Chapter 68 : Secrets of the Temple (3)

    Chapter 68 : Secrets of the Temple (3)

    The sound of the godly temple's destruction thundered. The ancestor of the Great Development Immortal Gate, the Qin family's ancestor, and the Third Lord of the Sen Luo Temple were all supreme masters. Their combined offensive power created three giant dragon tornados that wanted to destroy the whole world.

    Feng Fei Yun stood on top of the pagoda and looked down at the battle in the distance. While shaking badly, he said:

    "The Mortal Life Temple's abbot killed all of the temple monks for a woman, no wonder why these monks are extremely hateful with their grievances. Even after a thousand years, they still refuse to die."

    This mystery was so unbelievable that if Monk Jiu Rou didn't reveal it, no one would ever know the reason as to why the Mortal Life Temple was destroyed like this.

    "Then, where is the abbot now?"

    Monk Jiu Rou sat upright and stared at the ceiling. Then, he answered:

    "Already dead!"

    "Who killed him?"

    Feng Fei Yun asked.


    Monk Jiu Rou answered.

    "He personally killed himself?"

    Feng Fei Yun nodded his head and said:

    "Sounds about right. He must have felt that his sin was too great so he committed suicide as repentance."

    "That wasn't quite the case."

    Monk Jiu Rou continued:

    "He killed himself to save the woman. He utilized his exceedingly high cultivation to create a grand formation that could reverse life and death. Bodies fell and the temple sunk into the ground - this was just to form an immortal spirit spring water well, in order to make a path for the woman's survival."

    Monk Jiu Rou seemed to be very familiar with the secrets that year. There was a touch of melancholy between his brows and a sense of Buddhist ideals.

    "A monk has to be clear of the six desires. This abbot, instead, got caught in the web of love. His death was well deserved..."

    Feng Fei Yun smilingly spoke. However, he then remembered his own experience. Didn't he also die because of a woman? It was even more miserable than the abbot's situation.

    Feng Fei Yun shut his mouth and didn't say anything else.

    Feng Jian Xue's beautiful pair of eyes shined with a ripple of brilliance and said:

    "I think that the abbot was a good monk. He would rather betray everyone in the world instead of her. If someone could do this for me, even if he was a monk, I would still marry him."

    Her big round eyes blinked and stared at Feng Fei Yun.

    "It seems like Little Sister is truly fit to be a female nun. A monk and nun can become a good pair."

    Feng Fei Yun sighed and said.

    Feng Jian Xue immediately became angry and glared at this damned Feng Fei Yun who didn't understand her heart. He was not even equal to a monk.


    The entire pagoda shivered violently, as if it was about to be shook upside down.

    A cloud containing a scarlet brilliance exuded from the yellow well, as if it was a red star that flew straight up to the high sky. It illuminated the entire godly temple and held an endless power.

    The red star hovered in the sky, like a large basin, with bright and sharp light. It carried a strength with the desire to tear apart all living beings and caused the three Ju Qings to be pushed flying away.


    The Third Lord of the Sen Luo Temple was beaten bloody by the light of the red jewel. The flames on his body was extinguished while he was struck far away and created a hole in the ground.

    The Great Development Immortal Gate's gate master and the Qin family's ancestor were also wounded, blood was shed everywhere.[1] They were trying to find a way to escape from the yellow well. They didn't dare to take another step forward.

    This ancient power was truly frightening! Even Ju Qings couldn't oppose it and spirit treasures were penetrated as well.

    Eventually, everything calmed down and no one dared to make a move again.

    "What is this blood star? Why is it so powerful?"

    Someone stared at the hovering blood star in the air, only to feel that there were blood drops that hovered around the star. It was as if there were hundreds of spirit spring water drops.

    In each of the spirit spring water drops, there was a little sleeping girl - these were the spirits of the drops.

    "This blood star is just like a human's heart. Earlier, I clearly saw it beating."

    "The blood star is absorbing the spirit spring water around it, and its strength is growing."


    The several hundred drops of spirit spring water in front of them was like a mountain of treasures. No one was free from temptation. This amount of wealth was staggering. Not to mention a few hundred, even ten drops were enough for a family to thrive.

    The ancient well emitted the sweet fragrance of the spirit spring water and caused the bodies and minds of people to become comfortable. Everything became clear and full of spirit.

    Some weren't able to restrain the temptation of the water and began to step towards the godly temple. However, they didn't make it within ten zhang before they were already killed by the blood star; not even their corpses remained.

    Even the three Ju Qings didn't dare to carelessly take action. If others were to make a move, it would be the same as heading straight towards death. Seeing spirit treasures yet being unable to seize them - this torturous feeling was the same as killing them.

    In the Buddhist pagoda, Feng Fei Yun naturally wanted to obtain the spirit spring water as well. He summoned his lotus seat formation and wanted to risk his life for the treasure but Monk Jiu Rou grabbed him back.

    "Monk, you want to stand in my way of becoming rich?"

    Feng Fei Yun asked.

    "This poor monk is only afraid that you are walking to your death."

    Monk Jiu Rou stood up with a fierce-looking face. He walked towards the window and looked at the brilliant red star and sighed:

    "Blood star comes into being, destiny overturned."

    The ancient monk corpses in the godly temple began to crazily jump up and down on the ground. It was as if they wanted to grab the blood star. They began to roar and let out creepy growling sounds that caused one's hair to stand up.

    No one suppressed them so their killing auras irradiated with hateful sentiments and soared to the sky.

