Chapter 125: Qilin War Cavalry

    Chapter 125: Qilin War Cavalry


    The earth started to shake on the wilderness for some time causing the bird in the underbrush to fly away!

    "Ha, what is going on here!" Wang Meng withdrew his huge bare arms back in a defensive position as his body shrank from being startled.

    Wang Meng was one of the four bandits that Feng Feiyun brought along this time. This guy wore a big trousers with a large hemp rope as big as an arm wrapped around his waist. Draping over his shoulder was a white large shirt accentuating his strong powerful tanned arms. His arms compared to Feng Feiyun's were three times larger.

    His physique was appropriate for his name, absolutely a fierce male. Everywhere on his bodies were bulging muscles the size of a big arm. One glare of his alone was enough to make children cry.

    He was indeed the defining image for a bad guy!

    Feng Feiyun and the four bandits stopped at the same time and looked back just to see that there were more than ten Qilins running from the billowing smoky horizon. Each Qilins were several meters tall with bodies bigger than even elephants covered with scales.

    These were real Qilins, not Qilins created by powerful energy.

    It was a team of armored soldiers wielding long spear riding on the Qilins with flying speed coming forward.

    They were actually using Qilins as mounts. This was a beast of war. Without peak Immortal Foundation, one simply couldn't control them. Clearly this team had incredible background along with impressive battle prowess.

    "That is the grand flag of the Godly Martial Army, this is the people from the Qilin War Cavalry, elites of the Godly Martial group." Liu Qinsheng spoke as he was stroking his goatee.

    Liu Qinsheng was also one of the four bandits, and the only person who appeared to be more intellectual and gentle. He was around forty years old wearing a blue robe with a tail end piece attached behind while wearing grass slippers.

    Of course what is considered gentle was only due to the contrasting images of Wang Meng and Wu Jiu next to him. In the end, how gentle could a person who killed someone just to drink flower wine be?

    The Fire Beacon City's Godly Martial Army was not the real Godly Martial Army of the Godly Jin Dynasty. They were only an army formed by cultivators in this region.

    The Fire Beacon City is located in the southern frontier border in the middle of the Godly Jin Dynasty, Po Luo Country, and Grand Eclipse Country. It was a place without any sovereignty where the experts congregated and evil doers ran amok. This place utilized the law of the jungle, and the role played by the Godly Martial Army was in fact rather limited.

    "The Qilin War Cavalry in total only has around thirty people, they were elites of the elites. There must be half of them here." Liu Qinsheng said.

    Feng Feiyun stared at the ten huge Qilin over there and was very excited. This was a powerful force, and as vanguard they could break through an army of ten thousands.

    "If we can bring the thirty Qilins of this cavalry back to the Huang Feng Ridge, then we will become so domineering." Feng Feiyun said.

    The four bandits were not nice people and revealed a crafty smile as they stared at the approaching Qilin army.


    The Qilin army sweeping through caused a large amount of dusts and dirts to fly on to the group of Feng Feiyun. Even their faces were covered by dirt and sands so they were loudly shouting curses.

    Their cursing had not yet ended but the Qilin War Cavalry who were riding quickly past turned around and stopped in front of the five. More than ten gazes came from down above and stared at the five ragged clothing people.

    Luo Lin riding high on top of the Qilin's back stared at the five strange-looking people in front of him. One was wearing a great iron saber, one had bare black arms, one was a hunchback. Only the boy standing ahead had a normal appearance, and was easier to look at than the rest. But his feet were bare as well with messy hair still covered with dust.

    This group of people no matter what didn't look to be normal. They were more like refugees, or slaves of a slave camp.

    Luo Lin revealed a contemptuous look. He stroke the white spear in his hand and asked arrogantly: "Have you all see a monk and a beautiful girl coming past here?"

    The five people shook their heads at the same time.

    Luo Lin frowned and with eyes as cold as ice swept on top of the five people, then he continued: "This monk is a murderous monk killing people without blinking an eye. If I know you all purpose hide this, then the Fire Beacon City's wall will have a few more bodies hanging on it."

    Luo Lin was quite angry at this moment. One hour ago, he initially was patrolling with fellow Qilin calvary and met a monk covered with tattoos with a jar of wine on his hand along the way.

    Where in this world is there a monk with an Azure Dragon and White Tiger on his chest?

    Where in this world is there a monk opening his mouth large to drink wine?

    Luo Lin decided that this was an evil monk on the spot and was sure that this monk escaped to the Fire Beacon City to escape from his enemies.

    What most people couldn't accept was that next to the evil monk was a beautiful young girl like a goddess around the age of fourteen, fifteen. She was prettier than all the women Luo Lin had seen before.

    This wasn't right, this evil monk did not only drink wine but was even a human trafficker. Seeing the pained expression on the girl's face, Luo Lin immediately had the urge to become a hero saving the beauty.

