Chapter 25 : Unbeatable Slut

    Chapter 25 : Unbeatable Slut

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng's eyes were surrounded with wrinkly lines. Even though he was of old age and feeble strength, he made others feel a deep mysterious vastness.

    He stood behind Feng Fei Yun.

    It was as if he had stood in this place for a long time; a smile was always on his face.

    Is this old man a human or a ghost? His footsteps didn't make any noise!

    "Heh Heh!"

    Feng Fei Yun forcefully laughed twice.

    "Dong Fang Jing Yue treats human lives like trash; predecessor doesn't want to stop her?"

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng shook his head, and he smiled:

    "In this world, there does not exist a person who could fool me. Lying in front of me is something you shouldn't do. Tell me the truth; where is the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess?"

    The intelligence of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was exceedingly high, and he was perspicacious. These little tricks of Feng Fei Yun could fool the Ancient Jiang soldiers, but he could not fool him.

    "Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess? Who is that?"

    Feng Fei Yun was confused; his mind was full of questions.

    He was not intentionally pretending. He had never heard of anyone who spoke about the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, but, looking at the old man's confident face, he was seemingly very serious.

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng frowned, and he once again observed Feng Fei Yun; he slowly said:

    "On your body, I could feel the presence of the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess; you have clearly made contact with her. You came from Spirit State city?"

    "That's right!"

    Feng Fei Yun said.

    "Then do you know a young girl around the age of fourteen?"

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng said with a slightly nervous expression.

    "About this..."

    Feng Fei Yun does know girls in Spirit State city, and not just a little amount. On top of that, they were mostly around fourteen to eighteen years of age, plus... Cough cough, the majority of them had been forcefully taken by him; he had many unforgettably passionate and romantic one-night stands.

    At least, that was what Feng Fei Yun thought; as for how the girls were feeling, he did not know.

    If there was indeed a Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess in this matter, then he definitely had used devious means to forcefully take them. Oh god, could it be that he had already XXOO'd with the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess? That would not be good; it would be strange if he wouldn't be chased by the whole Ancient Jiang tribe, ah.[1]

    The expressions on Feng Fei Yun's face was constantly changing, and it became increasingly ugly. He was praying that he would be lucky, and he eventually said with difficulty:

    "What is the origin of the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess?"

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng carefully observed the emotions on Feng Fei Yun's face, and he gently stroked his white beard; then he sighed:

    "The Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess is the daughter of the Heavenly Witchcraft Grand God; every ten thousand years, she would come back through reincarnation. Once she comes into this world, she will represent the birth of the 'Witchcraft Scripture' and the Heavenly Witchcraft Spirit Tree."

    "The Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess will unite the three largest tribes once more, and she would become the supreme leader of the entire Ancient Jiang tribe."

    "Ten days ago, the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess awakened; she has, once again, descended. Our tribes naturally have the obligation and responsibility to welcome the return of our Goddess."

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng's face was filled with a pious aura as if he viewed her as a true goddess.

    This was a belief; a belief that existed in the hearts of every Ancient Jiang person.

    However, having heard this, Feng Fei Yun had cold sweat throughout his body. Just Dong Fang Jing Yue wanting to kill him alone was enough to make him unable to escape to the heaven that had no door to hell; if there were powerful cultivators of the Ancient Jiang tribe chasing him as well, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

    This Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess was so unfortunate; the Heavenly Witchcraft Spirit Tree in her body was defiled by the low-life Feng Fei Yun - this was simply sadness! Feng Fei Yun couldn't stopped sighing in his mind.

    Even though it was young master Feng doing the good deeds, but, essentially, Fei Yun couldn't escape the responsibility.

    "Cough cough! I have never known who the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess is."

    Finished with his words, Feng Fei Yun immediately threw his palm the ground and ejected his body up above. His legs forcefully stepped once, and it was enough for him to fly straight out.

    If he didn't escape at this time, then how would he be able to in the future?

    As long as he could get out of the red ivory warship and jump into the deep turbulent river, all the way to the base of the river, then, no matter how great Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was, it still wouldn't be easy to capture him.

    On Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng's face, there was a profound smile the whole time. Seeing Fei Yun's escape made him even more certain that Fei Yun had met the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess. As long as he could capture him again and force him to lead the way, then it was definitely possible to find the Goddess in the shortest amount of time.

    "Phoosh Phoosh!"

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng lightly lifted his black robe, and he slowly fanned out his hand into a giant palm image; this one hand wanted to grab Feng Fei Yun from the sky.

    The pressure of the palm image encompassed the sky, isolating the spirit energy and making it looked like the whole heaven was about to collapse.

    Feng Fei Yun's speed slowed down as if he had fallen into a quagmire. He knew that continuing to run ahead would allow him to escape the red ivory warship, but he would be caught by the large palm image.

    "The cultivation of this old man could be stronger than Dong Fang Jing Yue."

    Feng Fei Yun had broken through to the early Immortal Foundation stage; naturally, he was not a depleted oil lamp. Both of his legs went into the horse stance. He rapidly channel the immortal foundation energy in his dantian, then threw out a punch into the middle of the sky. Next, was a second punch, then a third... He continuously threw out nine fists.

    These nine fists represented nine Dao paths that synergized together and amalgamated; these nine fists lingered in the air before stopping, and they did not disappear for a long time.

