The Grim Reaper is just a Lazy Teen

Ferron is a smart university student but the only thing that brings down his great looks is his low self-esteem and his laziness. One day on a bright sunny day, Ferron was relaxing on a park bench enjoying the suns rays for the first time in quite a while. An escaped patient from a mental health hospital suddenly stabbed him causing his death. While Ferron was standing next to his dead body as a soul, cursing his bad luck and his sudden urge to see the sun, a dark hooded figure suddenly appeared. "Well that wasn't supposed to happen, i'm incredibly sorry, don't worry I will make this up to you. Oh, I'll move you to another world as well." This was where Ferrons life took a turn as he journeys in his new world as the Grim Reaper--------------------------------------------------Just a heads up don't expect much from me i'm pretty new to web novels and that sort of stuff. And i'm also doing this for fun as well if its dis-satisfying i'm sorry.

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