Chapter 334 – Her Request (1)

    Chapter 334 - Her Request (1)

    Ning Xuemo's diagnosis matched the one Divine Doctor Mo had just told the Emperor previously, and when he told the Emperor, that court eunuch had already left a long time ago...

    She actually diagnosed it!

    And she didn't use any tricks nor did she follow anybody else's guesses.

    Ji Yunyao's face changed and she couldn't help but yell out, "You're speaking nonsense! My brother wouldn't be paralyzed on the bed! Don't speak nonsense, you bearer of misfortune!"

    Ning Xuemo's charming face turned taut. She looked at Ji Yunyao before crossing her arms. She then turned to look at Le Xuan Emperor with a smile that wasn't exactly a smile, "Then just pretend that I didn't say anything."

    Le Xuan Emperor, who had been was listening very attentively, had already given up all hope on his son's condition. However, once he heard that there was still another way from Ning Xuemo's speech, then listening to what she just said, he quickly interjected, "Xuemo, is there another uncommon way?"

    Ning Xuemo lazily smiled, "Of course there is another way. By using my method, not only would the Crown Prince be able to preserve his life, he would also be able to continue cultivating. However, he must recuperate in bed for a month..."

    Upon hearing these words, Le Xuan Emperor's eyes brightened!

    Divine Doctor Mo couldn't help but to open his eyes wide, looking at Ning Xuemo up and down before sternly declaring, "It's not possible! Once the insect poison enters the Ren and Du meridians, there's no way to get rid of it! Also, his heart vessels have been injured. Even if you were to continue administering healing and medicine, his condition would still never return to his original state. And even if he could walk again, his heartbeat would palpitate and beat as quickly after just a few steps. If he exercises too vigorously, his arteries and veins could rip. It would be hard for him to avoid death..."

    Ning Xuemo pursed her lips, "I already said, using the common way would end up with that result."

    "Then what's your special method?" Divine Doctor Mo was curious.

    "I will tell you when it's necessary." Ning Xuemo said indifferently, then looked at Le Xuan Emperor again, "Perhaps Your Majesty does not believe me? Then let Divine Doctor Mo treat it. Xuemo will take leave..."

    "Xuemo!" Le Xuan Emperor had finally grasped onto some hope, how could he simply let her walk away?

    Losing his self control, he went as far as stepping forward to block Ning Xuemo from leaving, "Xuemo, what are the chances of success for your special method? What is the worst possible outcome?"

    "I'm about 70-80 percent certain." Ning Xuemo bluntly answered, "The worst possible outcome would be that his skills wouldn't be preserved and he would no longer be able to cultivate. However, he could still live a normal life."

    Even the worst outcome was much better than Divine Doctor Mo's best outcome!

    Le Xuan Emperor's eyes brightened even more and he, without bothering with the idea of whether he would offend Divine Doctor Mo or not, grasped Ning Xuemo's hand, forgetting his conduct, "Xuemo, then Huang'er will be in your care! You have to do your best to save him, he... he normally treats you well..."

    Ning Xuemo retreated a step, "Xuemo will naturally try her best. However, Xuemo has a request."

    "What request? No matter what, I will agree!" Le Xuan Emperor basically blurted it out.

    On the other hand, Ji Yunyao's face changed color. If Ning Xuemo's condition was to become the Crown Prince's consort, then...

    She immediately laughed coldly on the side, "Imperial Father, how could a 13 year old girl like her have a superior medical skills compared to Divine Doctor Mo?! Stop listening to her nonsense. She's a bearer of misfortune. If it wasn't for her, then Elder Brother might not have been like this. If she were to spontaneously request something outrageous, like entering the Imperial family..."

    Her words immediately warned Le Xuan Emperor and his face slowly changed. He was slightly regretful that he had spoken too soon. If Ning Xuemo wanted to be the Crown Prince's consort, then would he agree or disagree?

    When the Ancestor left, the words he said were "A lone millennium phoenix roaming under heaven" . He never doubted the Ancestor's words and never suspected them.

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