    Hehe, at this Fire Beacon City region, after a hero saved a beauty, she will absolutely use her body to repay the debt.

    If he could actually get such a city toppling little beauty like this, then it would truly be too great. How could Luo Lin keep calm any longer. He carried his spear and didn't bother to ask about the situation. He said one random phrase about righteousness then immediately stabbed his lance forward with the intention of leaving a huge hole in the evil monk's chest.

    But the monk was not easy to mess with. He with just one kick made Luo Lin fly outside right into a manure dump to the side.

    When the other Qilin riding soldiers got him out, the monk and the girl were nowhere to be seen. Captain Luo Lin was enraged and after cleaning his body, he immediately brought people to pursue which led to the current situation.

    "Something stinks ah! Which person's mother stepped on dog **?" Wu Jiu sniffed and let out a shout.

    "Open your eyes and look at your father's foot ah, I didn't step on dog **!" Wang Meng also sniffed and then looked up towards the valiant Luo Lin and exclaimed: "My lord, you can't be the one that fell down a manure pit? Why do you smell so bad like this?"

    Luo Lin's expression was very ugly. He angrily snorted then gravely said: "You want to die?"

    Lin Luo was the captain of the Qilin War Cavalry and his personal cultivation had reached the early God BASE. Even if he killed a few people at this chaotic place, no one would dare to say a word.

    At the moment he hated anyone who brings up the words manure pit the most.

    Feng Feiyun smilingly asked: "My lord, don't tell me you actually fell into a manure pit?"

    Luo Lin this time was really fuming with rage. He tapped the Qilin's butt with his spear and the gigantic Qilin like a small mountain immediately rushed forward.


    Its huge like pillar legs caused the ground to vibrate as it ferociously rushed forward with its iron sole wanting to stomp Feng Feiyun into meat paste.

    Feng Feiyun naturally was not afraid in the least bit. He directly took the horse stance and one hand actively stretched forward to catch the Qilin's leg and the other hand placed below the Qilin's stomach and exerted his power to directly lift the entire Qilin up.

    With one throw, the Qilin and Luo Lin directly flew away.


    The Qilin bellowed a miserable cry as it fell on the ground!

    Luo Lin was indeed an early God Base cultivator. A green mist appeared below his feet lifting up his body and immediately propped backward with his spear exerting its full power creating lightning sparks.

    "Seems like I underestimate you all, try tasting a spear of mine!"

    Before Feng Feiyun could take action, Wang Meng rushed forward first. He waved his thick arms and directly knocked away the spear in Luo Lin's hand then unleashed his iron first shattering Luo Lin's body armor.

    "Your father, I don't like the way you look for a long time now!"

    Wang Meng frantically unleashed fist after fist. Luo Lin wanted to use powerful energy to shield his body but it was quickly broken in an instant. His handsome face was beaten to a pig's head as his teeth fell all over the ground.

    "How bold, daring to beat our captain. He is the son of the Three Mysterious Gate's sect master."

    The Qilin War Cavalry's troops began to rush forward. They bullishly roared with a sky piercing momentum. Each of them threw out a jade talisman the side of a palm with flashing lights creating countless runes result in a formation.

    They combined to create a formation and attacked together.

    Wang Meng felt the pressure thus his skin illuminated a golden bright and the muscles on his body completely bulged almost bursting from his white shirt. One huge golden fist was thrown out with the power to compete against the fourteen jade talismans.


    A golden explosive wave flushed out causing the layer of soil on the plain to stripped away. A surrounding radius of ten zhang turned into flattened earth.

    The fourteen Qilins suddenly took three steps back almost throwing the fourteen soldiers off.

    Feng Feiyun was in a complete daze: "Oh heaven ah, this Wang Meng guy has too much power. Can't believe he almost knocked fourteen Qilins flying. Is this guy a beast transformed into a man?"

    Feng Feiyun currently was at the peak Immortal Foundation realm, moreover he could even surpass two small levels to fight. But his power was absolutely not as devilish as that, unless he he used the Infinite Spirit Ring.

    "Mother**er! This time we are playing in the big league. We offended the Godly Martial Army and the Three Mysterious Gate." Wang Meng let out a strange cry.

    Feng Feiyun and the four bandits glanced at each other and uttered a cry of horror and directly ran away leaving behind the perplex Qilin soldiers. Who the heck were these people ah? Clearly each of them were people with powerful strength, why did they just ran away? Were they really afraid of the Godly Martial Army and Three Mysterious Gate's revenge?

    The most pitiable was Luo Lin. Earlier he was kicked into a manure pit and at this moment he was crazily beaten up by someone to a pig's head.

    After being helped up by someone, he angrily growled: "Return to the Fire Beacon City, I want father to mince these dogs into paste. I want to report to the City Lord and maneuver ten peak God Base knights to kill them. Right, there is also the monk and the little beauty... Ow! It hurts!"
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