Chapter 89 : Heavenly Buddhist Essence

    Chapter 89 : Heavenly Buddhist Essence

    Monk Jiu Rou had dreariness written all over his face. His hands were clasped in front of his chest to form a holy golden statue of Buddha. He looked like a true Buddha that was suppressing the powerful evil.

    "This was a matter relating to the people of this world. The moment Xiao Nuo Lan revives, with the evil aura in her body, blood will fill the rivers and corpses will cover the mountain..."

    Monk Jiu Rou clearly spoke with heroic words that cared for the people of this world. They were truly stirring words that were very touching.

    However, the chest of this monk had a tattoo of an azure dragon and a white tiger, and his face was very ferocious. This made it so that people couldn't help but question the truth in his words.

    Feng Fei Yun had goosebumps from hearing those dignified words:

    "I don't care. If this matter is so important, why don't you go yourself?"

    What a joke, this woman corpse was already so dangerous before coming back to life. An ordinary person, within ten zhang of her, would immediately be crushed by the killing aura on her body.

    Even ancestors of the Ju Qing rank couldn't do anything to her. Relying on two little shrimps like Feng Fei Yun and Feng Jian Xue to suppress her - this was truly a dream.

    At this moment, there were many powerful experts from the big powers, surrounding the godly temple. Everyone was here for the treasures and the spirit spring water floating around the woman corpse. If someone actually approached the woman corpse, then everyone would band together and attack this person. At that moment, even a Ju Qing would be rendered into pieces.

    This Monk Jiu Rou wanted to stay here and pretend to be a dead dog and let Feng Fei Yun take on the danger in his stead. If anyone would actually do this, they would be a fool.

    "Jian Xue, let us go. Big Brother will bring you out of this evil place!"

    Feng Fei Yun held Feng Jian Xue's tiny hand, wanting to take her away.


    Her hand was unusually cold, like ice. This chill caused Feng Fei Yun's entire body to shudder. It was as if he just touched a piece of a glacier.

    At this moment, Feng Fei Yun finally realized that something wasn't right. No wonder why this little girl didn't say anything from start to finish, it was because she was freezing to this extent. There was a layer of thin mist around her body. Her lips wouldn't stop quivering and cold sweat gathered on her forehead. This sweat did not drip down and became ice crystals that covered her entire face.

    She truly looked like an ice statue!

    She was chilled to the bones and directly hugged Feng Fei Yun. She shivered:

    "Well... So cold, so cold, will you hold me?"

    Feng Fei Yun quickly took off his clothes and covered her delicate body. He held her tight by her slender waist and used his own body temperature to help her ward off the chill.

    "Why is it like this? Why can't you resist this cold energy inside your body with your cultivation? Hey, Great Monk, did you give her some poison?"

    Feng Fei Yun bit his teeth. He was saddened to see her pathetic state.

    "No, this is clearly her own illness, yet you dare to blame me... For this Little Monk to poison someone, this is not right, ah!"

    Monk Jiu Rou replied.

    Feng Fei Yun was slightly stunned, and he asked:

    "Illness? What illness?"

    He had never heard of cultivators falling ill before because a high cultivation could prevent disease and death. Feng Jian Xue's cultivation was even higher than Feng Fei Yun's, so how could she be so ill?

    "She is a natural born Buddhist Physique. In her body, six Heavenly Buddhist Essences are formed. To the buddhist cultivators, this was truly a sacred physique for buddhist cultivation. In the future, she could become Buddha, or Bodhisattva. However, to someone who doesn't cultivate the buddhist Dao, this would be an incurable disease. From the age of fourteen, she will start to have these illness, and it will increase ferociously. Very few could live past the age of sixteen..."

    Monk Jiu Rou chattered.

    Feng Jian Xue's entire body was convulsing, and she couldn't speak. Even her breathing was unstable while her heart began to beat slower. Her blood seemed to have been frozen.

    Feng Fei Yun began to worry. He kicked the bald head of Monk Jiu Rou and yelled:

    "You stupid old ass, I only want to hear about how to save her. Why did you say so much nonsense?"

    "Cough cough, this... She only needs to wear the Na Lan Buddhist Robe on her body, then it could temporarily extract the chilling energy from her body. However, in order to cure her completely, she has to cultivate the "Ancient Mortal Life Scripture" and join our Buddhist Gate to become a female nun..."

    Monk Jiu Rou seemed to be in a good mood. Even when Feng Fei Yun kicked his head, he didn't become angry and began to chatter again.

    Feng Fei Yun didn't listen to what he had to say. He quickly picked up the Na Lan Buddhist Robe on the floor and carefully put it on her body. He fastened the buttons then quietly observed the changes.

    The Na Lan Buddhist Robe was just a plain robe on Feng Fei Yun's body, but when worn by Feng Jian Xue, there was an immediate magical change with an amazing resonance.

