Chapter 31 : It is an Endless Road, Dont Stop

    Chapter 31 : It is an Endless Road, Don't Stop

    The Feng family was enormous, and they consisted of sixteen immediate branches and forty eight side branches.

    The immediate branches had the same flesh and blood with each other; however, because their ancestors were different, they were divided into sixteen different branches.

    Each individual branch had countless children that constituted the forces of the Feng family that spread out over many directions; this created a friendly yet competitive structure.

    According to the quantity of experts and talent in the branches, every twenty years, the elders of the family would initiate a ranking for each of the individual branches. This was why the Hidden Dragon War and the Military Strategy Iron Council existed.

    Feng Fei Yun belonged to the twelfth branch of the family; even though it wasn't at the bottom of the sixteen branches, it was still viewed as the tail end of the ranking. This was why, even though Feng Wan Peng had an extraordinary talent, he was only arranged to be a governor at Spirit State city.

    The title of governor seemed to be prestigious, but in the eyes of the Feng family's upper echelon, this arrangement did not have any future. The younger generation, with genuine importance in the family, were arranged to join the godly military camps or arranged to become an official in the main government. These were the best ways to become renowned.

    In short, the Feng family higher ranked branches' younger generations had higher statuses; this meant that they were able to cultivate with better martial methods while they also were rewarded with thousand year spirit plants or medicinal pills to increase their physique and cultivation.

    These things were what the younger generations aspired to obtain. It could be said that any genius that wanted to become a great heavenly shattering character relied on this accumulation of great resources.

    If it wasn't for the Blood Spirit Seed, Feng Fei Yun wouldn't have been able to reach his current cultivation so quickly. This was the power of strange plants and spirit plants.

    Now that the Hidden Dragon War and the Military Strategy Iron Council were drawing near, all of the large branches seeking to increase their ranking had begun preparing.

    The young geniuses also wanted to use this opportunity to suddenly become renowned and shock the world.

    At the twelfth branch, Feng Fei Yun was not considered to be a heavenly shattering talent. According to the calculations of the branch leader, the ninth great grandfather, holding onto their twelfth ranking would be quite difficult.

    When the ninth great grandfather was reaching desperation; there was news that came from Spirit State city. There appeared a person with military strategy and wits above others: Feng Fei Yun. Suddenly, it seemed as if the old man had been able to grab onto a life-saving spirit plant. He decisively chose to heavily groom him. He was even willing to motivate him by using the charm of a woman, and this was why the marriage between Feng Jian Xue and Feng Fei Yun was decided at this point.

    This was also the reason why Feng Jian Xue said that if Feng Fei Yun showed up at Violet Firmament Ancient City, then she would break his bones.

    *** ***

    At mid noon, the sun had risen and was radiating its blinding light. The atmosphere was a bit suffocating, even the willow tree on the side of the road was losing its spirit. It was seemingly very tired.

    "Clank clank!"

    A carriage with eight bronze wheels that was pulled by a mountain deer whose body was covered with scales was heading towards the main gate of Spirit State city.

    Heavenly mountain deer; its antlers were like two mysterious peaks!

    The fast rolling wheels broke the lonely silence at noon. After reaching a large street, the back of the mountain deer suddenly flashed with a bright white light from a magical rune.

    This mountain deer was around four meters tall; it's whole body radiated a bright light. In a short time, its power suddenly exploded, and its speed increased by more than ten times. It pulled the eight-wheeled bronze carriage with a shocking speed. It left Spirit State city by ten miles, and it then disappeared into the midst of the forests and mountains.

    "This is a Strong Wind talisman belonging to the first rank talisman tree. Once it is placed on the back of the mountain deer, it could allow it to travel up to eight thousand miles per day. Of course, the effect of this Strong Wind talisman can last for only one day and one night; afterwards, the talisman's spirit power will be depleted, and it will have to be replaced with a new one by the next day."

    Feng Wan Li sat in the carriage and explained while he looked at Feng Fei Yun and Feng Sui Yu.

    Even though the road was bumpy, the carriage was as calm as the sea - it was as if one was inside of a ship's cabin.

    While the Hidden Dragon War and the Military Strategy Iron Council were still two months away, the children of the fifth generation from the Feng family had already begun to gather at Violet Firmament Ancient City, and all of them were going back to the family to prepare in advance.

    Firstly, this allowed the participants to find out a bit more about their strong opponents, so they could prepare ahead of time.

    Secondly, the children of the large branches needed to communicate and become more acquainted with one another in order to team up in the events; this was so they could avoid hurting each other.

    These things were naturally planned by the branch leaders behind the scenes.

    The purpose of Feng Wang Li's visit was to bring Feng Fei Yun and Feng Sui Yu back to Violet Firmament Ancient City.

    Feng Sui Yu was very well-mannered, and he had a sense of elegance that exuded from his body.

    He calmly spoke:

    "This Strong Wind talisman is so miraculous; it must have been difficult to create it. Only someone as excellent as second uncle would be able to create such a heavenly talisman like this."