    Feng Fei Yun asked:

    "Blood star comes into being, destiny overturned. Monk, what on earth are you doing? What is the meaning of this phrase?"

    Monk Jiu Rou's expression had a confused look and he secretively said:

    "This... It means that in a couple of days, there will be a great change in this world. Destinies will change, causing chaos within the flow of fate. Before, certain things couldn't happen, but now, at that moment, it could."

    Monk Jiu Rou's words were vague and mysterious, as if he didn't want Feng Fei Yun to know everything, as if he wanted to avoid the main issue.

    Monk Jiu Rou suddenly held down Feng Fei Yun's shoulder and glanced at him with his bronze bell-sized eyes before he earnestly said:

    "Young Benefactor, at this moment, the lives of all mortal existences hang on a thread. This poor monk sees that you have a benevolent heart and want to entrust a big matter to you, are you willing?"

    Feng Fei Yun had never thought of himself as someone with a benevolent heart and now, he saw this monk with a strange personality. He was definitely not a good monk, so Fei Yun was ready to shake his head:


    "Good! Of course this poor monk didn't misjudge you. Since you agreed to shoulder this burden, this poor monk will tell you the truths."

    Monk Jiu Rou didn't even give Feng Fei Yun a chance to speak as he continued:

    "The blood star is a blood heart. Once the blood star completes its process, it will transform into a blood heart and allow the woman in the ancient well to live again. At that moment, blood will flood the rivers and bodies will cover the mountains. In order to avoid this calamity, we can only depend on you."

    "Huh? Wait a second! If the woman in the well lives again, why would blood flood the rivers and bodies cover the mountains?"

    Feng Fei Yun had already met the corpse woman and he didn't feel any malicious air from her. On the contrary, there was even a strand of saintly aura from her body.

    Monk Jiu Rou tapped Feng Fei Yun's shoulder again and frustratedly said:

    "Young Benefactor, you are too innocent. A female corpse grown under the ground for more than one thousand years... If she comes back to life, then the killing intent on her body would be absolutely frightening. Plus, the blood star is collecting the blood of the monks filled with grievances, how monstrous would her hatred be? At that point, I'm afraid ten steps will kill a person, one thousand miles will destroy a city - there will be no one in the world that can stop her!"

    Monk Jiu Rou's words were not without reasons so Feng Fei Yun nodded his head and said:

    "Then, how do we prevent this from happening?"

    "There is only one way."

    Monk Jiu Rou smiled:

    "Find the Na Lan Monastic Robe of the Mortal Life Temple's abbot, and the Buddhist Jade Beads in his hand. These two treasures will be able to suppress the blood star."

    Monk Jiu Rou pointed towards the painting on the wall. The painting was of a venerable monk that wore a Na Lan Monastic Robe while he held the Buddhist Jade Beads.

    Feng Fei Yun carefully looked at this venerable monk and felt a sense of familiarity. This sense was clearly fate because he had never met this monk before. Why was there such a familiar feeling?

    "Then why don't you go get these two items yourself?"

    Feng Fei Yun glanced at him.

    Monk Jiu Rou turned around and picked up the scorpion meat on the ground. He continued to bite and said:

    "This poor monk has to stay here to suppress the hateful monks inside this godly temple. If these monks run rampant outside, then it would also be blood flooding the rivers and bodies covering the mountains."

    "The truth is, finding the Na Lan Robe and the Buddhist Jade Beads is not difficult. I heard that that year, because the abbot fell in love with this woman, he felt that his Buddhist heart was tainted. As a result, he hid himself inside a Buddhist courtyard inside Violet Firmament Ancient City. He wanted to use peerless Buddhist beliefs to forget the woman but in the end, he couldn't do it."

    Monk Jiu Rou gave Feng Fei Yun a clue.

    However, to Feng Fei Yun, this clue was not enough. In the end, Violet Firmament Ancient City was too large and there were more than one thousand Buddhist courtyards. Once he found the Na Lan Robe and beads, the corpse woman would probably had came back to life by then.

    Monk Jiu Rou was afraid that Feng Fei Yun wouldn't go so he continued to bewitch him and said:

    "I heard that wearing the Na Lan Robe was like having an ancient Buddha possessing your body; one fist could destroy an entire mountain and you could move cities with your bare hands. When holding the jade beads, one could pick the stars and have incomparable offensive power that's able to take over the world."

    He glanced at Feng Fei Yun, wanting to see his reaction.

    Feng Fei Yun smiled and said:

    "Don't try to tempt me with these things. There are so many experts outside with killing intentions that could fill the four directions... Just escaping to the outside is already a difficult matter. If I work for you, you should at least take out some more substantial benefits?"

    Monk Jiu Rou seemed to be waiting for these words from Fei Yun as he happily nodded:

    "Here, this poor monk has a fourth rank ancient spirit pill. It can allow for Young Benefactor to exert half the power of a Ju Qing during a moment of life and death - one fist would have the strength of one million jin."

    Feng Fei Yun was ecstatic. He thought his mind that this monk truly knew how to deal with others.

    "This poor monk also has three drops of spirit spring water, each is filled with spirits - priceless."

    Monk Jiu Rou was very generous and took out a jade jar then put it in Feng Fei Yun's hand.

    "This poor monk still has a fifth rank All Heaven Spirit Pill... However, this will have to wait until you bring back the Na Lan Monastic Robe and the Buddhist Jade Beads."

    Monk Jiu Rou showcased the pill and then took it back.

    [1] Was ancestor for the Gate, now it is gate master
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