Chapter 332 – The Reprimanded Princess (2)

    Chapter 332 - The Reprimanded Princess (2)

    This type of girl was practically a beam of light, unconsciously attracting everyone's eyes.

    Just as the area around the door was in a chaotic state, a court eunuch from inside the residence hurried out, loudly issuing a decree, "His Majesty has sent a decree, announcing Miss Ning to rapidly enter!"

    The Emperor personally issued the decree, other people naturally didn't dare to stop it.

    Lei Liu heaved a sigh of relief, bowing towards Ning Xuemo, "Miss Ning, please!"

    Ning Xuemo didn't even look at the pale-faced Ji Yunyao, lifting her leg to enter.

    Ji Yunhuang's injury was most important; she didn't have the time to bicker with this shrewish princess. There was time later to teach her a lesson...


    Ning Xuemo finally entered the Crown Prince's sleeping quarters and finally saw Ji Yunhuang. Of course, she also saw all of the people who were in the room.

    Divine Doctor Mo had recently spent a few days in the Vast Sky Empire and naturally heard of Ning Xuemo's good-for-nothing talent and her label of bearer-of-bad-luck.

    In his heart, there was a little bit of curiosity mixed with his disdain for her.

    When Ning Xuemo entered, he coldly smiled a little.

    It was actually this young and inexperienced little girl!

    As expected, her age was so young that she didn't understand the harsh realities of the world. She still hadn't seen the illness but was daring enough to brag, saying how she could heal Ji Yunhuang's injury...

    It must be that her reputation was too bad and she was anxious to change it so she dared to say such arrogant nonsense. Later, she would be slapping her own face!

    Ning Xuemo naturally also had heard of this Divine Doctor Mo. She had heard of him and his reputation before, but she never thought that this person would look so young.

    From her intel, this Divine Doctor Mo was at least 50 years old and became famous when he was already 30.

    To be able to maintain his appearances so well, it must mean that his psychokinesis wasn't weak.

    At this moment, she saw the Divine Doctor Mo lift his head, looking down on her with a face filled with disdain.

    Seeing his expression, she knew instantly what he was thinking in her heart. The corner of her mouth curled up slightly and she didn't look at him anymore, instead heading directly towards Ji Yunhuang's bedside, "Excuse me, please step aside!"

    Divine Doctor Mo was originally intentionally blocking Ji Yunhuang's bed. Once he heard Ning Xuemo's words, the veins on his forehead jumped. This little girl wasn't big, but her tone of voice was so wild!

    "You said you can cure His Majesty the Crown Prince's injury?" He didn't have any intention of getting out of the way, instead speaking with a heavy tone.

    "Right!" Ning Xuemo tersely answered, finally giving him a glance while speaking impolitely, "Since Sir can not cure him, then leave and don't block the way!"

    Divine Doctor Mo's handsome face flushed slightly with anger. All these years, this was the first time someone dared to talk to him like that.

    "How do you know I don't know how to cure him?" Divine Doctor Mo coldly said.

    Ning Xuemo hugged her arm, "Does this really require guessing? If you knew how to heal it, would His Highness let me come in?"

    Divine Doctor Mo stayed silent, "..."

    Sure enough, she was a smart girl! Her medical skills still haven't been seen, but her reasoning and inferring abilities gave people a whole new level of respect for her.

    Le Xuan Emperor felt a little bit of uneasiness, coughing a bit, saying, "Ning Xuemo, don't be so unrestrained in front of Divine Doctor Mo... Why don't you first take a look at Huang'er..."

    He was desperate for the cure for his son. If there was even a little bit of hope, he would grab at it regardless of anything else.

    Divine Doctor Mo coldly laughed, moving out of the way, coldly saying, "Okay, take a look! I want to see what you, a young girl, can make out of this..."

    He was waiting to see this girl become a joke.

    Ning Xuemo walked forward a few steps to look over Ji Yunhuang...

    Her hands and feet were swift and fast. She was extremely familiar with the treatment of that time, but it was also different from the doctors' methods of that time as well.
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