Chapter 353: Murderous Intent Returned

    Chapter 353: Murderous Intent Returned

    "Boom!" The tablet fell on Mount Banda and caused the entire mountain to quake. A large rift cracked from the top and spread towards the base in the shape of a dragon.

    The monstrous impact created a chasm in the middle of the mountain.

    Sands started to fly up from the ancient altar as the big boulders inserted themselves into the pits on the tablet.

    With the start of this operation, grinding sounds started to turn and could be heard from a thousand miles away.

    "Buzz!" The top of the mountain issued a blinding brilliance like a divine lamp shining the entire area.

    After channeling for two hours on top of the mountain, the tablet connected to the altar started to fly again towards the south as if it was being led by some power.

    It was heading for an auspicious ground in Trinity, the ancient tomb of a Heaven's Emergence.

    Several top experts were watching from far away and saw the altar-tablet combo fly into the icy palace. They both sank back into the tomb again.

    This scene scared all the treasure masters and cultivators who were excavating the tomb. They began to dig even more since they felt an incredible mystery was about to come out.

    Of course, this was something happening several thousand miles away.


    The sacred lake has dried up with fire spitting out of the cracks. The two peaks nearby have collapsed into rubble while the trees nearby have been incinerated. This was a scene of destruction.

    Feng Feiyun flew out from inside while still feeling scared. He stared at the southern sky and wondered where the tablet was flying to.

    "Whoosh!" He took out the black iron order and saw light flowing through it. Humanoid shadows the size of a finger emerged.

    It looks like this order has been stimulated by the tablet as well or in other words, the tablet has given it power. It was not the same as before.

    How were these shadows carved on this iron order? He recognized several of them such as Long Jiangling and Princess Luofu. There were Zi Wu and Fo Canzi as well. They were the wise sages on the tablet.

    Didn't they leave a part of their soul on the tablet? Why were they here on this order as well?

    He suddenly had a bold conjecture: "Could this tiny order be the real sacred tablet while that mountain and the altar are only meant to be transportation, taking it to the portals?"

    "No way." He found it unbelievable but if this was true, what kind of treasure was he holding? What were its uses?

    "Uncle, you're still alive! Haha, I knew you wouldn't die to that ugly woman." A burly man full of beard with a gigantic sky pierce came to greet him with a wide smile.

    It was Wang Meng!

    Feiyun put away the iron order; he'll take his time studying it later. He smiled and said: "What ugly woman are you talking about?"

    "That bitch, Princess Luofu. You clearly defeated Nalan Hongtao to become the number one genius at the Jin Dynasty but in the end, she's the one leaving her name on the tablet. That really pisses me off. If it wasn't for that fact that I can't beat her, I would have captured her and tie her to a tree so that you can take your time dealing with her..." Wang Meng was furious.

    "Cough, cough!" Feiyun awkwardly coughed and said: "She's the princess, you need to mind your words or it'll be your head falling down if someone were to hear this."

    Wang Meng was originally a bandit so his mouth was naturally foul. Not to mention Princess Luofu, he would even dare to say "** their mother" to the four divine consorts.

    "Uncle, your attitude is too good right now. That bitch stole your chance. If it was me, I would be killing my way to the capital at the moment and pull her out of her princess palace, give her two slaps before throwing her on a bed and do her till she cries for her mommy and daddy. She won't be able to walk afterward so she can stop acting all that. It's so infuriating watching her." Wang Meng felt sad for Feiyun while gritting his teeth in rage.

    "No big deal, it's fine!" Feiyun was still smiling. The world might be mocking him for making someone else's wedding dress and having lost the chance to leave his name.

    However, he and the princess were the only ones that knew the real situation of the tablet. It wasn't a nice thing at all.

    Feiyun asked: "Where did Su Yun and Miss Ji go?"

    "They left on their carriage, I don't know where though." Wang Meng smiled earnestly.

