Chapter 1 : The Most Beautiful Woman

    Chapter 1 part 1 : The Most Beautiful Woman

    The sky has the Nine Heavens, the ground has the Nine Earths.

    Hell has the river of death that connects the sky and earth. Mortals call it the "Nine Springs", or the "Yellow Spring", and underneath the Nine Springs is the Yellow Spring road.

    The Yellow Spring road; it is the last journey for each person.


    "If a man has not truly fallen in love with a woman, then his fall cannot be attributed to her."

    Feng Fei Yun, this time, had "truly fallen" which, was why, his life was in this woman's hand.

    People have countless ways to die. Some die on the battlefield; dramatic, honorable, and meaningful. Others die a naked death on the street without a proper burial, but Feng Fei Yun feels that his demise was even more devastating.

    How could such a beautiful woman exist in the world?

    This question appeared every time Feng Fei Yun saw Shui Yue Ting; his heart was unable to remain calm despite their numerous encounters.

    Big round eyes, pearl white skin, like snow, and a slender body with an aura of nobility. Like a goddess that has descended from the heaven.

    She was the most beautiful woman in the world.

    However, when Feng Fei Yun was killed by her sword, he found out that she was also the most heartless woman in the world.

    The sword in her hand bled crimson; his blood flowed from the tip.

    Feng Fei Yun's soul descended from his body; it traveled to a black world, as cold as ice. Up ahead lied an ancient passage, hovering in the emptiness. Will this lead to the river of souls, the passage to hell?

    Emptiness, loneliness, and fearful darkness.

    A dead person indeed becomes a soul.

    "I can't believe that I, the youngest Patriarch of the Demon Phoenix Race, have to wait for my end like this."

    Walking on the Yellow Springs road, smiling heroically, Feng Fei Yun possessed a noble aura that could cause many Emperors to bow down to.

    Feng Fei Yun was a Demon Phoenix, a male that had the highest aptitude in the last thirty thousand years. He reached the ninth level of Heaven Emergence within one thousand years, becoming the strongest cultivator in the Immortal World; the other seven Phoenix Empresses nominated him to be the new Demon Phoenix Race Patriarch.

    At that time, Feng Fei Yun was even more renowned than even the Elders and Patriarchs of other big sects; all the other Demon Emperors and Empresses were careful when dealing with him.

    It was at his apex that he met Shui Yue Ting. The two coincidentally met at the North Sea. One was the youngest Patriarch of the Demon Phoenix Race, the other was the most beautiful woman in the world. They quickly fell in love and spent their time peacefully together on the North Sea beach.

    At that time, Shui Yue Ting was gentle and thoughtful; a graceful woman filled with love. Feng Fei Yun had many responsibilities as a Patriarch; he could even be considered heartless and ruthless, but after their meeting, he became a young man smitten by love.

    Feng Fei Yun gently held her slender waist, determined to protect her with his life. However, the moment when he died to her sword, he found out that she did not need his protection; her cultivation level was just as high as his. A raise of her soft hand could destroy the heaven and earth, and it was even a sneak attack.

    After his death, Shui Yue Ting replaced his position and became the strongest expert in the Immortal World. This was the goddess Shui Yue Ting, worshipped and honored by all under the heavens.

    Yue Ting was peerless under the heavens, the mandate in her hand; no one dared to resist.

    A woman stepping on her lover's body to reach the apex was definitely the most frightening woman in the world.

    To die at the hands of the most beautiful and strongest woman, Feng Fei Yun felt that he could at least smile under the Nine Springs. At the very least, he had loved with sincerity, and, with no shame in his heart, he could go peacefully to his end.

    At least I had an "intimate" relationship with her, and I didn't lose everything for nothing!

    (TL: True text)

    "Dear God, if you can revive me, then I will return the full favor towards her."

    "If I can live again, then, no matter what price I have to pay, I will make her understand that she cannot get away with this betrayal; even if she is the most beautiful woman; A man's scorn will be no less than a woman's when he is betrayed by his love."

    "Alas! Death is unavoidable, and my soul will disappear eventually; my chance for revenge is gone."

    The Yellow Springs road, the road of the dead! You can only walk forward, there was no turning back.

    Going straight to hell to drink from Meng Po's Five Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness. I will forget everything and be reincarnated in a new body; my glory for this past life will turn into meaningless clouds and smoke.

    Even if there were regrets and hatred or a lover and an enemy, it did not matter any more, for he was a dead man; only the soul remained.

    "Wait a minute! Why is the Yellow Springs road so empty? where are the demons and spirits of hell? Is this the actual Yellow Springs? Did I take the wrong turn?"

    Feng Fei Yun started to question.

    Looking at the eerily serene surroundings, nothing but the dark emptiness stood before him; he took a long turn. In the great beyond, there was a glimmer of light, as big as a rice grain. It was of a green hue, flying towards him. The speed accelerated, and the light became brighter and bigger...

    What is that thing?

    It was a boat; a blue spirit vessel with an ancient design that resembled an underworldly demonic ship.

