Chapter 331 – The Reprimanded Princess (1)

    Chapter 331 - The Reprimanded Princess (1)

    She had lifted her hand and was about to teach Ning Xuemo a lesson, but Ning Xuemo stopped her in her tracks with a single sentence, "If you still want to lose some more teeth, feel free to try!"

    Ji Yunyao immediately thought of the humiliation she had suffered at the hands of Ning Xuemo on Heavenly Book Mountains. If Ji Yunhuang hadn't hurried over there in time, she might have suffered even more pain under the tyranny of Ning Xuemo!

    Ning Xuemo coldly said, "Ji Yunyao, I'll ask you, who was it that allowed you to come out and obstruct me? Was it His Majesty?"

    Ji Yunyao choked out, "R-right! Imperial Father also doesn't want you, the bearer of misfortune, to enter the Crown Prince residence and infect it with your bad luck..."

    'Alright, since it's His Majesty the Emperor's idea, then there's no point in going in and asking to be insulted.'

    Ning Xuemo smiled slightly and nodded her head, "Okay! Remember, this is what you said yourself!"

    Then, she nodded her head towards Lei Liu, "Lei Liu, I can heal your Crown Prince's wound, but since the Imperial family won't let me into the residence to treat him, then there's nothing I can do. Goodbye!" She turned and left.

    She wasn't the Holy Mother and didn't have the benevolent heart of a doctor either. She came here to offer treatment solely based on the fact that Ji Yunhuang had once treated her with favor.

    In her heart, she also regarded Ji Yunhuang as a friend. Therefore, she pushed aside her former hatred and hurried over.

    But since that old Emperor and his princess clearly didn't believe her and humiliated her in this fashion, then why should she try to force her way through to treat him?

    Lei Liu felt anxious, loudly kneeling down, "Miss Ning, please stay for a moment. This subordinate will personally report to our Emperor..."

    Ji Yunyao also paused, yet was still not able to accept it and her mouth opened again, "Why are you begging this slut? My brother already has the Divine Doctor Mo to help cure him, why would he need that bringer-of-doom's jack-of-all-trades medical skills?"

    Lei Liu suddenly turned his head and, disregarding the division between classes, berated, "Princess, please have some dignity when speaking! His Highness suffered from his wound because he was saving Princess! If this opportunity is missed and the Crown Prince unexpectedly dies, then I'm afraid that Princess will regret this for a whole lifetime!"

    Ji Yunyao's expression changed. She raised her hand and slapped Lei Liu on the face!

    "Who do you think you are? You dare lecture me?!"

    Lei Liu stood there, straight and unyielding, "Princess, Lei Liu's small life is worth nothing, but Crown Prince's wound is the most worrisome! Even if you slap Lei Liu to death, Lei Liu must still invite Miss Ning in!"

    "You dare rebel!" With her royal authority as a princess being trampled upon, Ji Yunyao was angry to the point of going insane, "You dare to disobey my words!"

    She raised her hand, preparing to slap Lei Liu a few times, but she hadn't even brought her hand down when it was grasped by someone else. Ning Xuemo's cold voice traveled to her ear, "He is the Crown Prince's loyal Imperial bodyguard and an iron-blooded man, how can a person like you be fit to discipline him?!"

    Ning Xuemo's move was like lightning. Ji Yunyao wasn't guarded against it and had her arteries and veins blocked!

    Once they were blocked by Ning Xuemo, an aching numbness spread through Ji Yunyao's body, making her weak and defenseless.

    Ning Xuemo flung out her arm, making Ji Yunyao stumble and nearly slam into the Crown Prince residence's door!

    There were originally several other Imperial bodyguards by the door, but now, they looked down on Ji Yunyao's arrogance and seeing her suffer, each of them acted as if they didn't see anything...

    Lei Liu looked at Ning Xuemo, his heart filled with emotion.

    Such a weak and delicate girl, who had already received such unfair treatment, was actually willing to stand up for a person of lower class like him...

    Even more rare was her imposing manner. Once she concentrated, she actually had so much power inside of her and a much more dignified demeanor than Ji Yunyao, who was an actual princess.
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