Chapter 330 – Counterattack

    Chapter 330 - Counterattack

    Le Xuan Emperor smiled obsequiously to Divine Doctor Mo and said, "Let's bring her in then and see what she can do. She may not have any solutions but it will be a rare opportunity for her to seek medical guidance from Divine Doctor Mo... After all, she possesses a bit of medical skill... Men, lead Miss Ning in!"

    Divine Doctor Mo snickered and simply sat down on a chair imperiously. He would like to meet this dubious expert who dared to boast so presumptuously.


    Ning Xuemo, who had her arms crossed outside the Crown Prince's manor, was currently in a cold confrontation with Ji Yunyao.

    She had heard and understood the whole situation from the imperial bodyguard, Lei Liu, on her way here.

    It was that day when Ji Yunyao's plan to set up Yue Susu was exposed, just like how Qin Hui's plot to kill Yue Fei at Dong Chuang with his wife was exposed[1]. And eventually, the people of Heavenly Star Sect caught wind of it and learnt about the whole sequence of events .

    The chief of Heavenly Star Sect was furious, so he sent his disciple to Le Xuan Emperor to demand for an explanation.

    It seemed that Le Xuan Emperor's children tended to get into trouble one after another as, not long ago, Le Xuan Emperorhad just beaten one of his son up and demoted him to a mere commoner. But before he could recall him back, his daughter had made such a huge mess for herself.

    This had given him an exceptional headache.

    He was so furious it was as if anger was filling him with nowhere to go out. So he ordered his daughter to enter the palace, disciplined her, and demoted her from Princess status to Duchess status. He also ordered her to reflect in her residence and that would be considered her punishment.

    However, his punishment had clearly been too lenient and the people from Heavenly Star Sect were not appeased, so the disciple was ordered to sneak into the Princess' residence when the opportunity arose and kidnap the Princess.

    On that day, Ji Yunhuang was accompanying Ning Xuemo at the teahouse to drink tea, when he was informed by the palace maid who served at the Princess' residence about the Princess' disappearance, and had to leave hurriedly afterwards.

    Ji Yunhuang investigated the matter very carefully, and found out that it was the Heavenly Star Sect who had kidnapped his sister. As he was worried that Ji Yunyao would suffer, he rushed through the night, bringing people to pursue them. Lei Liu was one of them...

    Heavenly Star Sect was known as a reputable sect in this continent, and they had so many highly skilled members that it was like the myriad clouds in the sky.

    Ji Yunhuang spent a tremendous amount of effort before he found Ji Yunyao. At the moment when they were about to escape, they bumped into the chief of the Heavenly Star Sect, who was on his way back to the mountains. After a round of exchanged blows, Ji Yunhuang was injured by the chief. Lei Liu and his men had to risk their lives to save them before they finally escaped to the Capital.

    Ning Xuemo was assessing Ji Yunhuang's current physical condition based on Lei Liu's recollection of the fight, and she had already established an estimation of his situation......

    She had even planned out the treatment in her mind.

    But she never thought that she would bump into a stumbling block, Ji Yunyao, at the entrance of the Crown Prince's residence.

    As soon as Ji Yunyao saw her, she was as infuriated as if she had met her mortal enemy.

    She immediately began spouting out malicious words, along the lines of 'jinx', 'the cursed one', 'slut', and 'cheap' so that Ning Xuemo would scram.

    Their bickering at the front door of the Crown Prince's residence soon attracted onlookers to gather, causing a huge commotion.

    She had always kept her bearing of a princess, but today she demonstrated great cursing skills that was on par with a butcher's wife at the marketplace.

    Nobody dared to intervene with the affairs of the imperial family, neither did anybody dare to stand up for the injustice suffered by the other party. Hence no matter how vicious her words were and how much indignation one might feel, no one dared to speak up, so they could only give Ning Xuemo a sympathetic look, thinking that she would cry after that tongue lashing session.

    However, who would've expected that Ning Xuemo simply stood with her arms crossed throughout the deluge. Afterwards she only smirked, while giving a judging look from top to bottom, before replying with a single response, "Is this how a Princess should behave? Are you sure this isn't a shrew in disguise?"

    Pfft! Some onlookers in the crowd began to laugh.

    'This young lady retorted really well.'

    Ji Yunyao's pretty face flushed immediately, "You slut... " and she raised her hand and was about to teach Ning Xuemo a lesson.

    [1] Qin Hui was a minister from the Song Dynasty who was vilified in history as a traitor and evil minister for plotting and successfully killed Yue Fei, a general and hero that fought against the Jin. For more informations, click here.

    Grenn's Rants Corner

    Sometimes, in raws, there are censored words. I would understand if words like nipples or butt are censored since they could be prude at things like that, just like they censor boobs crack on TV. However, the censored words often had nothing to do with that. For example, in the previous chapter, I have a super long word censor at the beginning of a sentence. First thing that came to my mind was "Shit! Not another one." Next I read the sentence further and realized that the raws had censored the identity of a random character. It was something like  leaned and whispered in the Emperor's ear. Was this random character so offending that they have to erase his already non-existent existence?! Thus, I have no choice but to invent something to replace that character that we will never know his identity.
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