    It was made out of a golden bronze material with eighteen steel pillars for the sails; towering like magnificent mountains. The steel pillars had already started to rust, and the black sails were tattered and filled with holes. It painted a dark and eerie picture of a ship.

    The pitiful state of the blue spirit vessel would still inspire respect and remorse from spectators.

    "Such a fast speed!"

    Even when Feng Fei Yun was alive, he would not be able to reach that kind of speed.

    The gigantic spirit vessel was as fast as light; no one could dodge it at this momentum. It pierced through the soul of Feng Fei Yun.


    Feng Fei Yun found out that his soul and the spirit vessel were flying in the void; slowly becoming one. It flew aimlessly in this eternal darkness.

    Where was it heading?

    "This is..."

    Not waiting for Feng Fei Yun to react, the blue spirit vessel tore through the fabric of space itself and zoomed outside.


    Up ahead, a blinding light illuminated powerfully. Feng Fei Yun was knocked out immediately; he felt that his soul was entering a warm body.

    Opening his eyes, he found that he had become a fourteen or fifteen year old teenager.

    He had reincarnated.

    However, this body did not belong to him; it was rather sickly, even when compared to the average person.

    And in his head, numerous memories resurfaced. It was easy to recognize that they belonged to the owner of this body.

    Did he enter a dead body? Or did he forcefully steal this boy's body?

    Forget your mother! Living again was already a good thing.

    (TL: Chinese slang, meaning whatever)

    "Feng Fei Yun! He has the same name as me; however, my name means Phoenix while his means Wind."

    (Nahct: Feng () means Phoenix while Feng () means wind.)

    Feng Fei Yun couldn't fully digest the heavy influx of the new memories in his head. All of a sudden, he heard a young girl quietly crying in fear next to his side.

    "Young master Feng, please spare me! My age is still very small, you shouldn't do this..."

    The little girl was shaking in fear; her eyes filled with despair. There were the red marks of five fingers on her pretty white face; it was easy to see that she had just been slapped.

    At the moment, Feng Fei Yun had an adverse feeling towards women. He believed that women were bad omens; they were poisonous scorpions, dangerous bees, and the worst of all were their hearts.

    Oh god, who is this girl?

    Feng Fei Yun looked around and found that his body was cold, his hands were situated strangely; as if he were touching a pair of soft, warm cottons. They were soft and slippery, as well as a little wet.

    He was completely naked on top of the cute little girl. Her clothes had already been torn to pieces by him, revealing her snow white chest. His evil hands were grabbing the young bosom of this girl.

    Oh god! The twin peaks were molded strangely!

    The strength from his grip was too much.

    The two naked bodies on the bed painted a particularly compelling scene.

    She was like a helpless little quail that was trying desperately to hide; her hands covered her private parts, fortifying her last defense. Her face was full of tears; crying like the rain.

    "This... This evil young master was defiling an innocent young girl; his character isn't worthy of praises!" This thought appeared in his head; however, his hands couldn't help but to lightly squeeze again. Oh my mother, what did this girl eat to make them so big; this feeling... is not bad!

    "Ow! Somebody help!"

    She cried out for help; clearly, she was in pain from the contact.

    "Bang Bang!"

    The black wooden door was slammed open by an eighty year old man. He carried a long walking stick, and his spine was bent from old age. He could barely walk or even stand as he was entering the room.

    "Grandpa, help me!"

    The young girl cried out.

    The old man's body was shaking, terrorized by the scene on the bed; it was as if his Xiao Yu Er was being eaten by a wolf. He quickly kneeled next to the bed and kept on kowtowing:

    "Young master Feng, I beg you, please let my Xiao Yu Er go. She is only fourteen years old; she is still very young. Please show mercy and spare her. I will kowtow and pray for you everyday. Young master Feng, I beg you..."

    (TL: kowtow kneel and touch the ground with the forehead in worship or submission as part of Chinese custom.)

    This young master Feng was a lowlife in the city, there was nothing that he wouldn't do. Wearing the best of clothes, forcing young girls in broad daylight, taking them home and then defiling them. Many young girls were ruined by his hands.

    This young master Feng was the lowest of the lows; the scum of the earth.

    However, his family background could not be underestimated. It could call the rain and change the wind in Spirit State city. Even though everyone was extremely resentful, no one dared to say anything. The best they could do was to avoid him.

    At Spirit State city, to hear the three words "young master Feng" was enough to scare little girls crying.

    "This old man really wants to die. Your grand daughter being chosen by young master Feng is her own fortune; if she can satisfy the young master tonight, she can enter our home as a maid. If not, we'll sell her off to the Xing Hua brothel tomorrow; to become a bitch for thousands of men to ride."

    Two servants from outside came in. Both were wearing a black uniform with an expression like two wild tigers.

    They started laughing and kicking the old man, immobilizing him on the ground.

    "No! Xiao Yu Er is only fourteen; if the Xing Hua brothel buys her, she will die in there."

