Chapter 331: Conversing While Brewing Wine

    Chapter 331: Conversing While Brewing Wine

    Feiyun was walking in front with Su Xue behind him. The two of them have left that special space.

    The two didn't say a word from start to finish.

    In the end, Su Xue had to ask: "Feng Feiyun, where are you taking me?"

    Feiyun didn't answer and continued forward!

    "Whoosh!" Her body slightly moved as she appeared in front of Feng Feiyun. Her sword had left its scabbard and flashed a cold glint just like her eyes. Its tip was pointed at Feiyun's neck.

    They were at the entrance of the Yin Gou Ward. One of Feiyun's feet had already crossed the door.

    Feng Feiyun acted as if he didn't see her sword and leisurely said: "You can go now."

    Su Xue slightly trembled before raising her voice: "You captured me and now you're letting me go? What the hell do you want?"

    "Nothing, get out of my way. You can go wherever you want now." His body flashed and appeared behind her as he headed towards the street.

    Su Xue spoke: "You... This is clearly a trap, don't think about leaving me behind." Her delicate brows, sculpted nose, and sharp chin... all of these features made her quite unique.

    Her black dress was tightly wrapped around her curves. Even her plump breasts were pressed down by a silk cloth, but they were still slightly protruding upward.

    Her unreasonably long legs on her already tall figure quickly followed right behind Feng Feiyun.

    In her eyes, Feiyun was cunning to the extreme. Even Lu Liwei who was full of wisdom has suffered in his hands. So she felt quite strange about being let go like this and felt that he was scheming against her.

    He stopped to turn around and smiled: "You are quite bold, daring to follow me. Have you forgotten who I am?"

    "Hmph, Feng Feiyun, do you think I am Lu Liwei and Bai Ruxue? I dare you to come within three steps of me. Even if I am not your opponent, I'm still strong enough to take the both of us down together." Su Xue spoke with a chilling aura. Frost began to form on the ground.

    With a grin on his face, he took two steps closer towards her.

    "Swoosh!" A sword ray flew towards him and cut down some of his hair. Her sword was indeed frightening. It wasn't beautiful at all, only swift and cruel.

    He stopped again and smiled: "Su Yun asked me to help you. Are you satisfied after knowing the truth now? It's time for you to go."

    "Feiyun, you think you can trick me? Who doesn't know about the relationship between you and Nangong Hongyan? Su Yun wants to kill Hongyan so are you telling me that you're his friend?" Su Xue withdrew her sword and embraced it.

    "Hmm, you really don't believe me?" Feiyun said.

    "Not even the slightest bit." She said coldly.

    "Nothing I can do then." He continued forward while Su Xue continued to follow him while maintaining the distance of three steps.

    "Young Noble Feng, Young Noble Feng, wait a minute, wait a minute..." The manager of the Yin Gou Ward rushed forward in the night while shouting.

    This mysterious guy from the prestigious clan cheerfully smiled and came closer.

    Feiyun stopped again and asked: "Manager Dongfang, what's the matter?"

    Dongfang Yiye smiled: "Not much, not much, it's just that I have a question on my mind this whole time so I want to ask you."

    "There's something you don't know?" Feiyun quipped.

    "What is your plan in the future?" The manager asked.

    Su Xue in the distant gave the two of them a dismissive glance and turned away.

    Asking for someone else's plan wasn't polite at all but Dongfang Yiye still did it. It made the situation seems a bit special.

    Feiyun contemplated for a bit before  asking: "What do you mean?"

    Yiye laughed heartily and said: "This isn't the place to talk, follow me?"

    'Just what does this old fox trying to do?' Feiyun was curious and followed after him. They quickly arrived at the best winehouse in all of Brilliance. This was another property from the Yin Gou Clan. Feiyun has been here before so he was quite familiar with the place.

    "Within five years, this world will change completely. The heroes are rising and heralding a new golden age. I'm sure you will have some plans about your future?" Yiye was also familiar with this place and took Feiyun into an elegant room.

    Two maids dressed in white brought a stove and wine jars into the room and placed it in the center.

    This stove was cast from yellow mud, same with the jars. However, the wine inside these jars has been stored for more than six hundred years. They initially filled up the entire jar but have evaporated unknowingly, leaving only half of the content left.

    The two pretty maids fanned the fire to boil the wine using the most common firewood.

