.

    I am a considered to be a murderer.

    Screw it.

    I am a murderer.

    I am different.

    But I am a change

    I am not a criminal

    I am a person who has not been punished

    The real question is...

    Are you a change?
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