    Feng Fei Yun silently mocked in his mind:

    "The Strong Wind talisman was only a first rank talisman, but Feng Sui Yu was calling it a heavenly talisman. His flattering skill was the first rank thing here."

    Feng Wan Li said:

    "The Strong Wind talisman isn't really a heavenly talisman or anything, but creating a Strong Wind talisman requires at least the early Immortal Foundation. Plus, some rare materials such as Jade Silk paper and Grand Wind blood are used in its creation. One Strong Wind talisman could be sold for a high price of one hundred gold coins."

    One hundred gold coins for Feng Fei Yun or any children from a grand family was essentially nothing, but to an ordinary person, it was definitely a price high in the sky.

    A single Strong Wind talisman could only last for one day and night, yet it costed one hundred gold coins; one could see how extravagant this was.

    This was the importance of resources. With a lack of wealth, a family absolutely could not grow stronger.

    "Both of your cultivations are still too weak; wait until you reach the Immortal Foundation. Then, you will naturally be able to buy the materials and personally craft the talismans."

    Feng Wan Li continued.

    Feng Fei Yun lifted the corner of a curtain in the ancient bronze carriage. Outside was a dense forest along with gigantic mountains and rivers as far as the eyes could see.

    Spirit State city was a few hundred miles away. They were heading towards an unknown road.

    This road was the way to Violet Firmament Ancient City!

    Violet Firmament Ancient City was the main city of the Grand Southern region as well as the largest ancient city in the south of the Jin Dynasty. This was a place where cultivators gathered; a collection of snakes and dragons, a place where the poisonous crowd go on rampages. All of the grand families were next to each other, and there was the matter of some leading immortal sects that were situated in the city to recruit new disciples on a wide scale.

    Spirit State city was such a remote and backwards place compared with Violet Firmament city because it was just a tiny place not worthy of mention.

    "Fei Yun, Sui Yu, at Violet Firmament city, you two need to be well behaved. You cannot disrespect others like you did in Spirit State city. Violet Firmament Ancient City is a place with crouching tigers and hidden dragons; many geniuses lay in the shadows. Grand families like ours number at three or four, and, inside, there are even more immortal sects with power no less than our Feng family."

    Feng Wan Li's expression became serious; when he looked over at Feng Fei Yun, there was a hint of warning. In the end, Feng Fei Yun had a past record; at Spirit State city, he only caused a bit of trouble, not too big of a storm. If he dared to kidnap a young miss from some family that lived in Violet Firmament Ancient City and toyed with her in bed, then it would be the same as messing with a female disciple from an immortal sect. Wasn't this just inviting a grand calamity onto oneself?[1]

    Feng Wan Li was extremely uncertain about Feng Fei Yun. He was afraid that this sexually driven person would cause a few world-shaking events; then it would be akin to messing with the heavens.

    Feng Sui Yu solemnly nodded his head, and he said:

    "Once we reach Violet Firmament Ancient City, I will definitely follow all of second uncle's arrangements. I won't dare to disobey half a word."

    Feng Fei Yun didn't want to care too much. These words from Feng Wan Li could scare Feng Sui Yu, but not him. In the end, the Feng family was a top family in the Grand Southern region, so it was absolutely a grand power at Violet Firmament city. Even if something actually happened, he was afraid that no grand power would actually dare to fight head-on with the Feng family.

    In the cultivation world, benefits were above all else!

    Without absolute benefit, no grand families would openly declare war!

    On principle, Feng Fei Yun could cause any calamities, and the upper echelon of the Feng family would be able to deal with it. Of course, this did not include him offending the young miss, Dong Fang Jing Yue. This was a completely different matter. Even if the patriarch of the Feng family personally came forward, Dong Fang Jing Yue wouldn't necessarily accept the bribe.

    Having thought of Dong Fang Jing Yue, Feng Fei Yun's mind suddenly flashed:

    "Pshh! This is trouble! Dong Fang Ying Jue's brother, the Grand Historical genius Dong Fang Jing Shui; isn't he at Violet Firmament city?"

    At the same time when Fei Yun's heart was heavily beating, the white robes of Dong Fang Jing Yue appeared on the walls of Spirit State city, standing majestically. Her white veil gently fluttered in the air, which matched her slender and adorable figure.

    In her hand was the Haotian Spirit Mirror; the aura shined in the vast sky, and it pointed to a far direction.

    "Without the protection of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, Feng Fei Yun, I want to see how you will escape from my grasp."

    Her delicate and beautiful hand motioned around, and she then withdrew the Haotian Spirit Mirror. The white wings that protruded from her back began to spread out wide. Her slim figure became a white rainbow, and she headed towards the direction of the ancient bronze carriage; she began her chase.


    The first book "Spirit State city" has ended. This book is considered the foundation. Starting from the second book there will be many exciting and rich developments.

    [1] This part was a bit confusing to me too, but I believe Li is saying that all young misses from big families are also female disciples of immortal sects, so it is like two in one enemies
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