    The gray-haired old man started kowtowing again, his forehead, swollen from earlier, was now painted red by blood.

    The Xing Hua brothel was the biggest brothel in Spirit State city, and it's also the most vilest of places. Even virgins that were sold to the brothel were forced to work at least ten times a day. The prettier the girl, the faster she would die.

    It was the sin of men! Every man wanted to ride beautiful women; who cared about the money?

    If his granddaughter was actually bought by the Xing Hua brothel, then her entire life would be ruined.

    The old man stared at his granddaughter being molested by young master Feng on the bed. His pain and helplessness could not be explained with words. His heart was broken, he wanted to commit suicide, but he couldn't leave his granddaughter alone.

    "Damn you old guy! You dare to hinder our master's good time? I'm going to beat you to death."

    A muscular servant kicked the old man out of the door; blood covering his face.

    "Young master, keep on going; don't worry about the old man. We will take care of it. Haha!"

    The two servants winked at Feng Fei Yun and smiled deviously. They left and closed the door while carrying the old man further away with the intention of beating him to death.

    Outside, the footsteps became softer and softer, and the old man's begging voice became weaker.

    "Young master Feng, please spare my grandpa; I will do whatever you want!"

    Xiao Yu Er was anxiously crying and begging Feng Fei Yun. Her hands covering her breast but her elegant thighs were not longer closed off, signaling her acceptance to his advance in order for him to spare her grandpa.

    At the moment she looked like a lost lamb, submitting to the evil wolf. Her body expression seemed to say that if you want to eat me, then eat me!

    It took a while, but Feng Fei Yun finally regained composure and made sense of his memories. The little girl that was undressed by him was Xiao Yu. She and her grandfather Luo lived and supported each other in a small tea shop located in an alley.

    Today, Feng Fei Yun and his two servants saw Xiao Yu working at the tea shop. She was only fourteen, but her innate youthfulness and pretty face attracted young master Feng.

    When nightfall arrived, young master Feng went to old man Luo's house. They kicked the door off the hinges, and grabbed Xiao Yu away. This kind of matter had been executed many times by him, so he already knew the procedure. Before anyone knew it, Xiao Yu was already naked beneath him.

    This was when Feng Fei Yun's soul crashed into the body of the young master Feng and both of their souls became one.

    This was why he was in such an awkward and unforgivable situation.

    As one, young master Feng's arrogance and lustfulness remain but Feng Fei Yun's mind and morals have control of the body.

    "Young master Feng, please find the mercy in your heart to spare my grandfather!"

    Xiao Yu Er continued to beg.

    She closed her eyes awaiting the nightmare to come. She told herself to not cry out, even if it was painful. However, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, she did not feel any unwanted violations and her body became lighter. Feng Fei Yun, who was originally on top of her, had already left the bed; putting his clothes back on like he was already finished with his business.

    Did it not hurt the first time?

    Was it when I was unaware; had he already had his ways with me?

    Xiao Yu Er couldn't help but softly cry again:

    "Young master Feng; since you have successfully taken me, you should let go of my grandfather."


    Feng Fei Yun almost fell to the floor, and then he angrily explained:

    "Open your eyes and look closely; pinch yourself if you have to. Wake up from your delusion. If I had my way with you, I fear that you wouldn't have the strength to speak at the moment."

    Xiao Yu Er was startled, yet relieved, knowing her virtue was still safe. However, she wondered why he didn't commit the cruel act. This required additional thinking.

    Feng Fei Yun shook his head, not knowing what she was thinking in her heart. He opened the door and headed towards his two servants.

    This old man better not die, otherwise, after my reincarnation, I would be known as the guy who bullied an old man. How can I go on after that?

    Xiao Yu Er, covered her body with blankets on the bed, watched in bewilderment as Feng Fei Yun's back disappear from sight. Did the evil man suddenly grow a conscience? No, there were no evil things that he wouldn't do; why would he spare us? It must be because I didn't please him earlier; was it so he can sell me to the Xing Hua brothel as a virgin, for a higher price?

    Even though she was afraid and worried about her future, she quickly put on some clothes that were in the room and sneaked outside. She wanted to find her grandpa to see if he was still alive.

    Feng Fei Yun went to old man Luo's house. He arrived at an old courtyard with collapsed walls and rubbles in a corner. It seemed like the two had been living a hard life. Only a young girl and her grandfather relying on each other to make it through life.

    There was a crowd surrounding the small house inside the courtyard. They were whispering about an event that had just transpired.

    "A murder is going to happen, the two people from the Feng family will beat old man Luo to death."

    "Why are you so loud? Don't you know the culprit is the young master from the Feng family? If you make this into a big deal, the Feng family will find you."

    "Where is his granddaughter?"

    In the dark, people used torches to light up old man Luo's courtyard.

    The Feng servants dragged old man Luo into the central area, looked at all the poor peasants, and said:

    "Old man Luo didn't know right from wrong, he dared to cross our young master. Should we let him live in this world?"
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