    Feiyun paused for a bit before speaking: "What about Hongyan?"

    Wang Meng's smile disappeared as he answered seriously: "Uncle, Miss Nangong really feels something for you. She fought against three half-step Giants and in order to not let them disturb you, she became wounded in the process and fell down from the sky with her white robe stained red with blood..."

    Feiyun grabbed Wang Meng's shirt and almost lifted him up before uttering: "How is she now?"

    "She had the Cloth of Invisibility so not to mention three half-steps, even a Giant would die in her hand. However, she was on the defensive the whole time against all three since the slightest blow from them could render you to ashes..."

    Feiyun emphasized: "What are you blabbering about?! I'm asking how is she right now!"

    "At that time... well, all right, she was injured but still managed to escape while leading the three half-steps away. I don't know how she is right now though." Wang Meng spoke innocently.

    Feiyun let go and began to think.

    Suddenly, a scorching fireball came from the distance with a boulder with the radius of ten meters inside. Wang Meng and Feiyun quickly dispersed to the side.

    "Boom!" The place where they were standing was now a huge fiery pit.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh!" With two wind-breaking noises, two disciples in black from the Senluo Temple have made their way here. They looked around the age of twenty with beast souls floating around them. The murderous intent on their body burned the ground black.

    Both were heaven-defying geniuses at first-level Heaven's Mandate so they were quite formidable.

    One of them sneered: "Demon's son, you're quite lucky, even Princess Luofu couldn't kill you."

    "Feng Feiyun, what a tragedy, robbed the chance of leaving your name on the tablet. We'll send you off today." The other one smiled deviously. He used his technique again to condense a large fireball, still ten meters wide like a burning cauldron.

    Feiyun smirked with disdain: "Even if I didn't leave my name on the tablet, the two of you can't kill me."

    "Boom!" He took out his Infinite Spirit Ring and activated its power. It directly killed one of the disciples instantly. Even his fireball was divided into several pieces before falling down and burned him into nothingness.

    Just one move has erased a first-level Heaven's Mandate.

    The other genius thought that since he was one realm higher than Feiyun, there was no reason to be afraid of him. Alas, this was no longer the case!

    Feiyun's glance made this genius step back from fear. He anxiously said: "Feng... Feng Feiyun, there are more than ten previous generation experts here from our temple. They will come right away with our Vice Hall Master who is a Giant. You won't be able to escape!"

    He felt suffocated from Feiyun's aura and eventually turned to flee.

    "Think you can run?" Feiyun lifted his stone saber and his body turned into a ray with a shadowless speed. He instantly appeared in front of the genius and unleashed a white dragon slash. The guy didn't even have the power to resist. His body split into two halves with his innards falling everywhere.

    Wang Meng stared at Feiyun with some awe. This was too badass. Killing someone one realm higher so easily. He slightly trembled and said: "Uncle, what do we do now?"

    Feiyun looked up and saw a torrential wave of murderous energy incoming. Who knows how many experts wanted his life.

    Despite not leaving his name on the tablet, he has actually beaten Nalan Hongtao at the same level so he was still considered the number one genius with boundless potential and limitless future.

    Those who had some feud with him didn't want to see him grow and must obliterate him in the cradle.

    "I'm sure the ancient path out of Trinity has many ambushers. If we return to the pagoda now, we'll be walking into our death." There was a tinge of worry in his eyes.

    Wang Meng said: "But the experts from the temple are here, even those of the Giant level. Those divine intents are too strong. It looks like there are some seers as well. Staying at Trinity will be a dead end too. Uncle, how about we make our way out before these experts get here. Maybe we'll be able to make it out."

    Feiyun shook his head: "Let's go to Radiance."

    Wang Meng was confused: "Why Radiance? There are even more cultivators there and they want your head."

    "You'll find out when we get there. Radiance is our only way out. This time, I will make those who want to kill me face the consequences." A smile flashed in his eyes.
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