Chapter 333 – Superior Skill

    Chapter 333 - Superior Skill

    This chapter is a medical mayhem.

    Please note that this is a fantasy novel with an author lacking in medical knowledge.

    You will flunk your biology class if you follow the logic of Ning Xuemo's explanations.

    Adding to her western style of diagnosis, it caused all of the doctors in the room to be puzzled.

    Divine Doctor Mo also observed her. Although he still held disdain towards Ning Xuemo in his heart, he still possessed medical ethics and knew that while a medical professional was diagnosing a patient's illness, it was a taboo to disturb that person.

    Who knew when Ji Yunyao had followed them inside, but when she saw that everyone's attention was focused on Ning Xuemo, the hatred within her soared to greater heights.

    First, she watched the other doctors' expressions, catching their amazement, contempt, puzzlement, and confusion. Seeing this, she knew that Ning Xuemo's examination skills had a problem and she couldn't refrain herself from sneering, "Pretending to be an expert? A trashy bearer of misfortune who can find the problem even Divine Doctor Mo can't? Stop joking around."

    "Shut up!"

    "Shut up!" Two people spoke at the same time: Le Xuan Emperor and, surprisingly, Divine Doctor Mo.

    Ji Yunyao was astonished seeing these two people speaking at the same time, so she shut her mouth and observed. And after some observations, she felt slight grievances and spoke, "Imperial Father...... "

    Just dealing with his daughter caused Le Xuan Emperor to have a headache. He told her coldly, "Do not make a din here! Your brother's wounds are of the utmost priority!"

    Divine Doctor Mo also emphasized in an unfeeling tone, "When the medical professional is making a diagnosis, there shouldn't be any disturbances! Shouldn't you know this already?"

    Ji Yunyao embarrassed herself thoroughly this time. So she bit her lips bitterly and no longer uttered a single word.

    A few moments passed before Ning Xuemo stood up. She knew exactly what she should do now.

    Although Ji Yunhuang's injuries looked extremely fatal, he wouldn't face death yet...

    Le Xuan Emperor couldn't hold it in any longer and asked, "How was it?"

    Ning Xuemo face was expressionless as she gazed in Divine Doctor Mo's direction asking, "What do you think, Divine Doctor Mo?"

    Divine Doctor Mo scoffed at her, "Weren't you full of confidence and promises just now? Don't tell me you couldn't make a diagnosis on the illness?"

    Actually, he was certain that Ning Xuemo didn't notice anything particular yet as Ji Yunhuang's injuries appeared no different from those caused by ordinary blades. All the physicians present simply thought that Ji Yunhuang merely had a wound in his heart meridian.

    Ning Xuemo chuckled. She, being a natural beauty, dazzled the entire palace hall, lighting it up with her beautiful smile, "These wounds are not complicated, the Crown Prince was injured by a blade, and he was stabbed at his left ventricle..."

    She definitely was only able to identify that the wounds came from a blade. However, her ability to pinpoint the specific location and organ where Ji Yunhuang was injured was impressive.

    It appeared that this young lady had remarkable medical skills......

    Divine Doctor Mo smirked, looking condescendingly at Ning Xuemo, "Anything else?"

    Ning Xuemo grinned slowly, "Also, that blade was covered with poisonous insects and right now, the venom is already flowing to his eight extra meridians and parasites are already in his heart, in his right atrium to be specific......"

    Divine Doctor Mo was astonished, and the look on his face changed, 'this young lady has such an acute sense of perceptions!'

    She was even more knowledgeable than himself and she was able to specify the details.

    'Could it be that someone told her beforehand?'

    Divine Doctor Mo swept his glance towards the young eunuch who issued the decree.

    When he was reporting the illness to Le Xuan Emperor, this young eunuch was also present......

    Ning Xuemo giggled, "The venom has already entered both the Ren and Du meridians......" She went on and uttered many professional medical terminologies before finally coming to a conclusion, "If we were to treat it in the conventional way, his life will be saved, but he will lose all of his martial arts and he might even be paralyzed for the rest of his life, unable to go to the toilet himself without assistance..."

    Hearing this statement, Divine Doctor Mo's expression completely changed.

    Ning Xuemo's conclusion matched what he had told Le Xuan Emperor just now.
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