    The gray cloth was completely wiped of its ancient and old appearance. Each strand of fabric exuded a faint green light. The naked eyes could even see these green lights moving above the cloth as they interwove into strands of buddhist seals.

    There were seals from the Buddha, some from the Yin Yang Bodhisattva, and even sigils from the Vajra...

    The glorious buddhist light became brighter and even more holy. Even the disguise on her face was dissolved by the buddhist light, revealing her original appearance. With alluring eyes, a jade straight nose, and red and translucent lips, her features as beautiful as a painting.

    This was her original appearance; it was prettier than her initial appearance by more than a dozen times. This was why, when she was pretending to be a man, she was extraordinarily handsome and was even called a devilish handsome man by Feng Fei Yun.

    When it came to beauty, Feng Jian Xue was essentially no inferior to Dong Fang Jing Yue. They were both existences that toppled all other creatures. Only, they used different methods to hide their true beauty.

    Under the effect of the Na Lan Buddhist Robe, the six Heavenly Buddhist Essences were moved and began to shine, causing her entire body - down to the bones - to give birth to a holy buddhist light. It allowed this unruly girl to wield the sacredness and modesty of a Bodhisattva.

    This was not an illusion; this feeling was real and grew even stronger.

    A blue lotus seat began to form under her feet. There were nine lotus altogether. The blue radiant light sparkled together with her body and clothing as they were integrated into one.

    At this moment, she was like the reincarnation of a Bodhisattva or a True Buddha - without any mundane flaws.

    Feng Fei Yun's legs were quivering. He almost kneeled down to worship the Bodhisattva. Luckily, his willpower was powerful, so he was able to suppress his body's response and wasn't made a fool.

    If it was any other cultivator, they would have soon kneeled in front of her and started to worship her as if she was a Buddha statue in a temple.

    "Fuck! I can't believe how powerful this Na Lan Buddhist Robe is. It's capable of suppressing the human spirit and can create a sense of worship in their souls. Why didn't I become this powerful when I wore it?"

    Feng Fei Yun had no doubt that if Feng Jian Xue was to go outside and scam others, the moment she puts out her hand, countless people would kneel on the ground and give her all of their wealth.

    This attack on the soul was much more frightening than a physical attack.

    "Bah! This Na Lan Buddhist Robe could only be worn by a natural born Buddhist Physique before a true resonation. In the future, when this little girl cultivates the Ancient Mortal Life Scripture, this robe would be even more magical. Even with a spirit treasure in your hand, you still wouldn't be able to harm a hair on her head.

    Monk Jiu Rou began to chatter again.

    The chilling poison in Feng Jian Xue's body was finally removed. She gently opened her eyes and her eyelashes slightly trembled. Every action was the manifestations of holy charms. Could it be that she really became a true Buddha?

    "Feng Fei Yun, I thought you wouldn't come back for me. I thought that even if I died here, you still wouldn't pay any attention to me."

    The moment she opened her mouth, all of her holy aura disappeared. There were even tears dripping down her face as her inconsolable crying made others want to empathize with.

    Even though Feng Jian Xue was a strong woman, she was only fourteen and her courage was quite small. She absolutely couldn't handle the supernatural matters. However, in this godly temple, that was filled with ancient monk corpses, she had to wait for several days. This truly caused her to be frightened.

    However, she did not cry. She held onto all of her tears until Feng Fei Yun came, and unleashed all of them at once. She cried so that he could watch and feel guilty.

    "How could I not care for you? Did you forget? You are my wife."

    Feng Fei Yun felt his heart becoming soft. He gently rubbed her cute nose and teased her.

    Feng Jian Xue immediately stopped crying and started to laugh!

    "Cough cough! The buddhist ground forbids romantic talks. Plus, a great calamity is now coming. The Evil Woman is about to come into this world, and this world's rivers will be filled with blood and mountains will be covered by corpses, how could the two of you be touchy-feely like this? Where is the humility? Where is the respect?"

    Monk Jiu Rou was very annoyed at this moment. He wanted for Feng Jian Xue to be his disciple, so naturally, he didn't want the two of them to be entangled in emotional attachment.

    When someone from the buddhist faith fell in love, the end result would be no different from the fate of the Mortal Life Temple!

    "None of your business! This husband and wife are leaving. This matter relating to the life and death of everyone is too grave; we can't deal with this. I'll just let the great master deal with this disaster!"

    Feng Fei Yun dragged Feng Jian Xue, wanting to leave.

    Monk Jiu Rou was so alarmed that he almost jumped up from the ground. He stuck his neck out and yelled:

    "Feng Fei Yun, don't blame me for not reminding you! The chilling poison from the essences in the little girl's body is only temporarily suppressed. Right now, the Na Lan Buddhist Robe activated both the Buddhist Physique and essences in her body. The chilling poison in her essences will activate again next month. If she doesn't cultivate the Ancient Mortal Life Scripture, then one month later will be her funeral!"


    Feng Fei Yun's foot was already outside, but he suddenly stopped!
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