    At this moment, it was as if Feng Fei Yun had nine long hands; these nine fists directly impacted the palm image that was covering the sky, creating a gap.

    "This is the time."

    Feng Fei Yun withdrew his fist, headed towards the gap that was just opened, and he ran.


    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was a bit surprised, this little boy was not simple. The nine fists just now was truly profound with the rules of the heaven; this is definitely not something a person a bit older than ten could understand.

    Even though he was just in the Early Immortal Foundation stage, he was able to exert the power of an Intermediate Immortal Foundation stage cultivator - truly not so simple.

    To be able to jump a level higher and battle, this was a heavenly aptitude!

    "Young friend, this old man simply wants to give you a path, you don't have to struggle and hurt yourself. Even if you escape the red ivory warship, you still absolutely cannot run from the palm of the Yin Gou family young miss!"

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was in no hurry to catch Fei Yun. He only stood still at the highest position, and, on his face, there was still the same old smile.

    Feng Fei Yun had only taken two steps forward and then immediately stopped. Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was not wrong; even if he could escape the red ivory warship, he would still be pursued by Dong Fang Jing Yue.

    Feng Fei Yun lifted his eyebrows, he turned his body, and he loudly asked while smiling:

    "Predecessor will show me a path of light?"

    Grand Wisdom Master seemed to have guessed that Feng Fei Yun would stop trying to escape, and he smiled:

    "The Yin Gou family is considered one of the Four Grand Families of the Jin Dynasty; powerful, not just in the country boundary, but also in the cultivation world. The young lady had the Haotian Spirit Mirror so one could see that her status in the Yin Gou family cannot be underestimated. Since you have offended her, even if you ran to the far sky or the corner of the sea, it would still be useless."

    Feng Fei Yun nodded his head; he naturally endorsed the words of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng.

    "However, if you agree to help me find the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, then you will be considered a friend of the Ancient Jiang tribe. Since you would be our friend, of course I would show you a path of light."

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng smiled and said.

    This old man was worthy of being called a Grand Wisdom Master; he indeed had some talent. There was no way for Feng Fei Yun to refuse his request.

    Feng Fei Yun stared at the battle between the Ancient Jiang soldiers and Dong Fang Jing Yue. This woman was not bad; on one hand, she was activating the Haotian Spirit Mirror, the other was playing her red lute. Standing on top of a large wave, her body was naturally standing on top of the vast and seemingly alive river.

    The Ancient Jiang soldiers were strong and experienced in battle. Each of them possessed mighty power. Some of them were fierce men that could move the mountains and drain the sea, but none of them could get within ten steps of her.

    This woman's cultivation was truly high!

    Feng Fei Yun realized that even with the Infinite Spirit Ring, he wouldn't be able to withstand three of her moves. If he was chased again by her, then he would be ten parts dead - without a path of survival.

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was an old sly fox. Seeing Feng Fei Yun's expression, he immediately added oil to the fire; he said:

    "Young friend, the Yin Gou family's influence is so great, no one in this world dares to offend them. To be her opponent, death is certain. If your family was brought into this, it would be so unfortunate. You need to rethink this carefully!"

    Feng Fei Yun looked at the beaming smile on Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng's face; even though it looked kind and graceful, he felt that it was a very treacherous smile.

    Escape this calamity first, then think later. Once he could get away from this damned grandma Dong Fang Jing Yue and get back to Spirit State city, then it would become his world. Afterward, he could escape with no one to stop him. This was what Feng Fei Yun was thinking in his mind.

    "Fine. Since Predecessor is so straightforward, then I won't be so roundabout either. However, I do have my own condition, if you do not agree... He he, the Spirit State city has more than one million people; in order to find the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, I'm afraid Predecessor would have to spend another half a year!

    Feng Fei Yun smiled, and he said.

    Of course, Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng heard the threats hidden in Fei Yun's words, but Fei Yun's eyes were very serious. He would, indeed, have to waste a large amount of time. If the experts from the other two tribes were to get to Spirit State city as well, then things would become problematic.

    In recent times, the three major tribes of the Ancient Jiang people were divided. Within their relationships, there were both competitions and cooperations. All three wanted to welcome the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess because the tribe that gets the honor would have their status, within the Ancient Jiang tribe, take precedence over the other two major tribes.

    This was a competition, and the first to find the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess would be the winner.

    "What is your condition?"

    Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng asked.

    Feng Fei Yun coughed twice, and he then sighed loudly:

    "This... the slut Dong Fang Jing Yue is unreasonably tyrannical and craves for my beauty. It was because she saw me in a sea of people, she became enamored with my pretty face and talented smile. She lusted and had forbidden thoughts about me, and then she chased me for three days and three nights without letting go. Hmmph! This Feng Fei Yun, living between the heaven and the earth, is a proud man; I wear the heaven on my head and trample the earth below my feet; how could I let her defile my body? I beg predecessor to make a move, so that she could know that the matter is difficult; then leave."[2]

    "Sighhh! Tell her that romance isn't something that could be forced! I already have someone I like in my heart, so get her to let go of strange thoughts!"

    [1] XXOO is raw text, meaning sex - don't google unless you want nsfw

    [2] Wear the heaven on my head and trample the earth below my feet - meaning indomitable spirit, usually used to describe proud men
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