    "Manager Yiye, are you treating me? This wine smells very good." Feiyun took a deep breath and could smell its sweet taste, a bit similar to honey with a hint of alcohol.

    Yiye smiled and said: "It is indeed very good wine, fermented by the red river. Only the Yin Gou Ward can buy it so I especially brought it here. Young Noble Feng, you are a grand historical genius with limitless potential. In the next five years, you will certainly soar to the sky. You really haven't thought about your future plans?"

    Feiyun looked at the window and saw a girl hugging her sword while standing by a pillar below to guard the entrance. She looked up to see Feiyun before snorting and averting her gaze.

    She still haven't left!

    Feiyun smiled and casually said: "So you are also a wine lover, I'm sure you have stored many fine selections?"

    Yiye's expression was unchanged: "Of course, of course I have a lot of good wines left. If Young Noble Feng visits the dragon lake one day, you will find that the good wine there is as abundant like the water in the ocean. The Wanxiang Pagoda is too neutral, not a good place for a hero to stay for long. When the age of chaos arrives, it will become an empty shell. If you don't come up with a backup plan now, I'm afraid you will be at a disadvantage when the time comes."

    Feiyun watched the stove fire and avoided a direct answer: "Manager Yiye, your status at the Yin Gou Clan must be quite high?"

    Yiye rubbed his beard and gently shook his head: "Only an errand boy."

    "How could you be an errand boy with your vast knowledge." Feiyun said.

    Yiye suddenly stood up and paced around the room before answering: "Young Noble Feng, you are also an intelligent person, how could you not read the current situation? Please, answer me directly this time."

    Feiyun thought for a moment before replying: "Very well, since you have stated it explicitly, I won't talk in circle either. Though the Wanxiang Pagoda is the number one sacred ground, it is only a place for heroes to gather. Once the chaos actually starts and the cultivation world's balance is broken, these heroes will leave the pagoda and return to their own home. This so-called number one sacred ground will be left empty."

    Yiye nodded in agreement.

    Feiyun continued: "The fight between the heretical schools and the pagoda this time is only an invisible test between the great powers. After all, the highest powers in the cultivation world haven't fought directly in a long time so no one understood their enemies' true strength. They want to use this opportunity to gauge each other in preparation for the future chaos."

    Yiye nodded again and praised: "The tower lords at the pagoda are all top characters from these great powers. The duel between the pagoda and the heretical schools this time has actually been allowed by the upper echelons from both sides. Less than five people of the young generation can see through this."

    "If this is really the case, then in the near future, the situation will escalate and maybe the older generation will join as well." Feiyun said.

    Yiye only laughed and didn't answer. Feiyun smiled back.

    The two maids have finished heating the wine and poured it into the small cups.

    The two of them raised their cups and happily drank. After Yiye finished his first, his expression became serious: "Young Noble Feng, you still haven't answer me yet!

    "About what?" Feiyun put down his cup and smiled.

    "What is your plan after this test for the pagoda's list?" Yiye was afraid that Feiyun would continue to beat around the bush so he got to the point: "The Divine King might be respected and in the Jin Dynasty, he is only below one about above all. However, he hasn't done anything in the court for several hundred years now, many of his trusted aids have left him. The real force under him isn't that strong."

    Feiyun has been dodging this issue but since Yiye has been pushing him continuously, he answered directly: "I have never thought about succeeding the Divine King's position, I only wish to continue on the path to become an immortal."

    Yiye shook his head: "You can't go against the great momentum. You are a drop of water in the river, even if you don't wish to flow forward, the current will push you ahead."

    Having said that, he suddenly chortled and said: "Young Noble Feng, in this current situation at the Jin Dynasty, who do you think is ahead right now?"

    Feiyun's eyes slightly shifted before answering: "The Jin Dynasty has been established for more than six thousand years. It has accumulated countless resources and have waves of heroes in the royal clans, its power is beyond words. So the royal family will be count as one of the leading powers?"

    "The imperial Long Clan is indeed a blessed power. Every generation, a grand historical genius would appear among them. Yes, they are quite terrifying and could be considered one of the leaders in the present age but not the very top." Yiye smiled.

    Feiyun was slightly surprised!

    The two of them continued to drink wine while talking about the world. Many of their comments could be considered treason. However, Yiye has already erected a barrier in this room so their words couldn't be leaked.
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