Chapter 86 : The Showdown of Grand Historical Geniuses

    Chapter 86 : The Showdown of Grand Historical Geniuses

    Dong Fang Jing Shui was just like an evil god. The evil aura of this guy was very heavy. His eyebrows were like reversed sword. He had heroic and fierce features, yet they didn't cloud his handsomeness. A heroic and evil presence wandered around his body, forming the dark clouds.

    His crimson blood-like robe continuously fluttered. It was very easy on the eyes.

    There were wrinkles on Young Noble Flawless' forehead. Naturally, he recognized the person who had just arrived.

    An extraordinary man like Dong Fang Jing Shui would be full of momentum no matter where he went. Even people who had never seen him before would have heard of his name and would be able to immediately recognize him with just one glance.

    "One of the Eight Grand Historical Geniuses of the godly Jin Dynasty, Dong Fang Jing Shui!"

    Young Noble Flawless gently took a step back and his brilliant eyes stared straight into the tiger eyes of Dong Fang Jing Shui. Then, he continued:

    "The dual cultivation of Evil and Dao, and you self-created the "Evil Dao Grand Physique", you are indeed extraordinary."

    Young Noble Flawless smiled. Even though he was a bit more cautious, this did not mean that he was afraid.

    "A Grand Historical Genius of the godly Jin Dynasty, Young Noble Flawless! You are the royal prince of the Po Luo Country who was able to cultivate the supreme secret "White Dragon Sacred Sword" of the royal family?"

    Dong Fang Jing Shui was still standing on the clouds as he observed below. He clasped his two fists while his armor was exuding blinding lights.

    Feng Fei Yun suddenly realized: no wonder why they were so arrogant, both of them were geniuses part of the Eight Grand Historical Geniuses of the Jin Dynasty, the kings of the young generation. They had never tasted defeat and even competed with the high heaven.

    However, wasn't Young Noble Flawless a prince of the Po Luo Country? Why was he considered one of the eight in the Jin Dynasty?

    Dong Fang Jing Yue seemingly noticed the question in Feng Fei Yun's mind, so she spoke:

    "The Jin Dynasty is a huge nation with an endless amount of territory and billions of people. Po Luo Country is a small nation next to the frontier of the Jin Dynasty, a vassal country so to speak. Young Noble Flawless has immaculate talent and never lost before, so the Wan Xiang Pagoda listed him as a genius of the Grand Historical rank for the Jin Dynasty."

    There were many small nations that were vassals to the Jin Dynasty. Feng Fei Yun had read the "Geography of the Jin Dynasty" before. He knew that there were many small nations around the dynasty. Even just the vassal nations numbered in the three hundreds. Po Luo Country must be a fairly large one within these hundreds.

    He really was a prince, no wonder why he was so slutty like this!

    Feng Fei Yun and Dong Fang Jing Yue both retreated very far away because they knew that the two Grand Historical Geniuses would have a battle today. At that time, heaven and earth will fall apart and the mountains and rivers shall collapse. If they stood too close, then they would die without a grave.

    They were both amazing figures. Feng Fei Yun admitted that even if he cultivated the Immortal Phoenix Physique, he couldn't catch up to them within three years.

    In the end, they were both super geniuses and began to cultivate at a young age with the best methods. Feng Fei Yun started way too late. He only began a few months earlier, how could he compete with someone who had practiced hard for dozen of years?

    Between geniuses, the one who had the most time and most effort would be the reigning king.

    Even though Dong Fang Jing Yue's cultivation would allow for her to stand closer, she still felt that it would be wiser to follow Feng Fei Yun and retreat a few dozen miles in Jing Huan Mountain. They stood on top of a peak and watched from afar.


    A thunder came down from the sky, causing an extremely loud sound like two heavenly metals colliding with each other. The noise caused the eardrums to sting.

    There was sword energy in the shape of a dragon fighting against the pitch black thunder. Their battle caused the rain and wind to stop, and the world became dark from the pressure.

    The sounds of thunder continued as the loud sword followed while screeching through the winds!

