Chapter 97 : Female Corpses Awakening

    Chapter 97 : Female Corpse's Awakening

    Two Ju Qings joining forces to take down a junior from the younger generation - if this matter were to be spread, then the reputations of the two Ju Qings would be ruined while Feng Fei Yun's reputation would definitely shock the world.

    "It is over. With two Ju Qings taking action together, who here could stop them?"

    Many cultivators were dumbfounded and were greatly surprised by Feng Fei Yun's power. However, when the two Ju Qings were about to fight him at the same time, everyone felt sorry for Feng Fei Yun.

    It seemed as if a king of the younger generation will perish today, dying inside the godly temple.

    Dong Fang Jing Shui asked:

    "Second Grandpa, do I need to lend him a helping hand?"

    The old man riding on the mountain goat rubbed his nest-like hair and glanced at Dong Fang Jing Yue, and he smilingly asked:

    "Little Girl, what do you say?"

    Both the old and young man assumed that Dong Fang Jing Yue was deeply in love with Feng Fei Yun. As for them, they also wanted to help Feng Fei Yun in order to get a great young talent with boundless potential to join the Yin Gou family, but they still wanted to tease Dong Fang Jing Yue first.

    They were hoping to hear her personally implore them.

    However, they didn't know that the feelings of Dong Fang Jing Yue towards Feng Fei Yun was rather vague. There were some grievances, as well as an unspeakable appreciation for his talents, but for a woman as proud as her to ask them for help, this was harder than reaching the heavens.

    No matter the kind of women, in the beginning, they were all very shy!

    If a woman's skin has thickened, then they must have encountered a man with thick-skin as well. This type of shamelessness could only be learned and incorporated into one's natural demeanor or sheer pretense!

    However, our fourth Young Miss Dong Fang is still only a young girl. She had only just come out from the Godly Dragon Palace on top of the Heavenly Mountain to the real world. Her skin was still very thin. Even if she truly liked someone, she wouldn't be able to say it out loud - this would be too embarrassing, ah!

    "Let him die! He's just a son of the Evil Demon, our Yin Gou family does not need to offend so many cultivators just for him."

    Dong Fang Jing Yue continued:

    "And I hate him to the bones. It is better if he dies, so I don't have to kill him myself."

    "Are you sure you won't commit suicide out of love because of him?"

    Dong Fang Jing Shui asked.

    Dong Fang Jing Yue glared at him, and she coldly responded:

    "I would only see it as a stray dog dying. The most I will do is digging a grave and bury him."

    "Aish! A woman has to go and pick up her man's corpse, this is the "Husband Burial"... Cough cough, no, no! Burying a stray dog, burying a stray dog, a really big stray dog."

    Second Grandpa changed his tone. He just wanted to ridicule Dong Fang Jing Yue.

    The truth was that they both knew Dong Fang Jing Yue was just being shy and refused to say it. She actually didn't want Feng Fei Yun to die in this place. Therefore, when it was necessary, they would still take action. If not for Dong Fang Jing Yue, then it would be for the Yin Gou family to recruit a young genius with boundless potential.

    "Boom, Boom, Boom!"

    Both the Feng ancestor and Huo Tuo Tuo had Spirit Treasures. The Jin River Copper Cauldron and Evil Fire Body both launched their attacks. Feng Fei Yun eventually couldn't block them, and he was filled with wounds. One of his ribs was broken by the cauldron. If the Spirit Vessel inside his body didn't counter the cauldron, then it would have pierced through his body.


    Feng Fei Yun was punched by the Evil Fire Body in the back. His spine issued a crackling sound, and his whole body was almost torn into two pieces.

    Two Ju Qings with two Spirit Treasures wasn't something that the current Feng Fei Yun could oppose. However, he didn't take even half a step back. He was still persistent and didn't want them to distract Na Lan Xue Jian from suppressing the female corpse.

    If Feng Fei Yun wanted to leave, these people wouldn't necessarily be able to stop him. However, he was unable to walk away. At the very least, he had to wait for Na Lan Xue Jian and bring her along.

    Even though his whole body was wounded, he was still persisting through it all, waiting, and waiting!

    The hour was approaching and the power of the ancient pill had weakened, but at this moment, Na Lan Xue Jian still hadn't come out from the light.