    "Thump thump!"

    The earth began to shake. Even though they were standing dozen of miles away, they could still feel their bodies shaking.

    These two were indeed two crazy psychopaths. Their fight darkened the sky, like two dragon tornados flying in the air. Each of their collisions unleashed endless amounts of murdering lights.

    The fight had went on for two hours without stop, but it became even more terrorizing. It turned the ground into scorched earth and they flattened a nearby mountain. The trees and grass were crushed into powders, and only the yellow earth remained on the ground.

    Feng Fei Yun felt his will to battle surge. This was the fight between two kings of the younger generation. Even though it was happening in the depths of the mountains, in the near future, this news would spread.

    A fight between two geniuses of the Grand Historical rank would shock the world and become the main topic of discussion in the Jin Dynasty. They were already the two pedestals of the cultivation world and were considered targets. Many hoped to fight them in order to be renowned throughout the world.

    Right now, Feng Fei Yun was witnessing this fight and his entire body was boiling. If it wasn't for the big gap in cultivation, he would want to rush in and fight against the two kings of the younger generation.

    At this moment, Feng Fei Yun could only be considered a small character. There was absolutely no way to compete with the two Grand Historical Geniuses.

    Dong Fang Jing Yue said:

    "With your innate talent, if you practice for twenty more years, then you will be able to reach their current level."

    She simply said it was to reach their current level. However, twenty years later, the cultivation of these two geniuses would be even more unfathomable.

    From her words, she was implying that Feng Fei Yun was not comparable to these two men.

    In reality, in the past, this was not a possible matter. One couldn't blame her for looking down on Feng Fei Yun. On the contrary, she felt like she was consoling him.

    This was because, twenty years later, if Feng Fei Yun could actually reach the level of Young Noble Flawless and Dong Fang Jing Shui, then he would also be considered a Grand Historical Genius.

    Feng Fei Yun shook his head and replied:

    "Within five years, I will be able to compete with them. At that moment, I will trample all Grand Historical Geniuses beneath my feet. I will fly to the high heaven and fight against Ju Qings."

    On the road of cultivation, there will be many powerful enemies so one couldn't be afraid of challenges. One had to fight and pave their own way to claim a position that belonged just to himself in this world filled with masters. This was the only way to walk faster than others on this road. Feng Fei Yun knew this logic very clearly.

    Five years was not long or short. However, from Dong Fang Jing Yue's perspective, him wanting to reach the Grand Historical level within five years was just simply daydreaming, so she didn't believe him at all.

    "Dong Fang Jing Yue, I have to apologize to you here."

    Feng Fei Yun contemplated for a long time before being able to say these words.

    For a man to apologize to a woman, this was not an easy matter.[1]

    Dong Fang Jing Yue's jade eyes became slightly foggy and she felt a bit surprised, as if she had just heard the most incredible phrase. In the end, she couldn't help but laugh out loud:

    "After seeing the invisible and matchless power of my big brother, you finally want to admit you're wrong? You are truly a spineless man!"

    Feng Fei Yun coldly snorted:

    "My apology has ** to do with your brother. Before, I thought you came to the Feng family and informed the clan master so I called you a "bitch". This was indeed because I misunderstood, and I'm only apologizing to you about this. As for our grievances from before, we are still not finished. How laughable! This might be hard on your ears, but even if your brother truly made a move, he wouldn't necessarily be able to do anything to me."

    Feng Fei Yun was a person who was fair with his grievances. This damned Dong Fang Jing Yue might be insufferable, but she was indeed a girl who knew right from wrong. A misunderstanding was just a misunderstanding, just saying sorry to her wouldn't hurt.

    However, that dog ** great sage who went to the Feng family to speak nonsense truly made Feng Fei Yun angry. If he knew who this great sage was, he had better not meet him. Otherwise, he would slap his face slanted, twice.

    Dong Fang Jing Yue, once again, saw another side of Feng Fei Yun. She smiled and said:

    "A great man should be forgiven. Feng Fei Yun, if you join our Yin Gou family and become my subordinate, then our grievances will all be erased and you will be protected and cultivated by our family. Our family does not turn away any geniuses, no matter who they might be."

    Dong Fang Jing Yue valued Feng Fei Yun highly ever since their first meeting. If it wasn't for a few misunderstandings, their relationship wouldn't have been so stiff.

    At this moment, when Feng Fei Yun conceded first, this allowed for Dong Fang Jing Yue to also step down. Therefore, she once again wanted to recruit him. However, her feelings were a bit different this time, as if it was mixed with some other emotion.

    There was a hint of anticipation and excitement in Dong Fang Jing Yue's eyes, but it was very well hidden and unable to be seen.

    "Young Miss Dong Fang is indeed someone who is very benevolent. There is no woman in this world that can compare to you. However, I, Feng Fei Yun, is not someone who wants to be dependent on someone else. My future road will be paved by my own feet. In the future, if we meet again, I hope we will not be shouting and wanting to kill each other. At the very least, we could sit down together and have a cup of tea."

    Seeing the fight at the apex between Dong Fang Jing Shui and Young Noble Flawless, Feng Fei Yun was extremely stimulated. He decided that, after bringing the Na Lan Buddhist Robe and Buddhist Jade Bead to Monk Jiu Rou, he would immediately leave Jing Huan Mountain to cultivate in isolation. Until he was satisfied with his cultivation, he would not leave.

    Cultivation was the answer to everything. Feng Fei Yun strongly felt that he was lacking power at the moment. Without the power of the Invincible Buddhist Staff, he could only be considered an intermediate Immortal Foundation cultivator. He essentially would be unable to fight against a true expert.

    Dong Fang Jing Yue's eyes flashed a glimmer of disappointment, but her beautiful face smiled instead:

    "So in your heart, I am thought of so highly. The truth is, I always had one thing that I wanted to ask you about. Who was Shui Yue Ting to you? And is she truly that similar to me? To the point of causing you to think that I was her, twice."

    Feng Fei Yun's heart felt as if it was stabbed by a knife. He clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth. Then, he said:

    "The most beautiful, most toxic, most powerful woman in this world. She is also my mortal enemy. Only when I kill her with my sword would my Dao foundation be without defects, and I would be able to reach the apex of the cultivation path."

    "But I feel that, in the end, you wouldn't be able to kill her because when you thought I was her, you still didn't finish me off. Then, how could you kill her?"

    Dong Fang Jing Yue was a very smart woman. She knew that Feng Fei Yun's heart did not only have hatred towards Shui Yue Ting.

    However, she also felt jealousy in her heart. It turned out that, from beginning to end, she was only a shadow of another woman.

    Feng Fei Yun turned her into Shui Yue Ting, so he opposed her; Feng Fei Yun turned her into Shui Yue Ting, so he saved her in the Mortal Life Cavern; Feng Fei Yun turned her into Shui Yue Ting, so he didn't mind becoming enemies with Young Noble Flawless.

    One person, one shadow.

    Feng Fei Yun didn't answer her question. Maybe he couldn't answer it at this moment, or maybe he was evading the issue. He turned around and left towards the depths of Jing Huan Mountain, where the Mortal Life Cavern was located.

    His back was full of energy and had a new aura that had never been present before. It was as if he would never return and never be seen again.

    "Feng Fei Yun, if, one day, you arrived at a dead end, you can come to the Godly Capital to find me. Dragon Lake spans three thousand miles, the White Jade represents the Yin Gou!"

    Dong Fang Jing Yue watched as Feng Fei Yun departed. She was not the least bit happy and instead filled with a faint sense of loss.

    She didn't understand this feeling without reasons. Many years later, she finally found out that it was a surge of emotion, muddled emotion!

    Feng Fei Yun finally disappeared behind the mountains, and it was unknown whether he heard her or not.

    [1] Spirit Vessel is a Wuxia in the form of a Xuanhuan. These are the mentalities of ancient historical China
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