    Dong Fang Jing Yue naturally saw through what Feng Fei Yun was doing. With his current power, he could easily break through the siege and escape, but he was still protecting the yellow ancient well. What else could he be doing but waiting for that girl inside the light?

    Serves you right, you deserve to die. I will just bury a stray dog after this!

    Dong Fang Jing Yue seemed to be acting at her leisure, as if she didn't care. Yet, her fingers were gripping her sleeves tightly. It was just as Feng Fei Yun had said:

    "This damned Dong Fang Jing Yue is too narrow-minded and petty."

    *** ***

    Within the light, Na Lan Xue Jian was standing next to the yellow ancient well and observed the female corpse on top of it. At such a close distance, she noticed that this female corpse was indeed quite beautiful. She had a slender face, a sharp chin, and a straight nose.

    Her figure was particularly arousing to other women's jealousy. Those two slender legs went a bit too far. Na Lan Xue Jian considered that she had a great figure herself, but compared to the female corpse, her legs were a bit short.

    When she controlled the Nine Layers Lotus Formation to fly next to the female corpse, she realized that her figure was so ordinary. Her legs were not as long and straight, and her waist was not as slim. Even her white breasts were lacking a whole chunk in comparison.

    Na Lan Xue Jian became even more angry. Why was it that nothing was comparable to her? Was this woman an alluring succubus?

    Suppress, definitely must suppress her!

    Absolutely cannot let her revive!

    Na Lan Xue Jian took out the Buddhist Jade Bead. It was blindingly dazzling and emitted a gentle green light. Buddhist auras permeated from the nine holes.

    She wanted to activate it and completely obliterate the life essence inside the body of Xiao Niu Lan, but suddenly, her whole body started shaking. As she was holding up the Buddhist Jade Bead and staring at the female corpse, the female corpse's originally closed eyes, like a sleeping beauty, suddenly opened. The pupils in her eyes were crimson like an ocean of blood - extremely frightening.

    Nefarious! Terrorizing! Sinister!

    The female corpse that had died for more than one thousand years and the supreme beauty of her generation renowned throughout the world had opened her eyes at this very moment.

    Her originally black pupils that opened again after eighteen hundred years had turned crimson. They were no longer pure and their spiritual consciousness were gone. The only things left were mysteriousness and killing intent.

    Na Lan Xue Jian held the Buddhist Jade Bead and was completely motionless. She covered her mouth with her hands and held her breath; she was completely speechless. She firmly bit her lips and thought:

    "Oh heavens! Even her eyes are prettier compared to mine!"

    Xiao Niu Lan's hand reached out and directly gripped her neck. Her crimson bloody eyes were no longer beautiful and, instead, were frightening and ferocious!

    *** ***

    The one hour limit was inching closer and closer and the wounds on Feng Fei Yun's body were getting deeper and deeper, but Na Lan Xue Jian had not left the light. Could it be that something terrible had happened to her?

    Feng Fei Yun couldn't wait any longer. He recalled the Infinite Spirit Ring and then, using his Invincible Buddhist Staff, he engraved the ground with a Six Layers Lotus Formation. He intended to personally enter the light and bring Na Lan Xue Jian out. Even if they couldn't suppress Xiao Niu Lan, it was now the time to leave.

    The power of the Six Layers Lotus Formation originally couldn't get through the light of the ancient formation. However, just a moment ago, the power of the light suddenly decreased. Feng Fei Yun seized this opportunity to directly rush into the light.


    At this final moment, Huo Tuo Huo unleashed a palm that flew forward, but it didn't hit Feng Fei Yun. Instead, it collided with the light.

    "This brat actually broke into the light!"

    The Feng ancestor wanted to follow as well, but he was repelled by the power of the light and was knocked flying away.

    At this second, the power of the light increased, and the entire yellow ancient well began to shake violently. A fierce light penetrated the high heavens and knocked the six Ju Qings away.

    Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

    The six Ju Qings were knocked away like pins, rolling on the ground and creating six human-shaped holes. They absolutely couldn't have blocked that power from earlier.

    What the hell was going on?

    The day suddenly turned into night and the sun was replaced by the stars and the moon. The changing of celestials was a presage of the earth shattering event that would soon take place.

    This will not be an ordinary day; many extraordinary things happened one after another!
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